Thursday, May 11, 2006

e3 update #5i am currently in nintendos developer conference wth miyamoto. i will keep you updated about news announced here.

super smash brothers brawl for wii is in the works and will feature pit, a zero suit samus and snake from metal gear solid. kojima practically begged for the character to be included (originally for the gamecube version, but development for that game was already too far along at the time). ssb brawl will launch in 2007.

wii is capable of displaying widescreen. its use is up to the developers.

miyamotos favourite wii game is tennis.

super mario galaxy is progressing well, but miyamoto wont promise it as a launch title. it will definitely launch within the first six months of the consoles launch. will launch soon and feature the video trailer shown at the session (filming was not allowed).

end of session.

by the way: i did see monkey ball for wii at sega this afternoon and it was running on the actual hardware, not a development kit. it also featured the final controller including the speaker. so the console is finished.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Falafal.

stu l tissimus said...

Hooooooly scheisse. Nintendo just won E3. ggnore

Anonymous said...

Fal, joystiq has been really negative on Wii and the pointer. Let us know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

console is finished.

what is under the flap :(

-"superfan" tactics.

F-F.N said...

What's the scoop witht that Star Wars game you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Please stop the "whats under the flap" talk. It has been said a million times what is there. It is the SD card bay. Nothing more, just cause they don't show it doesn't mean that there is a secret. I don't mean any disrespect to you tactics but just about every post of yours you are asking this, just accept the fact that there is nothing else under the flap.

On another note what does everyone think about the new characters in Super Smash Bros: Brawl?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what flap is being discussed, but there is a flap covering the controller ports for the Gamecube (for those who play Gamecube games on the Wii).

Though now that the new controller has been released and images showing it connects to the remote, perhaps that interface will be removed before launch.

Anonymous said...

Enough already Pitakid. It's a real shame to see how far this blog has sunk. But then again, since it's an extension of you, you didn't so much as reveal secrets about the revolution (wii) then you did about yourself. Somehow you thought you were above SecretGamer007, Osoko, KingOfAllGamers, etc. but they are your colleagues. You all spread speculation, rumors, and outright lies. The only difference between them and you is that you pretend to bring some legitimacy to the proceedings.
Really, how did you ever think 3D/projects/augmentation reality could ever be delivered by Nintendo? They have been stingy with facts, but when they did deliver them (affordable, fast, quiet) you ignored it and came up with your own. People on this blog were trying to help you out by providing facts why this was not feasible. But instead of saving face, you just dug in deeper.
And you spout off some PR facts to prove how "connected" you are. Just about anyone with a media pass got the same "exclusive" info that you did and they also had the balls to post photos of Smash Bros to boot.
And now you're bellaching about the Star Wars game. Oh, how could they not show it? My exclusive mole that posts on the gamespot forums from his dad's AOL account was wrong! You can join Osoko and bellyache everytime your source is wrong.


True Believer said...

To the anonymous with the harsh words regarding Falafelkid. Did you miss the header of the blog, definitive speculation?
Fal merely researched some of the possibilities regarding the capabilities that could have been included in the revolution. He never stated that all these things would be in the Nintendo Wii. He is not a fake expert claiming to have inside information that others not have like other bloggers. Please do not put Fal not on one line with fake bloggers like that. It was not Fal that created the hype. It was Nintendo with all the secrecy.

As for the Star Wars game, yes that should be validated. But Fal did reveal the Red Steel name for any information was released. Why are youy already discrediting Fal? If the claim turns out to be fake time will prove you right, but for now you are too quick to jump to conclusions. You sound like you have a personal vendetta with Fal.Please get over that trauma.

Anonymous said...


The flap is for memory cards. The end, ials.

And SG007 fanboy, notice how falafelkid is actually at E3? He's already better than your little god.

matenriquez said...

I'm up for defending Fala too
Whenever he wrote something about 3d projection or AR, he ALWAYS made sure to note that it was HIS opinion, HIS thoughts, sometimes he came out maybe too sure of himself, but hey, haven't you ever been wrong about something?
BTW SSBB looks to be awesome, Nintendo pulled a big one on us, a lot of people were really pissed that they didn't even mention SB on the conference, I was one of them, and they made me shut up, happilly =) I mean, Pit, awesome, about time they got him in there, Metaknight, good character, Wario, I've never really missed him there but I must admit it was wierd not having him there, an the best Solid Snake!!! How cool is that?
And those are just the announced new characters, you know there's always secret characters in SB, here's hoping for Sonic...
If Snake's there, maybe asking for Sonic ain't too far out
On another subject, I'm still waiting for the Star Wars game, I'm not that big of a SW fan, but the idea of a lightsaber game is pretty cool,who knows, E3 just officially started today, keep us well informed Fala
Anyone know who the girl with the kinda lightsaber in the SB pics is?

matenriquez said...

Hate to answer my own question, but I just realized, I'm guessin' it's the "suitless" Samus version
What does anyone else think about the new characters?

ian said...

More new characters to freshen up one of the best franchises in gaming history. Splendid. I too am now intrigued about this 'lightsaber' game. If nintendo really have something like this hidden away they should reveal it asap, take note there are more starwars fans than game fans around the world and to have a lightsaber game on any console where you 'hold' the lightsaber would be a guarantee of success.

About 90% of my friends in their 20's and 30's would definitely buy that Wii just for the lightsaber game, and none of them up to now have had any interest in gaming. Says much for the power of the star wars fans.

Bring on the brawl 2007.

Hope you are enjoying E3 Fal.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember those strange videos that appeared in last years
E3 on

I’m not too sure but in one of those videos they were speaking about a dissapointing pres-conference, a new web site launch on wednesday and a surprise on thursday.

Somehow, some of those things have happened on this years E3. The pre-E3 conference was slightly dissapointing, a new website appeared on wednesday (check “new super smash bros dojo web site”).

Could I be wrong, or is there going to be a surprise today?

Anonymous said...

anon above, i dont remember the videos you are talking about. were they interviews with some game mag or site?

Grandmaster B said...

I have those videos and they were not talking about a disappointing conference. It was before the conference took place as well.

I think if star wars was on the floor already you would never get into the Wii booth. It would be too crowded. And I am not suggesting they arent showing it due to that.

I think there will be another surprise today though. Who know what it might be.

Anonymous said...

sigh... i guess you're right anon. i just can't make sense of it all, though. i never believed too much in "projection" like everyone seems to blame me for... but i did believe in some slick white stereo3d glasses. (NOT A VISOR) ...although a visor would've pwned.

oh well, i guess i have been a fool this whole time... i just CANT HELP BUT wonder why that flap (or tray or whatever it is, on the FRONT of the console, beneath the disc loader) has been kept closed for so long. maybe everyone else is right: maybe it's something completely meaningless like an SD card... but where are the hardware run-downs? why havent they diagrammed the machine and pointed to everything and said "and this is where the SD cards go"? i don't even remember anyone actually saying officially that SD cards go in there in the first place!
i want someone to quote and source somebody official stating "on-the-record" that SD cards go under that flap. after that, i guess i will drop it forever.

show me!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

welp. that's that.

"Iwata told CNNMoney that Revolution users would be able to expand the system's 512MBs of internal flash memory with SD Cards, which can be plugged into the front of the console."

guess that does it!

-"superfool" tactics.

True believer said...

For the anonymous who called Fal a liar because he mentioned a Star Wars game. IGN just posted about interest from Lucasarts in publishing such an titel for the WII.

E3 2006: Star Wars to Wii?
LucasArts expresses interest in bringing a lightsaber game to Wii.
by IGN Staff
May 11, 2006 - During a technical demonstration for an unnamed Xbox 360 and PS3 Star Wars title, LucusArts made note to announce high interest in creating a Wii title in the Star Wars universe, with lightsaber battles in mind.

At the end of the demonstration questions were raised about the possibility of such a game, garnering knowing smiles from the room of LucasArts employees. Comments of "We are looking into it" were heard from members of their staff as ideas for the game were discussed among the people in the room.
The company has made no official announcements about any planned Wii titles -- there are no LucasArts Wii titles at E3 -- but we anxiously await any information from LucasArts on what promises to be a very compelling game concept.

910do said...

Where's Myamoto new IP ???????????????????????????

the gift said...

yeah i wanna know where is myamoto new ip and i was aslo lookin forward to Sadness.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering....In one of the Wii videos at around 3:36, the guy is simulating hitting a baseball and 2 girls are on the couch.

What the hell is that that orange cone thingy in the one girl's hands with wires attached?

Anonymous said...

anon at 11:35, i think its one of those sound amplifiers that you might see at baseball games.

also think of college basketball games and the male cheerleaders holding one of those, except a huge one with maybe their college name written on the side of it.

Anonymous said...

anon at 11:35, i believe that's nothing more than a cheerleader's "megaphone" thingy... you know, the cone-shaped thing that the lead cheerleader screams into toward the crowd?

-"superfan" tactics.

Shoxware Games said...

WAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Did you see the Trailer for Smash Bros. Brawl??? FUCK! That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

oooooh, i LOVE this:


now THAT'S what i call an article! ;D

go nintendo!!!

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

...don't know what happened there.


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Rayman Videos:

Anonymous said...


heh. i know i said i was giving up on 3d... BUT LOOK AT THAT FIRST RAYMAN VIDEO. WTF?

nintendo is trying to drive me insane. they want me to go all "samus aran" on a shopping mall, i think.

on a more serious note, though, wouldn't that totally rock? (the butterflies, rayman, and the laser beam, in the living room)

-"superfan" tactics.

nickpiccard said...

listen to the music in that rayman video... sounds eerily familiar to a certain on video

superuser said...

@ Shoxware Games

I watched the Smash Brothers trailer some times today.
It seems like this are real gamegraphics!!!
Same for one of the Rayman trailers (the one with the kids and the granpa).

They should have shown this on tuesday - but however, the beamer at the Kodak seemed to suck...

Fucking Hell - why is the beamer at such a place this bad? Really strange, isn't it?

Want to play Mario sooooo much!

Anonymous said...

For those of you wondering what's under that fucking flap on the can see for yourself at have a photo of the flap open with the ports exposed.

Anonymous said...

There are no more secrets!

Face it!

KLind said...

To Anon 6:57,

For the thousandth Time WRONG FLAP!


Anonymous said...

Well I just read on IGN that Nintendo is using the fucking Friend Code thing on the Wii for online play.
This sux.....big time! Why can't they make online play like Xbox Live? Friend Codes suk! I can't believe no one besides me is pissed about this.

pi said...

It start

And this is some fun picture.

Nomadx469 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nomadx469 said...


Interviewed by Matt from IGN

runnin_blue said...

Don't be surprised if Wii has an inbuilt camera next to the SD slots under that front flap. Don't be surprised.

Web browser/Webcam anyone?

TheTraveller said...

Wouldnt it be possible that one of the secrets under the flap is a GBA slot? I mean that would be pretty cool, cause after all the GBA player cant connect to the Wii.

pi said...

Remember PPU? ... That it

konami say this : Wii system has built in physics simulation. That helped the process.

Brian said...

Yeah, I remember the PPU. The Picture Processing Unit that was the heart of graphics on the NES?


It doesn't make sense that Wii has a physics chip under the hood, Ageia or not, seeing as Nintendo has ironed out some deal with Irish software physics company, Havok.

Hope you enjoyed E3, guys. Looking forward to hearing from Falafel when he gets back.

Anonymous said...

One question remains, Falafelkid:

Are U still dissapointed with Nintendo? You were after their pressconference. I still don't get it why. Nintendo delivered big time, couple of very promising games (MArio, Zelda, SSBB foremost), nice graphics according to the high res streams but above all games that will the mass, with the Wii-sports as prime example.

It's exactly what they have promised us for a while now and i can;t image your dissapointed.
Forget Sony and MS, their in a different league now and i cant praie Ninty enpugh for their vision.

Anonymous said...

but above all games that will appeal the mass

Anonymous said...

Some beautiful Hi-Res Mario footage...

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, I still think Nintendo doesn't "get it." They have no titles, except for Red Steel, that will appeal to gamers who automatically venture to Sony & MS, and dismiss Nintendo as a kids console. I still believe this is a mistake. Nintendo has had their head in the sand for a long time now, and I'm no saying they have to compete in the graphics war, but they do need to compete in the level of adult themed games available on their competitors systems.

The future is now with online gaming, and once again Nintendo has set theirself up to lose this opportunity, by refusing to abandon the limiting "Friend Codes" requirement they currently run on the DS. This is another HUGE mistake in my opinion. They simply must offer gamers an online experience similar to that of Xbox Live.

I think Nintendo is ahead of the curve with their innovative controller, but that's simply not enough for them to sit back and let other things slide and not measure up to what the competition is offering. This is Nintendo's battle to lose.....

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry about Nintendo not "getting" it. It's pathetic to say there are no titles for wii appealing to "gamers" especially with all the support it's getting. The people behind Nintendo are crafty little devils who know exactly what they are doing.
It's actually you who doesn't seem to get it... Don't be surprised if Nintendo takes the lead again.

Anonymous said...

it is done....

Nintendo didn't live up 2 the expectations..

Graphics arent the main thing i agree with them, but those graphics are worthless.

I was convinced buying a Revolution / Wii

but after E3 i am doubting.

all the Hype ruined it, waiting a year long for the E3 and what you get is nothing.

bye Nintendo, was nice being a fanboy

Anonymous said...

One fanboy leaving... 5 new ones taking his place...

Brian said...

...the circle of life goes on :D

ColdBlooder said...

you forgot to mention peoject hammer and disaster from nintendo. these are hames for a more mature audience...

2 such games from nintendo, what else do you want?

Anonymous said...

Brian... no offence but somehow you remind me of Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek.
Fal is Captain Piccard and IALS is the ever-annoying Q.

Anonymous said...

can anyone give us the higlights on perrin kaplan´s interview with Matt?? It´s a little heavy download for me at work!


Grandmaster B said...

To the guy saying he has deserted Nintendo due to lack of games support.

Japanese companies havent shown their stuff yet. The best is yet to come thats for sure. And I am sure a lot of Western companies were not ready to show yet.

enigma7 said...

Matt's Perrin Kaplan Interview Highlights:

-Calls Matt "Matty" many times.
-Won't confirm price.
-"Wii console will be a price that you will all really like and it will cause you to want to line up to buy it."
-Release date coming soon.
-Matt: "Are we going to see more hardware surprises?
Perrin: "Yes. Yes.... We have shared what we think is the most exciting stuff for this show and for hardcore gamers just pay close attention to us. We're going to work really hard also to bring the system... and to market the system and to give people a hands-on before launch, and then we'll dole out somemore information."
-Perrin doesn't know if more characters will be added to Smash Bros. Brawl.
-Goal is a worldwide launch.

The rest of it is either nothing we haven't heard before, or just uninteresting... to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
it is done....

Nintendo didn't live up 2 the expectations..

Graphics arent the main thing i agree with them, but those graphics are worthless.

I was convinced buying a Revolution / Wii

but after E3 i am doubting."


Those graphics are worthless? Ypu cant be serious. Sonic look sgreat, as does Mario Galaxy. What did you expect then? Ultrarealistic HD graphics? And for what? You cant seriously say that the graphics are so bad that the game all fanboys have been waiting for since mario 64 doesn't appeal to you anymore?


Zaro said...

You are right Mario Galaxy look pretty good.
What i've seen of Metroid was good to, but they don't show us many thing about it.

Zelda look good too.

I want Excite Truck.

Projet hammer, if there's co-op i'll probably take it.

Disaster, i can't wait to see something about it.

I have no choice to take Monkey Ball, wich i think look pretty good, better than the one on the cube.

I must admit that i was expecting a little bit more beautifull graphic, but these game are not complete.
There's no game's with the look of RE4 but i'm sure we will see that soon.

anyway, i want a wii.

d-bone said...

Well all, after reading the initial impressions it seems the only thing holding the Wii back was the gameplay. There were reports of things not controlling very well, with Red Steel being the main culprite. Of course, I believe this to be a software issue and not hardware related, so these are things that can be ironed out.

I think the pointer will be great for new types of gameplay such as the tennis game. However, I'm not so sure for the classic style of games, such as Red Steel or Metroid. My reason being is that when Dreamcast came out I purchased House of the Dead 2 and a light gun. If anybody remembers, it was 10 times easier to play the game with the standard controller versus the light gun. My point being, is the pointer really better than classic controls for classic style games. Judging from responses so far it doesn't seem to be. I'm anxious to see how these games will play at launch.


Alchemy is my life said...

Hello Gamers. It is I the SeriousGamer007. I noticed that some of you are flaming Falafelkid. Some want more out of the Wii while many like the console.

I have noticed some gamers say that the Wii has not lived up to the hype generated before it. Others think it is the greatest innovation in gaming.

I would like to take a moment and say that Falafelkid is an excellent journalist.

Due not flame him for what he does. Furthermore about Star Wars. No one is right all the time.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss the Wii with Falafelkid by email after E3 subsides.

Gamers SeriousGamer007 has something to say.

I will let your mind wander now with what that mean. However I have one last thing I would like to share.

I thought that since I took my blogs down, being to busy with what I am currently doing that I wouldnt get anymore emails. Well gamers still regularly email me.

If you like email me at

I noticed many gamers just want my opinion on things. It is an honor for me to speak to you the gamers.


Anonymous said...

Ok now we know everthing about the Revo.. ups, sorry i mean the Wii.
Lets discuss.

My Opinion :

Nintendo did not achieve any revolution. Why ? Because i havent seen anything revolutionary. A new pad with sensory function does not create a new hype ! I have read so many reviews about the Wii from E3 visitors, and most of them claimed that they were not impressed by Nintendo. No doubt the show was cool, but the subject of the presentation did not impress. Nintendo will not create a new kind of gaming hype because this time the situation is different. I mean they will have their customer but they will lose some hardcore fans. The Wii will be a cheap gaming machine, but not to play complex games, but to have fun with friends during parties. Maybe they can succeed in japan because of the latter fact but the US and EU gamers are accustomed to advanced graphics and technics. Until the E3, i was very excited about the Wii but now i have seen the machine, i must confess that im also not impressed. I find the whole situation on the gaming market is sad, i miss the old days when gaming was gaming and not the place of new inventions with no use !
But i have learned something from this E3, that my choice of buying a new console has become more simple, because now i have only choose from two machines ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking the wiimote will be used like a universal remote control and WiiConnect24 will relay info to the Wii about which comsumer products (such as tvs, dvd players, receivers, etc) it has compatibility with. plus just having your wii hooked up will allow the database of wii-controllable-products to be updated continually via WiiConnect24.

only now we control our tvs, dvd players, etc with gestures and not numbers/buttons.

Anonymous said...

metroid graphics, are same as metroid prime for the gamecube.

I simply can not believe Nintendo was working on the controller for this long but the actual graphics were forgotten.

Sure it is fun, but I don't understand all the hype and secrecy.

"there are still secrets left" yeah right what secrets? a speaker in the controller, wow now thats a big bom of a secret they drobbed at E3... :S

Don't get me wrong, it's just that I've been waiting for a year and all we get is this is how the controller works.. yeah I could v imagend that.

"when you turn on the revolution, you will say WOW"

hmm... I still don't get it

and multiplayer with friendcodes is ok for DS, but cmonnnn

And I don't understand why they didnt show things like hardware startup. How the online works, what the interface is, how the HOME button on the wii controller works.

The secrecy is killing nintendo and they are loosing support!!

Raphael said...

-- Reggie Fils-Aime was restrained when asked about Sony's addition of motion sensitivity to its PS3 controller, which comes well after Nintendo's high-profile development of a Wii controller based on that technology. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,'' he said. But he also noted that Sony's action reflected the intense competition within the game industry and said that had been a factor in Nintendo's decision to keep other news about the Wii under wraps until much later in the year.


Shiggy said...

I think there's something big coming from ATI...

First, there's Perrin Kaplan's interview where she mentions hardware surprises...

Then, there is this interview at where ATI's Senior Public Relations Manager for Consumer Products, John Swinimer insists about the innovative aspects of the gameplay, instead of the graphics...

There's something fishy about all that, don't you think?

As a Senior PRM, one would normally try to "sell" his product and put its qualities into the light...

Except if there is some secret characteristics which cannot be mentionned yet...

Remember that the latest trend from ATI these recent times is physics on the GPU...

And on, in the hardware section, it is mentionned: "Graphics Processing Unit: BEING developed with ATI".

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
metroid graphics, are same as metroid prime for the gamecube."

Actually, they don't, they look, though an unfinished product, much much better. Same goes for Mario Galaxy, that looks really sweet.

But why are you complaining? Graphicwhore's can buy a ps3 or xbox360, we knew that all along. But do you really think that Mario Galaxy will be a better game with realistic graphics?

Then I hope you enjoy your ps3...

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