Monday, January 09, 2006

Rev controller for back catalogue?

This is starting to get silly now. First, there are rumours that ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ would feature additional Rev controller functionality when played on the Revolution. Then Nintendo go on record calling the rumours ´pure speculation´. Well, the speculations may still turn out true. National Geographic Kids Magazine (of all magazines) have apparently been invited to Japan to test out the Revolution controller and write:
The Revolution will be available later this year. You'll be able to use it with games you already have as well as with new games. Here are some old favorites and a few of the things you'll be able to do with this revolutionary new controller.
Here are some scans of the article, courtesy of Joystiq (perhaps the most valuable Revolution resource these days):

Interesting stuff, I am sure you will agree. Because are these guys talking about the game franchises which may be revived for the Revolution or are they talking about the actual Gamecube titles? It seems they are talking about the latter. And if so, they are actually suggesting that a whole number of games from the back catalogue would have dedicated Rev controller functionality. That in itself would be revolutionary.

EDIT Concerning this story, Nintendo has responded to Eurogamer and clarified the content:
What the magazine has done is imagine how existing franchises would work with the Revolution controller, rather than actually seeing anything. (...) It's all still speculation.
The good people at Joystiq, though, (who are really the top source for Revolution news at the moment, I have to reiterate) comment:
Why invite them all the way to Tokyo so they could write a feature article full of speculation?
Why, indeed?

Source: Joystiq
Image source: Joystiq


Anonymous said...

How the hell would you move around if you where controlling both sheild AND sword with each part of the controller?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if this could be the secret. But I don't think so. Now I'm not saying it couldn't be a feature and that it won't be done. I think it would be sweet and they'd be crazy not to let you play old games with the new controller. But the 'secret?' I guess after hearing about the controller this would be a letdown. I think the announcement of the controller itself covers this possibility.

Anonymous said...

@ First anonymous:

There is an analog stick on the Nunchuck attachement so moving isnt exactly an issue.

On the article, it seems to be a bit strange that National Geographic Kids Magazine would be the first to publish such information. Sure they weren't giving stuff about what you will be able to do with the Rev controller as speculation?

nz guy said...

dude if your using 2 controllers then its gonna be a bit hard to use the nunchuck attachment, so yea it would be an issue.

has anyone asked nintendo about this?

it would be a good way to sell a few more cube games.

Luigi2 said...

It seems rather obvious to me that the article is simply giving examples of what the controller does by using existing franchises as examples. I don't think they're hinting at or revealing anything new at all.

majestik12 said...

Um if u use two controllers, the d-pad on one controller could be used for character movement, espcially if its pressure sensitive. I bet someone(either Nintendo, Madcatz or, logitech) will make a revcon with an anolog stick on it, replacing the d-pad.

nz guy said...

smart man. but we may have to deevolve ourselves to get used to it.

majestik12 said...

or maybe you would be able to use the shell in one hand also, with the addition of an anolog stick in your left hand, or an attachment to a revcon that puts an anolog stick right next to the d-pad.

Just have to remember the controller will be extremely modable.

I dont know how hard it would to controll all three things though at once. Character movement, sheild and sword, or perhaps it just might be fairly intuitive.

PalmBeer said...

The Real Nintendo Revolution

Have you ever thought about this possibility:

The biggest Revolution Nintendo can deliver is to become market leader again like it was in the early nineties when they had almost a monopoly position. Nintendo clearly states time and time again that it wants to go back to its roots like it was about twenty years ago, and with their Revolution System they just might be able to pull it off.

Nintendo's biggest surprise will be that the leaked ON video was actually true.
Thus Nintendo have revealed their entire strategic plans, all their secrets and everything they hope will be the winning ticket for them 5 days before E3 2005. They purposely revealed everything they were working on when the ON Video leaked and no one ever knew.

This way they wouldn’t have to make so much effort into hiding everything and being so mysterious since everything was out in the open anyway. All they had to do now was make mysterious comments every now and then and no one would ever know the real secret behind the Revolution even though it was under their very noses.

Not only that, but Nintendo made sure that by buying all the correct patterns and licenses, they have managed to secure exclusive rights to publish video games of any kind which utilize a 3D Stereo-Scopic Visor system with eye-tracking software on any home console. Nintendo made enough money in the early nineties which allowed them to buy all these patterns without taking any losses. If everything works out like they planned however the money spent will pay itself back in no time.

Other manufacturers are of course allowed to create their own visor for use with PS3 or Xbox180, however the software (in this case the game itself) is not allowed to use a visor with some sort of eye-tracking software if the intended market is the home console market. This means that similar technology may be used for the video games section in the pc market, but not in the home console market.

The reason they are doing this is because using a 3D visor system, which utilizes stereo-scopic imaging to give the illusion of depth and perception, combined with the free hand revolutionary controller will set the standard for the way Video Games will be played from now on like they set the standard with the NES. Nintendo realizes this and by securing the option to have exclusive rights to use this technology in the home console market they will dominate the video game market once again.

You see the real revolution isn’t just the visor, it’s Nintendo’s vision of how what a video game should be in the first place and how we will play it.

It’s the fact that they releases their entire strategy and all their secrets 5 days before E3 2005 and no one every realized it.

It’s the fact that, by acquiring all those patterns and licenses that, no other company is allowed to copy their Gameplay Method (using a free hand remote and stereo-scopic visor) and incorporate it within their own Video Game Console for the next 3 years.

Nintendo will therefore become the market within a year after revolution’s launch and will stay that way for the next 2 years until their right to have sole rights to all this will be void and other companies can start taking the same path Nintendo is now. By that time they will have established themselves as Nr 1 Video Game Company in the world again.

Arsenis said...

thats deep!!

nz guy said...


rhopa said...

ahahah… stop dreaming :)

Johnny B said...

I agree with Luigi2...NG Kids is likely just describing possible uses of the freehand controller using Nintendo franchises as examples. Though the token 'This is speculation only' statement is missing, it also probably isn't necessary. As a publication targeted at young kids, clarity is emphasized over depth and 100% accuracy. But perhaps Nintendo is dropping small hints at those Rev demos.

@ palmbeer:
Interesting theory. I don't believe in the ON, but I know what you're getting at. ON, in all its futuristic glory, seemed more than far-fetched to most people. Now when anyone even mentions a visor, its dismissed outright. If Nintendo really was making a system similar to the ON and wanted to keep it secret, then the ON video definitely had the desired effect...that is, making those who believe in visors seem diluted. Then again, maybe thats all conspiracy theory rubbish.

pi said...

May be no.
Someone have been make VR for ps2 and it's only 70$ so nintendo *may* aim for VR.

PS3 or even Xbox360 can't do it. it's have power. but that power don't fit in this VR.
Resolution in VR is limit. So if ps3 or xbox360 make it. the picture will look same to revolution. Also both have more price than revolution.

Anonymous said...

remember your post regarding raid over the river where you mentioned that nintendo will NOT make a game for revolution but read this now:

here they say that its planned for revolution AND DS

Anonymous said...

have you heard about the (farfetched) rumor that apple is getting into the console business? I would actually be inclined to give them some money instead of only being able to play mario with nintendo. ms and sony are definate no-no's for me.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. Regarding the ´Nibris´ team rumours, I never said the game would not be approved by Nintendo. I did call it highly unlikely, especially since they had no corporate webpage and were using the equivalent of a hotmail address. It was a fair observation to doubt that they could afford dev kits when they couldn´t afford the basics. In the meantime, they apparently have gotten a homepage, though it´s either offline or I cannot find it. Anyway, good luck to them with the game. My main issue was that the discussion about whether the ROTR-screens had any bearing on the Rev was simply ridiculous. They developed that game on a PC, never had a dev kit and didn´t have any more of an idea as to the Rev´s power than we do.

Requiem said...


I can't believe people are still hung-up on VR.

Have you ever used VR? It's disorientating. It's nasueating. It's terrible. PEOPLE WHO'VE TRIED VR, DON'T WANT VR!

Trust me, VR will never be pleasing until it reaches the Holodeck phase. Honestly, other than that it's just not plausible.

People always talk about looking as if you were in the game with VR, but what about doing a 180? Unless you have a swivel chair, that could be very uncomfortable. And even then, it takes you out of the game....something that VR is NOT suppose to do.

Trust me. VR will NEVER EVER become widely appreciated until the Holodeck.

Augmented Reality is a different story.

It is FAR more plausible and actually has MANY benefits when compared to its counter-part.

If they could somehow develop wireless googles, that "seem" transparent, but actually let you veiw the computer generated graphics , then that has incredible potential.

Imagine playing Fifa: AR. The staduim could exist on your cofee table, miniture size. You and a friend could battle it out as you move about freely, viewing the action from any angle you like. You could WALK around the staduim if you choose so.

Imagine playing Gladiator: AR. It would be the same thing.

How about DragonBall Z for all you anime fans? Goku and Vegeta could fly across your room, as they battle it out mid-air!

What about a 1000 Marios?! You could act as GodZilla as hundreds of Marios flee for there lives. They could hide anywhere and you'd have to find them and kick them across the room! Incredibly violent, yes, but incredibly fun!

It's like action figures yet roughly a million times better.

VR blows in comparison. People think its the greatest thing, when it actually isn't fun at all.

Anyway, go about your way and sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

this is just getting retarded. no, ON won't have been true. and no, this is not revealing shit, as anyone still capable of rational thought can tell. and no, you dumbass before, unless you've got three hands, you couldn't use one controller as a sword, one as a shield, and the nunchuck. you're an idiot.

pi said...

Nibris team say thay will make game for revolution. That have 2 answer.

1. Nintendo let them see at last some part of revolution that make nintendo think Nibris can't make game for it. But thay think thay can make it.

2. Thay need to make game for revolution at any cost.

I think yes ON may not true. But some one just make eyefx 3d (VR for ps2) at 70$ but nintendo do some thing at price +100$ And thay create it for 3 year ... (Maybe it's better VR than eyefx 3d so it's more price ... but we don't know it's "is" or "is not")

I think maybe it's not VR. But if not it should better. (since we can think about VR and it can fit in price in less than a year) One true ... we just speculation we don't know it ... for now.

Anonymous said...

Requiem said...

I can't believe people are still hung-up on VR.

Have you ever used VR? It's disorientating. It's nasueating. It's terrible. PEOPLE WHO'VE TRIED VR, DON'T WANT VR!

I dont find that to be true.

I have done VR, real true VR... Not like that lame style where you can roll your eyes up and see the edge of a screen.

I'm talking full-blown, sensors in various places on your body VR.

I did it at Innovations behind the scenes at Epcot center.
I got to tell you, I tried really hard to find a fault in it, and it was fantastic.

I was a little disoriented at first, but thats mainly because I had no idea what to expect and it blew me away. I never got nauseaus though, and considering what kind of stuff I was doing, thats suprising.

I personally think it was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced and would love to try it again.

Blizz419 said...

blah blah blah, "ON" is fake anyone who thinks different is a complete moron, Nintendo had nothing to do with the creation of that video, aslo we will definatly not see any major implementation of VR or AR for the revolution. so give it up, maybe in the generation after the REV.

majestik12 said...

Everyone knows "On" is fake, It is a flawed system, however VR/AR could be implemented, I hope it would be AR(Not so much it understanding the geometry of your real surroundings, but at least VR with an Alpha channel, so you can still see your real surroundings. And have images projected over your controller, and still being able to see your real hand.

However, I do not think it will happen this generation. But still Nintendo has made countless comments and hints about doing away with a TV and filling the room with a game, and immersion. Maybe the ON, and all those insider blogs, are a smokescreen and/or diversion to what the last secret really is. Because you cannot deny Nintendo has made some very odd comments.

Flight401 said...

I have already posted this on the n5_dev blog.

Revolution Meaning and Definition

1.(n.) A total or radical change; as, a revolution in one's circumstances or way of living.

Revolution synonyms
Gyration, Rotation,

Gyration Meaning and Definition

(n.) The act of turning or whirling, as around a fixed center; a circular or spiral motion; motion about an axis; rotation; revolution.

Hmm can the codename "Revolution" Acctually mean "Gyration"?

And if the the Revolution system's real name would be Nintendo Gyration system, it would be Nintendogs :)

pi said...

Thare is some link that make revo's secret maybe in presentation part. ...
#1 first word of revolution ... think outside the box.
#2 some word form both Miyamoto ... also Iwata.

...But maybe not
#1 thay say it's not make kind of newby to game afraid.

anonymous said...

Joystiq has just debunked this rumour, see

srkelley said...

"""Anonymous said...
How the hell would you move around if you where controlling both sheild AND sword with each part of the controller?

Hold the controller, but instead of resting it at the midsection, rest it more towards the top. Then your left thumb could hit and move the d-pad accordingly, or your right thumb could. Your index finger's would still be able to hit the trigger. think before you post noobmonger.

srkelley said...

Crap. just read Majestik's comment. I've read the whole page. he easily beat me to the punch.