Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nintendo is "A-OK"

This is another one of those weird stories that will play into the hands of every N-Game believer. This page has cropped up on the server. It´s blank apart from the letters ´A-OK´. The page is called ´Status´. Thanks and kudos to Joystiq for bringing this to my attention. It´s probably another funny coincidence (a web designer in Redmond having a laugh, I guess), but, well, even I must admit it´s not the first time. Remember the Shangri-La thing...? Anyway, at least everything is ´A-OK´. Now we know.


Thrakkerzog said...

This was posted on another site a while ago. I think that it is a small page they might use to verify that the web site is functioning. Perhaps it makes a database connection?

Either way, they might have a polling application on their end which snags that url periodically to check uptime or something.

sssd said...

whatever it is, it makes me laugh.

Xren said...

What was the Shangri-la thing?

Anonymous said...

very old news

Falafelkid said...

Hi xren. NOA_Matt wrote a fairly standard article about the Nintendo booth at the E3 at the time of the show. But his article ended with this cryptic statement:

"Word has it a secret alcove can be found deeper within the creature which houses the precious Nintendo Revolution. But gaining access to the Shangri-la of tomorrow's video game generation is to remain an electronic dream."

That was undoubtedly one of the weirder things Nintendo said about the console... and noone ever figured out what was meant by that.

Draygon said...

Shangri-La ist a fictional place in the Himalaya, a mythical Himalayan utopia ;)
You can read about it in James Hiltons "Lost Horizon" (in Germany : "Irgendwo in Tibet", "Der verlorene Horizont")

Maybe he meant something like this, an utopia for gamers and Nintendo presented the Revolution in this Shangri-La place^^

Anonymous said...

"Word has it a secret alcove can be found deeper within the creature which houses the precious Nintendo Revolution. But gaining access to the Shangri-la of tomorrow's video game generation is to remain an electronic dream."

um... it's might be...

Revolution can lead you to fictional place. Or Revolution can make your home become a fictional place.

But it not reveal any secret. I feel this thing on that controller.

Game for us. not Game for game.

Some one tell me that revolution have 2 more secret. If it make in this conecpt. Revolution will surely odd.

Anonymous said...

The "Shangri-La" that NOA_MATT was referring to was the "hands-on" presentation that IGN and some other media had with the Revolution at E3. Quite literally, they were taken back to a secret room and they got to look at the system up close and handle it and they posted their impressions on their sites. Nothing special or mysterious.

This "A-OK" thing has been up for YEARS and isn't related to Revolution and doesn't mean anything other than a silly joke.

Anonymous said...

Probably an answer to all those stupid people who keep going on the boards "NINTENDO IS T3H D00M3D !!!1!!1one!".

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's see jim Merrick said that there are even more secrets to be revealed .

What could it be ? I honestly think that one of the secrets has to do with the GPU ! The thing is, that it probably isn't a real secret in the sense that the remote was !

Iwata said that if you look at the raw numbers, you might think that it is underpowered compared to the other two systems, but do numbers really tell the whole story ? and did he really try to tell us that the system was indeed not competing technicaly, or were his words more of an indication, or even a hint, at what they are aiming at in regards to the GPU and that it doesn't count how much you have of everything but rather that it matters how you make use of what you have!?

And having watched how the visuals of Xbox and Ncube games faired against each other- despite the differences of the specs that are present on paper- I suppose we all have learnt to avoid early judgement .

It is obvious that the key is effiency,the ability to find a solution for a problem and the ability to make compromises in order to achive more with less .

And that's what Jim Merick was reffering to as a secret if you ask me . The next so called secret is the way the GPU will work .

Perrin Caplin once claimed that the system will be two or three times more powerful than Ncube(GameCube) and if that really is the case - and it sounds quite realistic to me - then I am not worried in any way that Revolution won't be on par with PS3 and 360 .

Can someone please show me one game that looks two or three times better than the creme de la creme on NCube (with twice as much poly-count,twice as good textures,lightning,physics) ?well,I can't.

Resident Evil 4 is considered the best looking game of this generation (not just on a technical level but also on a artistic one) and if you think the Ps2 version is anywhere as impressive as the Ncube version, I suggest you check out the comparison shots released by ruliweb just so you can make yourself a picture ! Now imagine a game that really is twice as beautiful as Resi4 which should be possible if what Caplin says is true.And when a game looks two times better than Resident Evil 4 I would definetly be the last person to complain because my system is the least powerful!

Wie sind deine Ansichten Falafelkid ?

Anonymous said...

Excellent update fawlasfelkid

Anonymous said...

where r these comparasion shots? i would like to see them

Anonymous said...

okay then.. i guess everything post on this blog is going to lead to people speculating on nintendo's GPU, eh?

honestly guys.. when that dude han solo claimed it was based on the R520.. didn't seem completely out of reach, but then he got "discredited" by Factor 5 and Matt@IGN.. except that in their statement Factor 5 never dismissed the specs, just said Han Solo should stop saying he got them from Factor 5 (a veiled threat at whomever was leaking info to Han Solo -- it's important to know Han Solo was only contracted by Factor 5 to do physics work.. he's not a regular employee of the studio). As for Matt, after all the things he said during the GameCube era when Nintendo was losing third party support, why does anyone think he's actually more in the know than other journalists? I'd be shocked if Nintendo still thought of Matt as their "go-to-guy" for whispering things to. The man does not have much good will left with people in the company.. and it's probably some sour grapes on Nintendo's part, but hey, at the end of the day they're human too.

but about the GPU.. the thing is, when you look at models like a X1300 and X1600 that ATi just announced and is getting ready to release, they look 100% plausible for a next-gen system that isn't going to cost $399-$499(or whatever the hell Sony thinks they can get away with).

i mean.. i think it was the X1600, they listed the price at like $129 for a model with 256MB DDR RAM. i don't see any reason nintendo can't just decide to go with 1T-SRAM and maybe do some other custom things to the chip and get great performance.

really.. i mean, it's not frickin' rocket science here guys. there are lots of very realistic situations in which nintendo could have a powerful system.. but all that talk of some kind of crazy cooling needs to stop. it might have an interesting cooling setup, but i doubt it'll be groundbreaking. the size constraints obviously point to it being less powerful, but it can still kick lots of ass. let's see what they do with it before we flip out.

Anonymous said...

oh falafelkid is not gonna be pleased about that advertising spam, bro.

Falafelkid said...

Exactemundo, Anonymous. Any ideas on how I can identify these spammers? This is really starting to piss me off. And I don´t want to make comments exclusive to members.

Anonymous said...

To : Anonymous 11:21 AM , 6:32 PM : Let see ...

Look at PS2. Old model is that big. but new one look small ... and cheaper?

Cooling system can done by time as same as reduce size and cost. I think.

Some one tell me that nintendo looking for gyroscopic befor GC is out.

If you think that GC is some thing not for intercept ps2. But to buy time for revolution. So Revolution is some thing make in 6 year or more. Not immediately make change specs for reduce cost or remove router form time to time as some system.

so REVOLUTION WILL small size , inexpensive , have some thing in his web for years or KICK LOTS OF ASS is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

"How stuff works" may have the answers to the system spec mystery. Believe at your own risk.

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