Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Camelot all cryptic

The Nintendo-prone studio Camelot seemingly made a very cryptic statement when the controller was revealed. Here´s what they wrote:



Now, Babelfish translates this into the following:
Tokyo game show

The pattern which becomes details announcement of the controller of レボ....... It is the overseas sight, but don't you think? being recorded before IGN hugely, it increases. Bodily sensation リコモン? ?

Night postscript: Don't you think?, the new arrival picture of revolution (includes the controller) being released, it increases even with the Nintendo Co. sight. Also TGS forum keynote presentation flowing with the streaming, it increases. Because the meeting place it could not go, just a little you will see.......

Furthermore postscript: The extent which becomes well. The just a little real thing it comes seeing? (It is displayed kana?)
The statement is by their Webmaster, who seems to be hinting at the fact that the controller has not yet been revealed in all its functionality. Can anyone translate this properly, please? There might be something of interest in there.

Source: Camelot

Thanks to: JoelCool


DonConsolero said...

I dont understand shit!

babble said...

Hahaha, same here. Can someone with better translation skills, take a look at this?

Dustin said...

I knew the controller had yet to be completly revealed; that is why I modified ign's wavebird shell mockup. Go to the following address to see it; I don't know how to make it a link, sorry.


I pasted a kidney shaped b button next to the A button and erased the ripples on the right analog stick to make it a trackball; it would make sense for Nintendo to continue to evolve the thumb mechanics on the shell.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo really has an original shell unlike the wavebird. I just used the ign pick because it was easy. If my photo editor wasn't so lame, in other words if I were on a Mac, I would have put scroll wheels in place of the z buttons.

I doubt this news means any head gear beyond a microphone and it could just mean that they have an attachment that allows you to charge the controller via the Cube ports while playing with the remote attached to the nunchuck or other peripherals.

How likely would it be that they might still change the facial mechanics on the remote itself? I have been wondering if they design the next Zelda around the nunchucks then how will we control camera when using the motion control to swing the sword? Could they have something such as a trackball button or analog stick planned for the remote in place of either the dpad or a button?

Anonymous said...

But we already knew that there was more to be revealed. Wasn't it Jim Merrick (of NoE) who told us that fact?

Anonymous said...

I doubt they will be adding a trackball or anolog stick instead of the d-pad, most likely wont happen. Additionally, just like every other Zelda game, when you are swinging your sword, you will most likely be locked onto an enemy, thusly you wont have to control the camera. So if and when Zelda uses the revcon, and if it controls your swing, then it would probably happen when you are locked onto an enemy, and when your not, it controls the camera. Sorry to go off topic.

Pikachu0071 said...

Spong was right Nintendo is aiming at a WorldWide Release between April and December 2006...THE REVOLUTION COULD LAUNCH IN SUMMER LIKE SPONG SAID SO! WOOT!!!!
source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6136453.html

nz guy said...

Thats confusing. very . But if it only says there is more to be reviled then i guess i understand, it might be sumthing to do with the shell for regular gameplay but what evaides me. Could be some new tech or matching colours who knows?

kame said...

Hi, I'm new to this site, but I think it's a great place to read everything for the Nintendo Revolution.

Here I place a translation I got from excite.co.jp:

Tokyo game show

…… of controller of Rebo ..seeming having become detailed
It records in IGN big though it is foreign site. Do you experience it

Postscript at night:
A newly arrived image of Revolution (The controller is included) is open to the public also on Nintendo's site. The TGS forum keynote address flows by the streaming, too. I will see the hall for a moment because it was not able to take it …….

In addition, postscript:
Indeed, sleep food. Does real sight-seeing come for a moment?(Is it exhibited
and the Japanese syllabary of the point?)

It's still cryptic, but for me makes more sense than the translation fro, Babel.

MR.Nintendo said...
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MR.Nintendo said...

My Translation :

Tokyo Game Show


It seems that the details of Revolution Controller are announced...

Foreign website, IGN has reported the story. A motion sensing remote?


Update at night:

Nintendo's website also put up Revolution's new images(including the Controller).TGS forum keynote speech's streaming video clip is already on the web. If you haven't attend the Show ,then take a look at that clip...


More updates:

Ohh, indeed yeah. Let's wait for seeing the real product!( the stuff on the show is only prototype?)


I am not a Japanese person and my Japanese is not that good. But I hope my translation could make little more sense than the automatic ones.

Nothing special, these are just some brief comments on the revelation of the controller. The author recommended everyone who did not go to the show to watch that video instead...

Correct me if any mistakes...

babble said...

Thanks Mr. Nintendo.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Barring a bit of polishing, Mr. Nintendo's right. It's nothing of any interest. It's exactly what was all over the web in English at the time, ie "Nintendo revealed the controller. WTF, remote control?" "New pics on their site. Keynote speech is streaming. If you couldn't make it, check it out." "Holy shit that rocks my face!"

(paraphrased, of course)

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