Saturday, February 25, 2006

Roundtable discussion

I have participated in a roundtable discussion recently. It has just been published over at Connect Revolution. Other participants were Fletcher Haverkamp of as moderator, Finn Haverkamp of & DSRevolution, Jon of DSRevolution, Ben Hartland of, Conor Smyth of Revo-Europe, Marcus Walker of Kezay.Blogspot and Jason of Please check it out.


Magnus Kleditzsch said...

What a horrible, childish, unsubstantiated, unorganised discussion.
I'm sorry, but did they force you to take place in this roundtable?
You, Falafelkid, definitely don't have to argue about Nintendo stepping out of the console market because of a failure of Revolution or something even close to this.. The questions were just awful

Just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, you did a wonderful job in the discussion. I swear, you were the best person at that conversation.

I think you will receive a lot of negative feedback in this discussion. To me, it seemed like you guys were going back to questions that were already answered.

I would like to know, what are your opinions on this discussion?

Anyways, keep up the good work. I have come to visit your blog daily, almost like a religion. Falafelkid, are god?

Raphael said...

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Raphael said...

Another Exclusive.

Obinna said...

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Anonymous said...


You are much more intelligent than having that round table discussion it was worse than the forums.
Just stick with the blog they could have had better questions almost all the stuff talked about has been beat to death in forums already.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be putting a lot of faith into this “last secret” that Nintendo might have. Do you really believe that it will be that revolutionary? Especially for a console that is only suppose to cost around $200.

Also, I don’t understand why everyone seems to be so upset by the “Nintendo’s last console…” question. Remember it was Satoru Iwata himself who said: “It would be a complete failure if we didn't sell more units than the Nintendo GameCube.”

Currently Nintendo hasn’t even shipped 19 million GameCube units yet. To put this in perspective the PS2 has sold over 90+ million to date. X-Box comes in second with around 24 million. The reason I bring this up is because I want to point out that Sony has a vast user base and I currently don’t see them switching over to a Revo instead of a PS3, just like they didn’t switch to a GameCube over a PS2. It’s going to be an uphill battle for Nintendo all the way, at least that’s how I see it.

I’m not trying to downplay Nintendo but simply give an objective view on this subject. It may take more then graphics to make a game but it will also take more then a new controller. It all comes down to the developers on this one.
Price and fanboyism also play a part :)

trip1eX said...

Hey good roundtable.

Anyway altho I don't believe 3d is coming, I couldn't resist posting this link to some 3d technology as demonstrated in Japan.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:53

I don't think Nintendo's strategy is to get people to buy a Rev instead of a PS3 or 360, but in addition to them. I mean, most people won't want to spend $400 for a 360 and then $500 for a PS3 just to have both of those systems.

BUT they might spend the cash on one of the expensive systmes, and then the small $150 or $200 for the Rev will seem very reasonable for a second console, especially one that will offer brand new gameplay options.

Not to mention the brand new gamers that Nintendo is going to hope to attract.

Personally, I think Nintendo has set themselves up great this generation. To current gamers, they are saying, "yeah, you can buy the other guy's console, but you'll want us, too." And to the non gamers, they are saying, "come on board, gaming isn't that scary."

Very smart business.

Metaldave said...

I'm sorry but those guys just didn't seem very well informed. Falafelkid, you brought up some good points though. I just wish you talked to some guys who actually knew something that we all didn't. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good discussion, a little sloppy.

I think Falafel has become one a key point, just as I have;

Nintendo has NOT shown any footage of any Revolution game.

That is either the story of the century, and alot to do about nothing.

I think it's going to be BIG. Like Matt from IGN has been saying recently, echoing Nintendo's own comments;

"Not next-gen, NEW-GEN"

Falafelkid said...

Hi Magnus Kleditzsch, Metaldave, Anonymous.

What a horrible, childish, unsubstantiated, unorganised discussion.


You are much more intelligent than having that round table discussion it was worse than the forums.


To me, it seemed like you guys were going back to questions that were already answered. I would like to know, what are your opinions on this discussion?


I'm sorry but those guys just didn't seem very well informed.

I think you are all being a bit harsh there. There aren´t that many topics to consider for such a roundtable discussion. And topics like ´Is the Rev Nintendo´s last console?´ may be totally pointless and only incite flame wars in forums, but why not discuss them seriously for a change, with no danger of fanboyism interfering? I mean, Next Generation asked Kaplan that same question. Did you also complain about that? I think it´s really down to the people involved and I think the other participants of that discussion contributed enlightening stuff.

I do see the necessity of more discussions, though. Perhaps there could be a regular podcast discussion forum on this blog via Google Talk. Tell me, if anyone would like to participate.

Magnus Kleditzsch said...

Hey Falafelkid,

da ich selber schon podcaste & auch bei anderen Seiten rund um Nintendo gearbeitet habe würde ich gerne an einem Roundtable-Podcast teilnehmen. Falls Interesse besteht melde Dich doch bitte unter magnus[at]

Anonymous said...

If you organise a podcast and ask the questions or have us vote before hand on what topics to discuss I would love a podcast.

Metaldave said...

Nothing against you or your site at all Fala, I think your site is one of the best. I was just expecting a little more insight. I guess you really need to be in the "know" with Nintendo to actually know something new or at least have some comunication with actual developers working on Revolution games. It was entertaining for sure though. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

falafel... although harsh, i have to agree with the other guys here. if it hadnt been for your participation in that roundtable, reading it wouldve been a complete waste of my life. you were always saying something intelligent and insightful and even controversial, and the rest of them kept getting off topic or saying dumb shit that we all already know. those guys were fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty I have to say the person from connectrevolution is a pratt, if i was allowed to say one thing to him (Finn that is) it would be your a disgrace to nintendo information get off a revolution site and go and start begging sony for a job seeing as you obviously have no clue about nintendo...."the revolution failing will push nintendo out of the market" yeah and I'm queen elizabeth the fifth