Monday, May 08, 2006

e3 update #1hi everyone. i have just checked into my hotel in west hollywood and am using blogs in hand to post from my pda mobile. this way i wll be able to keep you updated. and i have some exclusive news for you tonight. there will be a star wars exclusive for wii, i just learned, light sabers and all. it will be revealed tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fal, I just wanted to ask a favor. Could you post the time of the Tuesday Nintendo Conference and what the time would be in different territories like you did for GDC?? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks. =D

Thunder Emperor said...

Fal my man I haven't posted in a while but damn thanks for such great news. WIIIIIIIIIII baby.

What is the general preception of people you are taking to about the Wii , are the excited and do you know what that last secret is?

Anonymous said...

Star Wars. Every desire of mine is now coming to pass.

Anonymous said...

Fal, do you think the Star Wars/Revmote trailer that was on the net the last couple of weeks is an official teaser trailer for thid game?

Anonymous said...

Good thing to know you'll be updating from your mobile, that menas info will be available pretty quickly
Have fun and gives plenty of info from E3
By the way, thanks for the Star Wars news, we all knew it was coming, it's just nice to have it confirmed

Anonymous said...

He is under NDA. Even he wish to tell us. He can't.

E3 is near. Better wait for it.

Morton-jn said...

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the site and Nintendo in general. I think I speak for nearly everyone here when I say that you are truly respected and are the true face of what a jounalist should be. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Could anybody give me a few links to places that are known to be streaming the conference? Other than Gamespot and Nintendo themselves, I do not have any.

Anonymous said...

Will Nintendo preview an "Adult" game?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous:

These are streaming live and free: (you need to register here, it's free)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The announcement of a Star Wars game (lightsabers and all) was inevitable. The system is too perfectly geared towards swordfighting, and thus lightsabers; furthermore, upon announcement of the controller and its abilities, the first thing that came to many fans and editors minds was how suited it would be to a Star Wars game. Star Wars games have always been hampered by unwieldy control-schemes for their lightsaber play; Jedi Knight II, for example, while putting in a valiant effort on the PC, still had unpredictable and imprecise lightsaber control.

This is great news, but not unexpected. I have also ejaculated, and I haven't seriously played a viedo game for a number of years.

Anonymous said...

gud 4 u man

Anonymous said...

RtR promises to deliver the goods on MONDAY! Falafelkid do you happen to be RtR himself or know him? :P

Anonymous said...

Great work Fal! I wonder if the Star Wars game will be exclusive to Wii or if it'll be a Wii-ed up version of a game coming to all systems.

therealabdallah said...

That was almost a given but great to hear it anyway!

Anonymous said...

It said misconception of graphics!M-i-s-c-o-n-c-e-p-t-i-o-n!

Bumrash. Nice try at shifting our lil debate into a fancy "my console is the better one" type of consolewar bitching.
You know,it was evident ever since your first response-I smell fanboy,and it smells like ass.
See,I respect people who can downright ignore the obvious just so that their meaningless speeches make more sense!
See your sivel has nothing to do with nothing,plus your tone exposes you as a huffy fanboybiatch that feels impelled to pull heat over something
that will get you nowhere.
Also note,its evident that you dont come to terms,since you misconceived
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This bodes ill of your confidence! You seemingly arent comfortable with it since you warrant it by all means neccessary.Your language and over confidence gives me reason to believe that Microsoft pulled a fast one on you (I'm afraid to say) dula .

You should go back to the drawing board and shift lanes!

Also retreat from insulting the Superfan,Tactics
I feel he earned that respect!



Anonymous said...

I know more than 10 people that will buy Wii just for the star wars game.
Great news Fal, thank you.

Brian said...

Great news, Fal! I'm looking forward to E3 as much as the next person, and as usual I'll be keeping a close eye on the blog. Cheers, and have a great time! ^_^

IALS - Good God, how do you come up with this crap? Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? Seriously, get a life.

Anonymous said...

North American Pacific times:

May 9 - 9:30am

North American Eastern times:

May 9 - 12:30

Central European times:

May 9 - 6:30pm

UK times:

May 9 - 5:30pm

Australia Western times:

May 10 - 12:30AM

Australia Eastern times:

May 10 - 2:30AM

Japan times:

May 10 - 1:30AM

Anonymous said...

mission aborted

Anonymous said...

I call Yoda!!
Poor Pablo. Too bad his crew broke up. :( *sniff*

Anonymous said...

Countdown timers for all three press conferences:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Falafelkid.

Hab keine Ahnung, ob du mir hier antworten kannst... aber werd ich in der Lage sein, deine E3 Berichte auf RTL2 oder 'nem anderen Sender sehen zu können? Vielleicht mit dir an einer Wii Konsole? :P

-R.U.Sirius (ebenfalls Kölner)

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Just the other day I was speaking with a co-worker, whom is very much a PS3 person due to franchises such as final fantasy, about the up coming Wii. While at first he didn't understand it, I explained how the controller works and he was very interested, but said he wouldn't purchase one due to the franchises he prefers on PS3. Well, after talking for a little while, we both came to the conclusion that if a Star Wars game came out on the Wii that allowed the controller to be the light saber it would sell like bananas here in the U.S.

This is the best news and I can finally really feel Nintendo turning a corner. I can't wait for tomorrow to hear all of the news.

I fully predict the Wii to take Japan by storm in a very DS esque manner. PS3 and Wii will probably sell at a 1 to 1 ratio due to franchises, but Wii should gain a nice market share and give us Nintendo fans a nice variety of games again.


910do said...

Falafelkid, You're the Man !!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm at e3 too, i know the ps3 controller will use gyros too, dont tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

" i see, you´ve constructed a new Lightsaber..." (Darth Vader - Episode VI)

...where the Hell ist the Game ???

Anonymous said...

We never saw a Star Wars game. Did Falafelkid lie? :O

Anonymous said...

Yeah, seems that Fal lied. Fal, confirm your sources are reliable before you bull shit us.

Unknown said...

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