Monday, October 31, 2005

++100th post++ A mobile Revolution? ++100th post++

Yes, it´s my 100th post. I would like to thank everyone for staying with me this long and contributing to this site. Personally, I would like to thank - in no particular order - HereticPB, sssd, Thunder_Emperor, RobotPlague, Shoxware_Games, iMoron, Matt, MetalDave, AkiraRastaMan, Raphael, Jay, Mr.Nintendo, Revaen, DlphnMod, Kraid, Nomadx469, Product_Number_18, Ben, Witness_the_Revolution, Dos, Dan_Smith, Dahila, DarkenedJib, Kydd, RawMeatCowboy, CountChocula, TruthSeeker, Blogging sucks t3h p33nz0r, Fihu, WhiteDragon33, MSG, Phalanx, Geof, Sage and Blegh, who left the very first comment. Also Stabby, Lectoid, Googleplexer, Derek, Brian, EgyptianPirate, DJ, Dreamcloud, Runnin_Blue, Niwre, HJ, Swiggy, not_that_anonymous and all those anonymous posters who have also contributed greatly. I am sorry if I have left anyone out. I am sure I may have to extend that list. I don´t want to single out the people I have actually become close friends with. You know who you are and I thank you most of all.

EDIT I am so sorry! How could I forget you guys? NZ_Guy, Go_Phoenix and Pi.

Now down to business. In fact, down to Business Week. They have interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto and he has said something very awkward. Please read:
In the future, what do you think video games will be like?

It's convenient to make games that are played on TVs. But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn't the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that.
This comment is very intriguing, since the Revolution´s size really would suggest that it is meant to become the first portable home console, albeit a contradiction in terms. This is what I feel fuels the rumours about a visor of sorts the most and because of it, I myself have never really been able to refute such rumours. This is why I have asked Jim Merrick quite frankly about the Revolution´s size, whether it will be portable and, if so, what kind of screen could be used on the road. I have not yet received his answers but expect them within a day or two and will add them to this post. I just felt that I should post Miyamoto´s statement now, so you get the news as soon as possible. Stay with me for the update. Once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog and will do so in the future.

Source: Business Week

Thanks to: Product_Number_18


pn18 said...

gratz :D

sssd said...

It's funny, if Miyamoto had ended the comment with something like "but that's something for the future" it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. However, since he says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore, it's almost as though it is actually a consideration for the revolution.

And that's coming from someone who, as you know, has not been pro-visor or portable revolution.

There is definitely some exciting news on the way from Nintendo, whatever the Revolution may be.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats! Here's to 100 more! I've been following your site for many months and yours was the one of a few that actually stayed level headed during all of the mystery surrounding the controller and other rumors. Congrats again Mr. Falafelfid!

And about Mr. Miyamoto's comment...very, very interesting. I know they are still holding a few big secrets. Lets hope one of them has something to do with this!

Falafelkid said...

Hi sssd. Glad to have you back here and thank you again for all your input in the past. You´re quite right about Miyamoto. And I very much hope that Merrick can tell us a little bit more. I am only expecting the tiniest of hints at the most, of course. But that would be exciting enough already.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. Thank you for your comments and your input over the months. It really seems that we´re in for more surprises, of whatever kind. Let´s wait and see if Merrick tells us any more...

Anonymous said...

Remember what Yoichi Wada said...
Damn this is strange.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was another one of those quotes that got lost in all the other rumors floating around. He said it was between a console and a portable. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

First off, Congrats. I have always loved you guys ever since the first time I laid I on you.

Great Times.......Great Times. Anyway, great news to hear.

Secondly, this interview is something that I can keep with the things to remember(along with the Revolution Controller Video).


Anonymous said...

wow. i think that myiamoto just nearly confirmed that there could be something HUGE we really don´t know yet. and the visor just fits perfetly when you read that. and the last line must indicate that this "vision" of myiamoto has something to do with revolution, even if its only the first step that they take with "getting the game out of the tv"...

Anonymous said...

He told us so...

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this for a while and I think some glasses with 2 lasers that beams the image in each eye may be a possibility. What do you think about this, falafelkid? Is this kind of medium cheaper than glasses with built-in LCD screens?

Pikachu0071 said...
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when Brooke Burgess from Broken Saints made all those comments speculating that Nintendo may have some sort of "inexpensive, roll out, screen" that you could sort of put on your wall?

He kept refering to it as a "Nintenscroll" (NOTE: it isn't called the nintenscroll, and we don't know if this thing even exists.. calling it a nintenscroll though better helps you understand how it would roll out and roll up and how it might look).

The purpose of the screen would to do some kind of 3D projection-ish tricks or something. This is where many of the rumors of 'stereoscopic 3D' came from I'd imagine.

also, i'd just like to throw this out.. it would be helpful if some people could get together and try and collect many of the quotes surrounding nintendo's next system from pretty much the time rumors started surfacing about their continued partnership with NEC (it was first rumored that NEC, not IBM, would design the Revolution's CPU). I myself have tried to scour the net for these, but the search engines are very cluttered and it's a difficult task to pinpoint information that's relevant.

Pikachu0071 said...
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Pikachu0071 said...

YAY!Congratulations *throws confetti up in the air*

Rashid Dar said...

Wow, this seems like this could be something big...

Y'know, I've always wanted to play games on an IMAX screen. Maybe this could be like it...

A portable home console...a system you can play anywhere in the house. That Square comment makes sense now, not a console, not a portable...

When you think about it, if this portable-ness is true, then the reason as to why Nintendo chose wifi makes complete sense! Brilliance, I say.

Anonymous said...

Does somebody else notice something strange about the controller?

It's about the top where there is this kind of InfraRed...

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, there are rumors going around that the Rev has been showed in a software engineering school. What are your thoughts about it?

"Our school of software engineering is known to get Dev kets pretty much as soon as possible. I attended a very hush hush seminar too which had some guys from semi-popular game companies where some person from who could have been from Nintendo tried to stimulate new ideas and new thinkings for games. Nintendo are really trying to get high-rate creative games on the Revolution, seemingly.

My guess is that not all the companies who attended will be developing games for the Revolution.
Also worth noting is that there was a lot of designers- graphic, web, print, etc who attended. This has been the first seminar I attended like this so I don't know if this is the norm. Maybe they're just interested in jumping into game developing I don't know.


I know as much about specs as you do. But from what I gathered at the seminar it seems that Nintendo are just saying make your games as powerful as you want. Like I said though, most of these companies probably wont be developing games, maybe just demos, testing the system itself?
Which also leads me to believe that the Rev dev kit must be quite cheap if companies can afford to buy it and not produce a game.
Power wise; its probably going to be a beast. all this $99/£60 rumours are rubbish, unless Nintendo have made a super CPU that doesn't cost the earth. I think it'll be launched at £130-150 in the UK. I just wished they showed us a working model or actual ingame screenshots!


hmmm... JTC. at the seminar there was a little speak about forums and rumours online. Nintendo are just laughing at guys like you, at least one of the speakers was laughing. Trust me in that I know nothing more than you, but to hear somebody saying that the rumour people and the "power" they want just shows their own problems and that you don't really know anything.
Nothing on the internet is anonymous. If you do know anything then you have read their NDA, therefore you will know the consequences.

There was a fully working demo unit at the seminar. nothing more than the TGS though. or is that all i can say because of the NDA? Wink... actually. that is all I know. And that I was sat next to some pretty wacky game designers.


We had another seminar today. But without a NoE speaker, just a guy who was told what to say. Even more developers turned up too. If this thing becomes regular than I think they'd have to spread the seminar over 2 sessions to cope with the turn out!
From what I gathered the Rev's rumoured release dates have been planned. Especially from speaking from a few developers who have said they have games well and truly in the works, the games are really progressing.

Also, I think there will be downloadable games much like Flash games on your PC/Mac. Games that are no more than a few MB that use the Rev's features. A lot of people are making little things like that. although that may not happen, there will probably be DVD's you can get loaded with these games.

There has been no mention of a launch date, but my guess is that it will be sooner than we think. Remember Nintendo said that the DS was launched a year early. I can only assume the Rev will do too.


I attended another seminar on Friday, this time with an even bigger audience. To those saying the Rev will not be that powerful, heh. you'll be surprised. We got a look at some tech demos of Nintendo running in real time and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Comparable to those Xbox360 and PS3 videos out there. There is to be one final seminar, probably where Nintendo will tell developers their limits (medium size, CPU+GPU power etc.). Which should be very interesting.
So glad I went to a university that values software engineering.


security is pretty tight. You cant take your bags in with you. some guys have probably smuggled phone cameras in but I've heard nothing, and I don't have a camera phone!

The next one is either next Wednesday or next Friday. I forget which Smile the dates have not been consistent.

If you don't believe me its alright. After all through the NDA I pretty much cant say anything to anyone. Its a relief going into the seminar before the speeches so I can actually speak to people under the same NDA in quiet conditions! Besides I might not know anything of real value? I can safely say that there were a lot of studios and designers at the seminar, that much isn't covered by the NDA. I can say that the only things I've seen so far are concepts and small tech demos. No Rev Zelda or anything! Razz

They've said nothing about public announcements yet. The seminars are just about exciting up developers. Like I said, theres only 1 more to go and nothing from Nintendo has been shown so far. I doubt there will be too Sad


I attended the final seminar yesterday, It was pretty monumental too. Lasted about 3 hours (usually about half that!).

I *strongly* do not believe there will be a visor. Most certainly not infact. It's just not happening in this gen. Maybe Nintendo have a secret plan to release it in a couple of years? But from what Nintendo expect developers to produce does not seem like something that would use a VR helmet.
We got to see a few Nintendo games too, 2 from HAL and 1 from Nintendo themselves. Silicon Knights are seemingly throwing tantrums. They are not going for smaller games at all. There is a belief though for game studios to work on lots of little games and bundle them together on a single disc. A new 'Home Arcade' way of playing. They will be a lot cheaper than the big games too. Don't know if I can say this but the Twilight Princess seems to be a route of gaming they want to stay down. Not kiddy, not adult. This must be the new angle they are after; non-demographic gaming.

We also got specs! I'm not a spec sort of guy but going off the reactions of the guys there it was something special. And going off that I don't believe in a cheap price tag. Not with the things this machine is capable of. Which also leads me to believe HD will be possible, they were cloudy on the issue. Its good they announced it this late though; its a common technique used in design. Get an idea of what you want regardless of what tools you have to work with which takes out restrictions. These speeds have a very high ceiling for developers.

Oh and we had security guards kick out 14 people from sneaking cameras and voice recorders in! Fools!"

source: (scroll down to Oct 10, 2005, 7:48 AM)

Anonymous said...

I don´t think the size of Revo involves a portable system. GC is also tiny and even has a handle!.

On the other side, I think the rumours about some special way of displaying games must contain some truth. Not beeing exactly a portable system, but allowing some kind of "portable viewing".

Anyway, the intention of this comment is just to send congratulations to and thanks Falafelkid for his 100th post (maybe you remember me as the creator of the Nintendo Resolution logo...ha-ha...).


Thunder Emperor said...

congrats falafelkid, great blog site. you have been informative and honest with you report. whatelse can you expect for a real jornalist lol. but good work, will always be here to contribute. thanks from all of us you mentioned on your post.

to shiggy's statment, i agree with sssd seams like that was a suggestion for the rev, or might be an add on in the future that will totally seperate the rev and nintnedo from the rest of the pack.

as for Jimmy boy he also stated in his recent spanish interview that, developers have kits now close to final specs and graphics will be similar, also stated that some port games liek fifa will get added features like placing corners with the wand, sporting free-kicks and dribbling with the wand. soounds good and interesting indeed

Anonymous said...

How expensive would it be to make special glasses with 2 lasers that beam the image in each eye? Are there any cheaper possibilities for making real 3D?

Anonymous said...

VR device are rumor. Again ... nintendo on is really good. I been see something look like revolution in pass too.

I see this pic at about 16/5
And this pic in the same set

Maybe it's befor finish ... or revolution beta.

Hope if this real. Please not too expensive.

Fletcher said...

Yeah! Good job buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SG007 is at it again.

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone and thanks for the kind comments. Here´s some info on retinal display tech that Product_Number_18 just gave me:

I still have to read them to have an opinion on this. But all I know at this time is that high-tech tends to seem to expensive to implement in mass-market products, but often is not. Read my older posts ´The price of the future´, parts 1 & 2 for that, if you haven´t already.

pn18 said...


falafelkid already has a revolution.
above the PC-monitor oO

(and no, he hasn't red hair)

Anonymous said...

Hey seriously guys forget about the helmet, forget about visors.... And think reasonably. Why has Nintendo been so secret about it? Think about the secret about the wand and think clearly: NOBODY KNEW SKWAT ABOUT IT and nobody came even close to guessing what it looked like or how it functioned. And it goes the same for this one... Trust nintendo, there coming out with something crazy, something that works, and most of all, something THAT APPEALS TO PEOPLE. Nobody exept hardore gamers like us would want to put a visor on their head and have a friggin' laser shooting Metroid prime directly onto our retinas, it won't happen. Just wait and see.

By the way, FalafelKid, bravo! Its been a year since I'm around checking for news about revo and youve been at it with precision, authenticity and exclusivity. Cheers *throws confetti on his desk*

Anonymous said...

i dont think it is something to do with the revolution but the next one, there is always a next generation.

Anonymous said...


I think your site isn`t just a revolution-blog like many others, because

1. you have exclusive news from insiders,

2. you are a journalist, but also write from the point of view of a nintendo-gamer,

3. you haven`t told bullshit (yet)! ;-)

I hope that you aren`t going to delete this site, if the revolution comes out (or later)!

Even without weekly posts, it would be nice, to discuss with some `on-gamers´ here! ;-)

Regarding the news, I don`t believe that it`s going to be a portable revolution, `cause you wouldn`t have a `remote-style-control´!

But on the other hand it would even be nice without that feature!

Anonymous said...

SG007 needs to get a life...I can't believe that guy has all that time to make all that up.

Jason said...

I am listed first in a non-specific order wow.

Congrats Falafelkid.

From what I have read and I am hearing is there is more information on Revolution and people are becoming less restricted in speaking about it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job on your blog! yay!

I remember reading about a foldable LCD screen a couple years ago that acted like a piece of cloth. I don't know if the revolution will involve this type of technology, but it would be interesting if it did.

I don't know how much it has progressed since I last heard of it, but just a quick search produced these links:

Seems that Sony is interested with this idea.

Anonymous said...

Well SG007 once said that he liked writing stories in his spare time. That must be true. The guy tells incredible amounts of bullshit, but I wish I had his awesome writing skills.
I remember one of his posts that you could read normally and from the bottom to the top without changing the meaning. I was quite impressed by how he managed to do that.

Anonymous said...

I don`t know if you know this interview with Jim Merrick (Marketing Director of Nintendo of Europe)!

source (spanish):

translation (german):

About revolution:

-the USB Wi-Fi-adapter of the DS is compatible with revolution

-the revolution is going for a global debut (he says in the worse case it would be within 14 weeks)

-for multiplayer-sessions (like with the DS) only one gamer needs a game (> he don`t said: "ever")

-an european gamer can download classik games from different (for example us-) servers (...and so on)

-N64-games only have an improved framerate

-NINTENDO isn`t going to show us revolution-games in 2005

-there wouldn`t be dramatical differences between revo-graphics and XBox360-/PS3-graphics

Metaldave said...

Long live this blog! Congrats!

Jim Merrick says that the Revolution will be pretty much just as powerful as the Xbox360 and PS3. Thats kinda different from what that secret developer said about having to "tone down" the graphics for the ports to Revolution. I choose to believe Jim since he is actually FROM Nintendo.

Anonymous said...

Would you rather pay $100-$200 for a visor with depth perception and 3D motion control built in or anywhere between $2000-$12000 for a stationary HD screen that drains the power of the system making it difficult to maintain framerates when developing games.

Anonymous said...

anyone hear of oled(organic light emiting diod) i dont think nintendo would use this tech, as its not really consumer yet, but could def be used in the future. You can basically print a screen onto anything as long as it has an electronic substraight, its very cheap, and you could actually have diods that are not on. So instead of like regular tvs where every pixel is on, even if it black, this could have pixels that are off, to creat true blacks, and much highercontrast ratios. It is a pretty cool tech. Just thought I would bring it up

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafelkid great site, it seems to be picking up some steam on the net. Based on your comments, I was wondering if you're going to have a Q&A w/Jim Merrick. Are you planning on asking him about 3D support? Once again, great site, congradulations on your 100th post and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The reason I'm starting to believe in this portable Rev stuff is due to an old quote of Miyamoto's.

When asked why the Rev doesn't have an ethernet port and is only wifi enabled he stated that he thinks it would be hard to run an ethernet cable to the Rev because of where it'll be situated in the home.

What the hell that means is anyone's guess.

Cheers for giving me a mention Falafelkid and congratulations. I truly love your site, it is very insightful reading and I too hope that you don't stop posting after the Rev's release as your blog will be greatly missed.

Here's to 100 more!

Anonymous said...

to : Metaldave
1. Revolution will be pretty much just as powerful as the Xbox360 and PS3.

- Yes , Revolution will. It used Ati R520 (or R500) that run better (or same) than Xbox360 ... for cpu revolution have less speed but it will not effect cause gpu work better than cpu on graphic so picture will same

2. developer said about having to "tone down" the graphics for the ports to Revolution.

- Yes , If revolution don't run on HDtv. It better to reduce picture , video and/or mapping (eg. think about picture size 1024*768 and picture size 640*840 show on resolution 640*480 both will look same) . But if gpu run same speed on revolution developer can add more effect to the picture. also if you don't have HDtv revolution can make better picture in the way of effect. (eg. If you play game like doom3 and framerates too low you can turn off effect or reduce resolution)

and ... we also need to forget about visor or VR it may too expensive even now. ... but also good as an option.

... Now I think about 3d movie. It's Not expensive and Not look too frighten. But it just too easy to copy.

Any other ideal ?

Nomadx469 said...

Congrats! Falafelkid, keep up the good work.

My take(speculation) is that AR is what they would use. Argumented Reality can "fill an entire room" and make the controller a bat like in the demo @ TGS or a sword like Links.

This looks perfect for the controller because it would be able to interact will any
3d object you can see.

The small size of the Revo is to be able to have it on you like a strap of some sort to be able to hook up special glasses because u won't need to stream video to them. These features would probly be a add on and not needed so no need to intimidate eveyone else. AGAIN only my speculation

Anonymous said...

Remember what Iwata said...I think it was at the last E3. That the technology they will be using for the revolution will not be new, its something that has been used today but not applied to video games. So the controller is not it, the flash memory is not it, the downloadable content is not what is this technology he speaks of...I have yet to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

falafelkid, you are my nicotine to the to the fag of the internet, and your blog is the tar which sticks to me with every breath.
but as you may have noticed I did not give you a capital F for lieveing me of the list thing which i know is a little harsh but somthing had to be done. I was always reading but didnt post coz i didnt know how.

shut up

you did come through for me being the one gem in my craptastic efforts at a google search.
kapie bro kapie (maori for good shit)

Scott Wadham

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. *mops up confetti* Thank you... *sobs* ...for all the kind wishes. If the internet would allow this kind of thing, I´d be handing out silly hats, slush puppies and butter tarts now. No, seriously. Thanks ever so much, people.

@ NZ_Guy, Go_Phoenix and Pi: I knew this would happen. But not necessarily to such regular contributors who have been here almost from day one. Sorry, guys. I have updated the post. Just remember that I´m 32 and things start going slightly downhill then ;P

Oh, and Scott (NZ_Guy): Wow, that´s pretty impressive beatnik style poetry there (or whatever that may be called). May only ever the stickiest tar slide slowly down your tubes and into the lungs to stay and fester there forever. ;P

@ product_number_18: Wow, good photoshop skills there, buddy! And yes, everyone, that actually is me. But it´s both old and crappy. So don´t think I look like that in real life.

@aquanature: Interesting stuff, there. Thanks. There is some srious development on this pushed by Fujitsu. Check this URL for an image:

There is a good newspaper article here:,16539,1590312,00.html

The only reservation I have about this is that technologies like this one tend to be very expensive when they are still so new. Mind you, that is what I said about stereoscopic 3D projection until I did some research on this. So I wouldn´t want to rule anything out. However, my main reservation on any portable screen is the size. You just could not use that controller on a small screen. I don´t know. I´m confused. But good find, thanks!

@ stabby: Wow. Thanks for digging that up. I wish that guy had named the school, so we could verify that story. My first guess was ´No way have they taken that hardware to a school or university´. But if it´s only the kind of setup they showed to a few select journalists at TGS, then it´s a possibility. They may want to take on board designers who have not thought about doing games - like web or flash people - seeing they may also want to encourage new types of minigames. But I still believe there is something about the Revolution that Nintendo is keeping wraps on. And they definitely did not show that at that school. Since the guy isn´t claiming that, it could be true. It´s a far cry from such ridiculous accounts like SG007´s... *shudders*

Falafelkid said...

Oh, and Nomadx469: Hi, I almost forgot to say: Good job bringing AR back into the debate. This is quite close to what may be hinted at in those comments. It´s funny how this blog started with discussing this type of tech and now comes back to it. After that research back then, I am confident enough to say: It´s affordable, it´s akin to games and it´s a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, do you know what what was the original language of Jim Merrick's interview ? Because some sites are updating their news, claiming there was a mistranslation, and that there actually is no chat functionality at all for Mario Kart DS. I'd like to make sure that there aren't any other mistakes on Rev related things.

Falafelkid said...

Hi. I don´t know for sure, but I thought he only spoke English. That´s the language I sent him my question, even though it was through Nintendo Germany (or NoE, I should say).

Shoxware Games said...

thanks, falafelkid. your blog is really awesome. i love, reading some revo news on your site.

but -- back to business --

i really don't think, that miyamoto's vision of the huge screen is related to the revolution.
i think technology like this is way too expensive at the moment, and wouldn't fit into nintendo's philosophy right now.

maybe we can expect it as a peripheral some time later, but i guess it won't be includet at the launch.

Falafelkid said...

Well, it could relate to a technolkogy like Augmented Reality... but you are right: we shouldn´t get our hopes up too high...

MR.Nintendo said...
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MR.Nintendo said...

Congratulations! The 100th from the best Revolution site.

Hehh, feel the same, probably the statement means that the "visor thing" which was laughed at by many ones, is somehow connected.

The Sony Walkman was extremely popular for introducing portable music. It uses stereo earphones which provide immersive enjoyment to the owner.

Hopefully Nintendo Revolution could bring Television gaming into the portable era. The visor functions similarly to the earphones--stereoscopic vision. We do not need expensive HDTVs for playing high quality games. Visor alone enables excellent visual and portability.

Draygon said...
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Draygon said...


Einer der wenigen Revolution Blogs der nicht von einem Wahnsinnigen geschrieben wird^^

@Miyamotos statement
Maybe the next Console ist like the Holodeck from Star Trek ^^

Anonymous said...

aber was bedeutet das jetzt mit diesem multiplay mit nur einer dauert schon auf meinem DS ne ewigkeit, bis ich das spiel auf den anderen DS übertragen habe.wie soll ich mir dasn dann beim Revolution vorstellen?

Anonymous said...

Draygon, you're starting to sound like SeriousGamer007. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thanks for remembering me! Although I don't post on here as much as I did (really busy lately) I still visit it daily and read every update. This has been an excellent source for news and hopefully it'll stick around once everything is revealed. I know a lot of us really appreciate and respect your opinion. Best of luck, take care.

Draygon said...

hehe, just let me dream ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats from me as well. This site and the trio Revolution Report/GAF/Beyond3D and you won't miss a single Revolution news. Well I don't post here usually, but be assured that I'm an avid reader. :)

I don't expect a visor soon, would be just too revolutionary. :) But regarding what Miyamoto said, could it mean that Nintendo is interested in Geocaching? It works like a paper chase, but uses GPS devices. Look it up at

Anonymous said...

Congrats Falafelkid, your Blog is definatly the best ive come across about the Revolution, i've been checking it almost daily for news and other info that youve gotten your hands on before the big guys, plus this is only rev blogg ive seen that isnt full of Bull shit, ive been commenting a bit here and there in this blog as well, keep up the good work,

and for that Miyamoto comment, it has me quite confused as he is definatly hinting at something, and though it does sound like some kind of VR or AR i just dont see that happening just yet though it would be cool, well a few more months and i'm sure we'll know jus about everything

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just remember. In this blog some one been tell about go to place in tells. If any one remember. Could you copy it here ?

If I remember correct. he say some thing about houseing. And in this post Shigeru Miyamoto say some thing about room. ....

Maybe revolution can't play out door. Do you think so?

So ... Maybe it isn't a visor.

Both gba or ds just have something like multimedia player. But revoultion don't. some one even say we don't wish to make it.

Maybe Revolution have his own output. but picture is not as good as tv.

can't play out door .... picture is not as good as tv.

Any other ideal ?

Anonymous said...

gratz falafelkid! been reading you blog for a long time now and it makes me happy to hear that you aren't in any way giving up your enthusiasm! :)

now about the revolution expanding it's format (the tv).. do you guys remember that tv-show synopsis from this summer? i think it was supposed to be aired in australie or something about people chasing eachother around in sydney or something.. do you guys think the revolution can have something to do with that?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the... well thanks. I remember hearing that we were supposed to hear more big news in October. Guess that's a bust.

Anonymous said...

Well, we got some info in October.
It was DS related for the most of it, but we also got lots of details about the Nintendo WiFi Connection.

Anonymous said...


is that video showing some sort of greenscreen/sony eyetoy kind of thing where a camera picks up ur movment and different textures and puts them on the screen? or is that soem sort of realy advannced holographic stuff? sry this may be a stupid question, but its jsut been bugging me

Kraid said...

Congrats for your blog and thanks for remembering me !
I guess I'll also bring my part of the puzzle.

Remember this ?

Who knows...

Anonymous said...

Cheers Falafelkid! thanks for the thanks!

Congrats on your 100th post too!

why credit me though :) what did i do *brain forgets*

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Falafelkid! This site has been instrumental in debunking rumors and uncovering tidbits concerning the Revolution. And your exclusives have rivaled those of any gaming source, period. Congratulations!

Miyamoto continues to drop hints about portability of some sort. What could it be? As unlikely as an alternative display sounds, you simply cannot have a portable console without a portable screen.

AR is a growing possibility. Would it really be that hard to implement? With a camera add-on, and dedicated software, its definitely possible. Not to mention that the controller seems custom made for an AR set up. Hmmm...

Anyway, Congratz Falafel!

Anonymous said...

seeing as the comments are getting more and more off topic, i was just wondering what Germans do about WW2 games?
be kind im just a confused adalesent.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of somthing, its alredy in use today, it explaines why the rev is tilted and its affordable (i guess). A data projecter! i rember falafelkid saying in one of his postes that he thought the tilting might be because of a 3d projection, but it could be simpiler hence the data projecter. Its possable in almost all elements appart from possable the most important one, is it revolutionary. maby not but if used it would be in a revolutionary way, in the console itself, plus this would do away with all the HD winging and moaning.

Nomadx469 said...

To anonymous @ 12:47,

That is called "Augmented Reality". AR is Virtual Reality's sister.

Go here for AR definition:

AR Topics:

Jason said...

Good God stop with the VR helmets and Projection.

Miyamoto was talking about the future of Gaming not presently or the near future. He wants to move beyond the TV such as Portable, board games, and beyond.

Anonymous said...

projection isnt even classed with the same sort of insanity as a helmet, its just a data projecter nothing scary there. just a simple substitute for a tv that can be made any size depending on the placement. people alredy rig consols up to them so to build it in wouldnt be so hard.

Anonymous said...

Not hard, but it IS expensive.

Anonymous said...

RGB said...

Why come here when you get inside info from Osoko Tanaka? hah that guy is a joke and I feel sorry for the guys who believe his shit.

This site has factual info and rumours which is good. Not bs crap from Osoko 'who aint Japanese nor a Nintendo employee/ex-employee' Tanaka.

Keep reporting kid. (even though ure 32, kid at heart)

Falafelkid said...

Hi ssj2119, hi everyone.

Thanks for bringing the Playbomb thing up. I have been doing a little bit of research and found out the following:

* Playbomb is a site run by Thought_Epiphany of Moz La Punk (and fake BMW helmet) fame and a guy called Xavic, who must be Kristopher Bailey of Oceanside, CA. More on this guy later.

* The site claims to be affiliated with Moz La Punk and Seriousgamer007´s blog. So that´s enough to discredit the whole thing alone.

* The domain is registered to Kristopher Bailey of Oceanside, CA. His email address is given as Seclude was an instant messenger, which seems defunct now. But you can go to his current homepage to find out that he is a small-time programmer, running some server maintenance and hosting.

* Another domain registered to the very same guy is that rumour of old which is obviously fake.

* One of the apparently leaked pictures makes use of the same controller pic found here: If these were real, why use old controller pics?

Who knows? This ridiculous fake may have provided us with some real news... Seriousgamer007´s identity. Will do some more research tonight. I´ll keep you posted. Oh, and stick around for my exclusive Merrick interview.

Falafelkid said...

Little addition:

* Thought_Epiphany´s real name is Kenton Bailey. I have seen a mail he sent to my friend product_number_18 and that´s the name given in the headline. Kenton and Kristopher could be brothers, I guess.

Anonymous said...

That's six letters.
Very likely, since SG007 used "------" to hide his name lately.

Falafelkid said...

Did he? Good find, anonym. Well, here we go. SG007 unmasked, I guess.

Falafelkid said...

Oh, and compare the starburst behind the logo of playbomb with that of Shenovacorporation. It´s the same.

Falafelkid said...

Another little info:

* Seriousgamer007´s new logo is hosted on

How amateurish is that?

Anonymous said...

In an interview with Dutch magazine [N]Gamer, Merrick is quoted as saying: “Regarding the specifications, we will probably never ‘release’ this information as we feel that it is largely irrelevant."

"While some of our competitors enjoy comparing specifications, it has little or nothing to do with how satisfied the consumers will be with the system and the games once they are released," he went on.

"I know people are hungry for information on Revolution and we respect and appreciate that, but we don’t want to contribute to the cloud of meaningless information that surrounds the next generation systems.”

Merrick said that the development of Revolution instalments in the Zelda, Mario, Metroid Prime and Smash Brothers series is "progressing well", and reaffirmed that not all games will use the "freehand" style remote controller alone - there's also the "classic-style expansion controller."

“This option is there for new games that will be created that are most suited to a traditional style of controller. We are not trying to say that the ‘traditional’ controller design is not valid, in fact Nintendo is responsible for most of the features that are found on today’s traditional controllers," Merrick pointed out.

Anonymous said...

"not all games will use the "freehand" style remote controller alone"

Does that confirm that the "classic style-expansion" will included in the revolution package?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it will. It could only cost them what? 5€ or something to produce the shell? (since most of the technology/functions will be included in the remote-controller).

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, how difficult is it to stop putting Moz La Punk in a bad daylight. Seriously, have you even VISITED the site in the past couple of, oh I don't know, months?

While you're STILL only trying to investigate rumours, Moz La Punk has grown into a succesful website with actual articles. The only time when they post rumours anymore is when something hits the media big time, and then they still tell their readers that they are rumours.

No disrespect and all, but for Moz La Punk you don't need a big barrel of salt at all compared to all other Revolution blogs...

Anonymous said...

I second that thing about Moz La Punk, Falafelkid.
By the way, would you mind updating those "ranks" you put on the other blogs ? Some of them are quite old. Maybe you'll want to get rid of some links, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Falafelkid, I was mistaken about the "------" thing. There are 7 of them actually. :|
But you're probably right anyway.

Anonymous said...

New rumor I just came upon about a portable screen for the Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Hey falafel kid you seem to be mistaken when it comes to Moz La Punk. Thw whole N-Game thing has long since past, and I havn't seen one piece of N-Game related news in a while... In fact to the best of my knowladge Moz is trying to write more about other things than the N-Game.

MLP has gone much the samw way as this blog, objectivly looking at rumours. most of the stuff now is news with a source, and articles looking at the general trend of the industry.

BTW the T-E stuff is proberbly fake. T-E is a great guy and all but he loves his fakes and is an expert in photoshopping...

Oh and by the way congrats on your 100th post :)

Anonymous said...

@ Babble:

WTF man.. Shigeru Miyamoto just said that he would get rid of a normal TV.. He really wants a 'customised' screen. He also said that he wouldn't talk about it much more...

This is just his theory but then in pictures :D

Love this theory man :)

Don't get me wrong.. I love the concept but think that it is fake...

What are your thoughts about it..? (anyone?)

sssd said...

Well, if Moz la Punk has suddenly gotten more sophisticated and respectable, Falafelkid isn't the only one who missed it. After all the junk they had on their a few months ago, I didn't see any reason to go back to it.

As for the visor, I still don't think it's going to happen. However, I did find it intresting to read this quote from Miyamoto in the Business Week article: "I also redesigned the Revolution's controller to look more like a regular TV remote..."

Pretty cool to see that he was the one to make this design decision!

Anonymous said...

I think you should give moz a new chance his site is difrent now. he dossent deserve the coment. take it whit a barel of salt.

looks nice



Anonymous said...

Well I suggest you, at least have a look at it...

Falafelkid said...

Hello people. No time, but I agree that the comment may have been unfair. I changed it to "some swear by it, some take it with a grain of salt", which is fair I guess. Remember that BMW motorcycle helmet thing with thought_epiphany? Well, that´s a long time ago, of course. But seeing that that guy seems to have teamed up with Seriousgamer007 (or indeed was him all along) should make us very hesitant about him, at least.

Anonymous said...


I don't think the revolution will be portable. However, i think we'll be able too access our Nes or Snes games with our DS trough WiFi services.
And when we'll save, the save will be stock in the Revolution.


Anonymous said...

i agree, anything associated with SG007 should not be trusted at all

Anonymous said...

Well sure the portable screen is fashinating, but the thing that really took my attenction it's the thing that is in the photo with the revolution's pad.. i recall that at the TGS 2005 the people who played with the revolution mentioned the fact that it was necessary to put in a tv that is used for playing with the revolution's controller a little thing that really seems to me the same as the picture of this fake... isn't it strange?

Anonymous said...

Hey look guys its a new nintendo patent, i think there could be something like a projector :

Thunder Emperor said...


do you know of this nintendo event tomorrow. and are you going to be attending.

Extremely short notice, and apologies if 99% of GAFers could care less about this desperate last-minute post... but if there are any German GAFers who can make it to Grossostheim for around midday tomorrow (Nov 3) for a Nintendo event that lasts all day, then please PM me. I can't get ahold of any of our regular German contacts and if you have some sort of preview-writing / reporting experience then this could be totally for you. Please PM me if you are interested. There is nothing Revolution-related, before anything asks. ;-)

Thanks muchly.

from a posted at gaming-age forums

Thunder Emperor said...

woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

100th posted on falfelekids 100th blog.

i feel very special

Anonymous said...

And I'm the one posting the 101th comment now ;-).

Congrats falafelkid. I've never posted a comment before but I am one of the people who check back daily for any updates and snippets of revolution info. Your blog seriously is one of the best in general. Keep it up.
PS: Darf man fragen, für welches Medium du als Journalist arbeitest und wo? Ich bin einfach nur neugierig :-)

Anonymous said...

Ergänzung: ... und sag jetzt bitte nicht für 9Live, sonst bricht bei mir eine Welt zusammen ;-))

pn18 said...

nö, für DSF ab 21:00

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted that Nintendo patent above...WOW!

It seems like this is where they got the idea for that fake mock-up over at Playbomb.

Shoxware Games said...

Ich glaube, Falafelkid arbeitet für RTL2, bin mir aber nicht sicher!

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafelkid!

I'm Moz, head ed of Moz La Punk (oh reaally), and I just want to comment you and your writers for adjusting your written opinion about the website/blog I'm running. Of course it's entirely up to you how you choose to show Moz La Punk to your readers, that's what so great about the right to say whatever you want, press freedom, but in my opinion some remarks weren't really based on anything. Things like the helmet as you refer to often were made by forum members such as the creator of PlayBomb and are independent from our website, as we've never spread pictures or rumours of anything without telling our readers that they were merely rumours, nothing more.

As for PlayBomb, whether these pictures are true or not, I'm not going to dive into that, because again, I have nothing to do with it. However, you can see PlayBomb is an affiliate of us because the creator of the site is a steady visitor of both my website and my forum, and I consider him a good friend because of the discussions and conversations we had. Furthermore, becoming affiliates with him has created the opportunity for Moz La Punk visitors to win Mario Kart DS at his blog, a deal that should be enough to justify us becoming affiliates. Hope that clears things up a bit.

I know it's hard to put away pre-conceptions of things you might have - god knows I'm guilty of that too - but maybe you should at least see what's on offer right now on Moz La Punk - and look in the archives. We have a steady flow of well written, serious articles right now and while we were maybe a bit overly enthousiastic last E3 - which was justified in my opinion because we just started a few weeks and we got the world it's attention so fast - right after that we picked up with serious articles again. I dont want to ask you to become our biggest fan. But open your eyes a little, just as I've did with your blog.

What can I say in this 100th article of you, Falafelkid? Keep up the good work, I think that's the most justified and righteous thing to say. Hope to talk to you sometime, greetings from me.

Moz, head editor Moz La Punk

Anonymous said...

That "playbomb" is fake

the revolution we know have a dvd slot in short side. not this long side.

also projection device is too big to install in 3dvd box.

Anonymous said...

The revolution we know
more link (in that page)

more link i know. look at dvd slot.

Anonymous said...

go moz yeah go moz.. haha. today I discovert studying my clasical history what mono poply means it means one allot. somethimes you trip on a small joke like this one.

ok see you guys

Falafelkid said...

Hi Moz.

First of all, thank you kindly for your words. You had every right to flame, since I was clearly in the wrong here. So thank you for your understanding. You may remember that we were once in agreement about pretty much the same topic. I had been assuming that thought_epiphany was one of your editors. And seeing how he was behind the BMW motorcycle helmet hoax, I deduced that your entire blog had to be unreliable. I didn´t know better. But your comments and those from thought_epiphany himself put me right. The comments on the link list were a remnant of that time - and it was my mistake to not correct them. I apologize and, again, thank you for your understanding.

On a sidenote, though, I would like to ask you your opinion about Seriousgamer007. You and him are cited as affiliates of It´s obvious that he is personally running the site. Why did you agree to be an affiliate? Do you know who SG007 is? My guess is that thought_epiphany (who must be Kenton Bailey, I guess) actually is SG. If not, they are running that website together, which is registered through his brother Kristopher (I guess it´s his brother). The same person is the owner of the hoax, which was quiet obviously fake. So, if you would, what do you know about SG007 or the Bailey´s? I´m intrigued to know. And I also think this affiliation could turn into a lack of credibility for your site. Do you not agree?

Again, though, thank you for your comments. Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Andreas.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting you bring this up because I expected these questions to be raised.

I kind of answered most of it in my previous post but I'll try to break stuff down as clearly as possible.

Kenton Baily, Though-Empipathy, you know who I mean, is (or was, he's more busy now with his own site of course) a regular visitor of the Moz La Punk forums. He's been on our forums since the beginning basically, and because of his kind matter of speaking and his general cheerness he's a well respected member. As a person, he's great. Yes, he once made a fake Photoshop document. He's good at making stuff like that so don't underestimate that talent.

However, while we all seem to think it's likely that this new material he delivers on his new website is fake, I'm actually scratching my head about this one. It looks fake and it feels fake - but that's the catch. WHY would he make something that seems so fake? He's an intelligent guy, make no mistake. He's also a humble person - he's giving away prices that come out of his own pocket, so that's proof of his personality. Why would he use this fake to draw attention to his website? It just doesn't match up to me. That's why, how unlikely this material may seem, I'm still holding my breathe.

As for me and SeriousGamer being affiliates, that's simple. I'm an affiliate because we're somewhat friends, as far as Internet can make you friends. He told me he was beginning a blog of his own, nothing fancy, just a nice little blog. If we could become affiliates, he asked. Sure thing. Why wouldn't I?

Would I still have decided to become affiliates after this 'fake' hype of him? Difficult question. I haven't lost my respect for him in the slightest, but it's true that some people might link it indirect to Moz La Punk, which is a shame really since PlayBomb is an act on it's own. But once again, I don't blame him. I love the chap, even though I don't know what the hell he's trying to do right now.

As for SeriousGamer, he did admit that this was just to get more visitors. Which is also understandable, but no, it doesn't make his credibility any better at all. If I remember correctly (I type too much and I lose focus) you asked what my thoughts were about Serious Gamer. I don't think I could reply any different than 'a load of bullocks'. C'mon, he's telling us he was at Nintendo, after all his ugly lies. Don't get me wrong, he's a graet comedian, but that's about it. I once did an interview with him just for the kicks of it. The interview wasn't even about the things he preached about at all, it was trying to discover the man behind this, why he was so twisted that he did this. He didn't told us much besides of his usual nonsense, unfortunately.

And last but not least, Kenton Baily and Serious Gamer the same person? The thought came up earlier today on our message boards and it's intruiging to say the least. See, Kenton always was somewhat of a mysterious person. I tell you honest, I can't make any descisions about that now. I have no clue.

It's good to see some of our misunderstandings have been resolved. As you might have noticed, on my website, I and my editors try to fight, and I do mean fight to the last drop, to give blog-journalism a more serious image. It doesn't help when nonsense like Serious Gamer spoils the general image of the blog, and I admit, it hurts every time when someone makes the same judgement about Moz La Punk, without even trying to see what we have on offer nowadays.

Anyway, I could chat hours and hours about general opinions, how journalism is changing and how it could change, how I see the future of it and the future of gaming, and you do seem like a good person to discuss these things with, but I feel like I've made this post too long already.

Again, thank you for your patience and your adjustments on your general opinion about Moz La Punk - we appreciate it, since we think you're on a higher level than most lame blogs - and I hope I have answered some of your questions.

Moz, head editor yadda yadda yadda

pn18 said...

now you have to decide: read moz's comment or read "Lord of the Ring"

Anonymous said...

It was basicly becouse of the maker that visited moz his site and board that we get a ad. and I think moz likes to give away something to the people who went to his site in the couple of months. the maker of the site ( bombs ) did make some great fakes. I agree.

Anonymous said...

PN18: I know I know, I should become novelist. I'm actually writing books, between all my obsessions. I wish a day had 50 hours or so.


Anonymous said...

Playbomb creator Kenton Baily: "I am really not digging though is this SeriousGamer stuff. I wanted some traffic from him but I didn't realize it could put that large of a dent in my credibility. I am not SeriousGamer, my brother is not SeriousGamer (as they are claiming on Falafel's blog).

I just can't stand the fact that people ever would think I'm him. There is a big difference between me and SeriousGamer. SeriousGamer is retarded! I thought for a moment he was trying to straighten up but then he makes a post claiming he has played the Revolution? Not to mention before he posted my contest article he posted a huge anti-revolution article. Thanks for the help Serious. SeriousGamer can't write, he can't shop (hell I think he uses MS Paint), his logo was made by me as a deal that he would post a link to me on his blog.

Everybody can call me a faker all they want, I can stomach that, but I'm sick of people deriving that since there *SEEMS* to be a leak of some sort on my site and that I link to SeriousGamer that I must be him. : P

It was also pointed out that his logo is hosted on playbomb. Yeah, that's because I uploaded it so he could quickly check it out to see if he liked the first version before he put it up. Well he is retarded so he decided to just leech it off my site (as well as my contest image). Obviously you are supposed to download them and re-upload them for your own blog. : P"

Thunder Emperor said...

hey falfelakid any word from NOE.

Falafelkid said...

Sadly, no. Tomorrow I´ll give them a ring and see when it will be coming. It was only five questions, too.

Anonymous said...

The idea of a stereoscopic 3D projector and screen for the Revolution (AKA Nintendo Futurna), was first thought up by T-E himself:

I'm not saying that T-E fabricated the whole story to drive traffic to his new site, but its seems more than a coincidence.

As to the T-E/SG007 connection, there really is no proof that they are the same person. The idea is intriguing, but I don't really think there is anything behind it. Then again, I'm willing to bet that T-E and SG007 are more than just passing aquaintances.

I respect T-E for his intelligence and creativity, but recently things have just gotten weird.

Thunder Emperor said...


I found the university in Egland that has gamecube dev kit.
Northumbria University

This might be the place where that poster mentioned nintendo had the rev shown at a seminar. can you find out if a semiar took place at that school, hopefully you get some juicy info.

Anonymous said...

If Nintendo gets their way, the official spec sheet for the Revolution may never be made public. is reporting that in an interview with Dutch game magazine [N]Gamer, Nintendo of Europe's marketing director Jim Merrick says that Nintendo may decide to not reveal detailed Revolution hardware specifications to the public.

The reasoning behind this, according to Merrick, is that information such as clock speed and polygon count is ultimately "irrelevant" to the consumer, and has little or no affect to how much some will like a system or its games after the console is released. When further questioned on the subject, Nintendo's official position on it is they "don't want to contribute to the cloud of meaningless information that surrounds the next generation systems."

One thing's for sure, we probably won't be getting the real meaningful information about Revolution until next year, when playable games are shown. Nintendo has promised to tell the world a little bit more about their next-gen console before this year ends, and whatever that information may be, it most certainly won't be a hardware spec sheet.

Steven says: I think this is the smartest move Nintendo can make. Everyone knows they can't compete against the 360 and PS3 in raw horsepower, and by not (publicly) showing off the specs, no one can make a direct comparison.

Falafelkid said...

@Thunder_Emeperor: Always happy to comply! ;)

Let me start with the background. There is a university degree offered in the UK called ´Bachelor of Science in Computer Games´. It´s a 4-year ´sandwich´-course (meaning you spend one year as an intern). The course is based in the department of software engineering at the university of Northumbria.

I just spoke to Chris Rook who is assistant course leader for the games degree. We had a pleasant chat and I asked him for some ´off the record´ statements about those rumours. He replied that he wasn´t aware of anything like that. They have the Gamecube dev kits not to produce any actual games but more as part of a teaching deal. New students should familiarize themselves with the Nintendo hardware.

Also, they have not had much of a direct relationship with Nintendo. They were mainly dealing with a company called ´SN Systems´ in Bristol who built the Gamecube dev kits, or ´Dolphin SDK´ I should say.

However, Chris Rook pointed out that this company was probably working for Nintendo no longer, since they had started to manufacture SDKs for Sony.

So, nothing happened there, I´m afraid. In fact, Chris Rook said something simple, yet true. "I imagine they would first show the hardware in Japan," he said. And he´s totally right. It´s a preposterous idea that Nintendo might be showing their new console in all its glory to students in the UK or US, before showing it to Japanese gamers. Don´t you think?

Thunder Emperor said...

@ falafelkid

he is right that they would show it in japan first but let say like the poster said, this seminar happend recently. it is quite logical that now nintnedo is show of their new baby to other developers in pools, considering they have shown it off to teh big gun, EA,UBI,activison,thq,konami ,capcom,square-enix and the rest of those guys. so a pooled seminar type event will be good to show case it to othere developers interested. and also be a good place for nintendo to tap ideas and pull in new second party developers that are truly interested in the machine. that is my hypothesis here

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, that´s sort of possible. But they wouldn´t do that kind of thing at a university, where you have no developers and lots of freshers running about, who don´t know an NDA from their right elbow.

underattack86 said...

Happy birthday :D

Falafelkid said...

Thanks ;) You´re not hostile at all!

Anonymous said...

isnt that new patent posted earlier just a patent of the Nintendo DS? Maybe I got lead to a wrong link, but everything it mentions is of two displays, with two card slots, and one display being lcd touchscreen. Sounds like the ds to me than anything rev related. Unless they changed the link.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Whats the prefered language here? I speak both english and german :)

SN Systems makes Software and Hardware (development kits) for both Sony and Nintendo. To purchase Nintendo equipment you need to be registered at (strange name for the Nintendo developer site I know).

Those universities mentioned get the Software and Hardware through SN Systems which has a deal with Nintendo. Those are the universites which get official Nintendo development help:

btw. It is a nice blog you have here.

kind regards,


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you know this yet. But here goes, something probably incredibly interesting that confirms the existence of a Nintendo patent about 3D Projection:

You might have heard of this patent suggesting 3D projection? And that not everyone is trusting this is true, but that the patent in fact describes a way for imaging 2D output information based on 3D digital information.
Now I too agreed with this vision. But now I also agree that this patent is describing or at least containing a lot of references to 3D projection and that it is in fact what the abstract say it is.

The original US Patent link:

Now I found this reference in the patent to another foreign Japanese patent (!).

Foreign Application Data
Date Code Application Number
Apr 26, 2004 JP 2004-129252

Now go to the Japanese Industry site for Patent searching.

Go to "PAJ" and then press "Number search" on the top right of the website. Now enter this number: "2004-129252", make sure you are searching for 'Application' patents, same counts for those US patents. That number is from the patent reference, just check above.
You will find just one patent with that number, and it contains some very wild stuff.



(11)Publication number : 2004-129252

(43)Date of publication of application : 22.04.2004
H04L 12/28

(21)Application number : 2003-327601 (71)Applicant : DR JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GMBH
(22)Date of filing : 19.09.2003 (72)Inventor : BRATZDRUM ERWIN
Priority number : 2002 10245905
Priority date : 01.10.2002
Priority country : DE
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method and an apparatus for transferring data between one processing unit and several position measuring devices which are mutually connected by a line bus topology and with which positional data in each position measuring device are guaranteed to be detected at a limited time point at all the time.
SOLUTION: For simultaneously processing positional data request signals (RQ) in position measuring devices (20, 30, 40; 120, 130, 140), peculiar delay correction values (dD1, dD2, dD3) are taken into account for the position measuring devices (20, 30, 40; 120, 130, 140). Therefore, from the generation of the positional data request signals (RQ) on the side of processing units (10; 110) to simultaneous processing of the positional data request signals (RQ) in all the position measuring devices (20, 30, 40; 120, 130, 140), the same delay time (TL) is generated as a result.


Exactly what it is saying, a patent for making a network system between a CPU and position measuring devices. This immediately suggests that the US patent is not just camera angles alone. It describes something combined with hardware, suggesting some form of 3D Projection. I firmly am convinced now that this is the case and that in special notion Nintendo has patented technology for some form of 3D Projection.

In other words, there is a HIGH possibility that the Revolution might use this kind of technology and somehow incorporate it into its hardware profile.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. This patenet sounds like it's describing the Rev controller to me.

"...simultaneously processing positional data request signals..."

Positional data request signals. Sounds like how they are going to get the Rev to process information from the controller and the sensors placed next to the tv.

Then again I'm no expert, what do other people think? Falafelkid?

Anonymous said...

Hm, wasn't there a rumor in February (?), that an employee at Sqaure-Enix told that "it will not be a homeconsole, neither a portable console, it will be a whole new platform"?
Or similar stuff. ;)

Dan_Smith said...

Congrats man and great job you post alot of great info and I love this blog I visit it often and thanks for the shout out keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

Fascinating quotes. Sorry I am late to reading them here and wonder if anyone still keeps this thread alive to read.
I say to forget Visors. Someone ask about lasers to understand you maening retinal scanning. This is many many times more cost than to use near to eye microdisplay. Company MicroVision in wash state is deevelop this for army and such. Don't hear they are even have full color capability yet ;power requirements are not to believe and cost is not to be practical. Use microdisplay as neartoeye application is limit also by cost and resolution. see emagin z800 only offer svga resolution using their own display chip which are color filter woled and company can not prove yet that it can mass produce them effective and cost ok. that visor almost one thousand and while much cheaper than earlier version of similar capable is still much to expensive. Other microdisplay manufacture for non projection use do not even have svga capability. I love to believe this could be but if there is not a giant technical leap has been made somewhere I am unknown of - no way can happen!

Anonymous said...

If you dont know already I am a Gay Nintendo Blogger. I am a homosexual. I would like to thank all of you for coming to my blog.

Thanks kids.

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