Thursday, January 12, 2006

NG Kids magazine article clarification

Regarding the article in National Geographic Kids magazine, there was speculation about whether it suggested Revolution controller playability for at least some of the back catalogue (notably ´Donkey Konga´, ´Super Smash Bros.´ and ´Zelda´). It did not. The article was written by Electronic Gaming Monthly´s Mark MacDonald and he told me that it was misinterpreted. However, Nintendo suggested possible uses for the Revolution controller by referring to their current and past licenses. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings.


Arsenis said...

but i guess NGC magazine does not think the same way.

Anonymous said...

a bit off-topic, but i found this funny pic on a forum following the DS's tremendous game sales in Japan this week: DS

Falafelkid said...

While we´re off-topic and on the subject of funny pics, how do you like this one?

Anonymous said...

Merrick left Nintendo :(

pi said...

Good news (2005's sale in japan)

Hardware :
Nintendo DS : 4,002,871
PSP : 2,225,799
Game Boy Micro : 394,845
PlayStation 2 : 2,134,863
GameCube : 305,000
Xbox 360 : 81,770
Xbox : 13,186

software :
1. Nintendo : 11,030,000
2. Bandai : 5,540,000
3. Konami : 5,080,000
4. Sony Computer Entertainment : 4,090,000
5. Square Enix : 3,580,000
6. Capcom
7. Namco
8. Sega
9. Koei
10. Banpresto

How about this one : japan ver.

nz guy said...

this kids mag was talking about current titles and NGC said that they heard some guy talking about a future title (tp)

you would think someone close who worked with this guy would have told him his artical is a bit suggestive

Fifstar said...

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d said...

Mark is one of my favorite editors at EGM/1up. His coverage of the revolution remote when it was first shown was great.

Arsenis said...

i was being sarcastic!!

Anonymous said...

I thought Nintendo don't comment to rumor or speculation...

nz guy said...


Arsenis said...

new DS the 17th?

Requiem said...


This is important.

NGC said they got there information from a high-office executive, correct? Isn't it at least suspicous that Merrick leaves Nintendo only weeks after the NGC bomb hit?

NGC seems very confident of their information. They have their entire reputation on the line. A magazine wouldn't risk losing loyal customers over any news, no matter how big the scoop may seem. They must know something...

Furthermore, they work in the U.K, so their high-office connection is probably from Europe as well. A few weeks later Merrick "leaves" Nintendo.

I actually think he was given the option to quit or he would be fired. So he took the honorable way out and quit.

It may be a coincidence, but I don't believe to be as such.

NGC is right on the money, and I can't wait till E3 for this Zelda TP bomb to drop.

Anonymous said...

use of the controller, including some possible actual screen shots from working game prototypes. enjoy

Anonymous said...

use of the controller, including some possible actual screen shots from working game prototypes. enjoy

Blizz419 said...

that is old and is not made by nintendo therefore there are no working prototypes, this was a fan made video to show examples of possible control schemes with rev controller nothing more, cool video though

Blizz419 said... dug up a lil info on the virtual console check it out

Amar said...

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Anonymous said...


Super Zelda Bros!

Anonymous said...

They will let us creat new maps and then share!

Anonymous said...

















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