Friday, June 17, 2005

From Russia with love

Someone in Russia loves us. For they have sent us exclusive snapshots of the Revolution controller, along with some explanatory notes in cyrillic. Here they are:

Some people on the Nintendo forums have been kind enough to type some of the cyrillic out letter by letter to get "Нет никаких кнопок на диспетчере какой так когда либо". This can be used with Altavista´s Babelfish translator which translates the words as "There are no buttons whatever on the dispatcher of what so when or"

Sounds plausible this time? Well, I was kind of tempted to believe this might be real. But I just don´t understand why there would be any cyrillic. Let´s think:

* A Russian company has received a dev kit and this is part of the manual? Unlikely. I know of not a single Russian company that would be developing console games. Russia and the Ukraine are really big on the PC, but nothing else. I am sure we can rule that out.

* A Russian company has been licensed by Nintendo to develop some part of the controller? Unlikely. Because if the cyrillic had been supplied by Nintendo to tell the Russians how the controller worked, the controller would already exist. There would be no need for any such input. If, on the other hand, the Russian company wrote that text, why would they need to tell Nintendo how the controller worked that Nintendo designed? It´s not making sense.

My theory is this: It´s a big, big fake with a capital ´F´ and great big bells hanging off it. Only it´s been done better than that BMW motorcycle helmet thing, see below. For that, someone just pasted an article from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu into the pics, I believe. This time, someone went through the trouble of actually writing the text himself. But the text seems far too general to be of any kind of relevnce to any company involved in supplying the hardware or, indeed, a software developer. And even if the latter was true and it was part of a dev kit, I don´t see why such a kit would go to Russia. And even if there was a console developer out there, the manual would not have been translated into Russian! I´m from Germany and I´m sure that the dev kits given to German studios are all in English. Now read the above text again and count each "and even if" I wrote. Sceptics: one, believers: nil, I´m afraid... I seem to have switched sides since my first threads.

EDIT On a Brazilian forum, someone posted a follow-up picture of the mock-up.
It´s signed Zombie Wario - so it´s just fan-art, really. But I like the idea, so here it is.


Anonymous said...

And also, Miyamoto and his team have said they've been helping design the controller. Miyamoto and his Japanese crew wouln't be able to (or want to) work with Russians. Nintendo's controllers are something they take great pride in, they would never allow anynody other than their own employees to develop it.

Falafelkid said...

Good point. And you would rule out a Russian developer with a dev kit, too? I don´t know a single console developer out there.

Anonymous said...

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