Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Electronics Boutique dates PS3 launch?

Electronics Boutique writes:
SCEI to Launch PS3 at E3 in Spring 2006
With an overwhelming computing power of 2 teraflops, entirely new graphical expressions that have never been seen before will become possible.
This could very well be a misunderstanding, but the phrase "launch PS3 at E3" seems to suggest a mid-May release for the new PlayStation. I personally believe that the PS3 will be significantly delayed, though.


Morton-jn said...

This will definately be of no concequence. They probably mean that Sony will try to spoil Nintendo's coming out party.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. They're just saying that People will (perhaps) find out everything at E3.

Niwre said...

I don't think so...

May would be a little short day for Sony. And as they didn't even properly launch PSP, I can only think they would have enormous shortages :)

Yorrike said...

I'm wondering whether Sony would attempt to launch the PS3 with no games. Advertise it as a media platform like the PSP and push the BlueRay camp forward trying to get the jump on those who support HD-DVD.

bankai said...

Falafelkid, another news about release date, suggestions by Yves Guillemont, president and CEO of Ubisoft


bankai said...

oh, and forgot to mention

from the EGM rumor section

ultimate spiderman 2 will be released for all next gen consoles autumn 2006 and

Mehrere Entwickler, die hauptsächlich Online-Spiele machen, wollen für Nintendos Next Generation Konsole arbeiten. Dazu gehören auch Entwickler aus der PC-Szene.

for the others:
some developers, who are making mostly online games, want to work for the revolution. there are also some guys from the pc scene

source is gamefront

Anonymous said...

Dear Falafelkid,

Geist 2 ?
that must be a very bad joke !

Iwata mentioning Nintendo ON ?

Come on!

Only 150 dollars?

That would be suicide just like it was the case with GameCube because people will think its a toy or targeted at kids or lacking high end hardware!

As far as the games are concerned I think he will show a mixture of traditional titles like the new Mario and Zelda,original unconventional titles with mass appeal sorta like Brain trainer,ElektroPlankton or the cooking game and last but not least some exclusive mature (perhaps even epic,melancholic,surreal) heavy-hitters from Suda51 and Shini Mikami(Grasshopper manufacture-Capcom)hopefully Zoonami,Retro,Konami,Sega,Namco,Lucasarts,Valve and perhaps even something adventure or strategy related orginal from Tim Schafer,Peter Moulneaux and the people behind Age of Empires(that goes more under wishful thinking I guess).

On top of all that, there will be a special guest appearance by none other than the hilarious Mark Reign from Epic sharing the stage with Regginator who will take his chance to polish up his image by clarifying(just like in the eurogamer interview)his statements and announce a wi-fi enabled UnrealTournament2007 for Nintendo Revolution with great eclat.Mark Reign alongside his new buddy Regginator will form the new Super Mario Bros. duo, gain cult status and eventually take over the world, after starring in numerous plumber movies.They will become legends and never be forgotten.
Oh and did I mention that this union also represents the Revolutions last secret ?


As always remember where you heard it first !

You hear me Falafelkid ?

- The Infamous-Anonymous(SOMETIMES INCORRECT :)-Light-Shedder

pi said...

If revo's secret good enough it can even decrease ps3's sale. But if not ... nintendo better not show it that time.

... At e3. I think sony may tell everyone about ps3's price. (Not sale it that time ... Pre-order ... maybe)

1# To make sony's fanboy ready to buy it.
2# To make it seem inexpensive. By first huge among of ps3's sale.

Why it will usedless?

1# Nintendo may show more revolution's secret and it may transcendental. (like befor) also video or snapshot.
2# If sony do tell everyone about ps3's price. Microsoft will reduce x360's price. Also nintendo may show us revolution's price ... if it really under 200$ it will make anything more than 400$ look expensive.

Colin said...

I think that eb is refering to e3 as an event where sony will reveal the playstation 3 fully, such as the final controller, playable demos, and maybe a release date (or an announcement about a delay.)

HereticPB said...

If Sony releases in Spring and around May they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

I cannot see them having games ready for that time frame launch and if there are any that are ready for launch they are severly limited in graphics and in gameplay.

How can Sony launch in Spring when the Boomerange controller is still being called a prototype and is subject to change.

E3 is only 4 months away next week.

Anonymous said...

Sources are saying that it will not be that soon!

Later date.

Anonymous said...

Hey falafelkid,

wiedermal ein betrüger am werk!?

PS3 @March 16th?

gruß & mach weiter so!

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say that some critizism is not towards falafelkid, but is just that we do not agree with his point of view. thats the whole point of this blog speculation, so if is not a fact we are in all right to disagree and coment on that matter, this is not news. But many readers here just agree to fal's coments and feel hurt when other readers start a debate,we say that fal is wrong, and they say dont attack him.

stop kissing ass get your own thoughts toguether and star a debate...

thank you.

i will remain anonymous because either way i know some kiss ass is gonna say "dont attack falafelkid".

Anonymous said...



Hey, I only got Animal Crossing like a week ago but I’ve been playing it non stop since (great game!!!). Anyways, I know there are many secret/not-so-secret things hidden within the game, examples include one of my characters referring to an old friend who wore green and used to get objects from the sky using a boomerang (link), a red hat for sale in the tailors shop called big brothers hat and of course people referring to a beauty store called “nintendique”.

However it was only just recently, that I saw for sale in the tailors store and bought what was referred to as an HMD, it was clearly a Head Mounted Display and I instantly thought of the Virtual Boy… until I noticed some differences, slightly in design but mainly the fact that it was sporting a pearl white design extremely reminiscent of the Revolution’s pearl white design. I looked at it very carefully and thought could this be the extra secret Miyamoto was referring to? To work alongside the controller? It did look like it would go very well with the console and the controller so I thought maybe… what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...


I just want to share an information.

1. The official name may be "Nintendo RS".


2. RS can play past Sega games.




Anonymous said...

This is from the Feb 2006 issue of EGM, now this is from the rumor mill of course so take it for a grain of salt:

"Online Attraction

OK, I know last issue's entry concerning the Revolution's questionable graphics irritated quite a few rabid fanboys. Buck up, little campers---I'm about to turn those frowns upside down. The Q's hearing that several developers(including those in the PC community)who mostly make online games want to work on Nintendo's next-gen console.
Happy Now?"

Anonymous said...

I don't think that EB's filler copy for the PS3 is worth speculating about. The person who wrote this copy doesn't know anything you don't know about PS3's release date.

I'd like to quote an example from the same source: "Gamers will literally be able to dive into the realistic world seen in large screen movies and experience the excitement in real-time."

The person who wrote this copy is obviously clueless. My ass will still literally be sitting on my couch; any diving I might be doing will be purely figurative, not literal.

Clearly, this person cannot be trusted to use the correct word, or even simply omit incorrect words, so when they say, "SCEI to Launch PS3 at E3 in Spring 2006," it is no great leap of the imagination to presume that by "launch" they actually mean "show" or "present".

This conforms to our expectations and current knowledge, and remains the most likely scenario by an overwhelming margin.

Anonymous said...

From Gamefront.de:

"Überarbeitete Hardware im Frühjahr
- Die Famitsu schreibt in ihrer neuesten Ausgabe, dass im Frühjahr 2006 eine überarbeitete Hardware auf den Markt kommen soll. Es handelt sich nicht um eine Next Generation Konsole, das System wird in dem Artikel aber nicht weiter genannt.
Am wahrscheinlichsten wäre demnach ein Nintendo DS oder PSP im neuen Design oder sogar mit zusätzlichen, verbesserten Funktionen. Händlerberichte tendieren zu der Annahme, dass es sich um einen überarbeiteten Nintendo DS handelt."


"Revised hardware in the spring
- the Famitsu writes in its newest issue that in spring 2006 a revised hardware is supposed to come to the market. It does not concern a next generation console and the system gets no further mention in the article.
Most probably it is a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP with a new design or even with additional, improved functions. Dealer reports tend to suggest that it concerns a revised Nintendo DS."

...or maybe a sleeker Gamecube? Hmm...

bankai said...

to the ano. about the sleeker hardware
most definitely a DS, community is speculating a long time on a redesigned ds

Niwre said...


Is that the last secret?

ogo said...

off topic i know but thought this was quiet interesting:


worth a look

Stabby said...

what's the resolution of those 3D visors?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Stabby. I don´t know. But the Z800 really is nothing to ´wow´ gamers. Unless a headache makes you go ´wow´.

Anonymous said...

Omg.... Umm Falafelkid, you might wanna have a REAL good look at this, it's super important....


Nintendo interested in eMAGINE visors... If seriousgamer007 is right, I might just comit suicide. o.o

Anonymous said...

Nintendo hinting at a visor in Animal crossing: Wild World?


Anonymous said...

For people who don't feel the need to use that link:

A VR Revolution?
3D Visor hits CES. Nintendo shows interest.
by Mark Bozon

January 4, 2006 - Info begins to roll in from CES and while the show has only begun, interesting news is already breaking. A technologies company called eMagin has already shown off a sweet piece of hardware for gamers everywhere known as the Z800 3D Visor. The visor, which basically looks like a pair of sunglasses with a hint of Virtual Boy, can be used to watch a video signal in stereo much like Nintendo's previous VR system.

Technology like this has already hit arcades via the Beachhead franchise, and while this is still very new to the market (available since last July) Nintendo has already shown interest, purchasing numerous units directly from eMagin. Does this mean Revolution will be VR? Will Nintendo send us into the new age of gaming with full 3D worlds that can be explored by the turn of a head? That remains to be seen. While the specs do support most PC machines and could be used for console control in the future it is a long shot to assume Nintendo is integrating this into Revolution based on these facts alone. eMagine's own Bruce Ridley has hinted at console support, however, stating that the company is talking to all major console marketers about the headset.

More news as it develops.


Arsenis said...

well the Z800 is $900 as of now.

Anonymous said...

The PS3 will come out in May,Not March. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Found this on joystiq.com it says ps3 is set for a May 6th launch http://joystiq.com/2006/01/04/ps3-on-track-for-may-06-launch/

Stomped said...

Falafelkid, I read reviews about the Z800 and all said that the're was no headache or sickness problems. eMagin also said that they were developping a wireless one.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Falafelkid,

Von der seite betrachtet gäbe es doch logischerweise nur zwei Szenarien die plausibel wären.


Nintendo Revolution wird die erste Konsole darstellen, die es dem Spieler erlaubt sich zu einem gewissen Grad kreativ auszutoben, sprich Revolution wird voraussichtlich mit einer art extrem fortgeschrittenem(in die Konsole integriertem) MARIO PAINT ausgeliefert.Dieses Szenario würde den "prepare to let your right brain go wild" Statements von Reggi(nator)Fils-Aime und einem -von dir etwas anders interpretiertem- Patent meiner Meinung nach gerecht werden.Außerdem würde sich der Remote-Controller perfekt als Eingabegerät für so ein(komplexes) Programm eignen wenn mann es sich denn mal vor Augen führt.

Das andere Szenario sähe in meinen Augen folgendermaßen aus:

Bei Nintendo Revolution handelt es sich um die erste Konsole, die es ermöglicht vorgerenderte Hintergründe in real-time, in eine echte 3D Welt interaktiv einzubinden.Dadurch etsteht ein Vorteil gegenüber der Konkurrenz, mit dem man mit geringfügigem technischen Aufwand bewerkstelligt die selben Ergebnisse wie Ps3,Xbox180 zu erzielen und somit imstande ist erhebliche entwicklungs-kosten zu umgehen.Diese Vermutung beruht auf sich im Umlauf befindende bzw. von dir bahandelte Patente von Nintendo.

Was wäre deiner Meinung nach am plausibelsten ?

-The Infam.-Anon.-Light-Shed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... aber was ist logisch und plausibel an deinen "Szenarien"?!?
Für mich rein gar nichts...

pi said...

First time for revolution and it's price. some one say that thay aim to make it 200$ . Last time thay say that it's will under 300$ (So thay can't make it 200$ ... maybe 250$).

... But revolution "box" can even sale at 150$ or less.
Now where is 100$ more?

Stabby said...

I hope Nintendo takes the risk, it would be really cool to be fully surrounded by the game. It would make arcades useless.

daniel said...

Launch does not equal shipping, it may mean disclosing the shipping date though. :)

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. @Stomped: Well, I don´t want to downplay the Z800. But it is nothing I am terribly excited about. It takes a long time getting used to the picture and it did give me headaches, because the goggles did not fully prevent my eyes from seeing ´the real world´, so to speak. Also, pulling the visor down makes this horrible suqeaking noise in the hinge. It is nothing that I would imagine Nintendo would go for. Also I have had long and frank discussions with Joe Runde at Emagin and he assured me that there was no cooperation with Nintendo whatsoever. Nintendo buying a few visors is the best indication of that. If there was anything going ´ON´ here, they would not need to buy Emagin products and Emagin would not announce that they did. See?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're right (about eMagin), I didn't think about it like that before.