Monday, February 20, 2006

Sony to partner with Microsoft?

It seems impossible, yet there is no mistaking: A senior Sony Computer Entertainment official has hinted at the possibility of cooperating with Microsoft in the field of game development, TVG reports.
Sony Computer Entertainment Asia's Managing Director, Tetsuhiko Yasuda, made the suggestion that the Playstation3 will not see a worldwide release and that Sony doesn't see Microsoft as a rival.

Speaking to reporters, Yasuda said "Sony has not finalized the specific time frame for the PS3 launch, as well as pricing," adding "the Company aims to launch the PS3 at the same time throughout Asia. However, not all the regions in the global market will see the same launch day, as the Internet infrastructures differ in each individual market."

"Sony does not regard Xbox as a competitor. Rather, the company may even consider working with Microsoft to develop games together," Yasuda is also reported to have noted.
There is some level of cooperation between the otherwise fierce competitors already, yet not regarding the console market. There were reports of them joining forces in the field of digital music. Also, the Xbox360 famously connects to the PSP as well as the iPod.

A cooperation between their console businesses is, of course, still highly unlikely. It is no longer unthinkable, though, as Sony has proven.

Source: TVG
Thanks to: Oniganon


Anonymous said...

Sony has no Soul.

YankeeHKM said...

Ahhh...the Old School Revolution Video is comming to life... lmao.

YankeeHKM said...

::OFF TOPIC::There an old, but very good and loooong article by a guy named Varian titles Denial - The Games Industry is lying to itself... and to gamers. I don't know how many of you have read it, but it's an awesome read. I think everyone who cares about video gaming should take a look at it. I can certainly post it, if not you guys can go to the Zogdog forums or Revolution Report forums and search for it. ::OFF TOPIC::

910do said...

Reggie said " ...The Revolution will surpass all the hype", that said , I beleive that M$ and $ony will be partners , why !!? you might ask, because Nintendo will be the market leader and by a big margin, just like in the 80s, M$ and $ony will try to copy whathever Revolutionnary innovative gameplay that Nintendo invented "again" on Revo, but will fail miserably , they will be partners for a while, M$ will give up first because they can't affors it anymore "even software dept will be nomore profitable because of some new innovative sofware company" , sony will keep going for a few years until they turn to software only for the Revo II, and sega will be back to the hardware market again and also a korean company will make its first steps into the market.
that's a glimpse of the future, a future that will start on november 2006.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Yankeehkm. Interesting stuff, though it´s a very long read. You can find both parts over at Revolution Lifestyle, about halfway down the page.

runnin_blue said...

Highly unlikely. Actually they will never work together in my opinion because both companies are about owning the industry.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Runnin_Blue. Yeah, I agree. Such a cooperation is highly unlikely, especially considering the mooted level of cooperation between Japanese and American businesses in general. But, for the love of Peter Molyneux, why would a senior Sony exec say that?

Anonymous said...

My dear Klind. Why are you so upset? I am sure every reader of this blog would like to know if these guys are who they claim to be. After all, this is the main reason for coming here.

And if I read claims that, from my own experience in the industry, show these guys up as complete fakers, then I should post it here, first of all. Because Inc and Rebus are lying to their readers and the readers have a right to know. It´s as simple as that. And that is exactly what a comments section like this one is for.

If you prefer to believe them to be real after all, I suggest you close your eyes and place both hands firmly over your ears. I cannot imagine why you so much want them to be real, though. You know next to nothing about this game that allows for a proper qualitative judgement.

Considering that, there should be no more reason for you to be angry at me.

Its getting annoying Falafelkid.
You are starting to act childish I'm afraid.It's just redundant.Everybody with half a brain knows Incbus is fake so just let it be.Time will tell.
Its like you really want them to feel that they are fake want expose them to such a degree that they out themselves.Take it with humour like the guys over at eurogamer or spong.Why are you so austere?Take it easy.Its starting to get boring.You used to come up with exclusives.But nowadays I just see you rephrasing other sites.Where is the creativity?Why do you spend your time and energy exulpating your actions and insulting people who contribute to this blog within reason.Meanwhile I have to say I visit your blog mainly more for the comment section cause people post interesting stuff there...

Monsterbeard said...

I think the Sony Exec said it as a dig and as part of their hype machine. Basically saying that the Xbox 360 is so beneath the PS3 that there is no competition, and then suggesting that after Microsoft leaves the console market that Sony would be willing to let Microsoft develop for them. If you ever want to downgrade someone, you give them a compliment that makes them look weaker.

Keep up the good work FalafelKid

Falafelkid said...

Hi Mirrorofmind. Since you posted your comments on both blogs, I will answer on both, as well.

You used to come up with exclusives.But nowadays I just see you rephrasing other sites.Where is the creativity?

While this isn´t the type of exclusive I would advertise my blog with, it is one nevertheless. This is my story. Where did I rephrase other people´s stuff? And if you too believe that these guys are fake, then you should be welcoming more facts which support that claim. I just really don´t understand your comments at all.

Anonymous said...

so what is it that you don't understand?
I think I have made my self clear.
What I meant was that you repost stuff and don't come up with your own stories and speculation like you used to!
Perhaps it was due to my expactations being too high..
I don't know take it as you want I'm just kind of let down cause you used to come up with very good info..

YankeeHKM said...

...aye Anonymous. Number 1 - get a blog name so you can really become apart of the community. Number 2, would you rather the guy make up some BS story, especially if there is hardly any speculation? I mean really, if you want to find some articles that are creative but hold no ground go visit Osucko or SG007. Journalism isn't just about writing what people want hear or would love to hear. There has to be some ethics to it.

Anonymous said...

Thats wrong yankee I disagree it is possible to speculate within reason.And thats exactly what fal used to do or what is approach was when he started.Disclaiming my argument only shows you up as someone who wasnt there from day one like me..
So tell me any wannabe fairy tails about BS speculation.
What you say is not worth a straw really.Whats really the case is that rightnow its quite redundant whats happening on this blog its second or third hand info.Thats the point..

YankeeHKM said...

Anon, the fact of the matter is that there is hardly any Revo speculation left to discuss. If there are any new patents, or any new tidbits of info I'm sure people would discuss and perhaps fala might get to it first. And um, being here since day one would quilify as what? I've been visiting this site daily for quite some time now. But, please don't try to denounce this guy an uncreative. If it is so easy to forumlate speculative aticles within reason that have not yet been covered why don't you give it a shot? And the real point here is that you really do not have any grasp of journalism. If you can be such a harsh critic of creativity, then I am sure you can come up with some nice peices yourself. And by the way, get a blog name.

Falafelkid said...

What I meant was that you repost stuff and don't come up with your own stories and speculation like you used to!

Your criticism originally referred to my post about Inc and Rebus - and that was 100% original. So at first you are complaining about my original posts and then I don´t post enough of it... I don´t think you really know what you want.

I also don´t have to hide behind anyone when it comes to originality, I believe. I was the first to interview Pablo Belmonte, I made Seriousgamer007 close his old blog, I debunked Sunder. I don´t want to beat my own drum here, but I think that´s a fair share.

And I also totally agree with YankeeHKM. Journalism is not about trying to appease your audience. It´s about having your own standards and applying them consistently to everything you do.

So the goal is not to guarantee one completely original post a day, but to give the readers a feeling that I will go out of my way to actually call people and verify rumours when needed.

And, lastly, you make me seem like someone who copies and pastes. You will notice that I have the funny habit of commenting on news stories I read somewhere else.

Grandmaster B said...

Too much bickering. How about you all just zip it. I'm trying to find info to read & opinions and all I read is arguing & bickering etc.

Just report Fal and dont bother replying to these guys. It is just a waste of your time.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Grandmaster. Good point, not every comment warrants a response. I will take that into account more often.

Fedboy said...

This makes lots of sence to me, you know I read that microsoft is making 150 dollar lose a console and sony their PS3 will cost up to almost 900 dollars . It seems fairly unlikely that the PS3 will launch at such a high price. I guess they will make about the same loss per console. With that kind a money their is hardly any profit to make, and although Sony and MS are very rich this competition is getting very threatening (The whole idea of a corperation is usualy to make profit) so a collaberation between sony and microsoft would not only loosen the competition, also it would make one heck of a team?
Imagine microsofts onlinepart, sonys cool Image (sorry but I don't believe they offer much's unique) and the Playstations game catalogue + Halo?

Anonymous said...

So SONY just want halo and RARE then? And perhaps some connectivity to Windows as PS3 is supposed to connect to Linux I think, which last i checked wasnt market leader.

Anonymous said...

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