Monday, January 09, 2006

Microsoft abandons Xbox360 sales target

The Financial Times has learnt that Microsoft have officially abandoned their original sales target for the Xbox360:
Microsoft has blamed a lack of capacity and components for shortages of its Xbox 360. It is now expected to miss its target of shipping 2.75m-3m of the game consoles in the 90 days following its launch on November 22.

Analysts estimate shipments at 1.3m worldwide by the end of 2005, with shortages predicted for January. The situation has leftgamers frustrated and meant limited sales of 360 titles for video games publishers and retailers.
Microsoft now aims to sell between 4 to 5,5 million units by June. Whether that is realistic or not, though, will greatly depend on the release dates of both PlayStation3 and Revolution and their respective marketing campaigns.

Source: Financial TimesNext Generation
Thanks to: Joystiq


Arsenis said...

it was obvious with shortages and all.

Anonymous said...

Well, i found several Xbox360 in stores nearby and they had a pricetag an waited for buyers. I found three at Mediamarkt and 4 at Karstadt a week ago. Core-Versions as well as the Harddisk-Version. Well i didn't buy one and i don't plan to, even if they cut the price by half.

Raph said...

Its pretty funny though, I mean, stock management is like lesson #1 in a marketing class. Those guys ar e ppaid big money but cant manage a project right. Its great, let all the interest around the 360 die a bit, have the ps3 ultra delayed, and all will be set for the REVO!! W000t!

Arsenis said...

Mediamarkt and 4 at Karstadt.

are this stores in the U.S.? Which State?

Anonymous said...

Hey i didn't say that there aren't any shortages. But here in Germany i would have no serious problem to get one if i wanted. And as there are simply no shortages at all in japan, i think this problem is US-specific and really not global. They could have sold much more.

Raphael said...

j-love said...

fuck the 360. they rushed that piece of shit and serves em right.

360 < ps3 < rev