Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NGC magazine fights back

Remember the story by NGC magazine that ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ would feature Rev controller functionality? Remember Nintendo´s disclaimer? Well, welcome to round three.

Now, NGC magazine (in the form of deputy editor Martin Kitts) has made their rebuttal to the rebuttal, speaking to Press Start Online:
"Twilight Princess will be playable on the forthcoming Revolution using the upcoming console's unique controller. When you insert the disc into your Revolution, you'll be given the option to use the Revolution's controller, with all the advantages this will bring." (...)

Martin Kitts claimed: "The news came from somebody senior at Nintendo who, admittedly, probably shouldn't have let it slip before E3. But they did, and we would have been crazy not to print it. Next thing you know, instead of a brilliant news exclusive, we've got somebody else at Nintendo issuing a carefully worded non-denial, and various sites that specialise in rumours are telling the world that NGC is not to be trusted. So to clear things up, that news piece wasn't a load of bull - it's direct from the people who are making the game."
So there you have it. NGC mag is as confident as anything that they have got their story right. Are we perhaps even onto one of the big secrets with this story?

Source: Press Start Online
Thanks to: ssj2119


Raph said...

next thing you know nintendo is cancelling their revolution functionnality project on Zelda TP just to look good, haha.

Oh and First post w000t!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if they DID cancel the revolution functionality just to save face. I'd never buy that flippin NGC magazine ever again. Not that I do now.

The Three Laws of Pants said...

Well, considering that Nintendo never actually denied the rumour, you never know. Either it's on the money, or (and this is probably more likely), Nintendo are intentionally not denying the rumour in order to drum up sales for the rev and Zelda:TP.

Anonymous said...
Revolution and classic games price?

Anonymous said...
woops. fixed url.

Anonymous said...

Revolution and classic games pricing?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like NGC panicking because they've been busted. I still call 100% bullshit on this.

Benihana said...

Hm, sounds plausible. Somehow. ^^

Ah, btw, already heard about the (possible ^^) News on TP?
'Bout the final boss and other things? ^^

Anonymous said...

no, whats the news benihana?

PorpoiseMuffins said...

It sounds pretty obvious to me from Nintendo's response that it was true all along. They didn't even deny it, they just tried to clarify it as "speculation." What NGC is saying now pretty much seals the deal in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I just read Nintendo's denial. It just says that the article is pure speculation and that the game will still release on Gamecube. It does not say that it will not have revolution compatability. And anyway Nintendo normally just says that they don't comment on rumors.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I just read Nintendo's denial. It just says that the article is pure speculation and that the game will still release on Gamecube. It does not say that it will not have revolution compatability. And anyway Nintendo normally just says that they don't comment on rumors.

Anonymous said...

So this may be true. It wouldn't be totally suprising if it did work with the new controller in a few ways.

And same with their back catalog. I would guess they would try and make some of those titles work with the new controller also.

Do you think that's the secret tho? I kind of expected this once I heard the controller. I don't think this would be such a big secret that they would hold onto it. It's seems pretty obvious.

Biggiesized said...

Senior Nintendo official leaks information to NGC (UK) concerning TP...

Jim Merrick mysteriously leaves *NOE* after 12 years on the job...

Think this is more than a coincidence?

I think so.

Nick said...

Total bullhickey. Read the original scans. There is absolutely nothing in the NGC story backing up their claim of super-secret exclusivity, not a shred of information that couldn't be guessed or wasn't already guessed from Nintendo's press releases up to and including the controller revelation at TGS 2005.

They couldn't have known about this before E3. People didn't know what the controller was before E3. If I recall, Zelda wasn't even delayed until after E3. These guys are a bunch of lousy hacks who are trying to get lucky with a few of their (possibly correct-by-coincidence) guesses and say, "See? See?"

I can't believe major gaming media keeps picking up on this story when to be frank, it's not even a story.

Anonymous said...

They aren't saying that somebody told them before the past E3 who should have waited, they're saying that somebody told them recently, who should have waited until next E3.

Nick said...

Ah, good point. They left it ambiguous, of course, but your reading of it makes a lot more sense.

Anonymous said...

















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