Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nintendo to sell 6 million Wii consoles until April, comments on pricing

In their most recent financial report, Nintendo has given an estimate on how well they expect the Wii to perform as a console. There is also mention of the expected price. Games Press has the details:
Nintendo Announces Wii Information, Worldwide Shipments

May 25, 2006

Following its overwhelming debut at E3 2006, Nintendo today announced the current fiscal year unit shipment forecast for its new home game system, Wii™. Nintendo also confirmed that the price of the Wii system, which incorporates unique freehand control, will not exceed $250 in America, or ¥25,000 in Japan. The company plans to ship 6 million systems to retailers around the world between its launch in the fourth quarter of 2006 and the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2007.

The projections are part of a full-year financial forecast that sees growth of 18 percent in sales globally, based on anticipated continuing strong demand for the Nintendo DS™ portable game system, as well as a successful launch for Wii.

The company also said it expects to sell 17 million Wii games in the period. Exact launch dates, identification of the launch library of titles and details on the unique Virtual Console aspect of Wii will be announced soon.

The comments about the price were perhaps to be expected. But Nintendo seems very confident that they can sell six million consoles until April 2007 and almost three times as many games along with it. This is a bold statement. Microsoft claims to have sold just over 3 million units in about six months since launch. Given that the Wii can most likely launch no earlier than September, Nintendo would have to sell three times as many consoles to make good on this promise. A very bold claim indeed. And, in my opinion, a good indicator that there is still another secret to the system that will make it even more appealing.

EDIT It has been rightly pointed out (albeit by a complete cretin) that I mistook ´shipped´ for ´sold´. Of course, Nintendo only intends to ship that many consoles. However, I am sure that they have high hopes of selling the entire shipment by that time. As we all know, most consoles do sell out the first batch as demand is high.

Source: Games Press, Nintendo financial report


Anonymous said...

I think the microphone is great!

Anonymous said...


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Hi falafel,
What do you think about the posts of that guy:

He said these things slightly before the TGS announcement:
Der echte Controller wird einhändig benutzbar sein und hat nur einen Button. Für spezielle Spiele wird es Aufsätze geben ...

Ein neue, innovative dreidimensionale Spielsteuerung mit einem simpel wirkenden Stick.

The day after the announcement:
Denkt nicht, die Revolution wäre jetzt schon komplett. Das war heute ein wichtiges Teilstück. Weitere Innovationen werden folgen ... Überlegt mal: Welche Oberfläche würde sich denn z.b. für einen dreidimensionalen Pointerstick anbieten? Ihr werdet jubeln, denn Nintendos entgültige Revolution wird der Wahnsinn! Aber dennoch ... kein Visor!

And Brooke Burgess told me this:
He's [the person who told him about the GameCube 3D add-on] a fairly big gaming journalist/commentator, so I don't
think he'd be lying/exaggerating.

He said there would be glasses...and that the technology was a modern
extension of the stereoscopic in Virtual Boy, combined with what theaters
are planning on doing.


Anonymous said...

Fal, you said.

"But Nintendo seems very confident that they can sell six million consoles until April 2007"

I might be wrong but the way I read it they only say they will ship that many systems, not sell that many.

910do said...

Welcome back Falafelkid !!!!!

Tetsuo Otomo said...

Oh yeah....WELCOME BACK!

Anonymous said...


Lets put our heads together in a rational fashion to see what we can come up with. We've seen the games and know how they work so lets see how the gameplay could be affected by sterioscopic 3D, thinking this is the most reliable and cost efficient way to handle 3D viewing ( no projection or voodoo magic, it's not feasible ). Tech heads feel free to come in and add your thoughts.

1. Will the software or hardware be responsible for rendering the sterioscopic image. It is my understanding that the game engine is responsible for filling the frame buffer to render images to the screen. If it is the software's job, it's a little late in the game to ask that of 3rd parties. If it were the hardware, I think the software would be saying to the Wii, hey, here is my scene and this is how my actors are moving, please render this however it is necessary.

2. How would 3D affect existing game design and gameplay. For example, and I've said this before, I believe a person viewing a game in 3D would time things different than someone who isn't in games such as Tennis and Homerun derby. I also think they would point at different locations in games such as Metroid and Red Steel.

3. Would sterioscopic 3D games be viewable to those without glasses? If not, then it kinda takes out the whole getting the family to crowd around the tv and play environment Nintendo is trying to create.

4. Did any of the games at E3 strike you as hinting at 3D. For example, does Mario flying through space, Excite Truck going into hyper speed, Red Steel sword swipes, Sonic on Rails, or Zelda gameplay seem to hint at 3D functionality?

Fal, as much as you try to keep an open and non-commitle approach to this secret you have bodly claimed, I know you think it is 3D. If it is not and your mind is changing, what do you think it could be?

As for me, I think they will put a microphone and a small camera in the Wii-mote. One of those cheap one shot cameras that are popular in Cell phones.




For those of you interested, the flap in the front is for SD cards and nothing else. I'm sorry if Nintendo Futurna has led your imagination down the wrong path.

jose said...

so for less than 250$ we will get motion sensor control, 3d stereoscopic graphics and a console with powerpc architecture and DVD player.

Hopefully it will take you to work too. it will go shopping, it will walk the dog, and it will hepl the kids to do the homework

Anonymous said...

easy as pie wii wil sell like hot puddings to the nintendo loyal and hardcore then its amasing abillity to make you smile will spread like wild fire and presto wii will easy sell 6 million i expect 2nd place globally and no 1 in PROFITS maybe even a no 1 seller

Anonymous said...

now that the console is getting released soon and everything is basically out about the secrets it seems like blogs are boring now.

I mean there is no reason to come to these blogs anymore.

Dan_Smith said...

Hey Falafel its good too see you back man I check your blog everyday for updates and I wondered when you would get back from doing the project but your back yeah !!!!!!

Morton-jn said...

There are more secrets but I don't think you people are thinking like Nintendo, c'mon a speaker is really smart and the two section of the controller having motion sensing is really smart but these are small non-intrusive gameplay elements that do not impose massively on the console.

Think of the DS, each one of it's features put together give you a great experience.

Personally I think a microphone will be included or at least be an add-on for the controller. Perhaps even a camera hidden in the sensor bar, who knows, but i'm sure we can give it a real shot.

P.S 3D is a posibility but I want to try to figure out the more likely secrets myself of which there probably won't be many.

RGB said...

I always thought Nintendo said the technology which is revolutionary is already out in the market but hasnt been used in 'video' gaming before.

Now I am not sure if they are referring to the controller or not as this was before they said that comment by memory.

And I think it is a bit unsafe to assume that because Nintendo said they will ship/sell 6m units by the fiscal end, it doesnt mean that there is necessarily a secret. They have made this claim after the E3 and given the current interest getting close to that figure wont be impossible even based on todays knowledge of the technological features of the Wii.

I do remember Kaplan saying that the Revolution will be at a price that people will line up for. Y25,000 maybe so in Japan but elsewhere I am not sure. Another secret which will spark even more hype will definately create that scenario. But that also brings me to my previous paragraph where I mentioned that selling 6m doesnt seem impossible based on todays Wii technology, I guess I am a bit contradicting.

Heh Nintendo's left me totally baffled.

Anonymous said...

It would knock me out of my seat at this point if they revealed a last secret involving stereoscopics (and it wasn't a total gimmick).

Back in realityville, I think that the games they have shown thus far could all be done on GameCube (with the peripheral) and if the final hardware turns out to be so underpowered the console has to sell at $149. However, if by launch they juice up their (potential/specs) graphics (lighting, as oppossed to surface effects and pixel resolutions) then they can launch the console at only fifty under Microsoft's tard pack and avoid the peripheral stigma.

I remember only a year ago PDZero debuted and looked like complete ass, and though by launch it had improved, it still had clipping galore (and a pasted together feel, where the textures, the parts seperated)...and now Gears of War is coming out for the same hardware and looks to do everything PS3 is hyped to do for two hundred dollars less.

The advantage Wii has (new graphics or not) is day one its games will play differently from everything else.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the email address of the person who runs this blog?

Thank you I need to contact him/her

Anonymous said...

Come on??? No one knows Falafelkids email address? Can someone please provide me the information. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It is on their.

Anonymous said... thoughts D-bone:

here are my "thoughts" before E3 2006.

I thought at first (1) the secrets lies behind the words "Revolution will be used with a tv and a monitor"

Here I thought that a console used with a monitor could possible mean HD or above. As nintendo always (before GameCube era) nock down competitors by having better sounds, graphics, faster processor ect, I truly believed They will have better things that others. Or that this "monitor" thing could be an attachment in form of a controller with a touch sencetive screen like DS.

And the second (2) one was about the relationships between Nintendo (them) and NEC, Manasuhita, Sharp (the others).

If you guys digg/see a litle deeper into what those company's have dune history wice, you will find out that they have collaborated with technologies know-how in projects that has some times around been commercilized (spelling I know)

Think the GameCube with dvd features (Panasonic)or GC-media manufactured by Panasonic.

Think Superfamicom (16bit era) build-in a 14" Sharp tv/direct view CRT or a SupergameBoy build by Sharp in the early 90".

Think the electronic ships made by NEC in many Nintendo consoles. Or their join-in on the VirtualConsole buisness model along with SEGA.

Now think this:

Nintendo use Sharp's 3D screening technology in Wii/next GameBoy/DS

No glasses no projections. Just vieawing the content in a different angel and your content on screen will pop up just a little that you almost feels you can grap it like it was their for real.

now, I have already mentioned this here before along with some web links, eventhough I cna't find the post. I hope some of you might concider that our next gaming revolution might not be so far from us and that this revolution might not be that cool we hoped it would be...

As I told before, Nintendo seems to always get good marketing results. But when the "thing(s)" finaly arrives, they settle for less.
A little disspointment here and there by gamers, but we all lived true it. And you know what? We still believes in them...


game on said...

Does anyone have the information how well the gamecube did within 6 months of release?

Anonymous said...

Remember Raven Blade? Back in 2001 it was supposed to be a release title for the gamecube. It still impresses me more graphically than what I've seen for Wii.
Don't you think the lava monster looks better than the one in the new zelda?

All I'm asking is... how come old gamecube titles look better or same as upcoming release tiles for Wii?
F-Zero, Metroid Prime 2, Rogue Squadron 3, Resident Evil 4... all great looking games.

Anonymous said...

His name is Andreas Garbe and his email is

Anonymous said...

All at e3 isn't finished Wii. it's kind of gamecube edit bios for E3. Only to show that Wiimode.

Even now. Wii gpu still dosn't finish.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who mentioned Raven Blade:

This is Raven Blade:

That was the most final version of the game before it was cancelled. It looks like crap. The Wii has much better graphics than this. I'd rather have clean, simple graphics than complex but blurry and jagged visuals any day.

Anonymous said...

THERE IS NO 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just let this idea die already!!!!

Anonymous said...

September is coming...
The TGS is NEAR...
more NEAR than the speaker...

and Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I hope Nintendo manage to do what they suggest with unit shifting etc. and i hope they keep to their historic launch price policy too. I'm sure this time around they will have more success with the Wii, especially seeing how well the DS has transcended the market.


Welcome back Falafelkid.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who gave us the crappy link to Raven Blade. Here is a proper pic:

Anonymous said...

For a "journalist" you sure do process information strangely.

Original Nintendo PR:
"The company plans to ship 6 million systems to retailers around the world between its launch in the fourth quarter of 2006 and the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2007"

Pitahead's headline:
"Nintendo to sell 6 million Wii consoles until April, comments on pricing"

But this is not surprising, seeing as you're the guy who pretty much single-handedly fostered ridiculous ideas of 3D projection, augmentated reality, holograms, etc. for the weak-minded Nintendo fanboys. Of course I am a Nintendo fan. I wouldn't have found this page if I wasn't. I also realize this is a speculation/rumor site. BUt really, what scoops have you given us? You analyzed moldy patents to try to fit them into your 3D projection theories. But then there are other Nintendo blogs unearthing the wiikaraoke site and speculating on a microphone with VOIP support. Of course this only seems like LOGICAL speculation for a sub-$250 machine. Not sexy enough, I guess. Keep speculating on the flap. I heard you've got to enter a code under the flap every 108 minutes or else...

Another scoop is the Star Wars game. YOu heard it here first. Wow, I guess I should also give Osoko credit for the Kojima game. Look, every Nintendo system except the Virtual BOy had a Star Wars game. Is it so shocking to think that there will be another one for Wii? What next--you'll be the first to confirm Ridge Racer or Mortal Kombat for Wii?

Anonymous said...

//OFFTOPIC @ anomynous

hehe, nice dependance on lost ^^

here, in germany, they didn't show the 2. season -.-

they showed the first season last year, and then stopped. now, they are going to repeat first season in the summer holidays and then show the second season...

i am not a patient person, so i just started to watch the second season on english... (the german synchro is nice, anyway. so i'm going to watch in tv, too)

Falafelkid said...

For a "journalist" you sure do process information strangely.

As to the confusion between ´shipping´ and ´selling´, my bad. I simply overread that while posting. Please appreciate that I have next to no time for this blog, so mistakes like that can happen.

As to your polemics, keep that to yourself, kid.

Anonymous said...

just spam, sorry falafelkid. Al the E3 game footage of Wii Games in one video, accompanied by the Brawl soundtrack.

Blizz419 said...

Hey Falafel did you ever see our comments a few posts back about the hardware used at E3, it in fact was not true "wii" hardware and was just modified cube hardware wired into "wii" case's

Anonymous said...

Thera are only two gaming machines, which are worthy to buy, the others suck!!!

PC and all Nintendo Products ROCK !!!!

As a PC gamer i regard consoleros as noobs in the gaming scene, but i have big resprect from nintendo, and i must confess that i am also a Nintendo Fanboy beneath the PC.
The other next gen console are cheap copies of PC's and they even dont have the power of a PC. IMO the PC and the Nintendo Wii are the best choice !!! The rest are noob tools !!!

RGB said...

Blizz419 said...
Hey Falafel did you ever see our comments a few posts back about the hardware used at E3, it in fact was not true "wii" hardware and was just modified cube hardware wired into "wii" case's

Yeh thats what I've waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Fal,

Your blog used to be a place where I could come and get news every single day... Nowadays, you're disappointing me more and more with a huge lack of news... Please close this blog or DO something with it....

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what this blog offers that other web sites/blogs do not??

What attracted me (originally) to here was that it enjoyed more frequent updates than the bigger sites did. But that was all pre-E3, and not it seems the opposite is true.

Lastly, quantity is not king...quality is, and here too this site is falling short of its pre-E3 performance.

What was the last, interesting and substantive piece of news this site has produced?

This site served enthusiasts well not too long ago, I hope it can return to that level of performance. Otherwise I'm finding the quantity and quality of content at other sites to exceed that of this one.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid .... Now he is under NDA and work for nintendo

He can't say anything. so ... after nintendo show us all. this blog amy as frequent updates as befor.

schleif11 said...

Nah im pretty sure its just because he doesnt have time. He'll get around to it when he wants to.

Anonymous said...

guys i know this is just speculation and all but you should all check out the latest issue of Popsci for some interesting info on the newest forms of 3d video and such.....

Tortus said...

do you want to be a member of my blog?

you have to send me a mail to:

everybody: welcome!

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Be a member of the Wii Team.


Anonymous said...


god, i wonder if all that shit is true?! that's insane!!!!!!!!!!!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

it sounds crazy but realistic.
If these are indeed untrue "facts", I still find it amazing how creative this guy is. How can anybody just think this up?!

Anonymous said...

One more rumor. Again better than don't have any thing.

But this seem ...

all past MGS major releases on Virtual Console
MGS form ps and ps2 can't put in 500MB.

Msg4 for Wii.
It's exclusive for ps3 already.

Kid Icarus rated M.
This one seem...impossible.

= ...

Anonymous said...

I think he's talking about old Metal Gear in Commodore and so.

The idea of A.I. graphics sounds to me like heaven, but I think it is not very "affordable". Let's see.


Anonymous said...

Julencin, de dónde eres majo?

Anonymous said...

Hola bilbainillo, no soy de tu zona seguro. Vivo por Madrid. Mi nombre es Julián, pero por coincidencia con el futbolista Julen Guerrero (me apellido igual), en mi antiguo trabajo me apodaron así y así me quedaré.

Un saludo

Anonymous said...

Pues aúpa Julen y aúpa Julian ; )
Ya nos veremos por aquí...así que aúpa Wii también..jeje. (Voy desempolvando mi inglés de Opening...) ;D

Hasta luego Julencin.

Anonymous said...

a newly found 3-d display patent by nintendo...

...for a handheld device...

...with a touch screen???

kickass. GBE, anyone? ;D

-"superfan" tactics.

El Informante said...




RGB said...

It is just a load of crap and only uses common sense to work it out guys.

Anonymous said...

How about... 3d on touch screen and background on top screen.

This one is really cool (it's just too big)

Anonymous said...

Un abrazo, bilbainillo. A ver si Falafelkid nos actualiza esto más a menudo.


aka Julencin2000

Anonymous said...

this site sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a blog, man, so take it easy.


Anonymous said...

that means its no more than £135. thats cool.

Anonymous said...

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