Thursday, June 23, 2005

EGM: classics with new look

Completely missed this: Electronic Gaming Monthly posted this story on Tuesday, already. But it seems quite important, so I couldn´t ignore it. They interviewed Satoru Iwata and, apparently, at least some of the back catalogue of games will have a different look to it.

"We are doing several experiments, including working with the original Super Mario Bros., with the new technology," said Iwata. "The game itself and the gameplay shall be identical, but the look will be different; it's possible that with Revolution, we may be able to see the old games with new looks."

One question remains, however. Will only some games look different or will the Revolution hardware itself give them a different look automatically? I still believe that a technology like AR is a possibility.


Phalanx said...

I believe they have to change the game itself. That the revolution won't automatically enhance it.

Nomadx469 said...

if for 1 sec. belive the visors are real they would probly be in stereo 3-d

Anonymous said...

I would also be under the impression that it would require a change in the code of the game itself, and not be done automically be the rev itself. However, it is far to early to rule that option out.

DlphnMod said...

They way Iwata said it would suggest that the new look of the retro games would tie in to something special that REVO can do...they would not need to experiment in order to simply update graphics.....look at the mario advance titles.

He said it may be "possible" which suggests that it is something more complicated than just sprite enhancement which was possible back in SNES days. Remember mario all stars?

I don't think the games are gonna be re-coded. I think they are trying to manipulate REVO's emulators to enhance the ROMS.

Anonymous said...

you make a good point dlphnmod, but my question then, is if the rev's techonology can simply update the graphics without effecting gameplay? maybe it will become clear at some point, but for now it's just hard to get my head around.

Anonymous said...

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dlphnmod said...

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Falafelkid said...

Nice one, dlphnmod. I can´t stand people who don´t speak their mind clearly. If I want esoteric mumbo jumbo, I go to When asked how come he knows everything about the Revoution since last year, he answers stuff like "I too am confused by the fact that I know more than I should."

Anyway, plenty of constructive comments here and they just reminded me of this: The PS2 has this technology built in that makes PS1 games look better. It was much hyped and there was little improvement to be seen, but it exists and it gave the games a better look automatically. Can´t remember what they called it... enhanced something or other.

Raphael said...

That`s right. But only a higher resulution, or? And the N 64 games will also have this.

But the old NES and SNES games? I think there`s more than you expected...but maybe I`m wrong...

Anonymous said...

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Falafelkid said...

Honestly, people. Why do some guys have to make themselves more interesting by speaking in riddles - and saying nothing at all. I can do that, too:

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Anonymous said...

no riddles within my words

Anonymous said...

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this black box is NOT the successor to the gamecube - bigger things are to come

gamecube ports not just to play gamecube games but if you want to play revolution games in a normal or regular way - traditional feel

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Falafelkid said...

I am copying my reply to you from the other post here, since you copied your comment, too, and I would like you to read it.

Why don´t you just post in plain English? I mean no offense and I appreciate your comments about me and this blog. But if you really DO like it, why don´t you adhere to its spirit and say as much as you can, as clearly as you can? Why don´t you start by saying what you do and how come you seem to know anything? That might be a good way to start. I understand if there are some details you cannot provide in public, but at least start somewhere. You are also free to email me with complete confidentiality guaranteed, if you wish: See, I don´t want to flame. But let´s be journalistic and professional about this, okay?

Anonymous said...

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