Thursday, February 09, 2006

D.I.C.E. speech reminder

This is just to remind you all of what will be happening today and when. Reginald Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will hold a 45-minute keynote speech entitled ´Expanding the Market for Interactive Entertainment´ at the D.I.C.E. summit in Nevada. Here´s an overview of when the speech will take place in the relevant timezones:
9:30 am Nevada, California, British Columbia (PST)

10:30 am Arizona, New Mexico, Alberta (MST)

11:30 am Louisiana, Arkansas, Manitoba (CST)

12:30 pm New York, Virginia, Quebec, Ontario (EST)

5:30 pm UK, Portugal (GMT)

6:30 pm Germany, France, Spain, Italy (CET)
According to a number of sources, ´Nintendo Power´ magazine has been urging its readers to keep an eye on the Nintendo homepage around the time of the speech.

EDIT I am sorry, I forgot the good people of Australia and New Zealand, another important console market. The following times are all given for Friday, 10th of February 2006.
01:30 am Western Australia (AWST)

03:00 am Northern Territory, South Australia (ACST)

03:30 am Queensland, New South Wales (AEST)

05:30 am New Zealand (NZST)
EDIT I recommend Next Generation for the latest up-to-date information on the D.I.C.E. keynote.

Source: Wikipedia, GoNintendo
Image source: Nintendo press server
Thanks to: Daniel Vuckovic


Anonymous said...

ist das jetzt um halb sieben in der nacht?

saviorofhyrule said...

Man! That means I'll be at school! Why... oh fate...

Leon said...

thanks falafelkid!
i'll keep an eye on your blog and on the nintendo homepage and let's see if something happens...

Falafelkid said...

Anonymous. ´am´ (Lat.: ante meridiem) means morning, ´pm´ (Lat.: post meridiem) means afternoon. So it´s half past six in the evening if you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

TheSource said...

Lets hope we get more news on Revolution today. Its nearing E3 soon and Nintendo has stated that they would release information leading upto this. What kind of info can we expect though? I dont think it'll be mayjor news as it seems that iwata does that. But who knows. Lets hope we hear something great! Or see video footage of I can dream.

VOOK said...

Any Aussie Reading... here are the times.

Canberra,Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart
Friday, 10 February 2006, 04:30am
Adelaide, Darwin
Friday, 10 February 2006, 04:00am
Friday, 10 February 2006, 03:30am
Friday, 10 February 2006, 01:30am

Falafelkid said...

Hi Vook. Thanks for getting that to my attention and sorry for forgetting you guys.

However, you were wrong about Adelaide and Darwin (Northern Territory, South Australia) and Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania). For those time zones, the speech will start at 03:00 and 03:30 am, respectively. Maybe you got confused with daylight saving time? We´re all on standard time at the moment.

Ich said...

Hi falafelkid,

probier doch mal aus, wie das Logo von aussieht, wenn du einen leichten Verlauf von Orange nach Dunkelorange in den Text "NINTENDO-REVOLUTION" machst, und zwar von oben Orange nach unten etwas dunkleres Orange.
Das müsste eigentlich bewirken, dass die orange Schrift nicht so sehr "ins Bild hineingesetzt" aussieht und besser zu dem eher realistisch aussehenden "DEFINITIVE SPECULATION" passt. Kann es jetzt gerade nicht testen, aber in denke dass das Bild dadurch insgesamt schlüssiger und harmonischer wirken dürfte.

MfG Ich :)

Nintendo RS said...

OMG HES BACK! SEE YA AINT COMIN HERE NO MOREE! SG007 is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your right. Its King. Hes Back.
Oh Shit. This fucking rocks. Here we go again.

Fran Mirabella said...

Just for clarification..
remember what Reggi said at E3 2005?
"prepare to let your right brain go wild"
The right side of your brain is the place where ideas take shape.To make a long story short:

The last secret is an upgradable 3D Mario Paint.Its included with the system from the get go.Its compatible with the wi-fi connection among other things.It allows you to create 3D sequences and even 2D gameplay with set AI routines for objects.
Exciting times indeed..

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a journalist from german magazine Maniac and I have got exciting news for everyone looking forward to Reggis speech:
A new Zelda trailer will be showcased at D.I.C.E
A public relations person of Nintendo in Las Vegas just told me so.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym (Man!ac). Please email me about this. Do we know each other? I meet O.S. regularly, as well as a bunch of other guys. You published my Pablo Belmonte interview, remember? I am very interested in what you know about D.I.C.E.

Anonymous said...

Hi fran mirabella, similiar rumblings are making the rounds rightnow in our office.My boss made some cryptic comments or hints in regards to this lately after his meeting with Marco Hein from Großostheim NOE but I thought he was joking.
But thinking about it this would really make sense.If they handle it right it could turn out to be another big advantage against Sony..

Blizz419 said...

wow there are actually still losers that loke sg007, you gotta be kidding me, who in there right mind would like SG007.

game on said...

Grewat job and thanks for the times! This was a huge help. Game ON!

grahf said...

CST = Chicago Standard Time

Kind of funny that you listed Louisiana for an example

Thanks for the info, and as always keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we'll just get to hear about the DS lite and that's about it for new news. New, being relative to what Nintendo thinks is new for us.


Lectoid said...

You idiot, CST means Central Standard Time. Try googleing it next time.

Anonymous said...

People think thoroughly!
The only secret that makes sense is a 3D Mario Paint I totally agree with Fran Mirabella.No 3D visor!No voice recog bullshit.Come to terms with it!
Its common sense.
Imagine Miyamoto telling the world the last secret was a built in microphone.Come on people dont kid yourself!
Its logical that it can only be 3D Mario Paint.I wonder why Falafelmän isnt commenting on the possibility of this being the case.
They wont give em some sort of glases that would be rediculous no way around it.
If there really was a secret then it could only be 3D Mario Paint accessible through the system menu.Its the perfect bonus goodi!
It would set the console apart from other systems in a more magnificent way.It would challenge the consumer to be creative themselve without being as complicated as modern 3D programs like 3D max, Maya etc. .You could do so much with it like online model or design competitions,you could make it compatible with Revolution games giving developers the ability to make some of the content like skins or textures or whatever accessible for the consumers to play around with you know what I'm saying?Its really incomprehensible for me why nobody seems to care about this.Its definitly the best scenario in my opinion.Better than 3D visor or built in microphone.
Now tell me what you think about it Fal,Luca,Blizz,Arsenis,LightShedder,anonym !?

banKai said...

so did anything happen so far ?? :D

grahf the idiot said...


Sorry, didn't put up the sign with SARCASM written all over it.

You are correct, CST is Central Standard Time, and from april to october we are in CDT, and my point was that Chicago is on of the largest city within that time zone (2nd to Mexico City)

God i'm such an idiot...

babble said...

Yes, this new Mario Paint 3D or whatever you want to call it. A simple way for users to modify existing graphics or to build their own little 2D games. That would be BIG.

So as we speak, the show is starting? Where can we get a live coverage?

Blizz419 said...

i still doubt it, and it is not the only logical thing the secret could be dont fool yourself, chances are the secret is something we havent even thought of. and i think a statement such as

"If there really was a secret then it could only be 3D Mario Paint"

is rediculous really, as i would love to have such a mario paint you obviously are hoping for it a bit to much were it is effecting your judgement i think.

Fifstar said...

3D Mario Paint seems to make sense, but then, maybe there are just so many rumoours about this because it seems to fit to Nintendo, who knows. By the way, is something happening on Doesn't look like it. By the way, if you didn't notice Reggie dropped some serious hints on the release date of Zelda:TP and on compatibility in the recent EGM interview, maybe he will also talk about that.

That's the excerpt from the interview (NOT related to his right now ongoing speech)

EGM: Speaking of Zelda, best-case scenario, it's a few months away from the Revolution launch, worst case scenario is it's coming out at the same time. Is there ever a point where you believe that it would be better to switch it over to Revolution? Or does it not matter, since the Revolution will be backward compatible with Cube games?

Reggie: Exactly. I think that our senior management has made it very clear that bringing Zelda: Twilight Princess out on GameCube is important, that we want to satisfy the GameCube fan base and have it be on that system. You've said the obvious, which is that [because] Revolution's backward compatible, it will almost effectively be a launch title for Revolution. The trick will be what makes it special to play on Revolution, and to the extent that we could create something like that, boy, wouldn't that be fantastic? Certainly one of the things that I would love to see is something that makes Zelda, when it's played on Revolution, do something magical. And I think that any Nintendo fan would love to see that.

Anonymous said...

eeerrr, well, a 3d-mario-paint would be really, really cool.

but MP being the "last secret"? come on, that would be MORE THAN RIDICOLUOS!
whats that special with a mariopaint?

really, i would be SO disappointed if that would be true. that would suck hard.

madcrasher said...

Since the homepage hasn't changed yet, I'm casting my vote for a "Twilight Princess" trailer/launch date/information. Eh, that or DS lite, but I can dream, right? But no new Revolution news.

[The above post is UNFOUNDED SPECULATION!]


Without being arrogant or something anonym I was really probably the first one on this blog who came up with the idea of 3D Mario Paint being the last secret and featured on the system from the get go.To me it really makes perfect sense because I cannot imagine anything else coming close to being labeled a secret.I would go as far as to say that it would be a shame if Nintendo isnt toying with the idea or aware of it to say the least.
I am also wondering why Falafelkid hasn't mentioned it once or why he isn't commenting on it...

Stephen Crowley said...

I am meant to be going out for 7pm (11am stoopid time) very angry. it probably is exactly as it says on the tin. "exapnding the market" a speech on developers should focus on creativity and innovation and how nintendo rock and are allowing them to do it on their rockin consoles DS and Rev. this so sucks.
what does it say in Nintendo power?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ok the speech is over with, can we get a summary/transcript?

Anonymous said...

Speaking at DICE, Reggie Fils-Aime once again urged the industry to embrace new demographics, even if it means running ads during Oprah.
He said that Nintendo would be using new marketing channels, such as daytime television shows, Oprah and Ellen.

Fils-aime talked about a "blue ocean of opportunity through new types of gameplay."

In what has become something of a Nintendo mantra, he said Nintendo was seeking to attract female gamers and older gamers. He also warned that the number of teenage males is declining in North America, and high school students are saying their interest in games is declining.

However, he pointed out the the success of Nintendogs in North America with its 1 million unit sales and Brain Training in Japan with 2.5 million sales show that new demographics are willing to embrace games.

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day will be launched in NA on April 17.

"We have been able to drive the appeal of games to a whole new segment who typically would not pick up a game," Fils-Aime said during his speech. "Imagine a games company targeting 50 and 60 year olds. Imagine games as a treadmill for the mind instead of a playground for violence."

Fils-aime once again referenced proven business book strategies which focus on expanding markets. He said, "It's not about what is, but what can be." He pointed out to the audience that hardcore gamers make up only 20 percent of the entire gaming market, saying "You and your teams can capitalize on that 80 percent."

During his speech, Fils-Aime focused on the success of the handheld games market over the last year compared to the decline of consoles. He drew broad comparison with "disrutptive technologies" such as Apple iPod, which took Sony and its music business by surprise.

At the end of the speech, he finally turned to Revolution, and offered little new details. However, he said that the machine would "create a democracy of ideas. It's not going to be about those with the biggest production budget."

He also indicated that publishers and developers could create "simple games" so that they could sell them at "more affordable prices if you want."

Anonymous said...

cool... talking in metroid... i'm down....

Blizz419 said...

yes but the talking in metroid is only before and after a match not during.

Shoxware Games said...

I'm dissappointet... Of course, the new DS features are cool and all, but i expectet at least a new video of zelda... *runs out of the room, crying*

Anonymous said...

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