Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wii rule

Wee Rule (1988), performed by the Wee Papa Girl Rappers

Anyone still remember this one? It´s not as obvious a choice as We will rock you, but I love this track. Also, they sing about a controller: "The captivating mic controller elevating your act..." - yup, in just six days now ;)

Source: You Tube


DrumEagle said...

Hope you listen to other music in your free time than this. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! This video is awesome! I had to reach into the far corners of my memory for this one.

Wii Ruuuule!
Baoh, boah, boah, boah!

Man...6 days indeed.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we be Friends

I made the Intro, the Traveler made video...

Sorry fal I choose this over that oldschool Rap.

Anonymous said...

there is Rumors about this becoming a reality....

Heartquake Kid said...

@anonymous just over me ;)
Yeah. ^^

That article here : is just great, especially the videos embedded in the site are simply amazing. The one with (or from) "Total Immersion" is not that new, but always worthy a look. ;-)

Got also the link to the single vids:



The guy in the video from MAKE is quite sympathic. ^^

Anonymous said...

It's quite sad that you don't tell us anything about Wii's 3D capabilities, falafel, well, I know...NDAs...

The 20th April date was actually true, NCL just changed their plans.

Anonymous said...

falafelkid got caught spamming SeriousGamer007's blog. Falafelkid got PWNED!

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid = Wiiner


Anonymous said...

LMAO this stuff has been posted for awhile and no one is defending Falafelkid. Watch though as soon as he sees that someone posted negatively on his site about him you will get like 50 posts all done by him defending himself.
Except the posts will have different names he makes up.

Carmine M. Red said...


~Carmine M. Red

ian said...

Ha yes i am, unfortunately old enough to remember that song very well. Didnt like it then, dont now. Hopefully this direction from Nintendo though will encourage more developer support than in previous generations to benefit us, the gamers. Is it true that Midway have dropped a silly one and announced an October release for Wii?

Falafelkid said...

Haha. Those last comments really make me laugh. You got it wrong, people. I pwned Seriousgamer007 - remember? Anyway, I understand why some people may be jealous, though. Because I have now received all my press credentials for the E3. I will meet Molyneux and Kojima, to name only two. And I will of course be attending all three press conferences before the show. Be sure to check back for all the news.

Anonymous said...

I bet the entry of IWATA to the stage on the Kodak theater will be joined with the "WII WII WILL ROCK YOU" by Queen

Anonymous said...

falafelkid you are a dork.

Anonymous said...

Seriousgamer sounds german as do you falafelkid. Better watch out Falafelkid he may come after ya.

Falafelkid said...

No, YOU are a dork, spreading stupidity and hate. Of course, being 15 years old and living in your grandma´s basement is tough ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafel, i guess there's no chance you can get live ticker for the conference working? ^^

Anyway, keep up the good work.

PS.: Und lass dir von den paar Spinnern hier nich die Laune verderben :)

Anonymous said...

I saw all the fan made Wii stuff and i thought " How can I contribute " so i wrote a poem for the fan community:

It is not about you or me, its about a new console named Wii. With a press conference next week, one that we all will have our eyes on. Next week Wii will shine and at that time we will fully understand this mystery game that we have playes up until that day which is tuesday. We have been waiting , we have been watching, but then we started thinking. But come tuesday morning, Nintendo Wii will show us a new way of gaming. This new way of gaming, Wii will be presenting will open a door no one was anticipating. This door that will be open not just to you or me but to we. We the core, We the elder, We the more, even We the poor. Wee are what will make up the Wii. We are it's family.

Anonymous said...

cool poem, man.

-"superfan" tactics.

and all you guys trying to make a fool out of falafelkid: fucking give it up. you guys are fucking stupid.

and falafelkid: DUDE thats fucking BAD that you get to interview Kojima bro. as him about his plans for Wii!!!!!! Wii need to know this shit!

Arsenis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arsenis said...

Hahahaha anonymous you are crazy, Falafelkid sound nothing like German, he speaks english so good that i would think he is from the UK...

Anyhow, good to hear that Fal, damn lucky you a whole week of E3 and conferences included...

I hope you get time to share all the news...

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. Thanks for the comments ;) I hope I can post updates from the conference via my mobile. Hopefully, I can update you from within the press conference. I will certainly update from my hotel room.

Obinna said...

What the fuck is pwned it sounds gay really

You Just been PWNED. XD

ian said...

Hmmm... havent posted a lot here but i have on many occasions read with interest what Falafelkid has had to say. Consequently i visit here fairly often because i KNOW the info posted here is pretty damn spot on. All the wannabees who are only interested in getting some sort of E-Rep, get a life.

Nearly forgot, You lucky git Falafelkid, Peter molyneux AND Kojima, sweet.

Looking forward to E3..

Anonymous said...

We are all here to get news and discuss thoughts and Ideas.
Stop clogging the board with your inane typings!

Falafel Kid does a great job and always has provided
an insightful take on the latest Wii related news.

Seriously Falafel,
I've been coming here a long time and have to ask you,
3-D, yes or no? What are your recent thougts on this?

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Hi anonym. Well, I am less sure of any huge secret like 3D or AR at the moment. I guess they are going to show loads of wicked add-ons like the analogue stick attachment - but nothing too weird. It´s always a possibility, of course. But I guess it´s not all too likely.

Anonymous said...

falafelkid why dont you interview SeriousGamer007? I would like to see what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

falafelkid, don't lose hope on us *now* man... you've got to be kidding.

PLEASE falafelkid: i know this is a long read, but please, review this once more. i am 100% confident that none other than *Reggie himself* wrote this post, from an IGN board, (which is now conveniently deleted) in december 2005. Keep in mind that the IGN tickets for Nintendo's pre-e3 conference (at kodak theater) say "Mushroom Kingdom" on them...

sorry so long, but WELL worth it!

As you can see, Nintendo is now referring to their E3 presentation at the Kodak Theatre as “Mushroom Kingdom” just as the IGN “Insider” stated last September. What does this mean?

Well one of two things, either the person was a very good guesser on all things Nintendo or he/she is legitimate. Now if the claimant is legitimate then some of the other statements they made need to be looked at under a different light. When Flashman from the Zogdog boards revived this “Insider’s” old thread from IGN, the IGN moderators locked the thread and removed it, because either they don’t like old threads or for some other reason. Luckily Flashman saved the important bits from “nthngsshcking’s” original post. Here they are.

“I have followed the rumors and speculation on this board regarding Nintendo’s “Revolution” since its inception.

It is at times torturous to see the most dedicated base of any gaming company have to resort to gossip and guesses as to what to expect from Nintendo’s next generation offering.

It is for this reason that I have decided to share.

I cannot offer anything to you in terms of my identity. I cannot offer anything in the way of proving what I am saying to you is factual. However, you will ultimately find that you need not worry who I am, for all I say will come to pass. But I suspect you know my name…

So here’s the scoop. I’m tired of watching you beautiful fans endure the torture of knowing so little, so I will share with you enough to help you understand the magnitude of what’s coming without saying enough to reveal who I am.

I’ll say this before I begin spilling the proverbial beans. Remember 1985? Remember when saying “Nintendo” meant video games in general? This is what Nintendo is aiming to recapture, and believe me, they will!

Let’s start with a question:

1. Why have we yet to see even a glimpse of what a “Revolution” game will look like?

Most seem to assume this is because Nintendo does not want the focus of their next generation games to be on their graphics. This is not entirely wrong, just a little uninformed. That being said, the graphics are essentially the same as a souped up Xbox. What you all are ignoring is that the graphics for the Xbox360 are arguably only the same as a souped up Xbox as well. Graphically, in terms of traditional graphics, the systems are equal. In terms of presentation, you will be astonished by what the Revolution holds, and it is indeed the final secret Mr. Miyamoto hinted at. Prepare to see games in a way you never imagined, and you don’t need a silly helmet or visor to experience it. As a matter of fact, a video demonstration of what “Revolution” can do circulated the internet weeks or months before E3, and then conspicuously disappeared. Such a sneaky little box! I’ll leave the rest to you!

Well…I can’t resist.

A final hint…

Think hard about the controller and what type of graphical presentation would suit it best! It’s so easy! Oh, and the controller is indeed meant to attract the casual gamer, because they’ll so badly want to experience what they’re seeing!

2. “Use the right side of your brain!”

As many of you have correctly stated, the right side of your brain is the creative side. So what was Reggie hinting at? Again, it’s so easy I don’t need to say it! You’re given all of the components you need, and some general structure. The rest my friends, is up to you!

3. Indeed a revolution, but in code name only. It’s 1985 all over again…

4. Wi-Fi will open doors you never would have predicted. It’s all so obvious though if you think about it, but it’s so hard for me to say without saying too much! If you’ve figured out what I’ve already hinted at, picture how the ability to download monthly offerings will that much more enhance your experience!

5. The Classics.

Many for free just for joining…one free a month…Itunes pricing per each additional first party title. Third parties will bundle 3-5 each with a new game purchase.

6. The price is right…you’ll just have to trust me!

7. Kodak Theater = Mushroom Kingdom!

I’ve said enough. What I’ve shared should be enough to get you all cooled down a bit.

Never underestimate Nintendo."

COME ON MAN. tell me that doesn't all sound like reggie-speak!?

TELL ME that doesn't bring it *all* back, Andreas. TELL ME IT DOESN'T.

Wii will say "Wow"!

-"superfan" tactics.

Metaldave said...

Believe nothing until E3.

Anyone could have put all those parts together like the quotes you posted.

Do I believe that Fala has ALL the answers as to weather or not Wii will have 3D? Well no, because Nintendo is a very secretive company and they wouldn't let a secret like that slip before E3.

Let me point out that Fala is not giving up on 3D, he just doesn't see an sign of it yet. We will see just how secretive Nintendo really is in 5 days.

The "spill the beans" post makes a lot of sense when you read it, so of course we are all going to be waiting to see if indeed all of this comes true.

Anonymous said...

to me sounds more like peter mollinux and not reggie. Never Understimate Nintendo, remember??

pi said...

Remember rtr web ?

If i remember correct. He say something like "revolution have it own output"

same to this roumor.

but .... I don't think it's visor. it's too expensive. and easy to copy.

runnin_blue said...

Fal, can you please ask Molyneux if he's planning on repeating history by leaving his recently acquired company to form his own?

The thought of him making games for 360 and PC exclusively makes me sick.

Start supporting Nintendo Peter you turd.

Anonymous said...

dude. it's fuckin reggie.

...and he's talking about MAKING GAMES and 3D/HOLOGRAMS.


6 (5) more days until E3.

Wii will say "Wow!"

-"superfan" tactics.

Brian said...

See, Falafel, this is why I've been saying you should turn off anonymous comments on your blog. Occasionally you do get an intelligent remark, but most of the time it's idiots who have nothing better to do than belittle someone they are jealous of, behind the protective safety of their anonymous account.

Carmine M. Red said...


I admire you for letting us non-registered people post Fal! Please don't lock us impulse posters out...

Now that that's over with, what exactly is WITH the IR port on the front of the controller? Doesn't the controller use wireless tech? Then why have an IR window? And why did Iwata point at it and call it the direct pointer device?

~Carmine M. Red

Brian said...

Hi Carmine.

I didn't mean people like you! Unlike the vast majority of anonymous posters, you actually have something to contribute. The problem is that you are in a tiny minority!

You don't have to sign up for a blog just to get an account on Blogger. It's a simple process and takes only a few seconds, so I don't see why everyone can't do it. Ignoring the majority who are afraid to show their true selves behind their anonymous masks.

But anyway, it's not my blog, I'm merely an interested poster. It's up to Falafelkid to decide that. All I know is that nearly all of the bullcrap spouted by most of the anonymous posters would stop if he turned off anonymous posting.


Interesting point! I can't wait for E3 to see what surprises they have in store. And I hope they make good on Takeda's comment last year that the Wii will hook up to a pc monitor.

VGA connection, small enough to fit into one of my pc's 5.25 drive bays, wireless controllers... a beautiful combination.

pi said...

Thare is "NO" projection in that controller.

1. that controller too small.
2. projection take too much enagy.
3. projection make trouble about heat and cooling will need.

And ... projection too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Can someone be kind to tell when the Nintendo's E3 Keynote 9:30 AM PST will be in Europe CET time?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, time for speculation:

There's a screenshot of Rayman running on Wii hardware. The first one i found had 640px width, as expected. But now i found one on it has 1276px AND DOES NOT LOOK BLURRED! If that's really running on Wii hardware then it must be able to put out higher resolutions than PAL or NTSC (Maybe via VGA?)...

The article:
klick on the picture there...
(If you get a 404 Error try

I took the 640px image an made it larger to fit 1276px and it's much more blurry than the one above...

Unfortunately that does not really mean anything, there are similar screenshots of games like Zelda TP running on dev-kits in high-res but who knows...

Anonymous said...

Ok, nevermind...
There's talk about this being a PS2 screen... Guess we have to wait for e3... too bad :)

pi said...

... maybe ... no Rayman making on GC tools. So "if" thay get Wii thay may able to output higher resolution using Wii tools.

But remember this. there is many ways to resize the picture. eg. Lanczos , Bicubic , Near-pixel

babble said...

Have you all seen the old tech video about the virtual helicopter on the web? Lot's of people were talking about how this could be related to the Wii. I was really impress by that video (sorry I don'T have the link with me).

If this is related, this could explain the names on the E3 invites? This area will be Mushroom Kingdom, etc.

A bit in the same line as what Nintendo did last year for Zelda, but in 3D.

Zaro said...

In the two interview about football game at IGN they talk about the force feedback.
I cannot wait to feel how this force feedback work.

They seem to say that's in the Nunchaku, but i hope there's one in the remote too. I imagine if i try too aim and some force feedback try too make it harder, it can be cool.

E3 is near. we'll see.

Drum Eagle said...

Please Falafelkid, read this interesting article about Wii an Augmented Reality!

Drum Eagle said...

Holloweaver blog said...

hey Falafelkid, don't let them get to you, your work rox!!!

Give the guy some cheers you morrons...he's the best, he and zogdog rule this planet and own all you naysayers...

Crap up someone else's blog!

cheers & kudos to the Kid!

Anonymous said...


are you talking about me, dude? i assume you're not...

reason i don't want a blogger account is because "tactics" is taken :P that's always a major turn-off. i hate compromising on my username.

anyway, can anyone really argue that the forum post that i've copied was written by Reggie himself, or what?

"[...] what Revolution holds."
"But i suspect you know my name..."
"That being said..."
"Itunes pricing..."


-"superfan" tactics.

Mischa said...

What's this about Falafel going after SG007??? I've searched and I found no such post. If anybody could point me in the right direction, I would love to see SG put in his place.

bankai said...

the anonym person asking about european time

just use this link and everything will be alright, does also apply to every other timezone

Anonymous said...

6 days! 6 days!

Anonymous said...

an interesting article about HD-DVD vs. BluRay:

so "Vivid" is going HD-DVD. EXCELLENT.


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

huh. weird.

a dutch gaming site is "reporting" that nintendo will unveil a new GameBoy at e3...

...i guess if they're gonna show of Wii's 3d holograms, they might as well show of GBE's 3d holograms too, right? ;D

-"superfan" tactics.

Morton-jn said...

I don't think any new Gameboy will be shown this year but for sure next year.

I'd like to know where everybody will be getting their info or streaming the keynote live from.

babble said...

Here at Nintendo:

Luca S. (Italy) said...

Only four days to E3!
I'm really excited!
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

me too!!!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Vectorman Wii

Carmine M. Red said...

Let's get down to it. Wii. Nintendo Wii. Do I like the name? No. Of course, I've never really liked any gaming name, not Playstation, not Nintendo 64, not XBox, not N.E.S. *shrug* Well, there was the Jaguar, but I DO have a black cat as a pet. Now for your opinion, do YOU like the name? Of course, that's a completely different question, one for the life of me I can't attempt to answer. For now though, let's ask another question that I can address with a perhaps little more surety:

Do I appreciate the name?

In that respect, my hat is definitely in the pro crowd. I like its difference, I like its humor, I like its versatility. I like its playfulness and I like its diminutiveness. And I like it as a console, too, and for those same reasons.

I mean, here is finally a name that breaks out of tech jargon. It isn't a Station. It isn't a Box. Heck, it isn't even a Cube! It simply isn't like any other concept of videogames that has come before: it's a revolutionary Wii. It attacks stereotypes of what games are and skips over boundaries about who plays them. It invites attention and discussion, but most of all exploration. It's an attention-getter, and a difference-definer, and I think we can all agree that it's already worked magic in those respects.

The name is playful. It sounds light and uncontrolled, not boxed in or cagey. Is it a squeal? Is it a statement? That's beside the point because the name is meant to be indefinable by conventional means. It sounds like a noun, or a pronoun, or an exclamation, and it truly can be all these things. It can be tossed around and played with, it can be inserted and joked about and punned. It's a name that's versatile and omnipresent, a name that's flexible and exuberant.

And it's a name that's shocking. It's short but stunning. It's simple but rich. It's high-brow and low-brow, or as Calvin would put it, "A painting of a comic strip panel. Sophisticated irony. Philosophically challenging." It's like one of Shakespeare's plays: there's something for everyone. The common man can enjoy a straightforward pun, play with the childishness, and the careful observer can note its inclusive theme, its visual metaphors. In a way, the name is shocking because it holds both possibilities for the recipient, they are given the opportunity to find their own way to enjoy it and interpret it.

So we shouldn't be surprised when people are stunned or challenged by the name. They're just being asked a question they've never been asked before: What am I? They're being put in the position to define, not be dictated to. They're being put in the position to experience, not merely view. And whether that results in Wii-jokes, or exclamation, or curiousity, or resoluteness, or even puzzled introspection, these things are all just different ways that people undertake discovery.

I believe that's how the Wii is supposed to be more than just another box, another cube. It's reaches out to those who aren't stuck to one way of thinking about games, it incites interest from those who never even thought to look in its direction. It can to reach out and stun you, make you ask questions and investigate, be played with, tried on for size, and be connected with the meanings that are built through experience, growing beyond past notions.

That's why I don't think someone who merely views it as a "gamer" can appreciate it. The Wii believes that people merely shouldn't be "gamers," they can be people who play, who seek out fun and inventiveness. We should be ever-growing and ever-changing and, one would hope, ever-playing with new ideas, experiences, concepts and interactions. Gaming isn't boxes and stations and cubes, those are physical things. Gaming is experience and sensation and innovation, it is a universal experience, something that can't and shouldn't be defined so harshly and resolutely.

That's what the Wii does that I appreciate: it doesn't give us a box, it gives us an experience. It incites playfulness and curiousity, depth and/or humor, plurality in individual experiences. The Wii gives us gaming more than any concrete cube, or station, or boy ever can, it gives us back the expression of gaming, rather than the weight of it.

So, it turns out, I actually appreciate it a great deal. And even moreso when I think that I could've practically said the exact same things about the console, and not the name (go back and reread it!).

But I told you that I didn't like it as a name, that in fact I haven't really liked any console name. When I started writing this I didn't know why, but over the course of writing this article I think I've discovered the reason. I like experiences, not definitions. I like possibilities, not dictations. And I like gaming, not labels.

I don't like Wii as a name. I do like it as a console, as an experience, and as a game. And I like everything it seems to represent to me.

But do I like it on the basis of just a"W" followed by a double "i" and nothing more. Do I like it without any further ideas, or any further meanings? Do I like it removed from any experiences or thoughts or emotions? Do I like it without meaning, just as a consonant and two vowels and that against a background of white?

No. I could not like that. How could anyone like anything so sterile?

~Carmine M. Red

pi said...

I don't like Wii as a name. I do like it as a console.


... That it. Nintendo plan this name it make non-gamer forcus on it.

Now think. If this console make like NDS ... for both gamer and non-gamer.

mose of non-gamer don't care about graphic or clock. mose care about price

That last part of revolution
it will show at E3.
it will make non-gamer like it. and thay will like this console.

For all gamer we know what it is. how it will be.

So. I think name dosn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Carmine M. Red, you sound alot like reggie..

m-m[ether] said...

@Carmine M.Red

Un texto excelente y un excelente análisis.

Spike said...

Carmine, i agree completely.

2-3 days for the conferences!!!
So close now....

the notorious bumrash skidmark daddy said...

the nintendo wii advert should have a child standing in front a tv with a wii game on the screen, and it looks like he's mesmorised playing a wii game but he's really a labotomized vegetable taking a piss in his living room then his mother runs in and smacks him and hugs him and cries, then the nintendo wii logo pops up on top with something like "nintendo wii: wii just f*cked you up" with some sorrowful music in the background. remember.. nintendo are marketing gods afterall so this advert would be very affective because it will be memorable and people will keep talking about it.

wii just stuck our wii up your ass said...

now, the next ad could be an old tramp taking a piss in to his beer can, drinking it and then pretending the beer can is a wii controller and he has a smile on his face, he then gets shot in the face with a shotgun. now that would be a memorable ad, it would be as memorable as the name. nintendo is smart.

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy that no one of the above have to make decisions in that matter...

IALS said...


People!!! its about the art!the ideas of the devs!the concept!the way its presented!the way gameplay mechanics are integrated in the level-design!Thats graphics.

A nimble artist can draw a much prettier picture with a simple pen than a talentless one with thousand coloured pencils!

Lets take Resi4 or Metroid Prime for example.
You honestly think these games
look as good as they do cause of the technology behind them?
There you are mistaken!

I'm not saying that technology is irrelevant!its just that I'm fed up with people-including Matt from IGN-that compare and judge graphics solely based on what the specs and engines tell,as if it were the machines who bring the visuals to life and not actual artists,individuals,who form the picture you see on screen.People
seem to forget that there are heads, characters, behind every aspect of a game building levels and foes the way they envisioned them and not "Mr Unreal Engine
3".I dont want to sound like a teacher or something but it seems like many don't get it straight that engines only represent tools,environments, that you have to deal with in order to create!

It's rediculous people seemingly ignore the fact that even the best tools are not worth a straw as long as you don't know what you are striving for visualy let alone how to master it!

People who appraise and compare graphics should look at it like these are good artists with good track records I can trust them to come up with something elegant lets
see what they got up their sleeve next time around regardless of what harware they develop for or what type of engines they use.Actually it's nothing else than picking different drawings..

Judging graphics solely on
technology cliches is like choosing film,books,music based on covers alone,as if they tell the whole story.

It's the same situation with 360.
People are deadlocked on the notion
that 360 games automatically look better by leaps and bounds than anything they have seen last generation cause thats what the numbers and specs have them believing.I have seen and played all
major XBox 360 releases from PGR3 to Dead or Alive 4 on HD, and the actual technological leap that you can see with your eyes compared to PGR2 and Dead or Alive 3
is almost non existant fractional at

Technology will always subordinate itself from ingenuity,vision,design! It's just a means to an end.

For that matter,what really strikes me about 360 games is how similiar everything looks across the board.
The effects,the normal-mapping the overall polished look oftentimes leaves something to be desired.It looks like plastic.Devs are like less hassle lets just use shader/effect b from tool-sheme xy in order to save time and be on shedule leave it at that like its okay,people will appreciate it the way it is.
What I'm getting at is that all these games seem to miss a characteristic visual expressions that differentiates them from one another.

Wii wont have the same specs as 360 or PS3 but its no odds.

From a visual perspective all we really need to be pleased are artists who have belief in what they do,who cope it,and engineers that provide designers with proper code.


Anonymous said...

bumrash but no skiddies said...

THE INFAMOUS ANONYMOUS LIGHT SHEDDER... IF developers do that... IF....!!

You have nothing to say developers will do that, you know nothing. Graphics aren't the focus of the wii and even to get graphics that look RE4 or Twilight princess standard it still takes a lot of time and effort, it's not just lower resolutions, it's everything like you said.

with the 360 and PS3 devs won't have to go down as much like in to assembly language to get the most performance out the machine, they will still have to work in assemble etc to get some nice performance out of them, but not as much. But with wii if they want to squeeze that much performance out of it, they're going to have to do that alot, they're gonna need to find ways to squeeze performance out of it, and that will cost them in time and money.

It's no coincidence that games like RE4, metroid prime and twilight Princess on the gamesube which looked good were all delayed. ad I bet a lot of that had to do with squeezing out performance or dealing with those bugs which may have been harder to spot in low level.

in the end devs will use modified gamecube engines, you can expect the devs that made the most pretty GC games, which lets face it it was mainly nintendo, retro and capcom to re-use their stuff and create some great looking games.

But how often are you expecting new developers to make stunning games like this? no, the focus for new and most developers is on smaller games, less graphical, cheaper to produce games, nintendo have kept saying this, and this is what the console will mainly have.

It will be rare to see stunning looking games, dont hold your breath for them it would be a waste of time. Wii will be an itunes game thing a magig, nintendo will make a shitload of profit and that's all tha matters, alrigh?

IALS said...

See "bumrash but no skiddies" is the archetypal example of people who don't get the point!

All I was getting at was that people need to stop judging games solely on performance criteria!
Maybe the choice was a lil odd with MP ,RE4 cause these games really have a lot of technology backing them up!

To make my point clear:
I think games like Monkey Island,Grim Fandango,Final Fantasy,
Shadow of Collosus,Zelda,Earth Worm Jim etc. all look better than anything we have seen on 360 simply cause they feature better well thought out art-styles that draw you in regardless of technology!
to put it bluntly all them 360 third parties, they just want to make a quick buck ,pull a fast one on you.. its insufficient software.


runnin_blue said...

Jeezuz! Fal is supposed to right the articles around here people! If you value your own opinion so much, start your own blog but please don't post such long rants in here.

Anonymous said...

ials: well said. (and hey, did you see me in this months Nintendo Power??? pg 13 dude!)

and runnin_blue, don't be lame. we are here for the discussion of gaming, not for cutting people down and sidebusting on well-written debates. shut the fuck up.

-"superfan" tactics.

Spike said...

ials, you have a point that artistic quality and developer talent is the most crucial aspect of a great game.
But dont forget that many talented developers work on xbox360 and ps3 as well.

runnin_blue said...

That "well-written debate" you posted was written by me for so according to you I am "sidebusting" my own writing. I have no problem with posting rumours and asking for Falafelkid's opinion on them (although I doubt he will answer them), what I have a problem with is people posting long-winded personal opinions that are better served on their own blog . All this is doing is making these comments sections take about a minute to load which is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am calling it right now. Anybody remember Nintendo Penant Chase Baseball? It was a baseball game Nintendo made about a year ago, they almost had it done, and then just cancelled it. I am calling it as a Rev launch title and that it will be shown at e3. I have spoken.

Anonymous said...

anon: whoever you are, you're not calling anything. we all already know that - penant chase has been an obvious cantidate for a "secret" Wii launch title for months. nice try. go claim that as your own on with a less-informed Wii community ;)

runnin_blue: okay, whatever. nobody reads moz la punk anyways. either way, falafelkid is not posting here anymore, and this is one of the websites i look to for intelligent Wii discussion, so i appreciate the arguments, no matter how long-winded. if you dont like them, don't read them. also please remember that if a page "takes a minute to load," this is an issue related much more to the speed of your internet connection than the length of posts here. get off of dialup, man.


-"superfan" tactics.

IALS said...


Runninblue BUUHH!!!



runnin_blue said...

"Nobody reads Moz La Punk" - Tactics

Well then where did you come across my article then?


Don't embarrass yourself anymore mate, that photo was bad enough.

We are all Nintendo fans here but ones like you just tend to give us a bad name.

Why did you have to resort to insults? is a very good website and I can assure you that it is doing very well so your statement is either extremely uninformed or you are just jealous.

Get over it, it's just video games dude.

runnin_blue said...


Runninblue BUUHH!!!" - IALS

Hi, I speak English, what's your language?


IALS said...

I plead the fifth!


Runnin blue.Calm down.

It's all good.

Don't pull heat on my man,Superfan tactics!

I feel he earned that respect for what he did!


Anonymous said...

see your article? i'm not sure what article you're referring to... i didn't see any article of yours. the only article i've ever read on moz la punk is the "n-game summary" article, which would've been a fantastic article if moz wasn't so full of himself, and could write... even just *decently* ...god those guys are completely incompetent.
i guess what i meant to say is, nobody who appreciates well-written articles by respectable journalists reads moz la punk. the next time i go to a site that supposed to be professional (especially one that talks about how great they are in their articles) and i read the word "rediculous" or "supposively" i'm going to scream. get a fucking clue.

you think having my fat ugly mug in gaming magazines and on websites was embarrassing for me? sure wasn't. it was really exciting! even Nintendo Power themselves called me a "Nintendo Superfan"! i'm stoked on that :) i've always been a "get a laugh even at my own expense" kind-of-guy. sorry you can't appreciate that.


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh great article. it's funny that i *just* mentioned moz la punks almost-not-shitty "n-game summary" article, and then 5 minutes later find a link to this article which totally rocks it ;)

-"superfan" tactics.

runnin_blue said...

The first few paragraphs from the article that you posted were quoted directly from my own words, I wrote them, douche bag. So don't play dumb.

You can pick out spelling mistakes all you want, fact is many of the MLP editors including Moz use english as a second language so I think they do pretty well considering the circumstances, don't you?

By the way, you should be embarrased by what you did, you looked like an idiot.

What kind of people do you think are looking on you with respect after what you did? Didn't you realise that most people were laughing AT you, not with you?


My sweaty ball bag

FROZEN said...

* kills himself

pn18 said...

anyone noticed the logo video drops hints at AR and mario tennis will come to the ds?

Anonymous said...

wow, somebody's upset! calm down.
if you're referring to that "forum post" (not a fucking article) that i posted a couple days ago, i got that from some other forum, posted by some other person. apparently he copied your post from somewhere else, "douchebag".

no, i don't think the guys at moz la punk "do pretty good" with english as a second language, they suck ass.

...and apparently you missed yet another one of my points: people laughing *at* me is not embarrassing, it's desirable. read and fucking *comprehend*: in my last post, i said, "i've always been a 'get a laugh even at my own expense' kind-of-guy. sorry you can't appreciate that." is english your second language too, or are you just fucking stupid?

also, you know what dude? don't try and come in here all high-and-mighty with shit like, "Why did you have to resort to insults?" and, "Get over it, it's just video games dude." and then come back at me *2 posts later* with, "I wrote them, douche bag. So don't play dumb." and, "you looked like an idiot." you fucking hypocrite. did you think i wouldn't fucking notice? take a stance and stick with it; be a man.

back to the original point. people can discuss whatever they want here. they don't need you, on your stupid fucking shitty dial-up connection, trying to complain about the length of well-written posts.

go away.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

product number 18: i can see the tennis thing, i guess... but what exactly do you mean?

-"superfan" tactics.

runnin_blue said...

Wow, you really are a loser man and a high strung one at that.

Here's a tip, get a girlfriend. You take you games waaay but waaay too seriously dude.

And I'm done.

IALS said...

This is an abridgement from a recent interview Game Informer conducted with the team behind Madden Wii.
I have to say its quite odd how painstakingly the team member avoids talking about the graphics.He just beats about the buch by emphasizing the importance of the expirience as a whole instead of giving proper awnsers.
I have to admit I'm left in the dark
regarding his refusal.This leads to two conclusions.Either is he downplaying the visual quality cause its not up to par or he likes to keep cards close to his chest for whatever reason!
By the way,Red Steel is looking good.Its easily on par with what I have seen so far on 360.I think the interplay between lightning,texture-design and art-style is very good and shapes a
nice overall picture.
There is no aspect that stands out on its own,that overshadows another
one,like overly shiny surfaces in
360 games tend to do,which is good.As aforementioned,its the combination that forms the big picture.
Cubed3 has the shots for your viewing pleasure.

GI: How has development been for the Wii as far as graphically and things like that? Are you happy with the performance you’re getting with it?

Armenise: So far what we’ve been doing for the time we’ve been developing for the Wii, we’ve been focusing all on gameplay, and getting that unique gameplay experience for the users. I think people are really going to see that at E3 – we’re hoping we get a lot of feedback. “Wow, that’s a really unique version of Madden – I really didn’t think it was going to be like this.” That has been our overriding focus, and making sure the game is really polished. We want to get feedback at E3 and we’ve been doing internal focus tests, and they’ve already been changing and learning about the controllers and how they work, and how other designs internally we’ve already vented them out, and said, “Wow, that didn’t work” and gone forward on stuff. For us, it’s all about the controls and making that new experience for those folks who are going to get Madden Wii.

GI: Obviously gameplay always matters over everything with any videogame, but what about the visuals? Are you happy with the performance you’re getting?

Armenise: So far we’ve had no problems with the Wii, we’re up and running and doing great.

GI: How would you characterize them in context with comparing them with the next generation and the current generation hardware? Do you think its somewhere in between or sort of what we’ve seen in the current generation – maybe on the Xbox or PS2?

Armenise: I don’t even think I want to go there. I think I’d much rather concentrate on what the experience is going to be for the user. I want people to focus on that. I’d like to see people come away from E3 passionate about the controls we’ve put that together. I think that’s going to be the overriding concern with how you’re going to play Madden on Wii, and once they get a taste they’re going to really like it.


Anonymous said...

hahaha so typical. actually i'm engaged, and have a great life outside of videogames; but thanks for the rash assumption you've made.

"and i'm done." great. go away. somehow i knew that this would be your last response. you've totally followed suit! great job!

for anyone who needs help with this, i'll outline it for you:

we'll call today's lesson "Internet Flaming 101: The Exit Strategy"

first, make a rash assumption or an unmerited accusation of your foe. (sexual frustration is great! also remember that if you can convince your audience that your opponent "has no life" you'll earn bonus points!) now you've really set the audience up for your final exit strategy by making a fool of your opponent!

second, (this is REALLY important) don't even bother to try and combat any of the points that your opponent has made, this will only proceed in you being "pwnt" again, and you can't have that! try to seem like the more mature person! since you're using the typical exit strategy, you don't have any valid points anyway! remember, this is not about you or your argument, it's about slandering your opponent!

third, (this is the most important part! read up!) exit the debate. make it seem as though you're "above it," regardless of how long you've been shamelessly flaming! you've accomplished something great here: not only do you not have to respond again, but you've also made yourself, again, look like you're the "adult". very very important!

finally, no matter what the opponent posts after your exit strategy, DON'T REPLY! you'll only discredit yourself, so remember, *stay away from that message board forever* or you may look like a hypocrite, giving your opponent even more ammunition with which to fire back at you!

thanks for taking our lesson in "internet flaming 101". i hope it's proved helpful!

-"superfan" tactics.

pn18 said...

AR=Augmented Reality

IALS said...



Anonymous said...

IALS: dude... isn't that mysterious? ALL OF THEM are doing that. it's like nintendo wants us to intentionally be drawn away from anything at all regarding the graphics. like they're totally "playing them down"... i can only assume 2 reasons for doing this...

- the graphics are going to suck and they dont even want to talk about it


- they're going to have something so spectacular that it'll blow us all away.

...i'm betting on the latter ;) great post IALS; way to keep us thinking!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

product number 18: i know what AR means... i'm just wondering what exactly you meant by "the video drops hints" please explain! i'm interested!
i found that the video seems to make a TON of shit like, fly toward you... that to me is just SCREAMING "3d!!!" heh. but we'll see i guess!

-"superfan" tactics.

IALS said...


They didnt laugh at him like in a negative way!
What you say doesnt bode ill of your character,Im afraid.


IALS said...

Eh sorry it bodes ill!!!



Carmine M. Red said...

As soon as you guys get done, maybe you'd like to read up about the Time article where they playtested the Wii... with Zelda:TP, Wario Ware Wii (including Hula!) and a Tennis game?

~Carmine M. Red

IALS said...

You are starting to become a legend!
Seems like Reggi is getting a run for his money!

Check this out:

Nintendo Wii - Are you with me?



bumrash != skidmarks said...


there are a lot of great artistic styles on the 360 and PS3. Not all the games look shiney plastic like. sure there are a lot that do, but that's a damn sight better then xbox looking low texture ones on the wii.

you're living in fantasy land ther bud, you think all the wii developers are going to instantly make artsy fartsy looking games. Well reality check, there will be a lot of weak looking, but big selling franchises that will be ported to the console, with no major artistic over haul like EA and ubisoft titles.

the devs that will put time and effort in ot amazing art styles will still be from big companies like capcom, clover etc. and there is no saying which console they've chosen to make artistic looking games on.

Like i said you're in fantasy land, believeing something with no solid proof. it may or may not happen, but just remmeber good art styles require talented developers, and most of the talented devs have been snatched by big companies who will be the ones who greenlight what they do, so don't live in fantasy land m8.

Anonymous said...

hey, bumrash... dude, please understand that you're doing the exact same thing, man. you dont have any proof of what you say, either.
you're making assumptions based on what has happened in previous console generations, and if nintendo has taught us anything with "revolution," they've taught us that everything is about to change.


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA SWEET! thanks for posting IALS! that's fuckin badass! :D

...see? *they're* not laughing *at* me :~(


-"superfan" tactics.

bumrash said...

"hey, bumrash... dude, please understand that you're doing the exact same thing, man. you dont have any proof of what you say, either.
you're making assumptions based on what has happened in previous console generations, and if nintendo has taught us anything with "revolution," they've taught us that everything is about to change.


what? are you some brainwashed by marketing mtv genetaion dumbass or something? seriouseily... shut up. your annoying, listen to yourself. you sound like a hippie (damn hippies).

i'm making assumption based on facts and reality there pal, not just throwing out guesses like he is, i know how this shizite works.

IALS said...

@bumrash != skidmarks

I just about had enough of you mate.
We are at cross-purposes.
Note my endeavour was to shed light on the general misconception in regards to how graphics get evaluated nowadays,that is to say solely on hardware attributes.
I didn't comment on the Publisher situation on the competing system or
the lack of talent on other systems nor did I curse other systems.
Again,Its obvious that you didnt get it.Maybe you should read through it
once again!
See the point is I dont give a f... about polygon-count,1080P,Ultranormal-
mapping,and all the other bullshit as long as the idea,design,concept,compos.,guidline doesnt translate into something within reason,something unique that
isnt trying to fake up something else like is the case nowadyas with 90% of the games.
I am starting to repeat my self thus
I shall stop now.


Anonymous said...

wow... bumrash == runnin_blue? hahaha... wouldn't surprise me...

man, i couldn't have possibly been ANY nicer about what i said... jesus christ. you're "MAKING ASSUMPTIONS" fucker. MAKING FUCKING ASSUMPTIONS. you said it YOURSELF.

god man... chill out. and before you start calling people "mtv generation brainwashed" or whatever, think about what you say... i was quoting iwata. it's a funny quote. end of story. no "deeper meaning" for you to delve into.

you also don't make yourself sound like a free-thinking individual when you say dumbass cliche` southpark-esque shit like "you sound like a hippie, damn hippies."

YOU shut the fuck up.

god am i getting sick of the flame-wars around here; it's really stupid. why can't people have opinions? read my above "Exit Strategy" post please, "bumrash"...

-"superfan" tactics.

IALS said...

See bumrash ,if you are comfortable about paying 500-600 $ to expirience ultra hi-res Dead or Alive or Halo then its allright.Stick with it!Enjoy yourself and your deep pockets!Nobody has a problem with it!You dont have to
warrant it!
Its all good!
I dont need Halo Ultra hi-res.
I dont know about you mate! maybe 360 is your first console and its all shiny and new for you.
But see for me its like a been there
done that affair cause I have been doing this for a long time.
No offense mate but I suggest we should keep things calm in here


Anonymous said...

Get your act together bumrash!

runnin_blue said...

You're engaged?

That poor girl (I'm assuming it is a girl).

bumrash said...

ugh whatever, both of you know jack shite.

now IALS you're still guessing wii will have games like you mentioned. like its lack of power == better emphasis on art sytles for it. you don't have proof to say that. and what about PS3 and 360, what about games like viva pinata? or the next shadow of the collosus sequel?

Great art styles - can be be even better because of the hardware. You'll be able to see more things going on at once, without slow downs, better physics and AI and still a great art style on top.

You think I don't get it, well sounds like you don't get it.

and to the other guy, you made no point whatsoever so just shut up. you do sound like a fucking ninendo drone - like a stoned hippy.

IALS said...

It said misconception of graphics!M-i-s-c-o-n-c-e-p-t-i-o-n!


Nice try at shifting our lil debate into a fancy "my console is the better one" type of consolewar bitching.
You know,it was evident ever since your first response-I smell fanboy,and it smells like ass.
See,I respect people who can downright ignore the obvious just so that their meaningless speeches make more sense!
See your sivel has nothing to do with nothing,plus your tone exposes you as a huffy fanboybiatch that feels impelled to pull heat over something
that will get you nowhere.
Also note,its evident that you dont come to terms,since you misconceived
what I said to the fullest and started to painstakingly defend and warrant 360.
This bodes ill of your confidence! You seemingly arent comfortable with it since you warrant it by all means neccessary.Your language and over confidence gives me reason to believe that Microsoft pulled a fast one on you (I'm afraid to say) dula .

You should go back to the drawing board and shift lanes!

Also retreat from insulting the Superfan,Tactics
I feel he earned that respect!



Anonymous said...

you people are killing my interest in this blog because of your bickering.

bumrash said...

ials i like how you can type an entire paragraph like that without making a single fucking point! bravo!! Also I like the fact you fail to see the irony of calling me a fanboy then blatantly acting like one yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sony just stole our controller!

Most importantly, it (controller) has "6 degrees" of motion-sensing movement. You can move it up and down, you have pitch and yaw and roll movement, and it's all still wireless and, in fact, lighter than PS2's DualShock.