Thursday, February 16, 2006

News round-up

I was away for a few days and unable to post updates. I have been checking news sites, though, and here is just a brief round-up of some important news.

Taipei Game Show brings no news about the PlayStation3. The console was not playable, old trailers were shown and I was totally wrong predicting that would be so.

Source: TVG

PlayStation3 will launch in the US by September 2006.

Source: Next Generation
Thanks to: TVG

PlayStation3 will launch in Europe no earlier than March 2007.

Source: SPOnG

PlayStation3 will have an optional hard drive.

Source: TVG

Concerning the PSP, a number of movie studios have downsized their UMD disc output, including Sony Pictures.

Source: Variety
Thanks to: Slashdot Games

Sony Computer Entertainment´s Phil Harrison is penciled in as the last keynote speaker at the Game Developers Conference.

Source: Gamasutra

The DS (and possibly the Revolution) will run a dedicated version of the popular Opera browser.

Source: N-Sider

The DS will feature a digital TV tuner and antenna that will turn the DS into a mobile television.

Source: Ars Technica

A patent revealed a mysterious slot at the back of the Revolution console.

Source: IGN
Thanks to: Connect Revolution

That´s right. Plenty of Sony news, less on Nintendo. Mainly good news for Nintendo, though.


Anonymous said...

The prevailing theory on the mystery slot is that it is what the sensor for the rev remote will plug into.

Falafelkid said...

Ah! Interesting. I hadn´t thought of that.

The I.A.L.S said...

I have to say, that after thinking about it thoroughly for a long time I'm at a point,where I am inclined to doubt that a so called 3rd revolutionary aspect or feature for Revolution exists.To make my point clear,let me first tell you that there are quite a few reasons why I took this view.
First and foremost,what really comes to mind for instance are all the statements Reggienator Fils-Aime launched out about what makes the Revolution so unique.In every interview he conducted so far,he underlined that the controller would make all the difference and nothing else.If there really was something as magnificent as the controller waiting to be revealed, why didn't he tease with the sort of cryptic comments we have come to expect and they hyped us with prior to when the controller was shown in the time frame E3 to TGS?That doesn't add up.

I presume what Miyamoto was talking about when he insisted that another secret is left to be disclosed,was something that was related to the controller,like built in voice-recognition for example.This makes sense,since its already integrated in the bongos that are neccessary to expirience Donkey Konga or Jungle Beat.It's nothing too big.

Besides, does anybody remember Ign Nintendo Minute Vol.20,where Matt asked George Harrison, senior vice president, marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo of America if Nintendo had revealed everything there is to know about Revolution?

Well,here is the awnser:

"No, we have not entirely pulled back the curtain on Revolution just yet. There are lots of exciting details about its capabilities and the unique gameplay you'll experience on it that we're keeping under wraps -- for now. We know you're very anxious to learn the full potential of the system, and soon we'll be able to share more with you!

Keeping some Revolution cards close to our chest is a strategic decision on Nintendo's part. Every Nintendo console launch in the past has been shrouded in some level of secrecy due to Nintendo's desire to innovate and provide new gaming features and technology. With Revolution, this could be the most innovative product Nintendo has ever created in the history of the company. So even though we've already shown you the basics on Revolution, you can be sure that there are still a few more surprises we're holding for a later date.

When? You'll slowly begin to know more as we enter 2006 and as the year unfolds, and especially at E3, you'll be immersed in Revolution news.

We'll be eager to hear what you have to say and think you'll be pleased with what's in store around the corner!"

What I found quite odd or suspect about his awnser was that he didn't seem to have the notion of one big additional secret waiting to be revealed,although thats clearly what Matt was getting at since rumours of this being the case are omnipresent.Instead,he refferd to lots of exciting details they are holding underwraps.I have a question for you:If there really was one big secret why didn't he hint at it someway somehow like Nintendo kept on doing with the controller, since it wouldn't hurt and contrariwise built up hype ?Maybe because there really isn't a 3rd revolutionary aspect?In my opinion everything indicates that there's no such thing.

Falafelkid, I'm very curious to know how you would access the situation!?

- The I.A.L.S

Jose said...

we still wonder why you disapear when nintendo makes important announcements :P

Falafelkid said...

Hi Coleco. Ever notice that when I drink something, Iwata never speaks at the same time?

Falafelkid said...

Oh, and Light Shedder. I read your post already and said I would reply next week. I´m still quite busy with other things now. So please be patient and don´t double-post. I´ve read your comments already - good ones, I should add.

Shoxware Games said...

Now why should the Revmote Sensor be on the Back of the Console?? I heard that you can place them wireless in the left and right of your television.

Anonymous said...

march 2007 in Europe ? is this official ??

shti de la belle province.

The I.A.L.S said...

Eh yes sorry,somehow I only noticed it afterwards..

Anonymous said...

Also Falfelkid, the new UK Nintendo mag had a picture of the revolution and its cradle and the caption of the photo said that the cradle was a charger.

Anonymous said...

falafelkid is gay.

Thunder Emperor said...

some nice rev news Fal, can you translate, i know it talks about the rev uses a g5 ppc 970 processor

Wir von hatten die Möglichkeit mit einer Nintendo nahen Entwicklerquelle über den Nintendo DS Browser und über den Nintendo Revolution zu sprechen. Dabei haben wir interessante Informationen erhalten und wollen euch diese nicht vorenthalten. Aus Gründen der Diskretion müssen wird die Quelle anonym halten, aber euch sei versichert, dass sie sehr glaubwürdig ist.

Zum Nintendo DS Browser:

- Der angekündigte Web-Browser des DS trägt den Namen „Nintendo DS Browser“ und wird von Nintendo selbst vertrieben, basiert aber auf Opera und deren Entwicklung.

- Dabei gibt es die Möglichkeit zwischen einem „Small-Mode“ und dem „DS-Mode“. Im DS-Mode bekommt man eine Übersicht auf dem Touchscreen und den Schreibkopf im oberen Screen des DS. Auf dem unteren Display ist eine virtuelle Tastatur zu finden, mit der man die Texte eingeben kann.

Zum Nintendo Revolution:

- Der Controller des Nintendo Revolution funktioniert auch auf dem Gamecube, zumindest der des Development-Kits.

- Das Development Kit des Revolution ist einem Gamecube sehr ähnlich und hat ähnliche Ein- und Ausgänge und ist ein Indiz dafür, dass die finale Hardware nicht ganz so stark sein wird wie erwartet.

- Die Unreal Engine 3 ist auf dem Revolution möglich, hängt allerdings davon ab inwiefern sie herunterskaliert wird.

- Nintendo könnte für die downloadbaren Spiele ebenfalls einen Opera-Browser anbieten.

- Der Controller für den Revolution ist fertiggestellt und funktioniert auch, allerdings hat er einen seriellen Port. Dies gilt allerdings nur für die Entwicklerversion des Controllers.

- Der Revolution-Controller funktioniert tatsächlich wie eine 3D-Maus, da charakteristische Maus-Gesten möglich sind und vor allem Schwert-Bewegungen gehen gut von der Hand.

- Nintendo verwendet einen „low Power“ G5-Prozessor (PPC 970), der stromsparend agiert.

- Der Revolution ist dicker als ein Powerbook von Apple und auch tiefer, aber das Revolution-System ist nicht so breit, sondern kaum größer als das CD-Slot des Powerbooks.

- DVD-Fime lassen sich standardmäßig nicht abspielen. Man benötigt ein Dongle um die DVD-Movie-Funktion zu aktivieren. Zwar kann das Laufwerk DVDs abspielen, benötigt aber ein zusätzliches Dongle. So zahlt Nintendo keine Gebühren für die Mpeg 2-Lizenz.

- Nintendo hat die DVD-Funktion so konzipiert um den Kunden die Wahl zu lassen ob sie DVDs sehen wollen und auch um Kosten zu sparen.

nomadx469 said...

here is a link to a google translation, Thunder Emperor

Anonymous said...

The mystery slot is a simple digital optical cable slot. If you are to look at one on the back of any av receiver you will likely agree. The two have the exact same shape with the top corner cut off at a diagonal. Another point is look at its location it is right by the video out on the back and they are usually located next to each other on any eloctronic device.

Raphael said...

Matt has interviewed Reggie:

*hype* *hype* *hype* *hype*

E3 WILL ROCK!!! ;-)

Nomadx469 said...

Hey Falafel, what are your two cents on this post over at gamespot.

Anonymous said...

What if the slot at the back is just for the internal DVD add-on?

The I.A.L.S said...

Been doing some research lately..
Here is what I found at the trademark office :(Note:Just put the pieces together it's not possible to post the whole thing it should work..)











Date of patent: 6.Dezember 2005

A DVD-rom stores a plurality of shadow volume data corresponing to respective attitudes of an object which casts a shadow.A cpu sets a shadow volume corresponding to the attitude of the object by performing interpolation based on the shadow volume data as nessecary.Based on the thus set shadow volume,a GPU determines a shadow region using a stencil buffer.Based on the determined results,the GPU updates luminance information of each pixel stored in a color buffer.According to this configuration,when a game uses the shadow volume to draw a shadow,it is possible to reduce the proccessing load caused by setting the shadow volume while drawing a more realistic shadow corresponding to the attitude of the object which casts the shadow.


Raphael said...

Check this out:

If your german isn`t that fantastic,
watch (or "hear") the video! ;-)

Raphael said...


here`s the link:

Sule said...

didn't they say that you would be able to play the revolution on a Computer monitor? Could that hole be for that purpose?

Anonymous said...

No, they should be able to use regularf I/O cables for that and another hole wouldnt be needed. It might be for the motion sensors, or for charging or something.

Blizz419 said...

thunder emperor that had nothing to do with a processcor at all, look at nomads translation link

Blizz419 said...

and i say that "secret port" is definatly for the sensor bars, i highly doubt they are wireless

Sule said...

About the second ventilator on the Revolution. In Nintendo's official magazine it says that the stand will function as a powersuply. Now if that is true (it's the official magazine) then the second ventilator could cool it through a hole in the stand. what do you think?

Anonymous said...


you MUST read this.

Raphael said...

That`s what we`re already talking about. ;-)

Blizz419 said...

i'm sorry this speculation i think is starting to get outta hand, i really dont think we are going to see anytype of projection on the Rev.

Arsenis said...

That is probably an expansion port, all nintendo consoles have'em just in case they decide to create any kind of add-on,plus on the front they also have a little square piece that might be a sensor, a port who knows only nintendo.

And the so called insiders... lol.

Blizz419 said...

the sensor bars go on or near the TV, not in the system itself, and i think it is highly unlikely that they will be wireless therefore the most logical explanation for that port is for the sensor bars, why is it so common that people think that is not the case i do not understand it seems obvious to me.

Arsenis said...

i know that those for the revmote you will place 'em on the tv but that could be another censor or expansion...

Blizz419 said...

i thnk theres a 99.8% chance that the "mystery port" is for the sensor bars for the Revmote it makes the most sense

Arsenis said...

ok fine you win Blizz...

Blizz419 said...

lol, well they gotta plug in somewere and it would be unattractive if they plugged into the front

SG007 would say said...

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nevermind I like you actually..

Blizz419 said...

um ok somebody has some issues, and even through an uncle howie quote in there, could that be you light shedder? and also note its not bliss its blizz so i dont see how my blizz could be ignorence lol

babble said...

I'm with Blizz on the un-identified port on back, it should be for the revmote sensors.

But what about the flip-panel on the front, under the DVD slot? Some are talking about a projector of some sort... Anyone as other ideas?

It must be something important, if not Nintendo would not have left that 'movable' part there.

The I.A.L.S said...

Hi Blizz,
No,that wasn't me but it's clear that some retard likes to bite Non Phixion lol..
He obviously saw your picture and tried to be cool by immitating them lol.
Please go and play elsewhere kiddies..

Blizz419 said...

Babble i'm not sure if its offically been stated but i am willing to bet that under that flap is the 2 SD card slots. i highly doubt we will see any type of projection with the Rev.

SNES Link said...

Yeah, i had always assumed that the SD card slot(s) were in there. Damn you Nintendo, always so secretive. Is it the mystery that makes you so alluring?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how James Wang (The Founder of Wang Film witch is in Taiwan) can stand The PS3 when he's a Revolution Man. ' _ '

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw on IGN that that is where the SD slots were. But why would the slots have to be protected?


Arsenis said...

You wouldn't want any dust in there, would you?

SNES Link said...

They are protected, because Nintendo has this thing set up as a sexy beast.

Morton-jn said...

For anyone who reads my blog I have closed it for personal reasons and work requirements. I won't bore people who don't care with why or say goodbye or what ever but anyone who used to read it, does read it or people who like to look through old blogs then it's
It was an editorial blog more than a news blog so it won't ever be out of date really. Thanks

Arsenis said...

@snes link

it is a sexy beast, small, skinny, just like i like'em, unlike the other ladies(ps3,x360) which are a little obese, over weight you know, a little too big for me...

but then there's that night when you get really drunk and you cheat on Rev,
and you take one of those fatties Home.

nz guy said...

the cradle caption says power supply not charger

pi said...

About that mystery slot ...
Remember some picture that you show us ?

By close look to it ... this slot just add after it's finish (so those slot might not for the sensor and it's just make ... I think)

Anonymous said...

I ran into this :

Sega seems to be preparing a gun attachment for the controller.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's for the DC.

Sule said...

Fake or real? But it's sure the Revolution will fit perfectly in your room and look very good at the same time.

Sule said...

Famicomman said...

I think the main point that comes out of all of this is that all the ports on the back and side of the Revolution for power, video, "classic" controllers, memory cards (and possibly audio) are the same as the Gamecube. I see Nintendo smacking everyone in the face on launch by releasing their "core" system which is simply the console, 1 new controller and its stand, nothing else. So a Gamecube owner already has all the leads and cards necessary to play it fully. Also don't forget Nintendos links with Panasonic, that old GCN memory card with the SD adapter may be useable on it too...

anonymous said...

that's a pretty sweet Photoshop, sule. Can't wait to see one of those in my room.

schleif11 said...

Heres a little interesting theory someone came up with. Makes sense with the new info on the revolution stand.

Also check out page 18:

Mr. Miyamoto said...

I have a more in-depth analysis of the Revolution patents here:


YankeeHKM said...

Well just to keep the readers here informed: Reggie said on a Spike TV interview that Zelda TP will be comming out in the fall....ugh..more waiting...

Anonymous said...

If Nintendo wants to be able to add dvd playback to the Revolution then it is going to need to have a digital audio connection so that you will be able to hear dolby digital or dts sound and just looking at the shape of the plug-in on the back panel it is most likely just a digital optical cable slot as there are not any digital coaxial cable plug-ins on the back of the unit.

Sule said...

Again check

and for PS3 controler

Shoxware Games said...

I bet the Revmote-Sensors are wireless. Blizz imagine that cable-salad... noo,noo that would be way too uncomfortable! seriously

Anonymous said...

shoxware- What?

schleif11 said...

A interesting Revolutionary theory post from gamespot:


This is going to be a long post, because I have to prove to you what I want to say. I have tons of info to prove what the REV is and its unknown secret. I have been gathering info for a long time now, and now it’s complete. This is truly the greatest post ever written on this REV board, after you read it all you will be positive what the Revolution’s Secret is and why it’s all true. To make it easier for all you… I will Link quotes to websites where I am getting this info, so you can’t say… “where are you getting this from?” Just click the text, to go to the website where I got the info.

Ninty's Plan:

Lets first go over what Ninty is trying to do with the Revolution. Ninty is trying to make a new market for the gaming industry. While Sony and Microsoft battle it out, Ninty is trying to aim at the 80% of people that don’t play video games. To do this Ninty has to make a product that 80% of people will want. Now some people say that the REV might have a visor. That’s absolutely absurd for the fact that people are scared to play video games now, why would they want to play a system with a visor over there head? Also some of you think that a visor might be sold separately, again, Ninty is not going to do this. The reason for this is because the Revolution’s secret which involves a new way to display games is PART of the system, its not going to be an add-on. So what is the Secret? Well before I say what it is you have to understand more of Ninty Philosophy… and who’s philosophy it is.

Ninty History and Philosphy For This Gen:

Have you ever heard of the name Hiroshi Yamauchi? Well incase you haven’t for some strange reason he is a former Nintendo President. He was a Nintendo president for over 50 years! From 1949-2002. During the cube was released he stepped down and gave Iwata the job. But don’t get it twisted, Hiroshi isn’t the president of Nintendo anymore but his ideas are still used for Nintendo. Who do you think came up with the idea of the DS? The Vision that Nintendo has right now of the future of gaming is actually Hiroshi’s vision of the future. Hiroshi is still a big part of Nintendo, you can say he works behind the scenes for Nintendo. Listen to what Hiroshi said at his last conference as president, Hmmmm, doesn’t the stuff he says sound like Ninty is doing?…”At the end of the press conference, Hiroshi Yamauchi was asked if he had any words for Nintendo's new management executives. "As I retire from management," said Yamauchi, "I have no words to share. Coincidental to my leaving the company, I would like to make one request: that Nintendo give birth to wholly new ideas and create hardware which reflects that ideal. And make software that adheres to that same standard. Furthermore, this software should attract consumers as new and interesting. Lastly, and of equal importance, is completing these products quickly and at a cost comparable to today's current market. I imagine most people question the feasibility of my request, but Nintendo has always pursued those objectives. I'd ask that the company continue to follow this goal as my final and only request to the new management staff. I can't say what these new types of software will be, but I'm sure they'll release it during my lifetime."

^^ New types of software he adds…I know what type of software he is talking about, it gets interesting now. Are you guys starting to see the relationship that Hiroshi has with Ninty still?

There is one thing that Hiroshi wants Ninty to do and he has begged the new staff to do this. “In late September 2004, Yamauchi said he would like Nintendo to look into the production of movie animation and in particular a film based on the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu series. He will present the idea to the Nintendo board of directors on October 29. Yamauchi feels that making games is similar to movie making.” Hiroshi can be found talking about Ninty and making movies in many interviews, he really wants ninty to do this, and they will this Gen.

Now back to that 80% of people that don’t play video games… how many of those people watch movies? Hmmm I am willing to bet almost 70%. Now Ninty wants to bring the gaming industry into a new direction… now this won’t be a radically new direction it will be in a direction close to games… movies! This is the new type of Software that Hiroshi wants to see… Interactive Movies. Now of course Ninty will be making both games and movies, don’t think I am saying Ninty is going to just make movies. Still not convinced? Oh you will be, I still got more to post…

Hollywood and Broadway….good names for there Cpu and Gpu, don’t you think?In a interview Iwata said, [url=] "We are absolutely considering the idea (of going into the movie business)," Iwata said. Although we don't have anything to talk about right now, we hope to make an announcement by the end of the year.[/url] In this interview it seems that Ninty has been not only thinking about the idea but “absolutely considering the idea”. In the same interview, Iwata talks about the DS, and again the idea of movies pop up… “Iwata also talked about plans to integrate the DS's download capability with theatrical movie releases, starting off with a short mention of former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi's conviction that Nintendo should enter the animated film business.” Hmmmm, he even mentioned the great one (not Wayne Gretzky) Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Now it seems that Ninty is very interested in the Movie buiness, and this business is not that much different than the gaming industy. Before I talk more about this it’s time to stray you away from this for a moment(don’t worry it all makes sence).

Lets talk about the man Miyamoto, to put it plan and simple the guy is a genious and he has also gave many clues about the REV. "I think maybe if I could do anything, I would make it so you don't have to sit in front of a TV and play. If you could have a machine that you just plugged in and played inside a virtual world that - would be just great."

"It's convenient to make games that are played on TVs," Miyamoto is quoted as saying. "But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn't the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that."

"Sitting in front of your monitor with a controller, there's really nowhere to go from that paradigm, all you can do is make it prettier and faster"

Iwata is even said… "We invented the current way a console is played - in front of a television and holding a controller - but maybe that image will change." Miyamoto is talking about a device(revolution) that doesn’t need a TV to function. Of course we know that the REV can use a TV and a Monitor, but the REV will also play without a TV.

Now that we know this, lets talk about that old rumor that went around before E3 of 2005. Remember Brook Burgess and what he said about Stereoscopic 3D. He said a friend of his spoke to Robert Rodriguez(Is a movie Director), Rodriguez then said that a gaming machine will use this technology way before Hollywood, this gaming company would use it in 2006. Now you can say well Brooke Burgess was wrong in saying that the REV might have a touch screen, but in all actuality Nintendo was thinking about using touch screens inside of the controllers according to Iwata in a internet only G4 interview.

Now, it seems that a movie director new about the REV… but how? Well this is where it gets really interesting read this... Iwata also commented briefly on Nintendo's entrance into the movie market, hinting that although the company is strongly considering the move, it isn't completely sure if it will be going into the business just yet.

"We're strongly considering the matter. I've been in contact with the script writers, directors, and the production companies. We're looking into the potentials between movies and video games. But if we decide to really go into the movie business, it will be around summer of 2006 at the earliest."

Yah, it’s that serious…

The DVD player on the REV would be introducing 3D movies way before Hollywood… this could be another reason why Ninty is putting the DVD player in the REV, to capitalize on the 3D movie opportunity… something Sony and X-box fans will weep about!!

Now lets talk about this further, Just today info about the REV’s stand being a Battery was announced. Why is the stand also a battery? Well if you look at the REV and think you will know the reason why. The reason why is so that it can be used in its vertical form, the battery is used so that you can play the REV just about anywhere. No TV, the projector will do that job. The vertical form seems to be positioned so that images can be projected at the correct angle. The REV is truly a portable console, the first of its kind.

Now I want to add one more thing, today was a great day to post this cause more info came out that supported my argument. I saw this today and was like...OMG!!

A company called Light Blue Optics this week have been showing off this new technology that they have made. Actually this technology has been out for over 2-3 years but this is its New Update on their technology. This laser projector is the size of a match box, it is able to project images up to 2048x1280 resolution!!!! Not to mention it can stream in this resolution in real time!! Also the company has this to say “The advantage of the Light Blue Optics approach is to address the four key requirements for a small battery powered device. These are compact size, low power consumption, which allows the projector to be powered by typical portable battery technology, ease of use due to the focus-free operation of the system, and robustness both physically and in terms of error-tolerance. **Angels sing… even Sony and X-Box Fans Sing** Low power consumption and it uses portable battery technology! Perfect for that REV stand that’s a battery! The article also says that Light Blue optics are working with “strategic partners to bring to market the first products based on PVPro technology” Also Light Blue Optics seem to want to make this technology affordable, they want to put it in cellphones and PDA’s. With that in mind it can’t be priced like those HUGE 3D projectors.

I also want to say that Light Blue Optics have also “developed a chip that enables the production and presentation of extremely vivid holograms with speeds comparable to video frames.”

^^^ I am not saying that Ninty is partnering with Light Blue Optics but I am showing that this technology is small enough to fit inside the REV and also, it is affordable enough to go in the REV. Light Blue Optics works with there manufactures so that means Ninty could be making there own projector with Light Blues Technology, of course paying them also **Wink**

Well that’s it… Wow, that was a lot… but hey if you read it all, you know exactly what the REV is. I put so much proof in there Moonshine or Everclear has nothing on me!!! tell me what you think of my post…

EDIT: I also Want to post this link... This was never debunked, and it relates to my theory. Also if you notice that if a projector was to be in the REV it would be under the DVD slot, that flap underneath which mysteriously hasen't been shown, So what is in there that is so important???

pi said...

projector ... It's something too expensive to fit in 200$ console ... I think