Friday, February 03, 2006

Patent suggests voice recognition for Revolution

A new patent has been dug up, entitled ´Voice-to-text chat conversion for remote video game play´. The abstract reads:
A multi-player networked video game playing system including for example video game consoles analyzes speech to vary the font size and/or color of associated text displayed to other users. If the amplitude of the voice is high, the text displayed to other users is displayed in a larger than normal font. If the voice sounds stressed or is aggressive words are used, the text displayed to other users is displayed using a special font such as red color. Other analysis may be performed on the speech in context to vary the font size, color, font type and/or other display attributes.
This would require flawless speech recognition, if implemented properly. On top of that, there would be some kind of emotion recognition, registering when the words are said in an angry, timid or kind tone of voice and displaying them accordingly. Of course, the question is whether this technology will be used in the Revolution or the handhelds. The detailed description leaves this question unanswered.
In the example shown, video game playing equipment 16 may comprise for example a home video game platform such as a NINTENDO GAMECUBE system connected to a handheld game controller 18 and a display device 20 such as a home color television set. In other examples, game playing equipment 16 could comprise a handheld networked video game platform such as a NINTENDO DS or GAMEBOY ADVANCE, a personal computer including a monitor and appropriate input device(s), a cellular telephone, a personal digital assistant, or any other electronic or other appliance.
I think there are hints in the text that this system could be used for both the Revolution and DS consoles. The use of a server is mentioned as optional, depending on whether the console is able to convert the speech itself.
A game server 28 may optionally be provided to coordinate game play. For example, in the case of a complex multiplayer role playing game having tens or even hundreds of players 12 who can play simultaneously, a game server 28 may be used to keep track of the master game playing database and to provide updates to each instance of game playing equipment 16. In other game playing contexts, a game server 28 may not be necessary with all coordination being provided directly between the various instances of game playing equipment 16. (...) FIG. 2 shows an example illustrative non-limiting implementation of a speech-to-text converter 50 that may be used by example system 10--either in or with game playing equipment 16, within game server 28 or both.
In my opinion, a server may be needed for the DS, while the Revolution could most likely handle the conversion itself. It certainly seems as if this technology could be used on both systems and may even be hinting at the connectivity features between the two.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Thanks to: BadNor, Heber


Grandmaster B said...

Revolution details to emerge at GDC

09:30, Feb 3rd by Ben Parfitt

MCV understands that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is set to unveil some key details regarding the enigmatic next-gen Revolution console at the Games Developers Conference in March.

Though many have presumed that all new information would be kept under wraps until E3 in May, senior sources suggest Iwata will choose to make key announcements, possibly including pricing and release details, earlier.

With a Nintendo Europe press release this week reaffirming that Revolution is still on track for a European launch this year, this news puts more pressure on Sony, whose continued silence is reducing the likelihood of a 2006 European release for PS3.

GDC takes place on March 20th-24th in San Jose.

Stabby said...

Iwata won't even be at GDC

Grandmaster B said...

MCV is an industry magazine that doesn't usually report rumours.

Falafelkid said...

Whether Iwata will be at GDC or not is not yet known. The list of speakers has not yet been revealed. The list will be posted here. Most likely within the next few days. It was promised by January and is long overdue.

Halopend said...

This actually makes sense for Nintendo's online plan as it means Nintendo can implement:

a) Automatic filters that remove inappropriate language thereby keeping it safe for little ones to play online (or at least more safe). To take that one step further the rating of the game would determine the level of filter.

b) This will lessen the strain on Nintendo's servers as text is must easier to transmit than voice.

Overall if it was in working condition I think it would be great but as I'm sure you all know there isn't a perfect voice recognition software out there yet. Heck, it wouldn't even work unless it was of the type that ask you to read various words for over an hour till the computer gets a feel for your voice.

Blizz419 said...

Halopend those are excellent points, and yes it still comes down to it working properly, Voice recognition software is still far from perfect, and usually most programs only store like 3 or 4 recordings of each word when realistically much more would work much better but still not perfect, and the whole emotion part of it would make it even more complicated, That and dont forget there will be many cases were more than one person will play online to use this, So multiple people in the house hold spending a few hours each on the voice recognition alone i think might shy some people away from using that feature. though I am one of the people that would take as much time as needed to perfect this system to my own voice and speech habits.

SNES Link said...

I personally say that it is safe to think that if Nintendo were to impliment something of this nature, then they would do it right. Nintendo prides themselves with making quality products. If it doesn't work, then they wont use it.

Housefly said...

Technology is getting there... look what IBM has going here in the speech recognition dept.

Housefly said...

Nintendo has already came out and said they will be offering Parental Controls, so the server, or software, could filter appropriately and deliver a level of safty to each individual user as per their settings, or gamer profile.

Anonymous said...

speech rec software house have signed up with nintendo it was all over cube web sites months ago they are working on ds and revo speech controls headphones mic and free hand controller and ds as a interactive real time map game aid oh yes now we are talking

Edward said...

What's the point in that? Surely the point of voice is that you can hear each other's voices!

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