Sunday, October 23, 2005

First Revolution graphics?

Could these ´Test Drive Unlimited´ screens be the first Revolution graphics? A guy called Caio Bruno posted the story today over at GameSpot:

The brazilian game site UOL Jogos has put this week Test Drive Unlimited Images in Revolution Game Gallery, there is new Images never seen before on GameSpot These are the new Images:Here and here

Now, I would never have thought that the first Revolution graphics would pop up on a Brazilian games site. But why would they have been filed under Revolution? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up. The same images are also posted in the galleries for the PS3 and XBox 360 version of the game. Most likely it was announced for all next gen systems , so they are putting the screens up for all three systems.

Anonymous said...

If it is on all three systems, that means that there is a chance that this could be something for the Revo. The people also stated that Revo's graphics are only slightly worse than the other two and I think that I can see the slight part.


Raph said...

hey man these pics are on gamespy since MAY!! These are xbox 360, one should verify info before posting... Don't get me wrong I really appreciate your efforts for this blog. :-°

norebonomis said...

haha, fakity fake fake fake

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i actually would rather the graphics be a little worse, as long as everything in the game moved great, just look at NBA Live 06 (i think thats what its called) u can see the sweat on a players face, but his facial expressions and the way he dribbles, and the ball leaves his hands is still very choppy

i just wish they would perfect the way things move before jumping ahead to "photorealistic graphics" because what good are graphics if the movement looks fake, does anyone else feel the same?

Anonymous said...


NZ GUY said...

Have you ever conciderd that maybe the movement was crap because you were playing a basketball game?
Im not dogging basketball or games based on it but they are better known for there action than stunning visuals or realism.
AS for the pics thats what i expect from the revs graphics but i dont think these are real.

NuZeb said...

Some guy made his own revolution controler. He took a gyration ultra mouse and a one hand ps1 controller. He demonstrates it playing half life 2 deathmatch. Source and videolink:

Anonymous said...

its probly bretty kitch.
this guy made a ps3 controller ,he wouldnt tell me how but he said he used a banana and a can of silver spray, he says its as fun es the real thing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know wat the big "F" thinks

Darkenedjib said...

If those are Revolution graphics then I'm sold :D.

HereticPB said...

The Interior graphics look flat - Xbox 360.

Anonymous said...

I dont care bout grapchics :)
But those look sweet..

Anyone seen RE4? All the cutscnes are made by using RE4 engine..even 4 times prettier than that is what to drool about.

And this gen graphs are pretty enough to me.

pi said...

To NuZeb :
Those mouse are just mouse ...
It don't know move in , out or rotation ...

It's just air mouse and one hand keyboard.
Not 3d motion capture and analog.

...But yes it look good. And I like it ^^

...Maybe for fps game (only fps) It may work like revolution too. .. but how much all that under 200 ?

Anonymous said...

Photorealistic graphics are easy to get.

Realistic movement and emotion expression is near impossible. This is why most animation goes for the more artistic approach instead of realism.

If the mind can see that it isn't trying to be real it is more forgiving. But if the mind is presented with an item that is supposed to look real, but doesn't feel real it will notice every little glitch.

Photorealistic to me is lazy, and lacks any creative thought. It is what is ruining the current direction of gaming.

NuZeb said...

@pi: I know and just thought it is interesting. It is just entertaining "news".

pi said...

Edge 156 may really have something aboth revolution.

It have a movie get form tgs 2005. and have revolution joystick (cut from movie that can download form nintendo) in the end of movie preview. that movie can found in there web. load preview for free.

Hope not only movie that we already know.
but many cute girl in that movie. ^ ^

MSG said...

Only Xbox360 Screens. =/

Anonymous said...

well..its not only basketball games that iv seen this in, its also things like trees, grass, pretty much backgrounds and enviornments, but i guess what the other anonymous said is right the more we look for glitches the more we'll see them

Thunder Emperor said...


please explain what you just wrote.

Anonymous said...

i think hes just talking about that edge rumor...and he wants to know who the girl in the teaser video is

Akira Rasta-man said...

Just look at NFS most wanted video for Gamecube and you will instantly see the diference from a ps2 i expect nothing less than a similar quality (to the pictures presented, real or not) on revolution, but with lightning effects out of this world... nintendo's revolution isn't about definition (800x600 is more than enough for a are played in a TV, don't forget it)'s about image quality.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that first screens won't come till the 360 is close to release. Thats just my hunch. Why waste a perfectly good spoiler opportunity.

nz guy said...

In New Zealand nintendo support is down ,way down , they always have the best games are inventive and have the best overall gameplay but theres always an excuse for people not to buy there products. If nintendo pull the controller off and the graphics are compeditive then people will have to try it.

You probably think ,its just nz who needs them but its not about nintendo getting no support its about the other basterds getting all of it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, news here (Revolution global launch ) :

At leats we get somenthing a little bit more accurate... "after April".

Fedboy said...

lookin' cool, but one word FAKE

pi said...

go this

Issue 156 of Edge, on sale October 27, will be bundled with a free Tokyo Game Show 2005 DVD

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