Wednesday, June 29, 2005

++EXCLUSIVE++ Psyco3ler speaks ++EXCLUSIVE++

Yes, I have managed to contact Pablo Belmonte, aka Psyco3ler, the creator of the infamous ON clip.

Until now, noone was able to determine exactly whether the ON clip was a hoax or some kind of clue. "Mario looks fake", some people said. "How could he have predicted that ´creative brain´ quote from the press conference", others asked. Well, all the answers are here in the first interview by Pablo, I believe. I am only aware of him posting on the Spanish forum I mailed him a whole bunch of questions, which he kindly answered.

On a legal note: you are free to republish this entire interview or quote from it, as long as you do not alter the content in any way and quote this website as its origin. Thank you.

* Do you have any connection to Nintendo? Did you ever work for them or know someone who works for them? Was the clip ordered by anyone at all, or did you decide to produce it yourself?

No, I don’t have any kind of connection, but quite the opposite. The first “Fan Fiction” I published on the net, called “Super Mario Universe” had as a slogan “I’ve known Nintendo for 20 years, it is time for Nintendo to begin to know me”. I do all this so that I can form part of thais company which I love. I’m aware I’ve got no chances of being taken on by Nintendo: I haven’t studied in Digipen, I’m not American or Japanese, I don’t use the programs they use, I don’t have many years of experience creating games… I’d never pass their personal departments tests, though this doesn’t mean I can’t be more useful for them than all those who seem to have a bigger academic formation than me. Nintendo has been my inspiration, their games have woken up, fed and shaped my creative abilities, I think like Nintendo, I live its philosophy, I know what their fans want, and even without ´giving up my style, I can make people doubt if my creations don’t come from a big professional Nintendo team. Nothing of this is taught at any university however prestigious it may be, but unfortunately that’s not going to be reflected on a job interview. The reason for all my “Fan Fictions” is to show all this, and on the way expressing myself about everything Nintendo does which I don’t agree with (mostly, releasing new ideas they should have released years ago, and which for that reason lose efectivity).

* In the clip, you anticipated a few things: talking about the different sides of the brain, the ability to create games as well as play them. How could you know these things before Reggie Fils-Aime talked about them at the press conference? Secondly, you anticipated that the Revolution could be connected to a computer monitor. Also, the reflection in the DVD being inserted seems to show the Revolution console. And the outlined console below the Gamecube (with a question mark on it) looks similar too. Did you really just guess all that? How do you explain that Reggie said ´Be prepared to let your right brain run wild´ after the clip was released?

It’s obvious they’re just coincidences. The thing is, when something is done sharing the same philosophy of doing things, coincidences increase. As I’ve said before, a part of myself thinks like Nintendo, I can anticipate their releases and intentions (obviously, this isn’t a rule, I sometimes fail, perhaps because of the influence of games by other companies, hahahahaha). The trick is mixing what I’d like Nintendo to do as a fan and what I believe they’re going to do as a company; it never fails. And about that thing of using both your brain sides, I think it would be quite succesful to allow users to create their own games. Nintendo has always taken care of making games that players can personalize, and I’m not talking about changing the colour of the menu, of course. The 64DD had the intention (relatively speaking) of exploiting the creative part of players allowing them to save or overwrite parts of a game. The most recent example is Animal Crossing, a game in which Nintendo has invested a lot of years, not regarding the technical section, but regarding the approach: the participation of the user in the creativity and the game. All this is already part of the past: just looking at things like this it was possible to infer Nintendo would talk about using both sides of the brain. Thay had talked about it in the past, though they didn’t say it in an E3 presentation. “Electroplacton” or “Nintendogs” are games that seem “irrelevant” compared to the spectacular games of PS3 or Xbox360, but Nintendo wanted them to be highlighted in this years’ conference. The reason is that they also reflect the idea of fostering users’ creativity in which Nintendo is so interested and which on the other hand is understimated by the competition.

* In the clip you abbreviate the Revolution´s name to RS. IGN has reserved the URL (though it is not active yet). Is that another coincidence? Are you in contact with IGN at all?

It’s another coincidence. I’ve got no contact with IGN and I don’t know what that domain means.

* The clip is very impressive. If noone ordered it, why did you make such a big effort? Is the message on this high-res still really from you? It was posted by someone called Yugulator (on this forum).

Yes, that messege’s mine and I know Yugulator. Mi intention from the beginning was what I did with the F-Zero clip: explaining on the clip itself that it was made by a fan, and not by Nintendo. A few minutes after having finished it, I uploaded the Nintendo ON clip to a server whose direction is known only to me to show it to some friends. I don’t know very well how, in 20 minutes time, it was already travelling around the Internet and provoking quite a commotion. I told Yugulator to write that message to clarify why I had done it, because I hadn’t had time to put a warning on the clip itself, and I didn’t want people to make up things, although I haven’t been able to avoid it.

* Why does the clip end so abruptly? What day did you want to release it and why?

I wanted mi idea about the new Nintendo console to be released before the E3 so that I would demonstrate that, instead of showing something really exiting and revolutionary related to virtual reality, they’d present something related to develop cheaper games to sell more of them and getting more money from users offering just a minimun in exchange. For that reason, and because of some setbacks I had, I decided the clip wouldn’t have an ending, it would finish with what the little time I had until the E3 allowed me.

* How do you explain the flash animation seen on Are they just copycats? Have you had contact with William McClean (owner of the website)?

That web page isn’t mine. Mi clip is a free clip, done for hobby, without a profit motive or because of fame (it just has the intention of expressing my principles and on the way saying “hello, I’m here” to the people in Nintendo). Therefore, as the author of the clip I haven’t got any problem in having webs from all around the world linking to the clip or making reference to it. Up to now, hasn’t put any advertising on the web page to earn money of my clip, so I didn’t pay much attention to it until I discovered that website was spreading around the net the rumour that the clip was theirs. When I realized this I hurriedly wrote to MeleeWebDesign asking them about their intentions and reminding them they couldn’t neither use the content of the clip nor plagiarize the design to get any money. In the only answer I received they “challenged” me to prove in the United States or Great Britain that I have a certificate proving that clip and its contents are mine. This answer has showed me that perhaps their intentions aren’t so good. But, on the other hand I find it quite funny thinking how they’re going to prove before a judge the clip is theirs, because not only do I have the originals but also I could make the whole clip again without any kind of problem. There are people who are really mean.

* Is the ON logo your design? Or does it come from a different source?

All the merit of that logo comes from the amazing designer Miguel Iranzo (better known as “Atari Baby”). I like to count on him and have his opinion in everything I do. We’ve always won all desingn contests we’ve participated in together.

* If the clip is all made up, is there any kind of significance to the numbers from the castle count: 002.150.014, 211.348.824 and 512.000.000?

It’s just a counter that counts the castles seen on screen. Anything else is a mixture of coincidences and people’s fantasy.

* Is there any significance to the technology shown? Are you aware of ´Augmented Reality´ technology? What was your inspiration for the proximity sensor shown?

Everything that appears in the clip is totally real. Nintendo ON isn’t only the Internet clip, it is a whole philosophy about what Nintendo would have to do to sweep aside its competition. The creation of the console is based on existing data, techniques and technology. The proximity radar is based on military armament used for instance in some cars to detect how close the other cars are when you park. In this case, it works this way: the radar sends waves and takes them back, deducing the distance from an object nearby from the time it takes to the waves to go there and come back. NintendoON uses this technology to create an image in grey-scale of the player’s hands, in which each shade of grey matches with proximity and remoteness, being the whiter the closer and the darker the further.In this way it could calculate the movement of a finger and apply it to a virtual button introduced into your hand by the console’s viewer. In the original clip I had been preparing for months, everything was perfectly explained, because it lasted around 30 minutes. However my 250-megabyte hard drive, where I stored all the information, broke before the E3. In the final clip, all these explanations where absolutely neglected.

* What type of software did you use and exactly how long did it take you to produce the clip? Yugulator claims it took you a week. That seems far too little time to me.

About the software I use: I know I dont’t do anything illegal because I don’t earn money with what I do, I haven’t signed the clip with the intention of advertising myself and I haven’t published the clip myself anywhere. But, since I’ve “borrowed” the software from my design school, I prefer to answer your question saying I made the clip cutting everything out of painted paper and recording it all at a determinate hour of the day in which you couldn’t see the wires I used to move everything. About the time it took: it’s true I made it in a week, not because I wanted it that way, but because I lost all the information in my hard drive and I only had a week before the E3. It was either doing everything in a week or doing nothing.

* Did you completely remodel the Super Mario 64 castle or did you get the map from somewhere?

Yes, I did all the modelling and the textures from scratch. I’ve laughed a lot reading some comments of those who say “that’s very easy: you just have to de-compilate the game from an emulator and it’s done”. I’d like them to come and tell me how that is done, because I would have saved a lot of effort.

* If I may ask, how old are you? Do you work only for What is your job precisely? What kind of training have you received?

I’m 23, at this moment I don’t have a job, and when I finish the four subjects I still have ahead in my design studies, I’ll see what to do. I collaborate with and I’m the director of a group of friends who make parodies and shortfilms, called “elCorral”.

* Have you created the spectacular videos on If so, you did a lot of clips on Nintendo games, Metroid and F-Zero especially. They must have taken you months. Were any of these contract work in any way? Is that really your website? Are you connected in any way to Matt Langdon of Ontario, Canada (the owner of

I know somebody called Sachit (though I don’t know if he’s Matt Langdon, I’ve never heard that name) but we don’t speak much because I’m not very good at English. And yes, the clips on that web are mine. I’ve been doing “Fan Fiction” for a long time, I’ve done it about Zelda, F-Zero, Metroid, Perfect Dark and Nintendo ON. Many years ago, a lot of Nintendo fans knew me for my drawings in a Nintendo 64 magazine. I think I’m in a phase of learning, so when I finish a clip, I feel embarrased of the previous ones.

* Has anyone else approached you about the ON video? Has Nintendo been in touch with you after the clip was released?

After releasing the clip I’ve received some interesting offers, but I’ve preferred to go on with the projects I had before the clip. I didn’t have the intention of finding a job (if it wasn’t with Nintendo itself). No, Nintendo hasn’t said a word.

Of course, the whole interview rests upon this person really being Pablo Belmonte, which I´m absolutely convinced of. I approached the owner of the El Rellano domain. He forwarded my mail and it is obvious that he is working directly with Pablo, because Pablo produces a great deal of the site´s content. There was only one detail that made me question his authenticity: The mail signature read ´Psycho3ler´ with an ´h´, rather than ´Psyco3ler´, which appears on the site and videos in question. So I asked three additional questions to make sure he really was the creator of the videos:

* On the hidden El Rellano page, where do you get to when you answer the riddles at the end correctly?

Nothing interesting, it’s a zone only for those who form the group “elCorral”. If you can answer everything (and only we know the true answers), you get to a web with the unfinished or provisional versions of what we’re preparing at that moment.

* Just a personal question: I really like the soundtrack. Where did you get the music from? Who is it from? I would very much like to buy it! ;)

It’s a song by the great Harry Gregson-Williams, from the film “The rundown”, which I can’t recommend you because I haven’t watched it.

* Is your nickname Psycho3ler with an ´h´? Wasn´t it spelt without an ´h´? Sorry to ask (I am a journalist and have to ask this): Is there any way you can prove that you are Pablo Belmonte?

The “H” variety depends only on the language. “Psyco” is “psycho” in English, so I use Psyco3ler in Spain and Psycho3ler for things in English. However, it doesn’t follow any logic, you can read it as “Psychotriller” in English or as “chico tresler” in Spanish. I find ambiguity in names funny, it’s great that everyone says it differently, and all of them are correct. And about proving I’m Pablo Belmonte, I might need to show my ID card when I find people taking profit of my work or earning money in an illegitimate way, or pretend to talk on my behalf. By the moment, I’m not interested in proving anything, as I’ve said I have no intention of advertising myself. Whoever I am I’ll continue expressing my principles through my work and my main intention is not needing to sign or saying who I am to make everybody know that it’s me who is behind a good job.

It is clear from all three answers that the mail really was from Pablo. If you are still in doubt and speak Spanish, go to his ID page on the Vandal forums and read all his entries. You will find that his posts there match exactly what he told me, in content and style. I think that pretty much eliminates any possibility of an imposter.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Pablo for taking his time to answer all these questions in such great detail and, of course, for being such an inspired artist. Muchos gracias, Pablo!


Anonymous said...

Ok when where and how??!!!! O_o

Anonymous said...

Nintendo should give him a goooooood job, before someone else does! Go ON PAPLO, you gave us more than BigN-othing :-) Danke für Deine Arbeit Falaffelkid, und vergiss die Werbe Bilder, echt oder nicht, die sind doof ! :-)

Falafelkid said...

Gern geschehen. Took me a while and I completely fucked up my html as a result of trying to format this nicely... if anyone can tell me how to reset all these font parameters, please do ;P

robotplague said...

That was an excellent interview. I wish him the best and he seems like a sincere guy. Nintendo really needs to send him a thank you letter, free stuff, post a shout out or something because he created an extreme amount of buzz for their next console.

Anonymous said...

its a absolutly fake, this person talk shit.

does he had a ibm harddisc? its the only firm i know where harddiscs suddenly die, and sorry you can't get such a video on a 250 mb harddisc.

this are gigabyte of data when its uncompress, first you have to do all the modelling things and there are certainly many gigabytes of date. think about it - try to make a move of about 10 mb without compression you will see thats impossible.

and you need all this render-things, this all never fits on a 250 mb harddisc - and when he have a acutally pc where did he get that really old harddisc?

once again a person that simple launch at us.

Anonymous said...

you should read it again...then think...and then write...good luck

Falafelkid said...

Good point, anonymous. 250 MB seems not a lot.

Anonymous said...

Paplo made the video...take a look at this image from the ON video:
it is his own sign. every memebr of his group has his/her own one:
THX Falaffelkid this is the end of the story! :-)

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, I guess so. It´s the end. There are some details that appear unusual. The production time of one week is one. That 250MB hard drive may be another. But this is just details. Pablo is real, the clip is fake - that´s it.

Dreamcloud said...

lol i do know html, but i have no idea how these blogs are designed or even how you edit them o_O so i dont think i can help.

Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't ask about the Revolution + On that is supposed to come from E3 that came out the same day of the Nintendo press conference. That was the one that got me feeling it was real.

Anonymous said...

its simple,

when he did it - why he have NO Artwork? any type of data that he could show to let the world finally really know that he did that video.

as long he dont show such material i dont trust him - simple, everybody could say "hey i did the video, i only need a night because i'am sooo extremly good. but i'am sorry my harddisc doesn't work anymore so i have no data to confirm that but i have done this"

ichwiesedeutsch said...

Hey Falafelked
I just found your blog, and let me tell you, I am very, very impressed. I have scene dozens of blogs about the revolution and even more forums, but yours is beyond a doubt the most comprehensive and journalstic of them all. Kudos, danke, good night.

Regnil of the sky said...

well that clears up alot...

Nomadx469 said...

Psyco3ler , Pablo , Fake ON Video.

All this is probly true, but there is one thing....I DON'T BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES. sorry for yelling ,but for nintendo not to contact this guy before or after the video is kinda ludicrus. +++ he said he doesn't know good english when you asked about Matt Langdon of Ontario, but just gave you an exclusive (A Greaat one at that)and his engish is excellent i should know I'm hispanic too any way thanks for the exclusive falafelkid and keep up the good work

ashpool said...

good work fl_kid.

I'm pretty saddened by this, cause I was really hoping for, as your interviewee expressed, something truly revolutionary.

I now fear that whatever Nintendo delivers, it won't even come close to the promise of the ON video.

Cheers, and good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he meant 250 GB. And hard drives do crash randomly. I've had one model die on me 3 times.

Marius said...

He almost definitely meant GIGAbytes.
Unless he is very low on cash or just plain nostalgic, using a 250MB disk for data storage is ridiculous.

Kudos FK, nice interview.
This should make some fanboys shut their piehole.

pn18 said...

@t Falafelkid:
geh auf, danach auf "Vorlage" und wähle anschließend "Neue Auswahl" aus. Klicke auf das entsprechende Design und e voala, design wurde resetet.

Anonymous said...

How can people still not belive this? Thats incredible! Who still does not belive, please visit his hompage and download all his videos. He used some material in the On video, that he used before in older videos. People, who do not trust This Story, do not trust themselfe either. Start getting a real life! THX for this Falaffelkid&Pablo :-)

dj said...

I think he ment gig. not mb. its a mistake. 250 gig is allot of space

not that anonymous said...

I just hope that he's ready for the fact that he has a fan base now. I know i'll keep my eye on all of his future projects.

MR.Nintendo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MR.Nintendo said...


This is one of the most fantastic intervews presented on the net. Thanks for the masterpiece of all the research and analysis of the rumors that you have done.

I noticed that you had thought about the ON issues in a great detail. So now, the mistery is finally solved.

However, this site puzzles me for a long time.

INMHS seems to be a positive N-Gamer who had claimed to know thingS. And from his hints I figured out what are acturally the things he talked alot about. Because I have found some hidden picture that he believed to be true and eventually he said it to be ture.

I know you also know these things since you have direct contact with him.

So do you have any thoughts about this N-gamer?

Please refer to this link and I need to hear some of your opinions.

*And to INMHS, if you see this ,you are very welcome to answer this question.

not that anonymous said...

if you found a picture you think is true, why not just post a link to it? What do you have to lose?

Anonymous said...


In fact, isn't active... anymore.

I don't know what this site was exactly about, but it existed from 2002 to 2004... before the Revolution.

Caaz said...

(Sorry for double posting, I just learned this... the last message was mine.)

The page was related with IGN downloader ;)

Kydd said...

man your html has been really buggy latley, and you images are running out of bandwith, i suggest you start using the Blogger image space that has just been introduced. besides that Very nice interview, keep up the good work.. ill try and report any new info over on my blog...

P.s thanks for adding me to your links.

Anonymous said...

Some guy on a Japanese gaming board had this posted:

Falafelkid said...

Anonym: Thanks for the link.

Kydd: Thanks for the advice. Maybe I should move them there. Oh, and ...

EVERYONE: Sorry for the fucked up HTML. I´m starting out with this stuff and it took me a day to notice the silly little problem that caused the text to go really small... Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate it!

Ninsider said...

Post something new, this one is getting boring :P

Anonymous said...

more from norchid

this picture was posted today


now that does look legit but that doesnt explain the bad japanese on the first pic does it? what do others think

runnin_blue said...

This is bullshit. The guy admits he struggles with the english language and then goes on to use words like 'ambiguity' and writes more eloquently than most of the people reading this site. This is trash, please don't post shit like this. I'm too smart for you.

Witness The Revolution said...

Hey I would like for you to link to me on your page if it isnt to much trouble.

DlphnMod said...

That norchid pic has to be fake. An ad promoting REV would obviously have to show the underside where the buttons are or else thats just bad advertising.

Plus the colors don't match the REV colors. There is no yellow color.

Falafelkid said...

runnin_blue: Psyco3ler had the entire interview translated by a native. His use of English is representative of his Spanish - and he´s a native at that.

Raphael said...

Here is a NASA site about "High quality, real time 3-D visualization system with no position restrictions for viewing and no hardware for the viewer to wear"

And read this!!!:

"$300,000 of support from Japanese company to develop for game applications"


Raphael said...

Sorry, here`s the link:

Falafelkid said...

Okay, people. Here´s an update from Pablo. He writes:

"Hello Andreas, i am happy if the interview like you, i see something that are wrong because the translation (isn't 250 mb :D it is 250 Gigas), sorry about that and sorry for my baaaaaaaaad english :P"

So, there you have it. Naturally, it´s GB. And here´s a sample of Pablo´s own use of English.

Croikey said...

Didn't Reggie say to Gamespot that the creator of the video should contact Nintendo? I think he should go for it, if he doesn't know already tell him this. Although Reggie may no have meant it.

runnin_blue said...

I'm sorry, I'm just not at all convinced by this. Everything seems too convenient. I think the whole Pablo thing is crap and people have just lapped it up. If he exists show me his picture, show me his address, his phone number, show me anything! So far there is zero proof, nada. Why do people believe in him so easily? It truly astounds me!

Falafelkid said...

Hi runnin_blue. I have got pretty much all of the info. I know Pablo´s mail address, the city he lives in and I have seen photos as well as videos with him in it. I could easily ask him for his full address and phone number. But what would that prove? There are a few details that seem strange - in my mind, particularly the time frame of the production - but I am prepared to overlook that, given the overwhelming evidence that Pablo´s story is true.

Falafelkid said...

Also, you might want to check on Pablo´s story. 1up might be a good few weeks late to ´break´ the story of who is behind the clip. But there are some polygon grids of Mario and the ON helmet that I hadn´t seen before.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to that exclusive info that your source was going to give you awhile back. Is that still in the works?

Falafelkid said...

*lol* What do you think this is? It´s an exclusive interview (or it was when I posted it). But wait for it, more investigations are under way.

Chris said...

Hi can you please contact me at coolnesscat (at)
I would love to discuss a few topics also been trying to get in touch with Pablo Please help

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