Monday, September 19, 2005

Is the cat out of the bag?

Just when we thought the cat was out the bag, the bag starts to meow. At least there is a suggestion of some details about the Revolution controller that have not yet been revealed. Look at the following picture taken from this IGN gallery. Kudos to Robert Wydra, who drew my attention to this in the last post´s comments.

Look closely at the reflection of the controller at the bottom and you will find that the reflection differs from the actual controller. Instead of the ´a´ button, there is a ´Y´ button next to what appears to be a square hole (probably housing an LED). You can just about guess that there is an ´X´ button above. Let us look at this in detail. I have copied and pasted the reflection, mirrored and flipped it accordingly and intensified the contrast. Compare the reflection with the actual controller.

As I have always made clear, I don´t believe in any N-game. There never was one and there isn´t one starting now. This may not even be Nintendo´s doing. It could be IGN knowing more than I had guessed, after all. The same image on Nintendo´s site is significantly smaller and it´s very hard to make out that exact detail. I have treated that part of the picture the same way I did IGN´s (without flipping and mirroring though) and the result is somewhat inconclusive. There does seem to be a dark spot right where that LED hole is in the larger IGN picture, but I can´t be sure. See for yourself:

I have formally requested the larger images from Nintendo (why they don´t simply post the large ones on their own site is beyond me anyway) and will post news as soon as I receive them. In the meantime, I am undecided. If the fake reflection is Nintendo´s doing I would regard this as very weird. If it was done by IGN it would be another hidden message that they know something we don´t, just like they did with the console design back in May. In that case, I may have been too hasty to dismiss IGN in my last post. It would be nothing unusual, though. If Nintendo issued the picture with the fake reflection, however, it may indeed mean that there could be another cat in that bag. A mistake during the production of the picture seems highly unlikely.

EDIT Nintendo of Europe just called me back saying they themselves did not have the high-res version yet. They expect to get them towards the end of the week. I´ll keep you posted.

EDIT Thank you for all your comments. You have correctly pointed out that there are two controller layouts that were still decided on at the time. Also, that dark blob next to the ´Y´ is actually the letter ´a´, not an LED housing. You can see this quite clearly in the demo video that was part of Iwata´s speech. I just hadn´t seen the entire clip by the time I posted this. In my opinion, it seems more likely now that the wrong reflection is indeed a mistake. But, given that, it would still be a weird coincidence.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

maybe its smart plastic that morphs to whatever you want it to be :)

i noticed that too. on IGN's rev teaser trailer the controller has X and Y with a small 'a' and 'b' next to the buttons. yet the full pictures show just 'A' and 'B'.

what i don't understand is why there are 2 A's and 2 B's on different parts of the controller.

this whole thing just deepens the revs mystery and is a reminder than nintendo is well and truly in control.

Falafelkid said...

Just for your information: I never delete comments, but this guy linked to some payday loan site and I get enough crap like that in my mail inbox.

Anonymous said...

ooo! more stuffs...

in the Rev teaser trailer the little a and b are to the LEFT of the X and Y, obviously making a NES controller on its side. whereas in the IGN images, in the reflection the little dark mark (could be the 'a' or 'b' side buttons) are on a different side.

sorry if you already said this mr. Falafelkid , i sorta flew through what you said.

DlphnMod said...

Don't get too worked up, guys. If you read through IGN coverage, they explain that they are simply just 2 revisions of the REV controller. The one Iwata held up and the one used in the teaser vid featured x and y buttons and the official pictures feature a and b. The buttons are in exactly the same location.

I believe the reason for the inaccurate reflection is simply that the design changed but the photo was already made with the old design, so they simply overlayed the new design, but were unable or forgot to alter the reflection.

If this whole speculation process has taught us anything, its that neither Nintendo nor anyone are hinting at anything. The idea they have been trying to convey is just for us to sit and wait, because Nintendo has their info sealed up air tight.

Yes, they admitted to having more secrets, but I guarantee none of them will leak or be figured out. They have told us that WiFi will be explained next month, but it may be a long while before we see footage or specs considering that they do not want specs or footage revealed until they can provide a near complete game demo in its full manifestation.

Falafelkid said...

Hi DlphnMod. Good to hear from you again. I agree, this shouldn´t be exaggerated. But I don´t think that Nintendo would have issued the picture because of a controller design change. If they changed the controller they would have changed the reflection as well. It takes a graphic artist seconds to do that. And I don´t think they would have simply forgot. The chance of that happening is minute. But, perhaps, we shouldn´t expect another cat in the bag. Maybe it´s only a kitten. ;P

DlphnMod said...

This if off topic, but does anyone know where I can find a full size pic of the REV controller layout that includes the black one?

They have a small one on the Nintendo Japan site, but its a flash object.

Falafelkid said...

Nintendo said they would get some high-res images this week. If you want I can forward them to you.

DlphnMod said...

Yea that would be great. Thanks man. The black one is so damn slick!

Anonymous said...

To Dlphnmod:

There you go

Anonymous said...

Sorry that one should work

Anonymous said... Ok now

Anonymous said...

after "2808" is


Anonymous said...

Hey du Falafelkid, schau mal auf das Bild hier:

Anonymous said...

Hey dlphnmod, good to see your still around. I guess that last picture explains the "square hole" next to the Y in the reflection. I don't really have anything to add on to the existing theories. Just gonna keep waiting and see.

DlphnMod said...

Thanks anonymous, but you don't get the super cool glossy effect from the small, low quality one. Falafelkid, let me know when official ones are available. Its a desktop wallpaper waiting to happen.

Hey lectoid, I haven't been gone, just had nothing to say. Sometimes I get so irritated at the people who's theories defy logic that I just dont want to get involved. Now that fact has made its way back in, I'd be happy to discuss.

I do believe that the REV will be a success. However, its audio/video capabilities will determine whether it will be a decent or incredible success.

The 2nd question to ask is what will be the official name since Revolution has been removed from all branding. I sure hope its a good one.

sssd said...

the first thing that came to mind for me was the ign article that dlphnmod mentioned, where they talk about the two versions, one with just a and b, and one with X and Y, with a and b on the side.

it does seem odd that nintendo would make the reflection differ from the actual image, but i just can't see this turning into anything that would be of any significance for how we use the controller. if i'm missing it, please correct me. Otherwise, it just appears to be one of the aesthetic design decisions that haven't quite finalized.

Anonymous said...

For sure these "holes" are actually the "a" and "b" labels located under the X and Y (for when you turn it sideways to be used as an NES controller). The only fishy thing is the reflection. Why would they do that?

Anonymous said...

You're making a really big deal about this, watch the revolution controller teaser by Nintendo, notice anthing about the buttons,yes they are x and y, it was a mistake by the photo editor.

Anonymous said...

Seems it appears in the pictures of other sites too.

Kraid said...

Hello Falafelkid,
great job, as always ;-)

Have you seen this site ? I don't think he had something wrong in what he said.

Anonymous said...

I think a mistake during production is very, very likely. I do freelance graphic design work as a living and most promo pictures of products aren't even of the actual products being shot! I would pretty much bet money that this is all done in Illustrator and Photoshop (as most gadget promo pictures are). So that glare, the reflection, chances are thats not really there to begin with and is just Photoshopped. So the designer, whoever did it could have accidentally used version 1 for the glare but when changed forgot to change it to version two. I think this is just a flaw on behalf on whoever created it. Take for instance this link below, to a guitar....all Photoshopped. People get paid big bucks to recreate images of existing products for companies, because they obviously want them to look as flawless as possible.

Anonymous said...

Well, I really don't think this is anything but a misstake. BUT if not, then there might be a hint in the TGS video when the remote comes up from the "water". Intercut with it is a clip of the buttons moving around.. Is that related???

Anonymous said...

Here you go.
Hires for your eyes:

Anonymous said...

In the end, does it really matter if it shows as 'a' or 'Y'? It's just a button.

How people get this 'N-Game' BS out of this is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Of course anyone who didnt notice that lttle discrepancy is foolish? or just not watching carefully?
But I think it is easily explained? Didndt they say its still a prototype...and that there will be a FULLY wireless one in the final design...I got this from who tested the DEMOS of the controller at TGS 2005!
checl it ...
They talk aboutthe X,Y small a small b buttons debacle...AND then talk about it a whole lot more here...

Basically I think the one with tha small a and b are prototyes(just forshow?)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

OK I see, adresses a cut off here so I will post the gamespot excerpt...
"Below the select, home, and start buttons is another set of vertically aligned buttons labeled X and Y. On some of the prototype controllers we looked at, the X button had a small "B" next to it and the Y button had a small "A" next to it, indicating that the controller can be held sideways to approximate a classic NES controller. Directly beneath those buttons is a horizontal row of colored lights that indicate which controller slot the owner is using--1 to 4 are planned at the moment. The plan is for the controllers to include built-in rumble packs and to run off of batteries, à la the Wavebird for the GameCube. "

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger question is this: What could they possibly be hinting at by having those changes in the reflection? We already know that the controller is still in prototype stage.

And while we're on the topic of buttons, does anyone else think that have buttons named "Z1" and "Z2" undermines Nitnedo's goal for simplicity? I would be happier if they had different names.

Finally, (still talking about buttons) I find it ironic that Nitendo introduced shoulder buttons (Specifically L and R) and are now the first to remove them. (Z1 and Z2 don't count. I consider them more like triggers.)

Anonymous said...

That isn't a hole. It says b so that when you turn the controller sideways and play it like an NES controller, you know what button it is. There are pictures that show some prototypes are like this. My guess would be that when they took the shot, they didn't have the reflection how they wanted it, so they photoshopped one in based on another photo that happened to be of a different prototype.

Anonymous said...

It's just a modified version. IGN already said Iwata's controller had X and Y instead of A and B.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this but, how annoying is that seriousgamer007 guy? First he's like the ultimate fanboy now he turns his back on Nintendo for a Xbox 360(...), what an ass.

Anonymous said...

who cares about him now just let him go cry his 40 year old ass to sleep in his little corner

Anonymous said...

If you closer on the Teaser video, its clearly shown x and y buttons at the bottom. And they both have leds next to them. Or some kinda thing next to the button. Check out the video, they get pretty close up.

666jekke666 said...

on the u can see that picture to u just zoom in and you see x and y and the butten next to it so its not ign its nintendo

Anonymous said...

if you think that loser SeriousGamer is for the Xbox, now he is back to Nintendo!

Make up your mind, or wait, don't, nobody cares!

Obviously this indicates the Nintendo ON :p

Nomadx469 said...
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Nomadx469 said...

ok the best closeup of the controller is found on the keynote videostream from gamespot. just pause it at 5:15 this should be after the guy pushes the power button to answer the phone.

if you hold the controller nes style, under the X button is a b, and the Y button is an a

Anonymous said...

Please leave SeriousGamer alone.
He's got enough with what he did to himself, no need to flame him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ok let me clear this up, If the prototypes that gamespot editors tested at TGS 2005 with iwata had X,Y then those ae probably what will be FINAL. Having X,Y and small a and small b rpinted below to approximate the NES controller..and that would suit everyone!
And as for simplifying the controller for all Nintendo should at least change the Z1 Z1 to TRIG1 TRIG2 meaning of course trigger one trigger 2? Everything else can stay as they are Letters that am sure everyone can associate with! Especially hardcore gamers! The huge A button which is a sexy clear color B button is now a trigger...the X and Y with small a and small b and the OTHER Triggers (Z1,Z2) dont forget the Analogue joystick!

Anonymous said... correction from above, NOT iwata...Shigerou Miyamoto!

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the great comments and the help. I really did see that spot next to the button as an LED hole - but you´re right. It´s an ´a´. After reading all your comments, I guess there really could have been a mistake. Because I just couldn´t imagine this being a deliberate move on Nintendo´s part. So thank you all once again. Let´s look forward to seeing the first Revolution games.

disrupter006 said...

Why don't you guys make blogger accounts so we can give credit where credit is due to the good posts?

pn18 said...

here is the high res pic directly from
falafelkid hadn't access to this site, so he hadn't seen this high res pic before.


Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

In the trailer, when the controller is coming out of the ooze, it first comes out with an (X), and the second time (A) comes up.

Anonymous said...

i think one of two things, either its gona be two versiosn of the controller one ofr the us and one for japan or somthing, or they're stilll deciding on what to name the buttons, either way i dont see this as somthing really important and i dont find it too interesting

Anonymous said...

All these occurences are probably just mistakes, but it got me thinking. It'd be pretty cool if the controller had replaceable, physical button sets like there are faceplates for cell phones and whatnot. It'd keep people (myself included) from bitching about only having one main button on the upper half of the controller, or the inability to play SNES games with it. It'd probably cost a bit too much to implement this though, and it'd just add on to the amount of seperate controllers/accessories you had to buy.

Meh. It'd still be cool, though.

Anonymous said...

replacement button 'faceplates' is the WORST FUCKING IDEA EVER.

anyone who suggests should GET THE FUCK OUT of gaming. what a horrible idea.. fucking gimmick-mongers.

the rev's controller is good because it's this awesome 3-d mouse/remote/laser pointing type device that can slide into a classic shell that has a more industry standard amount of buttons.

in terms of add-ons for the Rev, they should make fucking sense. like, instead of dumb ass ideas like custom button layouts, how about a High End Force feedback gun/rifle type accessoy for light gun type games. let it simulate machine gun-like fire and then just blast away at the screen.

if anyone reading this blog ever played an arcade game called 'Gunblade' you know what i'm talking about.. it had machine gun mounts with real forcefeedback and you basically just shot the ever-loving crap out of everything on the screen while you were flying around in a helicopter. fuckin a.

Anonymous said...

Meh, I'd rather have faceplates than a touch screen. And they'd atleast be cheap. That, or add three buttons around the A button and add a second trigger, dammit. I'm all for efficient control, but having a lack of buttons is a problem. It's not like they can just come out with a button attachment, there are only so many buttons your left thumb could keep track of.

Dan_Smith said...

I love this blog it is great and you were right on about the gyroscope controller and keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

lol wtf? rather have faceplates than a touchscreen?


Faceplates are still a horrible idea.

Anonymous said...

I Think nintendo plan to used "X and Y" for those two buttons. (you see there are big "A and B" buttons) And make video and photo.

After that nintendo change "X and Y" to "a and b" for somereson ... (as for nes. it's look same. but for other it's don't work and need to add buttons any way)

so "a and b" are just change ... not thing else.
You can see buttons "X and Y" used on video at
and that part is in the middle of this video


Oh about this controller it's good idel that it will make other accessoy cheep! Ya! cheep.

At less.

1. It will let other device used it wireless system so a new other device will cheep and wireless ...

2. It's Motion cencer can used as any item any thing till now (except webcam , beatmania and power glove That all I know That this controller can't ... for danceing stage. my friend recomment to tight two of that controller to leg. - -")

Anonymous said...

Revolution has been televised ;) :

Anonymous said...

The buttons were photoshopped to represent the most current update.

Any other speculation is just plain old fashioned retarded.

P.S - SeriousGamer007: Please die.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I am out of the hyping business for good. At least I will not present any information that isnt fact that I do not know for sure is truth.

However I have received a bunch of recent emails supposedly from "Developers" and from "Nintendo" themselves (SUPPOSEDLY!) that their is another big secret to the Revolution.

I have been told first off that the power is comparable to the Xbox 360. I have been given preliminary specs by these guys and they match up to what you might expect in an affordable console.

However power is not really important this generation.

I have been told that Nintendo is in development of some kind of Visor or Headset.

In my emails back and forth I have not been able to find out if it is stereoscopic or not.

Furthermore I have not been able to determine if Nintendo is even going to release it for the Revolution or a future system.

The developers won't answer my question.

Furthermore what we have seen of the controller is not everything. There is more.

Lastly I was told that the reason the controller was unveiled without any games is to get everyone talking about it and it is a part of some marketing plan.

When you see the controller in action and for that matter the Revolution in action it will all make sense.

This is what I have been told.

That is all that I know. (For Now)
posted by KingofGamers at 6:19 AM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
The two system generation?
Current sales data for all home consoles:

Console Sales





Total Sales

This generation is shaping up to be the generation where more gamers buy two consoles instead of only one. I feel that gamers will undoubtedly be driven by Revolutions new innovative controller. I am not going to make a predicition that Nintendo will take over the market.

That is undoubtedly to bold.

However I will say this the Xbox 360 will not be dreamcasted. It is to powerful and all the consoles will offer similar power. Graphics alone will not be the deciding factor this generation.

I believe that the market share race is between the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Revolution.

This is as long as Nintendo releases the Revolution not to late. They have already shown their controller and you can bet that Sony and Microsoft are racing to build their own versions.

Dont be suprised if you see some legal battles over it. However just like analog sticks, shoulder buttons and so forth became standard. So will this and I don't see how Nintendo will be able to keep this technology out of the competitors hands.

They weren't able to do it before and I don't see how they will now.

My guess is Nintendo is shooting for a release date somewhere between March - August of next year.

My gut tells me April.

If this is the case they will meet head on with Sony.

Microsoft is in its own little world right now and has already produced millions of units to be sold this holiday season.

No doubt in my mind that Microsoft is going to kick ass this generation.

The question that is left is who will meet them.

The generations are always fought between two. Not three.

Nintendo is comfortable creating its own niche where they will be successful and make money.

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Their is no need for the PS3.

Sony is desperately trying to get the PS3 ready for Spring however I think this is in vane.

At least on a worldwide level.

At best it will release in Japan in spring.

Microsoft will create itself quite a lead and that is before gamers get to set their hands on Gears of War.

Nintendo will offer gamers state of the art innovation.

As long as they release around the time of the PS3 they will easily outperform the PS3 in sales.

I am going to predict that this generation will be between Microsoft and Nintendo.

However this may change if Nintendo delays the release, competitors release their own version and so forth.

Look how the N64 was effected because of delays.

A far superior and innovative console could not even hold a third of the marketshare against the PS1.

Xbox 360's future I feel is a guaranteed success. It will be the only console on the market for at least 6 Months.

That alone will ensure millions upon millions of console sales. I wouldnt be suprised if they are able to hit 10 million console sales in that time if not more. If you remeber when the Xbox first launched it sold a million units in the first month while battling against Sony's PS2 and Nintendo's Gamecube.

Now Microsoft has a following and furthermore no competition!

This is not Sega's Dreamcast which customers already lost faith in after Sega abrubtly stop making games for the Saturn.

This is a system that is hot right now. Furthermore dont be suprised if a lot of Sony gamers forego waiting for the PS3 since the systems are so similar.

Getting back to the Revolution.

Nintendo will make a profit no matter what. However it is important that if Nintendo wants to retake market share that they release there console sooner rather than later.

Like I stated before Xbox and Sony teams are hard at work on their own controllers similar to the Revolutions.

However anything is possible.

And Nintendo did say that their is another "Big" Secret waiting to be revealed!

What could that be?

Who knows maybe all the downloads are free!

Maybe it is nothing at all and the Nintendo of Europe execs were just caught in the hype.

Whatever it is know this.

We are all in for a treat.
posted by KingofGamers at 9:26 AM

DlphnMod said...

This poor soul needs other hobbies.

Anonymous said...


From Han Solo (gamespot-forum) who is working for Factor 5 (realy?) and has given some real specs of the XBox 360 hardware in the past.

Nintendo Revolution Specs

System 1 Modified
CPU: 1 IBM Custom PowerPC 2.5 GHz with 256 KB L1 cache and 1 MB of L2 cache (an L3 cache is rumored). It’s Dual Threaded

13 billion dot product operations per second

Revolution GPU: ATI Custom based RN520 core.

GPU core at 600 MHz. Will support up to 2048x1268 resolution, HD support is still being decided. Will have 256 MB’s of 1T-SRAM

32 parallel floating-point dynamically scheduled shader pipelines.

Polygon Performance: 500 million triangles per second theoretical, average in game would be around [100 Million/sec]

Shader Performance: ~50 billion shader operations per second

Revolution memory: 512 MB of 700 MHz 1T-SRAM

Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer should take the Rev Controller and shove it up his arse and then die from a massive shite!

Anonymous said...

Microsoft Praises Rev Controller
Microsoft's Xbox Vice President Peter Moore gave Nintendo complimentary remarks for its Revolution controller, citing both Nintendo's and Microsoft's previously stated objectives of growing the video game market.

"I want to give kudos for Nintendo for its attempt at innovation with the new controller," Moore stated. He elaborated that he felt the controller would "bring people in that, as Iwata-san said, are either lapsed gamers or gamers that are intimidated by the complexity of the controller."

"We need to grow as an industry," Moore continued. "Having a simplified controller is one tactic in what is a larger strategic battle we need to face to grow this business."

Moore believes that the Xbox 360 is also already designed to grow the video game market thanks to its "digital lifestyle" functionality that extends the console's technology beyond just running games.

The positive words, while open to psychological and word-play interpretation, are a refreshing change from previous mudslinging comments all three major console manufacturers are guilty of during this summer

DlphnMod said...

I cant wait to hear what Sony's comments will be.

I'm sure they will call it a gimmick and say it wont work properly.

Something to the effect of "Sure it revolutionizes gameplay, but can it run 3 operating systems or play blu-ray movies?"

Would you rather play games in an entirely new way or pay out the nose for a console that will no doubt stop reading its media after 6 months?

Anonymous said...

Gamers since the days of the unveiling I have been confused.
Not knowing which way to go. So confused by Nintendo's decision.
Mixed feelings and emotions running through me about the company that defined generations.Many gamers have emailed me asking me why I would leave Nintendo. Others showing support.The other night I was walking along a pier with my wife. Amongst all these artists and entertainers performing on the pier. We began talking about the past games that brought us so much joy.Super Mario Bros. and more.My wife said "Honey why don't you just try the controller, maybe you will like it".I was stubborn. I told her that I don't know what Nintendo was thinking.
I was disappointed.We kept on walking and talking.I never expected the blog to become so popular.Gamers over a million of you have come to know my name.I was unprepared for the outpouring.
Personally I did not know how to handle it.I told my wife they hate me."Why do they hate you she said?" "Your intentions were good."I know, but I lied."
We walked further.I contemplated the blog.I wanted Nintendo to be on top. I thought I could get Nintendo's attention.Boy did I.My wife and I walked further down the Pier. We were on the Gulf of Mexico. Pier 60. The stars were out in full force and so was the breeze off the gulf.Out there I walked up to this Bulgarian Man. He had a table with this unique instrument I never seen before in was an Ocarina.He said that he has been making them by hand for over 30 years. He learned to make them in Rome.I picked it up.An Ocarina? I said.My wife said yes like Zelda.It then hit me.My wife looked at me and said "what are the chances of us talking about Nintendo and finding an ocarina on a pier out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?".I been to this pier many a time. I have never seen this man.That night I woke up.I made a mistake.
Nintendo is not done.Nintendo is only beginning.Xbox and Sony Gamers come to Nintendo's banner. Stand by them.They are not cowards but courageous for going into unchartered waters with innovation.
Gamers I am happy that Nintendo did not deliver my Revolution.Because in that Revolution the story was already told.I knew the answers to all the questions.
in Nintendo's Revolution Nintendo is the storyteller.I wait in anticipation for the next chapter.I am returning to my rightful place.Amongst you gamers.I am already in the Nintendo Forums.I am under a different name.
One where I participate in a conversation without being SG007.
To Xbox and Sony Gamers who make fun of Nintendo and its controller.I understand where you are coming from.I was there.I didnt get it.I get it now...I understand.The Revolution is coming.Personally I can't wait for it. Nintendo is going to deliver in every way. Zelda,Mario, Metroid and more.
Believe.A Revolution is marching this way!Are you ready to Revolt?

Anonymous said...

DlphnMod said...

Stop posting seriousgamer007's nonsense.

I'm not shedding any tears for his confusion, nor do i care.

And if he's posting it himself (which he probably is) then he will no doubt read this next line.


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yeah do your self a favor sg007 stop posting your BS especially on other ppls blogs you are indeed pathetic

Anonymous said...

Noah: With the Revolution controller unveiled, I'm looking forward to E3 2006 more than ever. While we have no reason to know just how many games third party developers will have created that effectively use the controller by that time, Nintendo will undoubtedly have one to many killer apps. While I have a fear that the Mario and Zelda titles that are rumored to launch with the console could be nothing more than sidebar efforts like "Mario's Squirt Gun Shooting Saloon" and "Zelda's Super Bass Fishing," I still can't wait to just experience what it's like to play with it. Existing franchises like Mario Tennis, F-Zero, and Wave Race could be brand new experiences thanks to the "free-style" controller. What do you all think of it?

Chad: My first impressions were not great until I saw the video of the controller's concept in action on video over at IGN. But in typical Nintendo fashion, it still left me with more questions than answers.

In particular, how will backward compatibility work with this thing? Could you plug your legacy controllers into the Revo's adapter port via an adapter? Will Nintendo issue legacy wireless NES, SNES, N64, and GCN wireless controllers iced out in iPod, er I mean Revolution white? Or will we beforced to play Super Mario World with a remote as the video alluded to with a woman making an off-screen Mario jump with a flick of the remote. Inquiring minds want to know...

The big thing that bothers me personally is the cable between the left accessory control stick and the primary remote controller. In this day andage, is there not a way to pair these things together wirelessly via bluetooth or a proprietary wireless technology? It could be done at a lower frequencyand would not conflict with the main wireless signal going to the Revo. You could even mix and match with such a pairing system (like the guy using tworemote controllers as drumsticks in the video - pair two remotes together if you will). If they made the left analog controller hand-neutral enough (think the middle of the N64 trident), and you could pair them together, you'd have two sticks and four buttons, which could make traditional games a bit easier to play.

Otherwise, this controller means Nintendo is no longer interested in third party ports of Xbox and PlayStation games. It is probably one of the reasons the new Sonic the Hedgehog is headed to competitors first, with something Revo-specific in the future, possibly. The thing is, all three companies want 3rd parties to commit more exclusively to the system. Nintendo will likely be the only one to require it, because the controller is so different. That may mean Nintendo really carries the platform, similar to the DS. Hopefully Nintendo's examples will "inspire" developers to follow in Nintendo's innovative lead. It's a risky but necessary gamble for Nintendo to attempt to regain market share and actually grow the market. It will likely work well in Japan, but the rest of the world is a bit more murky to predict.

Noah: I completely agree with your complaint over the need to connect controller peripherals with a cable, Chad, and you raise a really good point about Nintendo having to "carry" this platform more than any other console they've released. That was true in the last two generations when third parties pretty much neglected or abandoned the N64 and GameCube. This time around that reality may be even more true thanks to the controller. Then again, the DS wasn't a sure thing, either, and it has proven to sell remarkably well in the last year thanks to a few killer apps from Nintendo. And with the Revolution, Nintendo has left itself an easy out with not one but two solutions. First, as well all know, the console is compatible with existing GameCube controllers. Second, however, is the "classic style expansion" Jim Merrick of NintendoEurope spoke about on

"We’ll be showing the 'Classic Style Expansion' at some point in the future," said Merrick. "This will be a unit into which the standard Revolution handset slides. This will create a wireless standard controllerbuilt to Nintendo's usual high standards and will enable play for SNES, Nintendo 64 and other Revolution games – so we will have a great game padtoo."

IGN mocked up a nice guess on what this controller will look like over here. I'm guessing-- or perhaps naively hoping-- this peripheral will also be packed with the Revolution and remove the need for a GameCube controller if you wanted to play "classic style." That would certainly lessen the burden on third party developers keener on ports than wand-compatible games. Of course, if everyone takes the easy way out and avoids making games that take advantage of the remote, the reason to own a Revolution is lessened.

Aaron: For some reason, this new controller screams Duck Hunt to me. Despite the fact that game didn't exactly have much depth, I'm afraid I'd end up buying a sequel if it was made. Naturally I am deeply intrigued as to what Nintendo will do with their new controller, but something else makes me even more curious. What will third party developers do with this new technology?

This new controller more-or-less does what the Nintendo DS does, but on a three-dimensional scale. This new controller might even make the next Mario Party title seem "original"! While part of me knows better than to become excited, I can't help but wonder what Nintendo is planning for their new technology.

Paul: In regards to the teaser trailer, I was excited about the controller's prospects before seeing them enacted. To actually see ways I'd imagined using it in action is really excititng to me because it shows that apparently no idea is too far-fetched. I mean really, this thing can do real-time motion capture input (albeit limited to the wand itself). Nowadays motion capture is used mainly for animation, but to take it to the level of an input - wow. The possibilities! This isn't just a 2D peripheral, it can sense its position in 3D space. After successes stretching the DS's mic and touch screen input I'm excited and hopeful to see how developers embrace "the wand."

Addressing some issues regarding classic gameplay for NES and Game Boy games: looking at the layout of the face buttons it appears you could just rotate the whole thing ninety degrees and you have yourself a d-pad and A and B buttons, NES controller-style. The corded control stick peripheral does indeed look a bit clunky in comparison. As seen in the aforementioned video, if you're swinging say, a "sword" with the wand in your right hand and the corded, connected control stick is in your left, it makes you move both arms at least somewhat together. This can be seen as limiting, though I can see the benifits of keeping your arms a bit together; notably in the scenes where frantic party gaming is implied. Were the two hands not connected by the cord, arms could go flailing in any direction, including (but not limited to) into your friend's face, the living room lamp, etc. Plus, with your arms moving together, ergonomically your torso twists a bit more naturally than if your arms are going separate directions all the time.

Maurice: My first thoughts were... "OMG, they've reintroduced the Power Glove in sheep's clothing!!" For all intents and purposes, the Power Glove worked the exact same way as this controller - right down to the funky receiver that you have to mount near your television set. (I dislike this configuration more so than the dangling attachment wire.) That said, I'm sure the technology has improved ten-fold and may actually be functional today. I'm really interested to see how developers utilize all of the various options. In fact, I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities. I really respect Nintendo for trying to grow the market as opposed to sticking to the status quo.

Matt: My first thoughts were admittedly mixed. Nintendo has stated again and again that they wanted to do something innovative, and to that extent they have succeeded. I'm greatly interested by the new options it will open up to thecasual gaming fan, and assuming that there isn't a huge gap in graphical prowess the Revolution could easily become the system of choice for FPS titles. I'vedone some thinking, and while there undoubtedly is a lot of potential Nintendo enthusiasts who want exciting software, we haven't seen anything. Even with this grand unveiling, no official footage was seen, and the professional sites got to play some tech demos. We're still, to a large degree, in the dark until E3 2006. Nintendo had better correct their previous shortcoming of launching a platform with innovative features (the DS) with a weak first party line-up of games.

I am also not thrilled about the prospect of buying additional attachments for the controller. If they are pack-ins with regular priced software, fine. I see the additions as an escape route for Nintendo should the remote style controller not catch on. They can release essentially a whole new controller should this backfire.

Message boards have been aflame with this being the death knell of third party software. This is frankly the thing I am least worried about. Many developers are on record as being excited about the product. However, I don't expect Sony to lose a grip on certain franchises, like Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, and Soul Calibur. EA, who went on record as to say that they were focusing their efforts on PS3 and Xbox 360, have expressed interest. Otherwise, I think we are more likely to see several new series birthed on the Revolution, which has me excited.

The bottom line is, I love traditional styled games. And while I have no doubts that the hardcore and casual alike will find much to love with the Revolution, only now does it dawn on me that I really need a second console, and that Nintendo will not be my sole provider. Nintendo said they were going a different route, and sure enough they are. I just never realized how much I enjoyed the traditional layout until it was so drastically altered. I don't know that many people were expecting it to be this odd. E3 will be amazing next year, mark my words.

Abraham: Forget third parties. If Nintendo releases development kits to the public-- something cheap you could buy at EB/Gamespot-- they can give power to the people, modding to the gamers. Just look at what happened to Doom, Quake, Unreal, and Half Life. The community would explode, circumventing the ridiculous need for long development times and lots of money. A console renaissance. A console indie scene much like the PC shareware/freeware/open source communities. Don't get me wrong, big development companies like EA are like Hollywood, giving us what we can't make on our own; but so much remains untapped and so many big companies spiral into black hole decadence, crushed by their own hugeness. Video games are the next huge art form. They tap into something new for humanity. With the Revolution's controller we are given the power to not only change worlds with our minds and fingers (like art/writing), but with our bodies (like music). Something physical and primal.

I agree with those who have said that this controller is the most important thing Nintendo has done for gaming since the original NES. But where to next? VR visors hopefully. Bring the TV up to the eyes, and the controls are already based on movement. Portable meets console. Something Nintendo has mentioned before. Is it any wonder that controllers that respond to physical movement have come from Japan, where martial arts and movement are so fundamental? Bring on the revolution Nintendo, the world totters ready.

Anonymous said...

whoa.. i bet everybody took the time to read that buddy!

write a fucking book for crying out loud.

Thunder Emperor said...

check this pic out,its from Iwata's g4 interview clip. the controller he holds has X and y buttons, but B and A written underneath them.

Witness The Revolution said...

I dont feel like reading all the posts so I will answer the 1st question I saw, There are two sets of buttons so that the controller can be flipped and played like an NES controller. And still retain distance sensitivity. Also look back to the post on july 24 is that the cradle fot the controller it just may be, im surprised someone was so dead on with their mock-up.

Anonymous said...

The reflection is much easier to see in the original unresized image.

reflection picture alone (792kb):

full set of revolution press images (8mb):

Anonymous said...

Witness The Revolution,
you should had read all the posts first before wasting your time

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Who cares about Sony. The Revolution and it's controller are nice to look at.

Anonymous said...

That is a stylish console. It's about style and innovation for Nintendo, now. That's what I'M TALKING ABOUT. The Micro is sexy and Revolution is sexy. This is a hidden marketing thing. Sexy=sales. Unless your counting the PSP. DS is outselling that crap. It's only good for movies and videos. The games aren't innovative and they suck.

Anyway, Nintendo KEEP UP THE SEXINESS!

Anonymous said...

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