Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ad number four

Today must be super-post monday. Here´s another ad:

It´s courtesy of the good people at the Nordic Hardware forum where the very first ad was posted. They got it from INMHS, along with a very cryptic message:

N- There are errors but they are deliberate errors. They look fake but are not. If you look close enough there are many clues here and everywhere. They all lead back to ONe thing. There is no E3 style revealing of the revolution because it does not need to. There will be many fakes ON the day.

PS Dont row up the nile without a ore -V

Unless INMHS starts to be a bit more precise than that, this one must be regarded as a fake.


Anonymous said...

how come everything on that ad looks tilted? is it supposed to?

Kydd said...

i geuss so....this is turning out to be some crazy shit.

markygranger_inmhs said...

falfelkid, I'll talk to you tonight, and I'll explain what I can.

pyros68 said...

if you highlight to read this sentence,
nile without a ore -V, at the Nordichardware Forums, these letters look different
nile out or V

did anyone else see this?

Politz said...

Yea I noticed that, it's an anagram for revolution. Not terribly clever.

Yaddoshi said...

Funny thing is I don't see anyone here taking the message literally.

Console - controller. The controller is consoling. Until the consoled realized they are controlled. Hence the revolution.

This has nothing to do with Nintendo, or games, or a game system. There's a much bigger message you are directly tapping into and you're missing the truth that is right in front of your eyes. You can't see the forest right in front of you because the trees are in the way.

Do yourself a favor. Find a copy of Final Fantasy III and play it. The hidden messages in that one game alone are overwhelming. Look at the similarities in that game compared with our world today. It's not just a fantasy.

Do some research on the nature of crystals, particularly silicon (as in computer chips) as well.

Good luck.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Yaddoshi. You are being awfully cryptic (not to mention esoteric). Would you care to elaborate a bit, please? Why do you think the ad is real, for a start? And if it´s real, why would it have hidden meanings beyond Nintendo? Why do you bring FF3 into this? And what has Silicon got to do with anything?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Politz. Oooops, I never noticed that. Thanks for the info!

Marius said...

Soooo, in yaddoshi's opinion the gamers will start a revolution against the gamemakers?
The gamemakers are playing with the gamers, not vice versa, the gamers with the gamemakers' creations?
So they revolt and... make their own games?

Would fit into the whole indie devs/right brain stuff... I like the idea of that.

But: aren't Nintendo themselves evil gamemakers, spitting out mario clone after mario clone? Similar to EA, MS, SCE and the like?

DlphnMod said...

Ok guys get bank on topic. If you want to truly understand the progression of this generation's hardware race, read this article.


VERY VERY good read if you want to know how powerful all the specs really are. Turns out the full potential of these consoles will not be realized for at least a year after their release,

Sage said...

It might just be me, but I relate this to the stabs at Sony and MS again.

Console and a Controller - Same old thing, Sony

Console and a Controller - Same old thing, MS

Console and a Controller and The Revolution - Differen't from the rest, not the same formula that has always been used up until now, Nintendo

Falafelkid said...

Good idea, Sage. I didn´t think of that. Naturally, there is a choice between three products and the advert presents what you get with each. Guess you are right!

Politz said...

Console and a controller and the revolution implies to me that the rev is something outside of the console or controller.

Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me about this one:

Nintendo On anyone? I seriously can't wait until 2006.


Marius said...

*phew* That last img by anonym (again) says "August 2005".
At least we won't have to wait until '06 until all these fakes are debunked.

However, I like being surprised. :D

dj said...

this was in the Nintendo power

Developed by longtime Nintendo engineer Gunpoi Yokoi, creator of the Game Boy, the Virtual Boy made its debut 10 years ago this August."

August people August is ON

Yaddoshi said...

Falafelkid - to answer your questions would require an enormous amount of writing and still might not properly convey the message. For a few answers I suggest you check out my latest post at my own blog. It would be a good idea to keep up with Crystalinks (Ellie Crystal's site) as well - a lot of good information can be found there on this subject.

IKUSALOS said...

falfelkid did you speak to inmhs if yes what did he say

Falafelkid said...

Hi ikusalos. Talked to him, but he asked me to keep it confidential, though. I can tell you that there was nothing worth keeping confidential, at all. But, naturally, I will stick to my word.

Anonymous said...

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