Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post-E3: First Elebits screenshots

First of all, apologies for the recent lack of updates. I will post a whole lot of E3 stuff very soon. I interviewed Satoru Iwata, Phil Harrison (Sony Computer Entertainment), Robbie Bach (Microsoft), Cliff Bleszinski (Epic Games), Todd Hollenshead (id Software), Peter Molyneux (Lionhead Studios), Doug Lombardi (Valve Software) and Denis Dyack (Silicon Knights) to only name a few. If I get clearance, I will post all interviews in full right here, so please stick around.

In the meantime, I would like to give you a little taster. Here are the first official Elebits screenshots, courtesy of Konami:

There you go. Also, I still owe you the Red Steel story, which I hope to be able to share with you either later today or tomorrow.


Luca S. (Italy) said...

Good to read you again Andreas!
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

Elebits looks like an upgraded n64-game.
the resolution is so incredibly low :(

anyway, i hope gameplay rulez...
but i'm not going to buy it in the first place. honestly, i think giving us SUCH graphics on the wii is extremely shameless.

is like making a gamecube-game with n64-graphics. i just wouldnt buy it, its like fraud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fal, thank god you're still alive. I honestly thought you choked on one of those airport peanuts.
So... is there a reason why you're showing us these not so great looking screenshots? They don't really make me happy...

Anonymous said...

whats the premise of the game? Is it like a lemmings meets your kitchen?

runnin_blue said...

Welcome back Falafel,

I would love to read your Denis Dyak and Peter Molyneux interviews. Please try hard to get them online.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Zaro said...

This game don't look very good, but the physics look very good.

Look this video:

But i'm not sure if it will be that fun. I hope there's some puzzle.

By the way good to read you again :)

DDISan said...

It's official, Yoshihiro Mori (Nintendo-Japan Senior Managing Director) said "25.000 yens for the Wii"

So hopefully 200 euros as a launch price!!!!!

Metaldave said...

11 days since your last post? You must have been really really busy. Good to have you back.

Hijack said...

Welcome back Falaffel!
This screenshots look very ugly. It really looks a bit like N64.
Bad Textures, low Resolution and a low Polycount

Shoxware Games said...

Denis Dyack and Doug Lombardi! Whoo, cool! Damn! I really wanna know, what
Shinji Mikami and Yu Suzuki think about the Wii!!!!!!

also Falafelkid... I answered your mail @ avant-garbe!

tanstaafl said...


Thanks for the video link, there seem to be very few videos of the game, though many editors said they really enjoyed it.

Looking at all of the physics interactions towards the end of the video reinforces my opinion that Wii has a physics processor built into Hollywood.

I'd also like to know if this is a "sandbox"-style game, ala GTA and the True Crime games. That'd be pretty cool.

tanstaafl said...


If Elebits follows a "sandbox" style, like the GTA and True Crime games, then its pretty usual for the game to look relatively bad. The payoff is that the world is so much larger and the number of interactions with that world increase.

So, yeah, the graphics running off of early GameCube-based devkits are pretty bland. However, the physics look fun, and the world looks pretty large.

pn18 said...

"...and the world looks pretty large."
lol, all you can see is a tiny kitchen

tanstaafl said...


Watch the video posted by zaro:


The player moves into a den an out a door into the backyard. Admittedly, its still pretty small, but the full game will probably have large neighborhoods in which a player can travel.

Zaro said...

I've read an interview (i've not found it, sorry!), where the guy said that we will walk trought the town.

But i don't know if you're free like GTA, cause the game seem's to unlock area after catching enough Elebits.

matenriquez said...

It's been officially announced
Wii will cost under $250 in the US
Which leaves the price to be $199 or $249 tops, that sounds pretty good to me
I'm gettin one at launch =)

Luke Skywalker said...

So, what about that Star Wars game that you had the scoop on that doesn't actually exist and has been publicly and officially denied by the Lucas people?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Luke.

So, what about that Star Wars game that you had the scoop on that doesn't actually exist and has been publicly and officially denied by the Lucas people?

You are wrong. Noone has ever denied the game. At E3, I have had a frank (and off-the-record) discussion with a very senior executive at LucasArts and he told me that they will show the game at E3 2007. Don´t forget: my original informer is a very senior figure in the industry. It´s a shame the title wasn´t shown this year. But my information is 100% accurate. Remember where you heard it first, people.

Anonymous said...

Elebits looks awesome. I just saw the demo at, and I've fallen in love with the game. I've read four impressions of it, two of which adored the game and the other two loathed it with a passion. I'm definitely picking this up at launch.

Tetsuo Otomo said...

They have Pics at IGN that show you lifting houses and cars. Saounds big to me.

(I decided I wouldn't be anonymous anymore)

True Believer said...

The screenshots are not representative for the game. There is also a movie that shows a demo of the game. The real game looks a lot better than on those screenshots. The physics used in the game is also an added bonus.

Jon Agirre said...

Well, about that Star Wars discussion... Lucasarts would be incredibly wrong if they didn't make such a game for this perfectly suited hardware.

Even the controller speaker seems to be there for the sake of a Star Wars game...

I totally believe you, Andreas, there's nothing non-sensical in your information.


Raph said...

god damn that game is ugly! And by the way forget about this whole "E3 demos ran on gamecube, the real thingg will be better"... Aint gonna happen

Anonymous said...

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