Saturday, October 01, 2005

ATI countdown

ATI, the manufacturer of the Revolution´s graphic chip codenamed Hollywood, has started a countdown on their website. The only clue is the formula: ´d / t = V´. It means distance divided by time equals velocity. Sounds complicated, but it´s very basic. An example of a distance measurement divided by time is the familiar miles or kilometers per hour measure. So, unsurprisingly, whatever product they will reveal, it has to do with speed. The countdown counts down to Wednesday, 5th of October. Here´s the info for the relevant timezones:

GMT: 7:00

Japan: 16:00
Berlin: 9:00
London: 8:00
New York (EDT) 3:00
Los Angeles (PDT): 0:00

Kudos to Derek69kdfsyubg on this GameSpot forum thread for bringing this to everyone´s attention. There is naturally some speculation on the board as to whether the countdown is related to Nintendo´s Revolution. While that is not impossible, I myself think it´s more likely that it is related to the Xbox360. The reason is Microsoft´s European showcase event ´X05´ which takes place in Amsterdam on the 4th and 5th. I will be attending as well. Speakers are Robbie Bach, J Allard, Peter Moore and Michael Cassius. Also, representatives from Epic, Bioware and Silicon Knights will be present and I hope to interview some of them. If they are willing to comment on the Revolution, I will update you promptly. Concerning the ATI countdown, though, I guess it is either unrelated or to do with the Xbox360.

EDIT It is a possibility that the countdown is concerning the new Radeon series, apparently called ´X1K´. Over on the Rage3D forums someone has posted the following pic without saying where he got it from. The background equals that of the countdown:


Sassenach said...

The most obvious would be that it's a countdown to the release of ATI:s new line of cards, based on the R520 (and other R5X0) chipsets. But while both X360 and Rev will have ATi grafic chipsets, it's possible it will concern those consoles too.

Anonymous said...

Lol thats funny on there home page it says "20 Years Of Innovation".Sounds like Ninty and there NES.I just thought that it was funny.I know that it does NOT have anything to do with Ninty,just funny.

Falafelkid said...

Check my update - it looks like it´s a countdown to the new Radeon series.

Raphael said...

Revolution Less Powerful
Nintendo president concedes 360 and PS3 will have more horsepower. Comments inside.

Anonymous said...

If it in some console Revolution might have it.

Ps3 using nvidia.

x box 360 will be sold first. and some game been make every thing must know. and noone say about ppu in x box 360.

And x box 360 gpu code is r500. (while Revolution code r520. if r500 have it 520 might have it too.)

But "If it in some console"

norebonomis said...

omg somebodys still using IE


Jay said...

I think it could be about the consoles; namely Nintendo. they're pulling a Nintendo now with countdowns and secrets. the PC gamers dont seem to be the kind of people who get excited over secrets, seems like they just dont care about hype they just want a new card. or so it seems to me.

Nintendo also having been with ATI for longer would presume they'd do nice things together rather than M$ being the fat kid who throws his weight around before smashing down in the seat next to the smart kid hoping to get answers for his missed homework. he wheezes a lot too. Nintendo's been sat there years... they're good mates.

the end :)

Jay said...

OMG somebodies still using Windows *rolleyes*

HereticPB said...

Well whatever this is. This month will be full of information.

ATI countdown to ???

Nintendo speaks on Wi-Fi information this month???

ATI having a 3D developer day October the 19,20.

Sony supposedly will speak more on their PS3 late October.

HereticPB said...

Well all I know is that image is pretty recent cause the site is talking about Ultra sharp images. Just like in the picture capture.

HereticPB said...

Umm, sorry for the tripple post but the time this whatever is revealed is 8:59 AM Wednesday morning. Not midnight Tuesday.

Falafelkid said...

Hi heretic. Good to see you back. I am pretty sure I am right with those times. Which time zone are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Go on that ati web.
Change date on your pc.

You will found words.

"Enter a World of Visual Velocity
Ultra-high Image Quality
What's Next? 12/05/05"

Word "Visual Velocity" is same so it's just fix.

Anonymous said...

i got 10/05/05

Falafelkid said...

Yup, you are right. It´s October 5th. I didn´t see any reference to a new Radeon though, as the apparent screenshot suggested.

Anonymous said...

word "Enter a World of Visual Velocity"
is same so it's just fix to not allow to enter

That flash is link to

there is "_2.swf" part so it's just fix to not allow some one to cheat it.
When time come the flash will just change.

Maybe it relate to revolution.
That controler seem used much cpu time on it.
same - guy.

Thunder Emperor said...

for all of you wondering i still think its related to their new graphics card lunch line up. here is a press printing of all their new cards and specs to boot.

HereticPB said...

Pacfic Time Zone America Falafelkid like LA. has an article on Septermber 30 saying that next week ATI will reveal more information on R520. Which is this week. And by putting this together with 10/05/05 thats what it is like sassenach and others said.

HereticPB said...

Falafelkid says 2 days 11 hours 34 mins 40 secs.

Anonymous said...

trust me, it's counting down to something entirely different, and has nothing to do with the Nintendo Revolution, I can not say what it is though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and of COURSE you know what it is, but you'll keep the rest of us in suspense just because. Yeah, sure.

John Gabriel's Greater Internet Theory :

Normal person + Internet + audience = total fuckwad.

Thank you, Penny Arcade.

HereticPB said...

8 hours 3 mins 30 secs

Fedboy said...

it is for X1K :S

Anonymous said...


mattisdada said...

ATI HAS relised what the count down was, for people who didnt work it out, the count down was for there NEW graphics card, the 1800XL(or sumtin like that) its has 512MB and 600mhz.

Hopefully the revo will be using something like this, but it would bring up the price ALOT, seeing that its aimed to be $523(Australian or Amircna)

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