Friday, June 24, 2005

Revolution ad?

The decent blogsite Infendo has posted this picture (239KB), which allegedly is an advert for the Revolution. Here´s a downsized version pictofied.
As you can see, it is quite minimalistic in style, with only an outline on a black background and a stylized Revolution cosole at the bottom. The text reads:

Think outside the box. A new experience is coming. The revolution starts March 2006.

Well, it looks pretty well done. But I myself don´t think March 2006 is realistic at all. And even if it was, I don´t think there would be ad campaigns floating around this early. You wouldn´t even contact an advertising agency this soon, I guess. Any thoughts on that?


Anonymous said...

"[...] which allegedly is an advert for the Revolution [...]"
Can anyone translate this into german?

Falafelkid said...

"... das angeblich eine Werbung für Revolution sein soll..." Your English seemed better before.

Anonymous said...

So kann man sich irren :-)

Falafelkid said...

Fishing for compliments, man! ;P Anyway, so where do you live in Cologne, then?

Anonymous said...

Do you know Ebertplatz? I think you do. And where do you live or work there?

Falafelkid said...

Cool, my best friend lives up there. I live in Ehrenfeld and work in Junkersdorf.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I`m your best friend ;-)

Falafelkid said...

*lol* Wicked, man! Maybe you´re... yo´ momma???

Anonymous said...

on this ad there seems to be a shadowy figure of one's head in the background

Falafelkid said...

Good point. It looks like it is behind a sheet of glass and someone is taking a snapshot of it, maybe with a camera-enabled cellphone. But it must be fake, right? I mean the timing is just... wrong!

Marius said...

The site Infendo uses a lot of flicr hosted pictures, the older ones coming from smoothharold.
The rev ad also is flickr hosted, but it's marked private - see here.

So, maybe Infendo faked it, used the smoothharold account to host it and make it private to hide the EXIF data of the 2MP digicam, they've taken a "screenshot" with?

Who knows... ;-)

(For their defense: their copy of the recent faked rev controller is also on flickr and private and this was most definitly not faked by them. At least, I think so... japanese and stuff.)

Marius said...

(sorry for dp...)

Hehe, see this. :)

Falafelkid said...

Wow!" Good research there, fihu. Thanks. Infendo appears quite a decent site, though. Mind you, everyone wants to up their traffic a bit, don´t they? ;P

Anonymous said...

contacts across the world will not create the revolution

read between the lines - do not blindly follow claims

trust me or not, the revolution will follow after the black box is released

the revolution is with the people and everything, the N game and your thoughts are being processed by the left brain to create a new gaming era

i speak my mind clearly - do you have the faith and knowledge to understand it come together

hollywood and broadway, will there be a need to for have high definition

i do not lie, use your right brain to expand the words, do not dismiss

i do not know everything but a plan is underway, specs change, designs change, controller change and plans change but nintendo remains - innovaters

symbolism has true meaning, work for the secret, do not let it be fed you, if you wish to discover, engage your brain

i do not claim anything, i do not give you false information, i ask you listen and think, i am aware and have been observing since the beginning,

put the pieces together if you wish to find and even when nintendo show us, the game continues

meanwhile, go to movies and watch metroid when it comes

Anonymous said...

expand your mind

i'm not saying this sit is wrong but i'm trying to guide those who are looking for the answers

Anonymous said...

falafelkid - is this the big news you were referencing, or is that still to come?

Falafelkid said...

Still to come. I´m afraid I haven´t heard anything from that source. In fact, I´m not sure if it will be huge news. It will be an exclusive, though, as far as I can tell. And I am sure we will all have a better understanding of what is really fake out there - and what may actually contain some clue.

pn18 said...

@raphael: hilft manchmal weiter ;)
@jungredi: bist du heute wieder on? hab gestern bis mitternacht gewartet...

Anonymous said...

i do not start my own story or site - nor do i claim you lie

i do not suggest you are lying but people trust you - trust must be earnt - just like me - disable all guests and annonymous if you are to feeling my concern

i don't do insults or spamming or offence anyone here - i respect others and know you will think i lie - but i am not like osaka tanaka

i don't know everything but i have an idea - based on fact not fiction

i will leave and not post to show i am not to lie or decive people -

like i said before - specs are not confirmed and work are still being done and pictures are impossible at this stage - who would have access to them - i have not played the revolution - who has done so?

i don't want to spoil the surprise but new disc technology, viewing, user interface are key things - the games will change how we see games and people who afraid or game consoles and will be drawn in - easy to use for anyone

visor will most likely be a periphal and optional, yet to be decided - it is a serious possibility - work is still being done - i don't know everything

this black box is NOT the successor to the gamecube - bigger things are to come

gamecube ports not just to play gamecube games but if you want to play revolution games in a normal or regular way - traditional feel

i respect you people and this blogs writer and i don't try to make people believe me

it has to be tried to be understood - like a rollercoaster - how does it feel? - have a go your self

been fun, i will keep reading, all the best

Falafelkid said...

Look, guy. Why don´t you just post in plain English? I mean no offense and I appreciate your comments about me and this blog. But if you really DO like it, why don´t you adhere to its spirit and say as much as you can, as clearly as you can? Why don´t you start by saying what you do and how come you seem to know anything? That might be a good way to start. I understand if there are some details you cannot provide in public, but at least start somewhere. You are also free to email me with complete confidentiality guaranteed, if you wish: See, I don´t want to flame. But let´s be journalistic and professional about this, okay?

Falafelkid said...

To product_number_18: Sorry, I was online at around 3am, no earlier. It´s the weather you know...? Keeps you out and about at night. (Too hot during the days in Germany, at the moment.)

pn18 said...

today i'm on till 3am.
i hope, it's possible to see you today/tomorrow.

well, i have NO exclusive info about the revo, i'll only talk to you a bit.

greetings from austria (it's the next country to germany , not australia :D)

Anonymous said...

I realise I said I wouldn't post but I want to explain to you and feel out of respect I will respond to you

If I say I know a few things - I myself aren't sure and will be dismissed - you are luck

I have to come into this slowly because anyone could make stuff up - I want people to think - I do want to tell you but if myself cannot be 100% sure than i do not want to lie

I do like the site

i'm not a worker on revolution or japenese associate nor do i want to claim this

I am interested and learning myself about the revolution and i want to join in - im sorry, i want to generate interest and intrigue, like nintendo have done so -

I want people to think carefully and rather than telling you what i know - which is not everything, as stuff is changing and some stuff would spoil it and some stuff which will be a surprise by everyone - who knows what that is

i don't want attention, i want to help people think and guide not confuse or have people asking me questions - i expected people to not believe the stuff i said - not a problem

i'm no journalist or professional, but i have followed nintendo and studied all the blogs and sites - some which have been closed by nintendo

i'm not a loyal employee or pretending to be a close link to Mr Iwata, Reggie or Mr Miyamoto - maybe the stuff i have discovered myself if close and i feel so strongly it is and some stuff i have been told seems logical

i thank you for your offer but its hard to explain - when i say that - it is not a vague comment but think of the rollercoaster

can you put into words when you go up, what you feel, as you travel fastly down, your heart in your mouth, the forces pushing against you?

i am in a predicament because you have to feel it - one aspect seems absurd and i don't know how it will work and even i think it will make people go ''what?' but i think it is real - i only know

do i have your permission to continue to post - i apologise for this but i find it easier to speak here - i don't want to think i am hide anything or no secrets

i don't get defencive like others because they are the real nerds - i feel upset you call me that - i like technology, but we all do, i don't get angry because i am not a liar waiting to be discovered

people so eager - patience is the key and use your brain to find the clues and attach them - i don't know everything and if i told you everything, sure i will share but never mind

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey, N Game dickhead - shut up. You're not cool. You're just a dick. A pretentious dick.

Anonymous said...

am i a dick or dickhead - or both - how would that work


Anonymous said...

could it be to cover up the leak

Anonymous said...

the ad said "think outside the box"
but the question is what box ? that white contour ou that revolution ?

box and revolution are written in blue.

so outside the box would point to that background shadow of a head.

Falafelkid said...

HJ: A lot of people seem to think that ´think outside the box´ is taking a stab against the Xbox... Not too bad a theory. But I still think the ad must be fake for the reasons given.

Anonymous: Yeah, ou can still post here. I am not going to censor anything here. But you need to give us proof and back up what you write. Which blog or news site has been closed by Nintendo? I very much doubt you can name a single one. Heck, Nintendo never even closed down both Nintendo On sites and that is using their intellectual property. Not violating any copyright, people can write what they want and come to whatever conclusion they want. Stop pretending that, as soon as we get too close to the truth, we would get a phonecall from Reggie. It won´t happen.

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