Tuesday, May 09, 2006

e3 update #3now, you have heard about november 17th and the 500 and 600 euro / dollar versions. let me add that sonys conference on the whole was pretty sobering, some even thought it was outright weak.

gran turismo may have boasted 1920 x 1080 progressive scan and may have run at 60 fps. it may have drawn on 12 times the data that gt4 required on ps2. but it didnt even look twice as good.

okay, the psp can double as a rear-view mirror in formula one games. that is a cool idea. and heavenly sword, eight days and lair looked totally awesome.

but resistance - fall of man, assassins creed, gundam mobile suit, codearms assault, ridge racer 7, brothers in arms, tekken 6, sonic, virtua tennis 3, virtua fighter 5, stranglehold, fatal inertia, bladestorm and armored core 4 all looked xbox360 at best and got little or no applause.

sure, the controller functionality is a shock to nintendo fans. but consider that they only had one game to illustrate it with: warhawk by incognito. and consider that sonys controller will be useless for swinging a sword or lightsaber or for aiming at specific targets - since it just is not an extension of your arm. lastly, showing only one game betrays how late sony must have decided to jump on the bandwagon. i have absolutely no doubt that nintendo will own e3 this year.


Leon said...

you're right falafel, sony just don't know what to do this e3, they played 10 minutes at gt hd, that is totally identical at gt4, they added motorcycles, but they don't even show one!
only few games were playable, the others were just a few seconds of cg imho (or at least the wajor part were cg). the guy who played warhawk seems totally stupid in doin' it..
i think that as a nintendo fan best that being sad i'll be very happy because nintendo will own e3, and by laps :)

Anonymous said...


(Wii're happy to see you back Fal, i'll try to look at RTL2 this evening).

Knaakgast said...

they also said they fitted the motion-sensing controls in the shown game just 3 weeks ago, so they've added the tilting controls maybe just a month ago or so...

pi said...

I just get new update. form RtR.

Last year Nintendo show us that joystick. Thay know it will copy. Nintendo plan something on being copy.

I don't know anything yet.

ColdBlooder said...

anonym: falafelkid said that e3 will be at rtl2 news on wednesday and not on tuesday. don´t expect anything from e3 today

hpv said...

It's not even like the Wiimote. It's basically a Sidewinder Freestyle which no one used when it was released for PC years and years ago.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO that's great ^^

Never seen a presentation that was more ridiculous than that. I think even the dumbest Sony fanboy will see that Sony didn't get inspired by some heavenly powers, but simply ripped of the competitions idea and implemented it quick and dirty in a half baked manner...

Well i don't think this should affect Nintendo that much. The tilt functionality seems to be nothing more than what Nintendo already did with Kirby Tilt'n'Tumble...


Anonymous said...

oh bummer, i really liked the bumerang-styled-controller.
i hate the dualshock, which doesn't even has the "shock" in it anymore.

now one can see how much sony shit their paints and desperatley try to react to the wiimote. xD

sorry sony, definitively an evidence of incapacity.

1:0 for nintendo.

Darkenedjib said...

I was pretty frustrated with PS3's new "innovative" controller today, but hearing your words it doesn't look like much of a threat anymore :).

babble said...

Sony, we love hating you! : )

Raph said...

true, falafel... I thought GT HD was the lamest demo in gaming history.Incredibly long and plain boring, with no new features and its main selling argument being: "hey guys, look at the fast loading times" lol.

By the way, did you see how lame the sensitvity and response is on the dual shack??? Man, not only it sounded like that incognito developer had a gun to his head when he was saying the ps3 new pad was "opening possibilities", but he was also struggling just to target huge ass spaceships and to land on a platform cause the pad was simply not precise, fast and intuitive.

I like nintendo and Ive been waiting for the wii for a long time, but you can objectively tell the wii-mote has had much more care and attetion to detail put into it than the ps3 pad.

In terms of graphiccal quality though, you have to give credit to the very early stages of development efforts on cell and ps3 architecture, whichh will take a lot of time to harness.

4h to go until the conference! w00t Regginator

IALS said...


IALS thoughts concerning recent developments

First off,
After watching Sonys press conference-and I really dont think it was due to the low-res coverage on Gamespot-
I have ultimately become aware of two things in terms of what the future of the industry holds.

For one it is with regret that THE IALS has to observe how the industry has reached a point where it finds itself at a desperate standstill.

At Sonys press conference,scruple became crystal clear in the minds of the people who attended or watched it,(which was evident from their reaction) namely that it in
a unvarnished way,reflected the discomfort many people have had with what line the industry is about to take, day to day ever since Microsofts Xbox 360 was first off the mark.

Note,my endeavour is not to paint too black a picture I am simply impelled to sense that the industry has one foot in the grave.

Furthermore,THE IALS also awoke to the crude facts pertaining to the decisive role Nintendo plays in this
interweaved mesh.
Never were processes needed like now.The twist of fate, it's definitely in Nintendos hands right now.

It's neck or nothing!

Do the right thing!


zerorules44 said...

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Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly on the controller, falafelkid: their's *doesn't work*


our controller can be turned on its side and held with two hands for a reason: flying and driving games. their controller functionality is useless for all other forms of play. i'm actually really happy that they screwed up!

i have to admit, though, i was SEETHING when they kept calling it "a fantastic INNOVATION"... man. i started yelling at the TV :)

anyway, yeah. it doesn't work. and 15 minutes from now is the moment of truth and justice.


-"superfan" tactics.

Sylver said...

Does anyone have a link to a live feed of nintendo's confrence?

IALS said...

I thought this might be of interest:

Nintendo told EGM that they have 4 to 6 times more processing power by forgoing HD.


Anonymous said...


-"superfan" tactics.

Kent said...

where's star wars now? the conference is over...

fed said...

yep, nintendo's conferece just ended, they own this e3 ^^

Anonymous said...

why do we still not know what's under the flap? am i still being a fool, holding out for 3d?

is it something ambiguous anyway? why not expose what's under there if it's just something small? what happened to pablo belmonte's counter? what the fuck is going on here?

...have i been a fool?

-"superfan" tactics.

IALS said...


How true Tactics!


IALS said...


How true Tactics!


matenriquez said...

Just finished watching a live feed from the conference, I must say things are looking good, though my connection is kinda slow so I coulnd't see as much of the games as I wanted to, I heard it all hehe, by the looks of things, people who were scared by the THDJ pics can be safe, what I saw was looking better than that, just wait a few hours and you'll be able to find pics and vids around easilly
What I can honestly say is that attendees had a good time at this conference, everyone clapped more often than than in the Sony conference and laughed quite a bit (especially when the person who won the contest to play Wii played with Miyamoto, Iwata, and Reggie) that's pretty good because it shows Nintendo's aim, having fun
Guess that's it for now, blog ya later

Metaldave said...

NO Star Wars at the conference! I'm not too happy after Fala almost promised it would be there.

Maybe it will be somewhere else....

But if Nintendo wouldn't show it, then I don't know about its status..

Anonymous said...

Connect 24 = Nintendo ON

Anonymous said...


truthkilla said...

Whats happened to Star Wars

SuperUser said...


There were no Wii-Infos on RTL2.

Just a video of a guy playing Warhawk - looked stupid to me...

Hey Falafel what's going on???

SuperUser said...

Where can i download a video of Nintendo's E3-Show?

Nomadx469 said...

ign say's Wii-mote speaker was the secret

Anonymous said...

RTL2 is showing Wii tomorrow. Can't you guys read!?!?

ColdBlooder said...

man, guys, falafelkid said that it´ll air on WEDNESDAY... if you forgot ist, the conference ended 15 min before the show, how in the world could they out some wii stuff into the show in that time?

IALS said...


Is it just me or was Red Steel the only game that ran on actual Wii hardware at the conference?

This has to be a bad joke hasnt it?

Where was Smash?

Hideo Kojima IP?

Mario Galaxy?Wtf?

Zelda running on Cube Hardware?



Miyamoto IP?

Star Wars?


Metroid Corruption Cube Hardware?

Where are the games?

Golf and Tennis?WTF???

Where are the new IPs?

Whats going on?

Dragon Quest?



Hilarious to say the least


Anonymous said...

look who's there ? :)


Reno Torin said...

I think the secret probably had something to do with WiiConnect24.. unless they've still got something to see.

.. which is entirely possible.

IALS said...





Shoxware Games said...

Oh man, IALS! Do me a favor, and get a friggin life!!! You want new IP's? Okay, now here you go:

- Project H.A.M.M.E.R
- Disaster: Day of Crisis
- Excite Truck
- Wii Sports

more to come!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see the new games coming out from nintendo? Sweet. Go to nintendo.com to see them.

Thunder Emperor said...

fal no mention of the star wars game

Anonymous said...

the only thing coming close to being better than the wiimote is the WiiConnect24. the speaker itself doesnt come close.

on the other hand, they talk about the speaker being sort of like 3d sound, you stretch the arrow back in the bow and hear it shoot from the wiimote, then hear it hit its target from the speakers in your tv.

that right there screams they are holding out on telling us about the wii being 3d (stereoscopic). they have 3d sound, that would complement 3d visuals perfectly. plus i heard they said that there was still some secret left in the hardware.

Anonymous said...

um... guys!

I just had this comking up in my head:

- What if all you saw and palyed on E3, was actually running on a modified Game Cube?

...and that the reall ones will be shown later (Kodak Theater) ??

It might not be that way coz I'm not there to see for my self. But I did hope to see something "speciall" about the graphics now when they named it Hollywood. Or I'm I just worring to much?

ogo said...

hey everyone. For the best info (ie before the press have edited and regurgitate it go to the nintendo press site!



theres some really good stuff there.

Anonymous said...

NBC Today Show Says Wii in Summer


Lord_Darcia said...




910do said...

there's no such things my friend, you saw the Wii, if it's not enough for you , well move along.

Anonymous said...

LightSaber game?


No where to be found?

Falakid a liar?


Anonymous said...

Why both Sony AND Nintendo failed us......

I will preface this by saying that I was on the Wii bandwagon until the conferences...

The PS3 and Wii exist on opposite ends of the gaming spectrum, and we needed a system in the middle.

Wouldn't it have been awesome if Nintendo invested just a tiny bit more power into the console...say a 1.5 ghz chip 0r dual-1 ghz chips...which wouldn't be expensive...and based their graphics card on a last generation (meaning cheaper) ATI card. And, finally, put in a measely 256 MBs of ram, instead of only 104. Then, it would be able to produce SD visuals on par with the other systems, it would be cheap, and it would have awesome control...everyone wins....

But noooooooo,

I mean, PS3 has great graphics but the same old, tired gameplay (I'm assuming the BS 6-degrees thing is a gimmick at best and won't be used innovatively).

The Wii has great gameplay ideas but...let's be honest.....the graphics suck. Tony hawk looks terrible. Metroid looks the same. Mario looks the same. Excite truck looks like a cube game. I won't even mention Wii sports.

Now, I didn't expect good graphics. But, I DID expect a step above the last generation of games. Don't give me that "you don't understand Nintendo's direction" crap. I did - at least until I saw how weak the graphics actually are. They said graphics are secondary - but they mean that they don't care about graphics.

Now, I'm not particularly excited about PS3, because I actually yawned quite a bit during their conference. But, come on!

Imagine how much better Wii would be if it could display some of the graphic technique EA showcased on the PS3....the basketball player following the ball with his eyes...actually moving his feet when he turns.....


Sony shot themselves in the foot, so now they cannot "move" well (reference to weak gameplay)

Nintendo blinded themselves...now
they are completely reliant on the wiimote to wow gamers. And....after seeing the conference, I don't think it's enough.

Anonymous said...

lord_darcia: please read http://revolution.ign.com/articles/706/706147p1.html

PorpoiseMuffins said...

"look who's there ? :)"


I noticed that, too!!!

Well, I guess we know for sure now that Falafelkid is the real deal! ;)

Anonymous said...

I read that LucasArts and Pixelux developed a new technology called Digital Molecular Matter... and it will be shown on this E3, maybe they are going to do that using Wiimote ?

Anonymous said...

some things to note for the freakishly hardcore secret conspiracy believers (like me):

- in the first new e3 Wii video (showing small previews of multiple games) Rayman seems to be outside of the screen for a brief moment
- at http://wii.nintendo.com/ in the top "flash" window it appears as though a "tab" is missing (fresh experiences, gripping games, ?)
- WHAT IS UNDER "THE FLAP" (on the front of the revolution console)
- what does the "Home" button do, exactly?
- where were all the "movie industry" tie-ins? this should've been a big deal based around the naming of "hollywood" and "broadway" and of course, the Kodak Theatre. they didn't even once make mention of the Wii playing DVD's!
- where was the mario paint demo? this is to be a 3d modeling program for novice users: why wouldn't they show that?
-why did the graphics looks so gamecubey, and did the controllers the staff were using have wires tucked into their sleeves? were they playing on gamecube based devkits? why not on an actual Wii?

these and many more unanswered questions, along with sony's pathetic-as-usual attempt to copy-as-usual on the controller, along with pablo's counter being cancelled a day and a half ago, all lead me to believe that there is something more to the revolution... and they just don't want to give sony anywhere near enough time to play catch-up again before launch...

does anyone else feel like something is missing?

-"superfan" tactics.

ian said...


Super Paper Mario and DK Bongo Blast announced for GCN

ian said...


Blizz419 said...

see, like i said before, some of you are straight up fools holding your breath for 3D projection, and um that mario paint thing was never official or even mentioned by nintendo, it was a fan made up concept though it would of been cool, and under the flap is simple, its already been stated, thats were the SD card slots are, you guys asking for too much, the exact opposite of what nintendo said they were going to do, i am happy with the system and i will by it and play it and my 360 and enjoy them, only thing i'm dissapointed in is the name, i cant get over the name "Wii" i still think it sounds dumb but its only a name, and why no mention of an actual release date and official price?

Anonymous said...

that flap is huge. firstly, i'm not aware of anyone confirming that SD cards go in there, officially, and secondly, SD cards are fucking TINY. that flap is huge... you could fit 6 SD slots in there.

and stop being an ass about the name "Wii" blizz.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

I dunno superfan...I was wondering the same things after the show.


...and when I saw Rayman pop out of the TV in that official vid I seriously sh*t myself!!!

Anonymous said...

Spong was the one that spread that rumor about Mario Paint being made for Wii and DS. Man they spread a lot of dumb rumors which wasn't even true. Like I said never believe any dumb rumors from Spong.

Anonymous said...


It's the moment we need you most and you're barely here to post anything.

I've had to get my news from IGN now. (sigh)

runnin_blue said...

Tactics, you are a certified loser. If anyone had any doubts, I think they have now been dispelled.

pi said...

่Just being copy. Maybe nintendo don't wish this thing to copy again. Thare is 2 more to go. And ... remember last year ?

Hope full. This isn't all nintendo got.

Anonymous said...

excuse me runnin_blue? you're an ass hole, man...

why dont *you* tell me what's under the flap on the front of the console? and where is Wii's GPU? not finished? ...why not?

-"superfan" tactics.

d-bone said...


You know my thoughts on 3D, so I wont go there.

Star Wars game,

Jeremy Dunham on his IGN blog hyped up some Star Wars games from PS3 that are set to show on Thursday that are supposed to by Dynomite. If that is the case, I don't see why the Wii game Falafelkid is talking about won't be shown tomorrow also.

Sony's conference,

Peer on his IGN blog summed up my thoughts on it very well. It had NO soul. Phil Harrison acted like he was too cool to be there and wanted to be somewhere else the whole time.

Nintendo's conference,

I think a lot of people that are let down by it over hyped themselves. With a lot of information leaked before hand, not much was a surprise, and the stuff that was, such as Mario Galaxy, was presented more as an after thought. Holy Crap, a NEW MARIO...and we learn about it by a few seconds of footage casually slipped in there. Kind of takes the punch out of it's delivery. Overall, I'm still very excited for the Wii...especially the Tennis game that I'll be able to play with my wife and visitors. I think the Nintendo conference left a lot of people with mixed feelings and unsure of how they are supposed to feel about it, because they were all over the place and showed the same footage over and over. There was not a lot of distinction or 'this is how this is going to be, and this is how this is going to be'. So my advice is to wait out the rest of the week and see how the hands on impressions work out. If there are 27 playable games on the floor...we still don't even know about 10 or so of those. So it will be interesting to what those are.

Note: I am very intruiged about the Natural Disaster game.

Microsoft Conference,

Didn't care to watch it.


Steve said...

Have you guys seen this?

It's the official image of the "classic" controller from the press site. I don't think I saw anyone mention it yet... strange.

Anonymous said...

the retro controller is explained on the japanese nintendo site only

Anonymous said...

i'm *still* holding my breath for 3d. it just makes so much sense... for many many reasons.

maybe i have been made a fool.

-"superfan" tactics.

Blizz419 said...

stop being a retard about projection, superfan, and also you forget how small or wee the "Wii is, it isnt wide enough for 6 SD cards not unless they really crammed 3 columns of 2 under there, and as i recall i believe Matt at IGN said there were 2 SD cards under that flap back when they first unvieled the design when he got his hands on the empty shell. and give it up projection aint happening you will see, maybe when the system is finally out and in your hands youll believe it "superfan" retard