Friday, October 21, 2005

Good news galore

Hello and welcome once again to my blog. Thanks especially for sticking around now that I don´t have the time tp update daily. But the wait has been worth it. There´s plenty good news around.

First of all, Game Informer apparently confirmed that Hideo Kojima is busy working on a Revolution title - and it´s not Metal Gear. The news is not yet on the magazine´s website. But various news sites carry the story. Remember, this is the man that brought us ´Boktai´ for the Gameboy Advance. Kojima loves innovation and I am sure he will eat up the Revolution (pun intended - remember Kojima comparing the new consoles to food?)

Secondly, Time Magazine has voted the Nintendo Revolution as one of the ´5 New Things That Will Blow Your Mind´, along with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and IBM's Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Translator. Good company. Thanks to IGN for the story.

There you go: Plenty good news.

EDIT Concerning Hideo Kojima, this is his English blog, fresh off the PR newswire. There will be no exclusive info on upcoming projects I fear. But remember where you saw the link first ;)


Falafelkid said...

I just found out that some of you posted comments on these two stories on the last post. Sorry. Next time, I´ll read the new comments first before posting new stuff.

Anonymous said...

I would go ahead and post it anyway. Most of the time I don't read the comments. That is just me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anyway. :)
Keep up the good work, I'm sure we all appreciate here.

I have high expectations about this project by Kojima. The guy's got a big mouth, but he knows his job. He managed to innovate with the pretty ordinary hardware that is the GBA. With the potential of the Revolution controller, I'm sure he will deliver.

Gamephoria said...

Actually, Revolution Report got the TIME story nearly a day ahead of IGN. Careful where you look there. ;)

huangsho said...

when will you stop doing copy&paste of the different pages???

pi said...

He say "form Time" and have "fake" link ... so I belive it and post in That time ...

Really sorry. T-T

NZ GUY said...

I just want to know what sort of game it will be and it kills me to thing i might have to wait for E3 to find out.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Gamephoria: Thanks for putting the record straight. All I can do, though, is quote from the source I find first. If they do not link to the original source, I just don´t know. Of course, I´m all the more eager to set the record straight in those cases. Again, thanks.

Secondly, my dear huangsho, it seems you still have a bit to learn. Copy and paste is what almost everyone does in this fact, fiction and rumour mill that is the Nintendo Revolution community. All the time. I simply try to quote my sources properly, something a lot of sites don´t do. You shouldn´t assume that a story with no cited source is original.

In fact, you will get significantly more original information from me here than on most blogs, because I am actually in the industry. I have inside information, as well as a lot of journalistic experience. I was the first person to interview Pablo Belmonte. I broke developer comments about the Revolution. Remember the Molyneux says "Don´t underestimate Nintendo" quote? And Naka saying "You will be pleasantly surprised." Again, me. Just a few of many examples.

I´m not flaming, but please read my blog first before making accusations like that. Because you are simply wrong.

Shoxware Games said...

At least this is the place, where we can get serious Revolution information. you all should be a little bit more thankful for that.

I mean, like falafelkid said, look at some other blogs. like that one... err... well, i don't recall the link, but he said that these following games are in development for Revolution... (subtitles!!!)

Super Super Mario
Zelda a link to a link (!)
Soul Blade Hyper Viper

and much more like that.

I think this blog should be one of those "teh visor is real, BELIEVE!!!!!!!!" :-)) Just kidding!
Keep it up!

Googleplexer said...

To add to the good news, IGN just posted an article with quotes from many famous Japanese developers. All are positive and most show that the developers are interested in creating games. (I don't have the link, but it was just posted so it should be easy to find.)

Anonymous said...

Here it is :

Good news indeed.

Anonymous said...

4ColorRebellion Avoid at all costs please, for your own sake.

Having worked with the guy who owns and runs the 4cr blog, i can say that ONE he is an asshole and an idiot and TWO all the stories posted on 4cr are taken from other sites without credit. The very few original articles on the site are written by people who are simply not gamers, they are people who have recently got into gaming.

I would not normally say this about people, its unfair to slag everyone off, but 4cr is one of those really bad sites that gets attention way too much.

Falafelkid said...

Thank you for sharing your feelings, anonymous. From the way you worded your criticism, it seems to me that you have genuine reasons to feel the way you do. I also assume that it really is unlike you to slag people off. So thanks for sharing this with us. To my knowledge, 4cr was virtually unheard of until the revolution rumour mill started to turn. There is a number of sites who benefitted greatly from the web hysteria. Without judging their quality, Moz La Punk is another.

Anonymous said...

4cr was getting quite well known thanks to Nick getting help from a lot of his online acquaintances. He then employed some incredibly immature people to manage certain aspects of his blog.

The result was an awful lot of stolen ideas and stolen articles. With insults and much much worse ( some very sick things) being thrown from his 'staff'. Nick screwed over most of his online freinds at this point

Nick became a complete idiot and stopped crediting news and article sources at all. I found this disgusting, and i stopped reading, visiting and helping 4cr, and i have never spoken to him again.

Sadly, as you say, recently they have had a load of attention, and it has all been for stolen articles/rumors. I know this because some of them were written by me.

They are the type of people who will claim something is theirs, when it clearly isnt, and sadly they get away with it most of the time. Mainly because their audience is ignorant casual gamers.

As i said, i would not slag them off normally, but i do not want good people like yourself linking to them as an original source of information, not because the info is bad, but because it simply didnt come from the 4cr staff. Crediting them is a very ironic and sad practice, given that their whole site is based on stealing news and articles from other sites.

Im telling you this simply to make it clear why i suggested you dont link to them, not to insult them.

- Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

For those skeptical about the controller :

Thunder Emperor said...

R580 Details Emerge

After speaking with several AIBs today, we have some confirmation that Foxconn already has design kits for ATI's R580 socket. Pipe and clock information for R580 is still not firm, so we will not comment on that at this moment. However, your ATI video card will most likely come with a socket flip chip from ATI. Unlike the NVIDIA socket prototype we commented about yesterday, the R580 socket is geared specifically for a PCIe graphics adaptor, rather than a motherboard-housed GPU socket.

However even with a dedicated socket, graphic card memory would still need to be soldered onto the board. The narrow tolerances of GPU memory would not allow for a DIMM-like solution. ATI's newest R520 GPU already advertises support for a wide range of memory products, including memory that has not even been announced yet.

Vendors tell us R580 is some ways away, so don't expect anything between now and CeBit. However, now that ATI's XBOX 360 project is winding down, expect the company to utilize more resources for R580, Crossfire and the Xpress chipset in the coming weeks.

AEGIA might have a run for it's money if ATI has anything to say about it. One AIB commented today that the idea of a dedicated scalar mathematics processor for game physics could already be replicated on ATI's R520 series silicon, although drivers for such a project only exist in R+D departments (the vendor wouldn't let us have them, we tried). The idea of offloading math to a GPU is not a new idea; many projects exist for Linux for this already. However, the indication we had was that ATI could actually do physics calculations on the card with the graphics processing simultaniously -- the bandwidth is already there. AEGIA's physics processor has already been delayed well into Q2 next year.

this could be the kind of chio set the rev migth have considering, the r580 was finished months ago. so this could work well.

Falafelkid said...

Thanks for the news, everyone. Interesting stuff there, Thunder_Emperor. I have alittle off-topic info. Sony has just announced that they will miss the world´s biggest computer fair, the CeBit in Hanover, next year. This is most likely a move to save money. Sony had recently announced lay-offs of 10.000 people until March 2008. It really looks like the chicken is coming home to roost... Years of aggressive pricing and marketing in the console area may have simply cost too much. Expecially now that they have lost their two old core markets: The Walkman has been superceded by the iPod and the Triniton tube has been superceded by flatscreens. If the PlayStation is the next one to be overtaken, the former giant Sony could very soon be bankrupt.

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