Monday, February 20, 2006

´No End Soon´: The final straw

I have said a number of times that I will not spend the same amount of energy on debunking the ´No End Soon´ blog that I used on other fakers. Nor do I need to. Since there is the strongest evidence yet that suggests these guys are clueless, I do want to make this public, though.

In their latest post, they write about what Nintendo apparently planned for the D.I.C.E. keynote speech:
Together with showing this controller, Mr.Reggie would have showcased some tech-demo’s previously showed to some selected members of the press, including some new ones to demonstrate the “secret feature” of the controller.
This got me interested, so I asked them to clarify which demos would have been shown. They answered in the comments:
Yes I do know how many they wanted to show them falafelkid. I can even tell you which ones. Note: Mr.Reggie would not haven shown all tech-demos previously showed to selected press. The Metroid Prime 2 tech-demo would not have been showed for example. Reason is easy, because while the controls are optimized for the unique revolution controller, the graphics aren’t. This would have confused people. Nintendo selected the Point and Shoot demo, the Fishing demo (slightly edited and downgraded when talking about its graphics, tech-demo would have remained 3D), Toy Plane demo (modified compared to what the press played previously as the “secret” function has been added to work in this tech-demo) and two complete new tech-demos of which one featured an existing IP brand of Nintendo and one pretty weird tech-demo designed only to show the “secret” function of the controller.
Now, there are various types of tech demos, depending on what kind of technology they are meant to be illustrating. Nintendo´s tech demos shown at TGS 2005, however, were meant to show the gameplay enabled by the Revolution controller. They were not meant to be representative of the final graphics. They were not even meant to be pretty. In fact, they weren´t. And they were never meant to be shown publically. IGN was one of the select media to see them and this is how they described them:
To show off its features, Nintendo designed a series of crude gameplay demos. (...) None of them ran on the Revolution graphics hardware. They were strictly to demonstrate certain features.

Demo #1: Point and Shoot (...) was simple, merely colored lines in 2D, but effective. (...)

Demo #2: Fishing (...) was very crude, (...) like a coloring book with flat fish in the water. (...)

Not all of the demonstrations were completely crude graphics. For the final demo, the one that most represented how a game might feel with the Revolution controller, Nintendo displayed what was apparently a test by the team at Retro Studios for what they could do with Metroid Prime 3. (...)
Yet, according to these guys, the Metroid Prime demo would have been ditched in favour of Point and Shoot, because of the graphics:
The Metroid Prime 2 tech-demo would not have been showed for example. Reason is easy, because while the controls are optimized for the unique revolution controller, the graphics aren’t. This would have confused people. Nintendo selected the Point and Shoot demo, the Fishing demo (slightly edited and downgraded when talking about its graphics, tech-demo would have remained 3D)
Colored lines in 2D instead of a dedicated Metroid Prime level? And how could the Fishing demo remain in 3D when it, too, was 2D all along?

This is the final straw for them. To suggest that Nintendo painstakingly held back gameplay footage at E3 and TGS last year, only to reveal simple lines to the gaming world and its over-hyped community is just ridiculous. They obviously have never seen the demos in question, believing them to be complex 3D levels. This should convince even the last believers that these guys are a bunch of liars. Bad ones at that.

Source: Mr. Inc´s blog, IGN


Anonymous said...

Actually, to my mind they screwed up even more in the original post:

"In fact the most important hint he gave was “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Difficult to explain now, but there’s a “fish” in “the ocean” which name resembles to “a” solution for Revolution graphical powers."

What bugs me about this is that even the laziest follower of news would know exactly what he was talking about, because he's been talking about it for - Oh, I don't know - almost a year now. He and Iwata. To try and morph a business strategy taken from a book into some sort of technical secret for the Revolution is incredibly far fetched.

It's not "a" "fish" in "the ocean" at all, and it's annoying, even insulting, that they didn't do at least the amount of home work required to realize that.

Anonymous said...

you hold a point a about the 2d fishing game. However the comment about metroid was meant to mean that they didnt want to confuse people about what the revolution would be capable of. ie the metroid gfx are close enough to next-gen that ppl maybe think they are conclusive of next-gen.. compared to the tech demos.

Falafelkid said...

No, I don´t think so. First of all, Inc said it was a level from MP2. IGN called it "a test by the team at Retro Studios for what they could do with Metroid Prime 3". As much as I am critical of IGN, I believe that Fran Mirabella and Matt Casamassina would be able to tell MP2 from a completely new game.

Also, how would that have been confusing regarding the Rev´s capability? It would not have been more confusing than showing an MP3 trailer running on GC hardware at E3 2005. Showing colored lines in 2D - now THAT would have been confusing.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Sibilisibili. Good point. He is probably also referring to the GCN´s graphics chip, Flipper. Since the TV series, that name has become synonymous with dolphins, dolphin being, of course, the GCN´s codename. So he´s referring both to Blue Ocean and Flipper/Dolphin. But you are totally right: There is nothing mysterious about that. Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

not when drawing a clear destinction on functionality rather than capability. normally falafel, you are very well spoken and wise but on this occasion you seem to be on a vendetta.
I think you misunderstand what MrInc is telling us he believes.
No one completely thinks he is credible so i wouldnt bother getting your back up too far over this.

Falafelkid said...

Noxy, if only! Plenty of people believe he is credible. You should read some of the comments on the site. And why do you write something about a vendetta? How do you come to that conclusion? There was nothing personal in my post. All I am interested in is providing the community with a guide that will help them discern right from wrong, real from fake. And Inc is fake. That´s it.

Anonymous said...

note that ign said "what they could do with mp3", not how it would appear but how it would work with the controller's dynamics. i dont think its a case of ign confusing it with mp2 or not, because that would be in reference to the graphics and ign were'nt on about the graphics. besides which at the presentation that showed mp3, it was confirmed non-revo hardware run., which idiots did that confuse? uh, they hide the graphics forever and then- OOPS they showed them by accident?- what do you take us for falafelkid?., i rather like these no end soon guys regardless of whether theyre real or not, who really cares anymore.,

Falafelkid said...

Anonymous. Noone has ever talked of IGN confusing those games, Inc confused them. If the game in question really had been MP2 (as Inc claimed), IGN would have noticed and mentioned it. Instead saying it is "what they could do with Metroid Prime 3" means it was not MP2, obviously.

You really don´t care anymore? That´s sad. I am extremely excited about what Nintendo has in store for us. That´s why I passionately follow the community news every day and know how important it is to be able to discern fact from fiction.

I also find it interesting that you level these charges at me ("what do you take us for falafelkid?") happily using the links and quotes I provide. Glad to be of service.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon above me. leave them be, even if they are complete liars and what you consider fools following their stories. does it REALLY hurt you so much? no, so leave it be. who cares anymore if people are lying or not about the system. we all know to wait for the official word from nintendo themselves, but a lot of people love playing the "game". all you do is encourage the game even more for these people.

i could care less if they are right or wrong. i love speculating about what the rev could be, and absolutely will make my own choices as to what i find good info or not. your word is not golden.

and i honestly believe they are completely fake. but its fun for some people, so why try to enfuriate?

oh and by the way, i'm really getting swept up in the cheap projector (blue optics) in revolution idea. its the essence of creativity and speculation that keeps me checking back on nintendo news.

Falafelkid said...

Hi last Anonym. This is a community news blog, aimed at discerning fact from fiction. I will expose anyone who is obviously just pretending to be an insider.

You think Inc is fake, as well? Just think about why he is doing it then. In the end, it will be to promote a little business he runs, whatever that may be. And he is promoting it on the back of the Nintendo community, getting up the hopes of thousands of genuine fans and toying with their passion, just so he can make a quick buck.

So, no. I will not let them be. Having said that, I probably will, from now on. Since I honestly regard this last blunder as the final straw.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid stress dich nicht so rein wegen Mr. Incbus.Wir wissen doch eh alle was läuft.


RGB said...

I care about these fakers a great deal. I do not want to read bullshit online. It doesnt exactly do Nintendo any favours either. Some faker has a unrealistic idea and then it gets hyped up bigtime, doesnt eventuate and makes a great number of people 'dis' Nintendo. Not good publicity.

i could care less if they are right or wrong. i love speculating about what the rev could be, and absolutely will make my own choices as to what i find good info or not. your word is not golden.

Umm let me know if I read this correctly........You call these fake people like Osoko, Mr Inc (well I believe his fake but I am 99.9% sure), NDev, SG007 speculators? NO, they are bullshit artists that have ulterior motives behind what they are doing. Now if I have read you wrong, I apologise.

Falafelkid said...

Hi IALS: Thanks, but I´m not stressed. Good to have your support, though.

Hi Grandmaster: Thanks, just what I feel. These guys are most likely freeloading off of the community for whatever selfish reasons they have and that is wrong.

Anonymous said...

imho, a "faker", is only a passionate fan who believes, who creates.

Others are just making reputation — or money with the nintendo fans. And THIS is not tolerable.

with the fact: great job falafelkid.

Eithan said...

Falafelkid, I applaud your continued efforts towards exposing Mr. Inc and all the others out there who would post lies about the Revolution.

What I appreciate about your site is that you have the stones to admit something when you are wrong. For example, you recently predicted that the PS3 would be playable. When it was not, you posted that you were wrong. Mr. Inc, like so many others, would never do such a thing. Instead, when they are incorrect they dance around the question and produce vague answers to simple questions.

Keep up the good work. And please don’t be discouraged about some people’s negativity. I appreciate your work here and would bet that there are others out there who feel the same way.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Eithan, hi Rhopa. Thank you both ever so much for your comments. Regardless of the effort I put into this blog, it´s people like you who keep it going. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafelkid,

I'm a German reader who frequently (daily) checks and reads your blog.

I just wanted to give you my support and wanted to tell you that you have a great blog. You are the most credible source on the internet for me and I love how you uncover those fakes and give me the latest facts.

Thank you very much and keep going!


YankeeHKM said...

I agree with Falafelkid. Anyone that has a their own blog on blogspot, or anyone that has just dabbled with the options to make one, should know that it is easy to make a buck on it. That is all these people really care about. So, why should we allow these people to to over hype the Revolution when it can do more harm than good? Perhaps I am wrong in thinking this, but so what if there is an awesome critic to these "insiders"? Can you imagine if there wasn't?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Manuel, hi YankeeHKM. Thanks for your comments. Being flamed for these kind of stories, comments like yours are so much more important to me.

ONboy said...

I'm not going to dig it up since I'm, as I've said, more interested in ideas whether they be true or not. However, I remember reading, I'm pretty sure from ign, that it was MP2 running with MP3's controls.

Though that last post was definately disappointing because Inc started talking in the "insider language" I've learned to hate from aZm (he's fine when instant messenging, in fact interesting, but when he posts on his blog it just sounds annoying)

Arsenis said...

I pledge my support also Fal..

Anonymous said...

I'm nearly 100% sure IGN (or someone) said it was the first part/level of MP2 reconfigured to run with the new controller.

Falafelkid said...

Just for the record, here are the accounts of the demos shown to select media in New York:

"The demos in New York started with simple pointing. On one TV, blocks floated across the screen. Aiming the controller at the screen produced cross hairs onscreen. (...) Another pointing demo had the controller guiding an onscreen stick across an electrified maze. Precision was required, and even with just one hand, was easily produced.

The more elaborate demos showcased the controller's 360-degree sensitivity. In one, a biplane set aloft above the tropical Isle Delfino from the GameCube's "Super Mario Sunshine" was controlled entirely by tilting and turning the controller in midair. (...)

A graphically simple fishing demo showed how moving the controller toward a TV and away from it — as well as to the right and left — could position a floating fishing pole anywhere over a 3-D lake."


"I went through eight demos demonstrating a variety of features and possible uses. A simple point and shoot demo (like any of the thousands of Web-based Flash games) was more fun than I expected. I effortlessly pulled off loops and flight stunts I've never been able to manage with today's standard controller in a flying demo, simply by holding the controller as I might a paper airplane. (...)

Other demos allowed me to telescopically zoom in and out on the screen, simply by moving the controller forward and backward and try some fishing by 'feeling' fish nibble on the line (via a rumble effect), then yanking the controller up in the air to hook them."

CNN Money

This should prove that the demos in December were basically the same ones shown at TGS.

However, I was wrong about the Metroid Prime level. Both accounts clearly state that the demo was revamped from Metroid Prime 2.

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