Friday, March 25, 2011

3DS hardware components cost $100

Analysts have estimated that the total costs of the Nintendo 3DS hardware components (a so-called ´bill of materials´ or B.O.M. estimate) comes to $100. The figure was made public by Eurogamer who have been given a preliminary estimate by David Carey, VP of technical intelligence for UBM TechInsights.

Bear in mind that the costs for assembly and distribution are not included and Nintendo will be keen on recouping their research and development investments, too. Still, the margin between the $100 B.O.M. and a $250 retail price appears unusually large, even given that Nintendo does not subsidise their consoles. After all, the positive reaction of journalists after the 3DS outing at E3 2010 was to blame that for the console to be marked up somewhat.


RGB said...

I dont see any issue from 100 to 150. I deal with products that are marked up heavily more than that, and even in the food industry the markups are very excessive and they are consumed daily.

Nintendo also has to include all of the many people they hire, marketing costs, other associated cost of sales, margins for distributors and retailers.

Though mind you having been in the gaming wholesale industry quite sometime ago the margins for retails is cut throat as they make their money off software. Which I think is very unfair. Apple is the same. Anything in demand the vendors take advantage and keep better margins for themselves.

I still think the 3DS is too expensive and I dont plan to buy it until its $199, even if I have to wait a few years.

RGB said...

*100 to 250.

Radar11x said...

Well leave it to Nintendo to sale old tech like its new, its good for profits. xP

Anonymous said...

3ds is the same as wii subpar gfx with gimmick innovation. Ngp is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I look at the 3ds and I'm just not impressed. I want 2 look at something and be impressed. Coz when I look at something and I'm impressed that makes me want to buy it. And that is simply not the case with 3ds.

That is the reason why I won't buy 3ds.

NGP on the other hand is impressive.
It looks good. It has good games and impressive gfx.

End of debate

Falafelkid said...

Hi Andrew S.

Well leave it to Nintendo to sale old tech like its new, its good for profits.

Leave it to Nindendo and to Apple.

Hi Anonymous.

NGP on the other hand is impressive. It looks good. It has good games and impressive gfx.

If your opinion had any merit, you would have seen more than any of us in the gaming press. The NGP sounds impressive but we have seen few games and know nothing about the line-up.

Anonymous said...

errmm...what about uncharted and the epic game which both looked amazing??

Those two games alone are a reason to buy it.

3ds looks like its on par with dreamcast gfx. not even ps2 level.

Smartphones nowadays have better gfx. what a joke.


Anonymous said...

call me old fashioned but company's and corporations are in the bossiness of profit are they not anyone saying otherwise is a complete and utter retard.....

old tech the first 3D handheld uses old tech since wen was 3D no glasses old frigging tech REALITY CHECK SERIOUSLY


no 3D no dual screen no 3D camera so its a device releasing a year after 3DS that's OBSOLETE before it even releases AS WAS PSP

and a tactile mose like touchscreen = core gamer and next gen

a second analog stick is a sad out dated stupidity aimed at sony fans who think fps on dual sticks is core IS IT FUUUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

andrew .s try thinking and smoking less crack seriously!!!!!!!!!

the class screams the fantastic looking uncharted EXCUSE ME THE FANTASTIC LOOKING RES EVIL REVOLATIONS + 3D.............






Anonymous said...

andrew.s just set back black evolution like a 100 years with his ignorent GHETTO COMMENT

trust a 40 oz drinking black to say dumb shit

GTA is mature to people of ur kind

Raphael said...

Reggie: "Glasses-free is a big deal, [...]. We've not said publicly what the next thing for us will be in the home console space, but based on what we've learned on 3-D, likely, that won't be it."

Anonymous said...

not impressed with 3d at all....the 3d effect in theaters is so lame...

RGB said...

So far the people I know who have a 3DS have been blown away by it. And these were people considering Sony's next handheld and were not interested in 3DS.

Anonymous said...

3ds games look like N64 games ....but maybe the 3d effect makes all the difference???

I hope the 3d effect is better than the one in movie theaters.

BTW the wii is dead.

Anonymous said...

Street Fighter 4 is a copy not a port on the 3ds.

The 3DS looks and plays very, very well

Anonymous said...

and Falafel,
I like your blog, but calling it "finest" really makes you look a bit full of yourself.

The finest gaming journalism blogs usually update more than once a week too.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

the best games blog is sean malstrom the only guy getting even close to the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! and wiiboy101 should have a blog he is a GOD every single thing he says comes true....or is proven as fact.......

fanboys listen up DS DSi wii and now 3DS vs ps3 and x360 both of witch operate at huge loss is DISRUPTION starting to sink in to your brain gaming is becomming nintendo do you not see this obvious fact.

if im playing a nintendo system of an description then im not playing a ps or xbox am i or anyone on this planet

4 systems from one company operating at huge profit vs 1 system from sony and 1 from ms that operate at massive loss

psp is dead it doesn't count before a deranged fan -core starts yapping like a little terrier dog

Unknown said...

The Wii's game library for the most part sucks. It is also dead and not much on the horizon. I am classifying it dead. I think the GC was ever better.

I really hope that the Wii 2 or Nintendo's next system brings all the developers over for games that are similar to the other systems because if Wii 2 is anything like Wii 1 I dont think I will be buying it. Nothing is memorable or to die to play for. I never thought I would ever say I would not buy a Nintendo system but if all the big dev's dont come to the party I will give it a miss.

jerry said...

if disruption is such a huge factor, than the 3ds is going to be a complete failure due to apple's app store.....(see what i did there)

yes the wii disrupted things, it showed that there is, in fact, a market for moms and elderly people. It also gave us 2 peripherals that few people want, the move and kinect. Kinect has sold 10 million? Not stand alones, try to find a 360 in stores that isn't packed with kinect.

wii fanboys need to shut up, yes the wii sold gangbusters. The hype is over and the software library is weak. You can scream disruption all you want but gamers know where the majority of solid games are at and it isn't on the wii.

Let's break these phenomenal games down,

Mario Galaxy 1&2- While Mario Galaxy was fun, the sequel was a rehash and still not as good as Mario64 or (arguably) Mario Sunshine.
No More Heroes, it's mediocre at best, style over substance.
Muramasa- Style over substance, with awful controls
Monster Hunter- Playing Online, with people!?! Nothing new here
Goldeneye- Fun shooter that the other consoles and PC have in droves, it did well because you can use a classic controller for it
The Conduit- Glorified Tech demo that plays worse than perfect dark for the n64

I will say this though, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is effing awesome!

The wii isn't terrible, but wii fanboys make it out to be this godsend of the gaming world, which it isn't at all. It has a few good games and a plethora of garbage games that look and play worse than decade old titles.

If nintendo wants to keep their new audience, they need to offer up something worthwhile with their next console. Waggle won't cut it. Kids grow up and they'll grow tired of waiting for the next mediocre game on nintendo's console while the other systems receive top tier support from 3rd parties.

Anonymous said...

Wii is dead and 3ds gfx look like 1st generation dreamcast gfx.


Anonymous said...

just how impressive is the 3ds 3d effect really?

Anonymous said...

does it pop out of the screen?

Anonymous said...

"But it’s the way the small screen’s 3-D effects make every 3DS game look like a little animated diorama in a shoebox that impresses me the most. Something about that third dimension brings games to life."-Wired Magazine

Anonymous said...

3d in theaters needs at least 10 more years of improvements to look as convincing as it should look imo.

Anonymous said...

wii is dead fnn wii made more clear profit than an other console in history

xbox lost 4 billion x30 another 5/ billion kinect a billion zune half a billion and ps3 lost billion and almost sunk sony......

bt wii is dead fnn the balance board still has a huge advantage in userbase over move and almost no one owns a move sub controller

but wii is dead

how can xbox 720 be based around kinect it failed and is a joke

how can ps4 be based around move it flopped hard

wii 2 can be based around wiimotes etc THERE ALL THRIVING SUCCESS

can someone explain to me how a 20 billion loss at media and xbox devition of ms is a success

and how is ps3 loosing ever penn ps1 and ps2 ever made plus billions more be a success



Anonymous said...

wii has only zelda left and thats it basically wii is as good as dead.

How are they going to innovate this time around??

Anonymous said...

It's the obvious troll!
Look out! it lurks above!
I just fed it.

Unknown said...

Dont worry about Nintendo innovating or making money. That they are good at. But whether or not the GAME DEV's think its something us gamers want is the main thing. They are the ones needing convincing as they are the ones to provide the content we WANT.

But in order for Nintendo to get in that position they need viable hardware (not necessatrily the most powerful but needs to be HD 1080 at least) and whatever else they have coming. Now the hardware to do this can be produced cheaply and it will be a good time to strike MS and Sony in the next couple of years. Sony is still trying to recover from PS3 and make profit (I dont see them bringing out a new console unless forced to) and MS is trying to bully everyone out while making big losses but I am sure they wont have permission from higher up to release something that will only continue the trend for them. With the popularity of Android, iOS and other content related devices Windows wont be as heavily relied on so they cant keep operating on losses.

Jerry said it well above too, good post and agree with you totally. There are a few more games than that but hasnt been anything great for some time. I have lost so much interest in Wii that I dont even know what they have coming (meaning nintendo), if anything. Are they on standby or developing software for Wii 2 or what?

Anonymous said...

the wii makes me sad

Anonymous said...

the current 3d is not good enough you need to start filming movies from all angeles and then built cinemas with a 360 degree view and then combine it with 48 frames technology and those holograms they came up with in japan...thats true 3d it is possible me thinks

Anonymous said...

just watched a new conduit 2 preview and for the most part it looks as terrible and lame as ever....why should I buy it when I can buy a vastly superior product like Killzone 3 or Crysis 2 for the same price???

Wii is as good as dead sorry. Zelda will be Wiis last breath.

Anonymous said...

wow the new resi revelation vid looks better than resi 4 incredible too bad you cant see the 3 d efffect tho in the vids

Anonymous said...

what will the big innovation be in wii 2????

The only logical thing would be some kind of vitual boy 2.0 with glasses or helmet

That would be big innovation.

I cant think of anything else that would be big innovation to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Resident Evil 3ds will be running on the Resident Evil 5 engine.

I dont get how the 3ds can handle
such a game without being as noisy and hot as my xbox was running it...

jerry said...


the same way the iphone can run the unreal engine. It's scaled back and the resolution isn't the same as what the ps3 or 360 is pumping out.

If you took the resident evil game for 3ds and played it on a 40+ inch tv, it would look less impressive.

Anonymous said...

resident evil 5 = mt frame work

resident evil revelations = mt frame work mobile

mt frame work = dx 10 to 11 opengl 2 and above level engine easily ported and optimized for 3DS

nreal 3 mobile = basicall the same level = MARK REIN AND EPIC GAMES ARE LING FKS AND HATE 3DS BECASE THE FEAR IT

mt frame work mobile allows resident evil 5 level visuals on a 3ds like screen plus 3D

mt frame work tea bags nreal 3 proving mark rein a industry moron

Anonymous said...

3DS 800x240p @ 3.5 inches to maybe 7 inches if we are talking a XL model

800x240p @ 3.5 inches VS 42 inches and 720p to 1080p

its clear 3DS can do ps3 level visuals ON SCALE and in 3D this is wh NGP hype is pointless slightly more power yet no 3D and no daul screen = a waste of time.....

3DS easily has 4x texturing power of wii and only a small screen to support so high end ps3 x30 like textures ON SCALE are capable on 3DS

i wish people wold stop using the word POWER as if 3DS requires ps3 power to do the same thing


Anonymous said...

3DS operates at around 50 60 % of wiis resolution and only a 3.5 inch screen yet has more ram and a fast cart to load from 3DS is a wii-ish level machine with extra modern ability's

take into accont the lower res even in 3D and the small screen PRESTO ps3 looking games in 3D 3DS = design and balance


jerry said...

"its clear 3DS can do ps3 level visuals ON SCALE and in 3D this is wh NGP hype is pointless slightly more power yet no 3D and no daul screen = a waste of time....."


not even gonna comment on this one

Unknown said...

If you read anonymous-posts here u get a feeling that someone (if you imagine that it is one person) is a bit tired of himself :)

Anonymous said...

not even gna comment

please DO comment i love jdging sonys fans

dal screnn is the established standard in handheld gaming single screen became OBSOLETE wen DS established its self as the NEW GAMING STANDARD FACT

jst as d-pad analog stick rmble etc all established themselves as INDSTRY standard after nintendo introduced the innovation

psp was obsolete before it released FACT no touch screen and no dual screen

NGP continues to live in the PAST in GAMEBOY era its single screened and bttons THIS CONCEPT IS OBSOLETE

no 3D no NEXT GEN

no dual screen no NEXT GEN

no tactile screen seperate to main screen again NOT NEXT GEN

sony fans admit this FACT

psp turbo = not new not next JUST MORE OF THE SAME BLAND CRAP

NGP will fail super hard an other thoghts like its cool its a sccess its soooo powerful the sill touch pads on the back side are a innovation

proves you a mindless fanbitch

psp is a gamebo pls media in DS world


Anonymous said...

NGP the lost device as 3DS and DS and DSi own and phones and tablets compete

were does this leave NGP =DEAD and sony have no money to back the dead device there almost bankrupt

Unknown said...

Sony almost bankrupt? Source/s please?

jerry said...

"psp is a gamebo pls media in DS world"

You truly are more dumb that I possibly could have imagined. If the psp is a "gameboy" then it should be considered a damn fine system. The gameboy/gameboy advance are truly classics.

Also, dual screen is not standard in the industry, in fact, it's the only device I know of that uses dual screens. That isn't a bad thing though, I love my DS (currently playing radiant historia). The psp isn't a bad handheld and it's definitely not a failure. The 3DS looks good and it will feature some awesome games (eventually...) and the NGP will also be a great system with great games.

There's nothing wrong with owning multiple consoles. All you do is spout senseless drivel, we all know about the blue ocean strategy and disruption. No one cares but insane fanboys like yourself though. If you were a true fan of videogames, you would own and play multiple consoles and appreciate the offerings that each company gives us. You can't comprehend such an idea though because you're too busy being in love with nintendo.

Preston Schumacher said...

3d technology needs to come along way before I willing to drop any kinda money on it...

Anonymous said...

3ds has terrible graphics just look at ridge racer 3d shots.......its not even on par with 1st gen ps 2 sorry

but i guess the 3d effect makes the difference

Anonymous said...


I agree.

Anonymous said...

more comments please



Anonymous said...

take into accont the lower res even in 3D and the small screen PRESTO ps3 looking games in 3D


dream on

Anonymous said...

dream on

resident evil revelations AKA mt frame work and resident evil 5 level assets

resident evil mercenary's mt framework engine ps3 res evil 5 assets capcom have clearl staed that 3DS is rnning ps3 level assets via mt frame work mobile

the ps3 like games that NGP is boasting already exist on 3DS



Anonymous said...

ridge racer 3ds looks like playstation 1 ridge racer

Anonymous said...

I dont see how nintendo could possibly survive the next gen race unless they come up with some super innovative virtual reality helmet.

RGB said...

"I dont see how nintendo could possibly survive the next gen race unless they come up with some super innovative virtual reality helmet."

What planet are you living on? GC was even profitable for Nintendo even though considered a failure by the industry. Wii cashed up nintendo even more yet you worry that nintendo wont survive next gen?

Be more concerned about Ms and sony.

Nintendo has everyone where they want them now except deveoplers...if nintendo brings wii 2 that brings over the developers u can say goodbye to ms and Sony.

Heather Jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Falafel, any thoughts on the latest rumours concerning a new home console from Nintendo?

1080p resolution support, more powerful than a PS3 or 360, HD touch screen on the controller?

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Home Theater Guy said...

I've heard that the new console is going to be called Stream. I find that quite a strange name but I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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