Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here we go again.

And, again, this is not the exclusive I will have in store for you within the next few days.

I´m trying to remain sceptical, but this one is the best shot so far. It´s a scan, allegedly from a Japanese magazine. A guy calling himself Ninja posted it last monday in this forum. I can´t read Japanese, though. What do you think?

EDIT The original link was down within only twenty minutes of my and another post on the Nintendo forum. I don´t go for conspiracy theories, as you all know. But that does seem just a tad suspicious to me, I must say.


pakstar said...

hey its pakstar again just asking where did you get the image of the stand from for your title????

Falafelkid said...

Hi Pakstar. It´s just a detail from that official pic with the hand holding the console in mid-air. It does look like a different pic, though, by itself.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy - I really hope those are not the controllers.

Falafelkid said...

I guess it could be. But there are two reasons why it seems unlikely: It doesn´t fit the design of the console. And the Kanji apparently makes no sense (that´s what people are saying on the Gaming-Age forums (

robotplague said...

The image won't load for me. Anyone else have a link where it'll work?

Falafelkid said...

Updated it this very minute.

ashpool said...

Someone on gamespot translated it and suggests that it is in fact a fake.

He says that the Kanji and the japanese text has been obviously translated by a software program, and that the character for "Revolution" is on that means "spinning in a circle" etc., rather than a proper name.


Falafelkid said...

Thanks, Blogging sucks t3h p33nz0r. If it wasn´t for the writing and the design not matching the console... it really could be the controller, I guess.

ashpool said...

Yeah, i actually really like the idea!

I really do hope they go for a two controller style with optional connection between them for "traditional" gamers.

Perhaps, though, this is a good hint at what they will look like eventually.

Falafelkid said...

And it´s been done before. For the PS2. Check this out:

Of course, it´s without gyroscopic technology or anything else fancy.

As to the writing:

For who understand Japanese or Chinese, the term " Revolution" should read "革命"(kakumei), the title here uses ”輪転”this means "spinning circle" or a spinnig ring etc...all the later parts appear so crap so no need to translate here.

(courtesy of MrNintendou,

dlphnmod said...

i was under the impression that the circular symbol meant gyroscope. idunno it was a pretty good fake if its not real.

MR.Nintendo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MR.Nintendo said...

This picture is obviously fake, at least it is not a scan of japanese mag.

some guy used translation softwafe to change the original english to japanese, i should say.

i had seen this on gamespot 2 days ago, and if you follow the link that falafelkid gives us:
thats my comment for this.

btw,I really appreciate the fantastic research work and the blog done by falafelkid.

I come here everyday for the most intellegent and educated thoughts from falafelkid about the misterious Revolution.

Marius said...

More rumors:

"Revo"?? :/

Anonymous said...

I just found out about this page, really appreciate someone who's still got his head straight about all the rumors. will be checking this site daily :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw him post it on my forum. He didn't even bother to change it from PNG to JPG until After I pointed it out. it's fake as hell.

Anonymous said...

This was already confirmed to be false, over on the gaming age forums someone named sp0rsk said he showed the scan to his Japanese friend and he said the text in the scan is just a bunch of gibberish, it doesn't make sense, so no luckily for us this is not the real controller.

Anonymous said...

Shoot I didn't know people already figured out this was fake disregard my post above.

Anonymous said...

ha ha doesnt he/she realise theve been rumbled

scroll to bottom

Anonymous said...

to one of the anonymous' above (i think its someone called mayhon or something like that from nintendo power forum) why does is it being a PNG format mean its fake?

Anonymous said...

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