Monday, February 20, 2006

Reggie spills more beans

Nintendo may already be working on yet another DS incarnation, the Revolution´s final name may not be announced at E3 and Reggie claims he has never seen the ´Nintendo ON´ clip. That is a brief summary of Reginald Fils-Aime´s most recent interview, courtesy of the good people at Engadget. Nintendo of America´s executive vice president of sales and marketing started by talking about the DS Lite.
We will continue to make ongoing adjustments and tweaks to our product design, always with the eye of the consumer in mind.

Does that mean we could probably expect a third iteration of the DS about 18 months from now?

I wouldn’t say that that’s an unreasonable assumption. Look at how many times we’ve improved on the Game Boy Advance in terms of the look, the feel, screen changes, and everything else. We believe that type of constant innovation is critical to driving this industry, and certainly if you look at the world wide sales of Game Boy Advance, I don’t think anyone would disagree. (...)

Where is Nintendo right now with the development of the Revolution?

We have been sharing the controller mechanics with developers across the world. We have shipped over a thousand controller dev kits to developers so that they can begin getting experience with the controller mechanics. The response to the controller has been fantastic. Developers are truly embracing the innovation. They’re embracing the approach and quite frankly, they’re embracing our vision; our vision of creating games that are as sophisticated as the core gamer wants it to be but could also be as straightforward and as accessible as brand new gamers. (...)

You mean in terms of the competition and what they’re doing?

Exactly. They have gone down a path that is very expensive for consumers, very expensive for developers to create content against, and they're providing a level of horsepower technology that not many consumers want. We [believe] in providing to consumers and to developers an approach that is certainly high-tech and certainly powerful enough to create the most sophisticated games, but also has an approach that is open for developers to create whatever type of content they want. (...)

Has the release of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess been pushed back once again?

No, it has not. We have gone on record that we are launching it in 2006 on GameCube and that is still the plan.

I ask because some retailers are showing June 1, while others are showing May 15. Is that about when we should expect it?

No, we have not told retailers a specific launch date and we’ll be working with all of our key retailers and sharing that information shortly, getting pre-sales set up, and really driving the buzz and the interest in this title in the way our fans want it to be. We know -- and our fans know -- that Zelda certainly will be the biggest and best title ever for GameCube. And we will market it as such and we know the consumers won’t be disappointed.

Speaking of GameCube, if you play a GameCube game on the new Revolution console, will you be able to use the Revolution controller or will you have to use the older style of controller?

Well, all of the GameCube games will be compatible only with GameCube accessories, so whether it’s a WaveBird or whether it’s a wired controller, you’ll only be able to play those titles with those accessories. Essentially what we’re saying is that Revolution titles are the only ones that will leverage the new controller. (...)

Will we see some brand new franchises for the Revolution?

Yes we will.

Something that will be as big as a Nintendogs or a Zelda?

That is certainly the goal, but you’ll have to tell me when you see it at E3. We will be showing a lot of information about Revolution at E3. You know we’ve said publicly that this year’s E3 will be Revolution’s coming out party. Now, we’ve also been quite clear that there are innovations inherent in Revolution that we will be sharing ongoing. That it is simply not a one time event for us to share information about Revolution and all of its innovation. I have seen blog entries on your site and other sites that criticize us for that, but quite frankly, it’s just good business. In terms of letting the consumer know what’s involved and sharing that information all the way up until launch.

Is Revolution going to be the final name or is it still a code name?

It is still a code name.

Will you unveil the new name at E3?

Maybe. (...)

If you'll indulge me, I wanted to ask you something that I also asked Miyamoto when I sat down with him a few months ago, and that's about that Nintendo ON video that was circulating around E3 last year. It's the one where all the game play is done wearing a sort of virtual reality helmet. Have you seen it?

I have not seen that one.

You haven’t seen, but are you aware of it?

I am aware that it was done, but I have not seen it.

It sparked a lot of speculation and enthusiasm from the Nintendo community. Why do you [think] that something like this resonated so powerfully with your fan base? (...)

In terms of an innovation like a virtual reality helmet, I think that the industry, our fans – and even our competitors -- expect that type of innovation from us. They expect that we will be the ones pushing the industry and pushing the envelope with brand new ideas. And I think that’s another reason why that video resonated out in the marketplace. That’s my reaction.

So it wasn't passed around the office there?

I didn’t get a chance to see it but who’s to say if either Perrin [Kaplan] or some of my other executives didn’t get a chance to see it.
On a number of forums, Reggie claiming not to have seen the Nintendo ON clip caused some level of disbelief. There were rumours that he had offered its creator a job in an interview with Gamespot. I have not been able to find that interview, so it may turn out to have been only a rumour after all. But it still is weird for Reggie not to have seen that clip, especially since, in closing, he claimed to read Engadget and Joystiq on a regular basis.

Source: Engadget
Thanks to: FHussain


Drum Eagle said...

If memory serves right, Reggie REALLY said that the Creator of the Video should get in contact with Nintendo.
He said that in an Interview at the LAST YEARS E3. This Interview was streamed on the Gamespot Website and was officially called "A MAN CALLED REGGIE". If I am wrong, please correct me!
Grüße Andi.

910do said...

"...a laser focus ..." is it me or Reggie just hinted at that tiny laser projector PVPro from Light Blue Optics , wich can display resolutions up to 2048x1280 including SXGA and S-HDTV , and really affordable, if the Revo will have that, I think this will explain why the weird tilted stand, and the stand being a battery, YOU DON'T NEED A TV TO PLAY REVOLUTION !!! just speculating guys...just speculating,
seriously what do you think Falafelkid ????

drum eagle said...

check google and type in "man called reggie" and you will find some sites about that interview

YankeeHKM said...

I can't remember where, but I do remember Reggie saying that the Nintendo ON video was cool, and that the guy who made the video should try to contact Nintendo sometimes (jokingly).

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of GameCube, if you play a GameCube game on the new Revolution console, will you be able to use the Revolution controller or will you have to use the older style of controller?

Well, all of the GameCube games will be compatible only with GameCube accessories, so whether it’s a WaveBird or whether it’s a wired controller, you’ll only be able to play those titles with those accessories. Essentially what we’re saying is that Revolution titles are the only ones that will leverage the new controller. (...)"


so what about this?

they contradict each other. unless (previously made) gamecube games will not utilize the controller. but zelda tp will be a gamecube game, and there is talk of special functionality.

confused i am.


Anonymous said...

You know whats funny? I actually have the video of that gamespot interview where he admits seeing the Nintendo ON video and saying whoever created it should contact Nintendo.

Anonymous said...

So, if that's true, please publish it!

Anonymous said...

I would upload it but the file is 200 MB. Its a 16 minute live interview on Gamespot Live during E3.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. Please upload it to Rapidshare and post the download link. Thanks for your trouble in advance.

Falafelkid said...

You can upload files up to 100 MB, but there is no limit to how many files you can upload. So please use a split archive. Hope it´s not too much trouble. I´m dying to see that video again.

YankeeHKM said...

^^Why not just send it to Fala over a AIM/ Instant messanger. Probably faster and easier for you...

Realmy said...

Another version of the DS? Damnit. I've waited this long to buy one because I KNEW there would be a redesign. Now, if I buy the Lite, I'll be pissed when they release yet another one. >_<

Anonymous said...

Load it onto or

The I.A.L.S said...


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Falafelkid said...

IALS, come on. *sigh* Don´t be so Seriousgamer007.

Anonymous said...

Alright I managed to chop the video with ASFtools. It's an 11.4 MB file which aint too bad. Reggie and that guy didn't mention actually mention the name "Nintendo ON" but u can clearly tell they're talking about it.

YankeeHKM said...

^^link doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

Copy the whole entire line:


Falafelkid said...


910do said...

Hey fal', you didn't answer my question !!?, here it is again : what do you think of a PVPro like projector on the Revo ?

Darth Link said...

This may be Reggie's first slip. He's contradicting himself. We can only hope it was for an interesting reason.

Falafelkid said...

Hi DarthLink. Yeah, I just watched the clip - thanks to Anonymous! And it´s true. He clearly said he had watched it:

Presenter: "You saw it, I take it?"
Reggie: "I have seen it."

And in my mind, he wouldn´t have forgotten that clip in under a year. This is starting to become very suspicious.

Hi 910do. Sorry I overlooked your comment. Well, I am a firm believer in the Nintendo Revolution being the first portable home console, if that makes any sense. To me, it seems obvious that the console will not only work with a tv or monitor. Why else would it be so small? And perhaps this could be because there really is some kind of method that allows images to appear in 3D. Why else would they refuse to show graphics?

I realise that asking for 3D is a little much, but there are a number of concrete hints. The slanted stand is one (which was the subject of my very first post and the reason for my blog logo). I will leave that discussion until later, though. (I have stated this a number of times before, as well, if you are interested.)

I don´t believe in a standard projector, like the ones Light Blue Optics manufacture. They are impressive for their size. But they are still ordinary projectors and would not really be such a great advance over the console plugging into a tv. Instead of only in the living room, you could now play in the cellar or the attic as well, provided there was an even surface to project a picture onto. But what about the great outdoors? What about parks? What about buses, airplanes and the like? That is what I believe the Revolution should deliver.

I am also positive there won´t be ordinary projectors included, since I have a beamer and those things greatly depend on how much daylight is around you. I understand LBO use laser technology, but you will still need a projection surface and daylight will still impact upon the result.

In my mind, there will rather be some kind of stereoscopic projection, possibly onto some kind of headgear, visor or goggles. The company I would watch for that is POC, see this post for the story.

Realmy said...

If Nintendo is going for a "simplified" look and method to attract non-gamers, ie making the controller something very attractive to a non-gamers curiosity, don't you think a Visor - some weird thing that sits on top of you head - would muck that strategy up? Would a non-gamer want to fool around with some monstrosity strapped to his head and face?

YankeeHKM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
YankeeHKM said...

I agree with Realmy. I kinda find it hard to believe the visor side of things. I am also leaning more towards projections, simply because if this is a true portable console with the mention of the powersupply and all, it would mean that it would be in the realm of being "wireless." If we think about it, why would there be a powersupply and yet you would still need to play the game on a TV. Why would they have no wires necessary to go to the powerout and still have wires required to be plugged into televisions or monitors? Unless our whole idea of what that powersupply can really do is off, then assuming the possibility of the revolution being completely wireless should be something to think about.

YankeeHKM said...

BTW...what exatly is stereoscopic projection/ 3D? I've been hearing about it, but have no clue what its about... :(

draccip said...

i do believe that they will be showing us the next gameboy(portable gamecube) at e3 which will be the largest portable hit ever with the largest launch title database ever(cep maybe the nomad). remeber that the ds is not the replacement for the gb. remember the three pillar strategy.

this will essentially make zelda tp a huge seller, being system sellers for the new gb evolution, and the rev(you can bet it will have special functions on it), plus a huge seller for those that have just the cube.

this is a perfect way to win the holidays, and it's brilliant, if.... and thats a big IF they launch the portable cube

ya have to admit that the gba platform is dated and is due for a revamp.

seriously... imagine a game playable on 3 systems. it would be huge.....

Johnny B said...

That is bizarre. I find it unlikely that Reggie forgot about the ON video, but at the moment it seems like the most logical explanation. Perhaps its become company policy not to comment on the ON video so as not to raise expectations too high. Of course, they can't say "no comment", it would drive ON chasers crazy. Don't forget that Miyamoto also claims to have not seen the ON video. Either way, this just makes the ON video more mysterious.

Anonymous said...


'stereoscopic projection, possibly onto some kind of headgear, visor or goggles'

Come on, don't be so seriousgamer007 :)

We've gone down this road before.


runnin_blue said...

Hi Falafelkid,

please check your email when you get a chance.

Realmy said...

Now that the DS exists, I see no reason for the Gameboy line to continue. The DS can do anything a gameboy can do, plus more. They should be focusing on the successor to the DS, not a revamp, not a gameboy.

That is... Unless they are going to turn the single-screened gameboy line into something more like the PSP... with a bigger screen... and more raw power... still with no touch screen or dual screens...

Realmy said...

On a side note to my last post (sorry for the double post, my mind wanders):

I have my doubts about this "3 pillar" strategy. Lets assume they do to the Gameboy line what I have suggested in my previous post. That would mean that in the future it would encourage Nintendo consumers to buy three entirely different platforms to serve three entirely different purposes. That's alot of money, and alot of products to be continuously supporting. Would most consumers be so willing to back three different platforms? We are a society that loves the idea of streamline functions, of multi-purpose, rolled into one package. We hate the idea of having multiple gadgets lying around if and when it is at all possibly avoidable. Wouldn't the three pillar strategy eventually fall out from under its own weight?

Kevin said...

Yes Reggie did say that. It was on one of the videos that GameSpot had. Not one to download but one just to stream. He said he had seen it and that Pablo should come work for him. I did an interview with Pablo and Pablo talked about how much he wants to work for Nintendo and how much he is trying. So why would Reggie lie about it? Something's amidst...

YankeeHKM said...

Fala...maybe you should update the article with a "yah, he said he watched and, quite frankly, the Regginator lied." lol... frankly.

trip1eX said...

Yeah no 3d and no visors or glasses. No projectors. Don't get your hopes up.

Everything else we know about the REv and Nintendo's philosphy say none of this will be true.

The Rev is tiny, cheap and the big N wants non-gamers as well as the normal demographic.

Morton-jn said...

If Nintendo do decide to release a new iteration of the GameBoy it won't be until '08 or '09 and it WON'T be a PSP copy. I also think that the name GameBoy is not coming back.

13 year old said...

why does everyone on the net lies to me....

Arsenis said...

Hey Fal... Do you think, with that in hand you could score a Interview with reggie, then you ask the question with the clip, just to see what reggie would say..... it would be one of the best exclusives.

Kevin said...

This is how I see it. Reggie said he saw the video at E3 and even said Pablo should come work for Nintendo. Fast foward until now. Reggie has said that he has not seen the video. Yet he is aware of it's existance... if he is aware of it being out there then he should obviously remember seeing it. How can you say you saw something and then later say that you have not but that you have heard of it?

Anonymous said...

I do think there are a lot of awfully strange features to the revolution that haven't been unveiled but I don't believe in the portable projection bit. BUT assuming you did want to go that way I did find a bit of info to support that. If you look at the upcoming e3 workshop/speaker sessions there is one called:

"The wireless revolution: Where to seize opportunity in the new mobile game marketplace "

Eh, wireless revolution... coincidence surely, let us read what this conference is described as:

"The stage is being set for massive change in mobile communications and entertainment. Upcoming technologies are disrupting current business models and creating entirely new ones in their place. Already, mobile operators are aggressively pursuing services and channels, including games, designed to boost data spending. In addition to cellular initiatives, steps are being taken to develop Wi-Fi connectivity at the metropolitan level and to ready mobile WiMAX deployment for 2007. Amid this dynamic, where does your business model fit in? Panelists from the carrier and developer camps will discuss how mobile games and the user experience will change over the next one to five years and what business models are likely to thrive as mobile games advance. Why are event-billing and publisher-branded distribution like i-mode popular in Europe and Japan and not in the US? How can the industry use the opportunity to upsell a non-core audience a full console or PC title by providing a mobile version of that game? What new gameplay possibilities will come with more pervasive Wi-Fi and WiMAX coverage? And in what ways will ad hoc wireless connectivity change the way mobile games are designed, sold, and played?"

Wi-fi? Disruptive business models? Non-core gamer target? Wifi hotspots? What the heck is a "full console?" Is there such thing as a half console?

Unfortunately there is no speaker listen so I can't tell if this is a Nintendo hosted workshop or not but it's definitely suspicious. Either Nintendo's language has infiltrated the gaming community to the point of business jargon saturation or this might be a clue to the revolution.

Anyhoo, it'd be interesting to see someone with some real journalism under his/her belt tackle this bit.

Anonymous said...

Also, let me give you a brief explanation of i-mode I stole off of another website:

"imode is NTT DoCoMo's mobile internet access system. "imode" is also a trademark and/or service mark owned by NTT DoCoMo. The "i" in "imode" stands for information, internet, etc. (according to one of i-Modes inventors, Ms Matsunaga. i-Mode is also a whole multi-billion Dollar eco-system, and its part of Japans social and economic infrastructure. About 30% of Japans population use i-mode about 10 times or more often per day, sending about 10 email per person per day, booking train tickets, checking the weather or doing other daily routines via i-mode. Most businesses and individuals in Japan are affected in one way or another by i-mode. i-mode also forced the competitors to introduce similar mobile internet systems: KDDI/AU introduced EZweb, and J-Phone introduced Jsky, which was acquired by Vodafone, which renamed Jsky to Vodafone Live! Vodafone Live! (then Jsky) was developed a few months after i-mode as a competitive reaction to i-mode. "

Just another reason to believe that it would take a japanese speaker to talk on this subject with authority on the issue. Another reason to believe it's a Nintendo workshop.

Anonymous said...

Oh and final point:

It is mainly used on cell phones but there is currently an announced psp i-mode adaptation on the way as well as a rumoured i-mode for the ds. Ok last post for me tonight on the subject. Sorry for boring everyone to death >:)

Anonymous said...

Ok I guess I lied, I'll give you one more thing you can choose to investigate or not to investigate:

Jason Dunn and David Hartktop

a. Both of these names turn up on ati forums.
b. Jason Dunn directs visual effects for movies and music videos. David Hartktop always partners with him for 3d animation on these projects.
c. 2 months ago, they took out a patent for stereoscopic screen that can be retrofitted onto a television or onto a computer monitor.
d. Examine the dongle on the diagram. Does the portshape look familiar?

Anyhoo could just be more coincidences. I don't believe in the stereoscopic thing myself. I just pulled their names out of a hat when searching for info on the Hollywood chip at an ati forum.

But if you do want to have fun and enjoy good coincidences. Go to the us patent office and search published patents(not yet issued) and search ati. Refine that search with hollywood. Click the link at the top. It's the one I provided. To have even more fun, try and find the word hollywood in text for the patent. It's not there. How's that for a "what the hell, why did it send me here?" >:) okie dokie, bed time

Anonymous said...

Argh, I just can't get to sleep tonight! Anyway if you find these posts to be clutter feel free to delete them.

I've been following the revolution for a long time myself but I don't bother blogging or have any official affiliation or anything. I was the person who found the displacement bump mapping patent as well as a couple of other things. Anyways, people blew that way out of proportion, both the ps3 and the 360 have that technilogical capability. Anyway to continue on about that stereoscopic retrofitting screen I posted about:

If you read on in the patent you get this:

"In the example provided, the retrofit is adapted to work with any standard computer system to enable users to view computer games or other real-time 3D content in stereoscopic 3D. This is accomplished by means of a liquid crystal parallax barrier window, aperture plate or shutter plate 250 that is placed in front of a standard flat-screen display 246 and associated drivers, interfaces discussed below. The display screen 246 can be, for example, a CRT, a plasma screen, or a suitably fast LCD. The display screen 246 must be capable of achieving a continuous 100 to 120 Hz refresh rate and can be controlled by any video or graphics card 244 that is capable of supporting stereoscopic rendering for LCD shutter devices. For example, NVidia produces a card with native support for stereoscopic rendering in their GeForce, Quattro2, and TNT/Vanta GPUs (graphics processing units). Those of ordinary skill will recognize that many other third-party stereo drivers exist for other brands of cards such as, for example, ATI and Matrox. Should an LCD be the chosen display type, an additional consideration is the matching of the polarization of the LCD to that of the liquid crystal shutter plate. Since an LCD emits only polarized light, a mismatch in polarization will result in undesirable dimness or artifacts during operation with any retrofitted liquid crystal shutter. "

and this:

"0248] According to one preferred embodiment, the shutter plate 250 will ideally be framed in a way that makes it aesthetically appropriate for the users and content being displayed. For example: for gaming applications, the frame 260 of the shutter plate 250 will be made with the appearance of "organic" or highly stylized "high-tech" surface detail, and will have appropriate coloration such that it compliments fantasy/science-fiction themed video games. "

So they have tested this technology with games on a video card made with stereoscopic display drivers. ATI just happening to be one of the companies name dropped. And it works with rear projection tvs as well as lcd and tube televisions.

Furthermore this technology is visible to anyone in the room in a wideneing arc. Meaning that if you had 7 people in the rooma dn they all sat back far enough tehy could all see it and still have room between each person.

Anonymous said...

Contacts for pestering... er investigation:

Goodluck finding out what the heck holscan does :P

Anonymous said...

The also have

Anonymous said...

I'm already spamming you to death so I might as well continue:

Next patent:

Hmm japanese guy with no connections at all to the previous retrofitting patent person. Two different Companies, two different patents. But here is where it gets really fun :)

When you go to the diagram drawings, they are using the exact same diagram images. And I don't mean the schematics look the same, I mean the exact same art. This leads me to believe both companies have been outsourced by the same mother company for the invention and implementation of these devices.

Ok, if I get the urget to post again today I'll cut my own hands off.

Falafelkid said...

Hi D-Bone.

'stereoscopic projection, possibly onto some kind of headgear, visor or goggles'

Come on, don't be so seriousgamer007 :)

We've gone down this road before.

*lol* I take it you meant that purely ironical. There are some very good reasons to believe that the Revolution will not only plug into a television or monitor, but somehow generate pictures by itself. You should know that. Read my latest post for a reminder.

Hi Arsenis, hi Kevin. I have already contacted Nintendo and will be trying to get a brief email interview with Reggie or someone else as an exclusive for the upcoming anniversary of my blog (coming up to visitor number 500.000).

Rawkser said...

All he says is he saw a "fan video", noone even mentions the ON. He could be talking aboout a completely different video for all we (be "we" I mean "I") know.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Rawkser. You are right. ON is never mentioned explicitly. But seriously: what else would they be talking about?

Listen to them: "I was excited", "crazy video", "amazingly talented" ... there is only the ON and only the ON kicked up a big enough fuss for Gamespot to want to discuss it with Reggie. No way are they talking about anything else.

Rawkser said...

"Listen to them: "I was excited", "crazy video", "amazingly talented" ... there is only the ON and only the ON kicked up a big enough fuss for Gamespot to want to discuss it with Reggie. No way are they talking about anything else."

The first two were from the interviewer, who was obviously talking about ON. "Amazingly talented" could be a lot of other videos, just because the weren't other videos that became as famous as ON, doesn't mean there weren't other videos made by really talented people. Those videos could be what Reggie was talking about.

Rawkser said...

Oh, and by the way, RtR just had another update, incase you wanna go tare it to shreds or something. ;)

Anonymous said...

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