Wednesday, May 10, 2006

e3 update #4hi again. it is done, nintendos press conference is over. i just returned from their exclusive e3 party featuring the black eyed peas and i must say that i am slightly disappointed. the games shown were certainly lacking a visual quality (even red steel and i know the game looks better than what was shown this morning). and i fear that nintendo only refrained from naming their price because sony announced their ridiculously high price and they want to up it because even $250 would be significantly cheaper than the competition.

i am also disappointed because nintendo didnt show the star wars game. i just naturally assumed it would be shown at the press conference. i was wrong about that. i know for sure it exists and i was reassured by nintendo that reggie mentioned that "27 games would be playable and a few more".

anyway, we should get used to the fact that there is no more big gun we have all been expecting and i have been told about numerous times. just so we are not disappointed. i mean the games shown today will do me fine and will make for an excellent launch library. but the visual quality, as i said, needs to be upped from what they showed. maybe the projector was not the best, i dont know. but some games did look very gamecube-like.

lastly, i can reveal that sony decided on including gyroscopes as early as september or october. that is why it is even more puzzling that they only had one meagre demo to show for it.


Thunder Emperor said...

Fal, do you know if the games are still running of gc or on rev dev kits now, also. I was shocked at the visual quality of metriod prime 3 . I beleive the only 2 good looking games were super mario galaxy an dsonic wild fire.

runnin_blue said...

It is interesting that Nintendo would keep the Star Wars game a secret. Logic would say that they would want to show something like that to take the focus off Sony and Microsoft and direct it towards themselves but apparently not.

The graphics were lacklustre, if you consider a game like Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube you would think that Metroid Prime 3 running on more powerful hardware would put that to shame but it didn't.

One word comes to my mind after watching Nintendo's conference and that is "strange".

Still, I will be purchasing a Wii and I'm sure it will provide hours of fun.

Nomadx469 said...

so much hype.I just don't get it? Why would nintendo or better said iwata say "when you see the graphics on the Revolution you would say WoW"????????????

This makes no sence

Hey Falafel, is this some sort of marketing thing or are we really purchasing a redesigned cube with a few tweaks and motion sensors

Dan Solo said...

I read an interview with the Tony Hawk team that said they've only had their dev. kits for a short time and they still plan on polishing up the look of the game. I think many studios were pressed for time and we'll be seeing better stuff in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is Super Smash Bros for Wii?

Thunder Emperor said...

dan solo,

mind you that is still gamecube kits not rev that tony hawk guys got.

Johnny B said...

Yeah, I am definitely confused. Nintendo was extremely vague with their conference. No launch date, no price point, no mention of virtual console, no mention of online strategy with the exception of Wiiconnect24, no mention of Super Mario Galaxy (although it was spliced into the montage) or Super Smash Bros,...the list goes on.

I'm also disappointed because Iwata did not drop the proverbial bomb. Correct me if I'm wrong (I didn't catch the whole conference), but wasn't the speaker within the controller revealed by some anonymous guy during the Zelda demo, almost as if it was just an added bonus. If so, we would have to assume connect24 to be the 'bomb,' but little to no information was given about that either.

Don't get me wrong, I liked what I saw, but I was expecting an avalanche of information to complement the games. In my mind, there are only two explanations: (1) Nintendo is planning to reveal this information at a later time (during remaining days of E3, TGS, Spaceworld, etc.), or (2) Sony's dual-shake caught them off guard and they drastically changed their conference in response (and I find that unlikely). Whatever the case, something certainly seemed off.

Anonymous said...

We were all expecting lots of info on E3 because nintendo really hyped it up in these months leading up to it, and I don't think they lived up to the hype.

Grandmaster B said...

Nintendo would of been revealing info on the controller knowing that Sony would copy it to a degree. Nintendo showed what they wanted, the only thing I believe they kept back was the price and launch date due to Sony's announcements.

Games are very early due to the graphics thats for sure. I believe they will definately look a lot better than whats shown.

Mario IMO does not look that interesting either. Will nothing better Mario 64? (3d wide).

I am more interested in playing Paper Mario on GC and Mario Bros on DS than the Wii version simple because it looks more fun. (at this point, hard to base it on a couple seconds of early video footage)

Fal, can you please elaborate or go into more detail about what you mean Red Steel looks better than how you saw it? This is the most interesting thing you said.

Anonymous said...

doesnt seem to me that
they revealed all the
even reggie said
they would keep some
details secret for a bit longer

and yah~ I hope they Ramp up the
graphics a bit
though mario and red steel looked OK

trip1eX said...

Go watch this Nintendo Wii E3 trailer.

The graphics look great, plus we're still 6 months away. Honestly it really sounds like they didn't look great only at the show.

Those who complain about the graphics are missing the point of the Wii. IT's about the controller and the new way to play. Wii have known this for awhile now.

You guys expecting 360 graphics? PS3 graphics? Come on. Get over it. Yeah the trailers the competition showed look great, but anyone can do a trailer. They are a dime a dozen.

I tell you the Wii has me excited. Nintendo has the most diverse lineup imo. The most fun lineup.

The other guy's games are too serious. Lots of rubble, bullets, blood, darkness, etc. I don't mind that stuff, but every game? Come on.

Wii looks great and believe me there are still more secrets. The Connect24 stuff is lost on gamers now, but you'll see the benefits later on.

Robert said...

According to Matt of the IGN staff the graphics look a lot better on a normal screen. The huge screen blew the image size up and therefore the resolution was pretty ackward. But Nintendo usually has a good reason for things, so I have nod oubt there is also a good reason behind this rather mediocre conference. And it could well be their slogan: Playing is believing...

Anonymous said...

Thats what you get when you expecting TEH S3CRET..

Nomadx469 said...

@ trip1eX,

no, not everybody was expecting x360/ps3 grapics. I was expecting gamecube 2.5 graphics.

I hope they look better on a smaller screen. I have a 85" PJ sreen @ 480p and I'm hoping the games look as good as my Xbox or better ;-)

Anonymous said...

to the people who think the last secret was revealed...

Did Nintendo say that they revealed everything? no so i dont know where you people are geting all these ideas from and during the conference i think it was during the TP demo Bill trinen even says this is just some of the controllers features we chose to show you today, not exact words but something like that...

Not that im implying that the remaining secrets are wii-mote based...and remember Nintendo said not everyting gonna be revealed about the Wii at E3

Anonymous said...

i was expecting graphics that are 3-4 times better than gamecube.
what we got ist not even 2 times gamecube.
i BET every game that was shown would be able to run on gamecube more or less. so seeing it from this point of view, i am really disappointed. hm.

Anonymous said...

Even more puzzling, Fal, is that Sony mentioned during their conference that the added controller functionality had only been added in the last few weeks (I'm not sure if they meant into the controller or into the game).

Are you sure your source doesn't mean that they were only thinking about it and then decided to add it later, after they lost the dualshock lawsuit?

IALS said...



-Why didnt Mario get a proper demonstration or trailer like Mario Sunshine for example?

-Why didnt Miyamoto showcase a new IP?

-Why did the games look gimmicky?

-Why werent any games present that took advantage of the Wii hardware other than Red Steel?

-Where was Smash Bros.?

-Why does Metroid Corruption look like its predecessors conceptwise,gameplaywise and enginewise?

-What did all the teams at Nintendo do all along leading up to E3

-Why were the trailers of such poor quality?

-Where were quality titles such as Metroid Prime,Resident Evil4,Wind Waker,Luigis Mansion,Pikmin,Wave Race,Eternal Darkness,Rogue Leader?

-Why does it seem like the games took a step back?

-Why do the new IPs leave the impression of cheap expressionless titles?

-Why didnt they show anything magnificent?

-Why does Nintendo confuse all the people regarding the Dev-kit situation?

-Why am I starting to appreciate what we got on GameCube after seeing

-Where were the surprises?

-Why did the next Mario get such a cheap treatment?

-What did they hype us up for?

-Why was there a lack of innovative high quality content concept titles like Luigis Mansion,Pikmin?

-Why does Gamecube software shine compared to Wii software?

-Why didnt they show a nice Zelda trailer like last year?

-Where was Hideo Kojimas game?

-What about Dragon Quest?

-What did Ati do with the GPU?

-Why did Nintendo call the GPU Hollywood and the CPU Broadway?

-Why are they like totally against an immersive expirience?

-Where were the bells and whistles?

-Where was Capcom?

-Where was Shini Mikami Production Studio4 and the team behind RE4?

-What they use their time for leading up to E3

-Why did the Press Conference feel so tactless?

-Where was the innovation concerning
the content and not solely on the controller side?

-Why does the Wii game list mainly consist of cheap kids games like Disney and Spongebob and what not?

-Why did Retro Studios recycle everything from the engine to the design?

WIIerd CONTROLLER??????????????????

Ladies and Gentleman


Anonymous said...

Am i the only one who's not disappointed? They said graphics won't be important and what we got is Gamecube with more effects and some bump mapping from time to time. I'm fine with that.

And by the way, i never understood how people could think theres a "mysterious big secret" that will shatter the gaming world. there were some nice additions they made, like the speaker in the wiimote (could be used for voicemail...), the built-in opera browser or the fanless connect24-mode. Since yesterday, i started really looking forward to it.

IALS said...


The IALS has just uncovered information through Nintendos Press server that raises more questions concerning the lackluster showing!

Project Hammer is handled by NST in America!

Disaster is handled by Monolith!

And Excite Truck is handled by Monster Games!

If one takes this into account its even more puzzling that Nintendo wasnt able to showcase upcoming games from their own teams like HAL,RD,EAD!

What is the Pikmin team up to?
The Electro Plankton team?
The Luigi team?

All busy on Zelda,DS and Galaxy?

This is extremly odd if you ask me!
Its just not comprehendable for me!

D-Bone,Tactics,910DO,Kid? any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

IALS - I'd like to add another question:

Does Ubisoft send someone over dressed up in a Rayman costume when we play the Wii version of Rayman?

In the Wii video, during the Rayman sequence, Rayman was definitely standing outside of the TV next to the kids playing.

Anonymous said...

I wasn´t dissapointed...some games were really cheap, graphicswise.
but mario had shadermodel 3.0 and this glow( the answer to the shiny )
you all judge on a badquality-video! Didn´t you here reggie saying: this event is not the real deal, come and play it!

you gamers are a disgusting form of low-life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you were the heads of the nations on the planet, there would have been a 3rd world-nuclear-war just 10 years ago.
You know, because you are all so abnormal I just can´t be happy about onlinegaming anymore!!!

Stu L Tissimus said...

I'm more than content, but I still am surprised that they didn't show off the Star Wars game. Falafel has proven time and time again that he's a trustworthy source, so...

Anyway, I can confirm that Disaster DOC is being handled by Monolith. Found this picture on another forum:

So the point that the other guy brought up is indeed very interesting. We know that HAL is hard at work on SSB Online, but I just get the feeling that we're in store for some new secrets by the end of E3.

Grandmaster B said...

IALS, they did show DRAGON'S QUEST for around 2 seconds. It looked good and I was disappointed not to see any more.

Well as far as I remember they did.

And yes you do bring up some good points on what their other teams are doing. I'd say this show was more for American content. The Japanese will showcase later. For whatever reason it is unknown.

Grandmaster B said...

Many thanks to Shikamaru Ninja

Nintendo EAD
WII - Super Mario Galaxy
WII - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
WII - Wii Sports
WII - Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
WII - Symphony Conductor
WII - King Chef (Not Shown)
NDS - Brain-Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
NDS - Big Brain Academy
NDS - New Super Mario Bros.
NDS - Yoshi's Island 2
NDS - DS Air
NDS - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
GCN - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Nintendo Software Technology Corp.
WII - Project H.A.M.M.E.R
NDS - Mario VS Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Intelligent Systems
WII - Fire Emblem 10
GCN - Super Paper Mario

HAL Laboratory Inc
NDS - Kirby's Adventure
NDS - Pokemon Ranger

Brownie Brown
NDS - Magical Vacation 2
GBA - Mother 3 (Not Shown)

Retro Studios Inc
WII - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
WII - Nintendo Title (Not Shown)

Nintendo Software Production & Publishing
WII Excite Truck (Monster Games)
WII Disaster: Day of Crisis (Monolith Inc)
GCN Donkey Kong: Bong Blast (Paon)
GCN Baten Kaitos Origins (Monolith Soft / Tri-Crescendo)
NDS Star Fox DS (Q-Games)
NDS Elite Beat Agents (Inis)
NDS Sudoken Gridmaster (Hudson Soft)
NDS Clubhouse Games (Agenda)
NDS Donkey Kong: King of Swing DS (Paon)
NDS Magnetica (Mitchel Corp)
NDS Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Cing)
NDS Pokémon® Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (Chunsoft)
NDS Custom Robo Arenas (Noise)
NDS Chibi Robo: Park Patrol (Skip)
NDS Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 (Square-Enix)

Anonymous said...

Geez, It was a PRESS conference, not a FAN conference. Nintendo obviously wanted the press to focus on THEIR innovation, not Sony's Ripoff. I've read some articles where Nintendo's controller was not even mentions, but Sony's new 'motion' controller was praised. Of course Nintendo would now hold back any secrets. Sony stole their thunder, now they have to be careful.

The graphics were obviously blown out on those huge monitors, as well. Higher resolution videos looks great.

But yes, something didn't feel right. Nintendo is still holding on to something. No SSB? Barely any Mario? New IP's Project HAMMER, Exite Truck? Come on, We all know our Nintendo can do better than that. I look forward to the month leading up to launch, they will be very interesting. Thanks.

Grandmaster B said...

Geez, It was a PRESS conference, not a FAN conference. Nintendo obviously wanted the press to focus on THEIR innovation, not Sony's Ripoff. I've read some articles where Nintendo's controller was not even mentions, but Sony's new 'motion' controller was praised. Of course Nintendo would now hold back any secrets. Sony stole their thunder, now they have to be careful.

The graphics were obviously blown out on those huge monitors, as well. Higher resolution videos looks great.

But yes, something didn't feel right. Nintendo is still holding on to something. No SSB? Barely any Mario? New IP's Project HAMMER, Exite Truck? Come on, We all know our Nintendo can do better than that. I look forward to the month leading up to launch, they will be very interesting. Thanks.

Nintendo invited everyone to the conference. Press being there and everyone else via online streaming. I get your point though but dont emphasise it to that extent.

Spike said...

Relax guys...

Everything will be answered, starting from today when the "hordes" descend upon the Nintendo's booth.

But i firmly believe that Nintendo has kept some secrets, and after the Sony event, who can blame them really?

IALS said...

The IALS thinks this article deserves attention:

It makes The IALS calm down a lil


Anonymous said...

@ Grandmaster...
I guess my main point is that maybe the visuals were downplayed to emphasize on the Wiimote. We all know Nintendo will hold on to their big guns as long as possible, and if they were intending on blowing everyone away this year, I think Sony's conference forced them back into 'safe mode'.

Grandmaster B said...

Specs? Supposedly equivelant of the X1800 which is impressive.

As written previously, the Wii will ship with a PowerPC 750GX CPU jointly developed between IBM and Nintendo. Nintendo says the codename of the processor is Broadway and was manufactured using a 90nm fabrication process. IBM claims the 750GX GPU is based on the 750FX processor designed by the company several years ago. The chip can run at frequencies up to 1.1GHz and includes a 4-way set-associative single core with 1MB L2 cache.

On Nintendo's official Wii hardware "specifications" page, the GPU of the console is listed as still being developed with ATI. Whether this means that the GPU is still being tuned or there was simply a grammatical error on the site is up in the air. Very little is known about the Wii's GPU, codenamed Hollywood except that it is part of ATI's R520 family.

IALS said...

Grandmaster I noticed that too!

Mysterious to say the least!

When can we expect to see Screenshots and videos?

When will it kick off? 9am? 10am?


Grandmaster B said...

Not soon enough IALS, not soon enough.

Mind you the R520 isnt really in a family but can be associated apparently to the chipset in same family as x1800. Thats what I meant above.

Anyone know yet if the Castlevania for DS game is a side scroller and not a castle map game? I hope its a side scroller. The video looks like it is a sidescroller and it looks awesome.

Lunar Knights also looks good. Konami are bringing some good stuff.

trip1eX said...

@ nomadx469

YOu're missing the point. IT's not about the graphics. Nintendo is doing just what they said they are doing. Going a different direction.

NIntendo's hi-def is the controller. That's the best I can put it. Also see the PSP vs DS.

Anonymous said...

It's total bullshit - if Nintendo is holding back "secrets" because Sony scared them - then guys at Nintendo need to grow a set of ballz. Grow a set Nintendo, or be the 3rd place bitch the rest of your existence.

drinksinbars said...

i have to say i was impressed by the conference, i thought looking at it that they deliberately didnt show really graphical games (bar disaster day which looked cool!) i can see why they didnt show a star wars game, they didnt show very many 3rd party games. They seemeed to want to focus more on them at that time. a lightsaber game would have stolen all the thunder.

Plus not showing the price means they can go off and decide the best price point for them. 249 might be too low! people may not feel that it is next gen cause its too cheap!!!

Anonymous said...


-Why does the IALS ask so many questions?

-Why is carriage return wearing thin on the IALS' keyboard?


-Why does the IALS refer to himself in the 3rd person?

-Why does the IALS sound like he is 13 years old?

-Why is 'IALS' the stupidest moniker anyone's ever heard, ever?



Anonymous said...

I am sadly disappointed. The graphics were nothing at all that would make me say wow. If there is no secret than why all the further secrecy. The only addition was the speaker.

Falafelkid you need to ask Nintendo these bold questions. Also did you ask anyone if they were SeriousGamer007. Just out of curiosity.

Thanks for the good work.

Nomadx469 said...

@ trip1ex

I understand the point, but why would they miss lead ppl with the WOW comment

I'm still end up puchasing the Wii, but let me ask the gamers here. How many of your mothers, fathers, grandparents, and non-gamers are reading and watching these gameing events? my mom and dad aren't. Ultimately we (gamers) are the ones that are going to introduce the Wii to are siblings that are non-gamers. I'm buying the Wii so my wife(non-gamer) can play with me. But if it where up to her to go buy it, forgetaboutit not happening.

My point nintendo sould not only cater to non-gamers, but to us too, if they can sastify the real gamers we will buy and then mom and dad will see us play and play with us.

Wii play a mayor part of their plan
so the least they could do is give us a system with games that look twice as good then the cube.

this is how I feel about this. I'm not trying to bash nintendo I'm a fanboy since the 80's and going...peace

Anonymous said...

The press conference sucked.

Nomadx469 said...

super mario galaxy will be playable @ E3...IGN

IALS said...


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.




IALS said...

Bumrash aka Damien the devils advokate
is at it again!

I nominate Bumrash!

Bumrash for world leader!


910do said...

Hi the IALS, I here you, I'm really disapointed, I was looking at the conference and waiting for "The big secret", and nothing happened , My biggest disapointment was MP3, I saw all available media about this game, and well graphically speaking, it's a GCN game !, mario galaxy looks fun, Zelda is amazing, it must be it's a "zelda" game, now the "Wii" is more like the DS, innovation in gameplay but no grafix greatness, we have to accept it and live with it , ...I guess, I wish we have both gameplay and grafix, and the sad thing is all this wasting time in blogs and people spending hours on the internet speculating about the N-game/ revolution secret, and it was right in front of us, it's the controller, we know about it for a year !!, sorry guys I love nintendo, and I'm getting a "wii", for sure even though it doesn't have a "3d prjector " or a "HMD", I'm getting it to play mario, zelda, as usual, like all the nintendo consoles in the past, and the good thing we're having those on launch day.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

still... even after sleeping on it... there are so many unanswered questions... i can't shake the feeling that there is something more :(

-"superfan" tactics.

910do said...

"superfan" tactics,
that's because we were all expecting something big !!! bigger than the controller, I feel the same way, but it's over , this is the "Wii".

R.U.Sirius said...

Heh, just saw Falafelkid's five minutes on RTL2. As I expected he was showing Red Steel on the Wii. Good promotion for Nintendo, hehe.


SuperUser said...

For the first time RTL2-News have broadcasted something cool...

Thanx Falafel!

Alex said...

Oh no! I just missed RTL2News...
I hope someone has recorded it and puts it on youtube.

ColdBlooder said...


i recorded it and i´m just uploading it to rapidshare (yeah, i know, but feel free to put it to somewhere else if you want)...

low quality os vurrently encoding... it eill be up a few minutes after the high quality version...

HereticPB said...

"Wii" still have the rest of the "Wii"k for announcements. IGN reports about a Duck Hunt game for "Wii".

Not sure if its the old game or a new one.

Nintendo held back after seeing Sony pull the motion sensor in their controller deal.

Nintendo always said they will reveal more at E3 and that they will reveal even more up until launch.

As for price and launch it would be a smart guess that it will come out by Nov 18th in America for around $225 - $250.

IALS said...

Yeah man 910do Wii really seems to be the equivalent of DS
Not more and not less!
I am still very confused as to how everything went by and Im not holding my breath for anything.
I am already tinkering with the idea of putting this hobby to rest once and for all or skipping this generation.

I feel Im quite in the middle of the big three!
Neither one of them delivers a console where I am like wow thats it
I got to have it!
But then again even after the conferenc its hard to get a clear picture of what Wii is capable of!
Its quite odd they seemingly havent even finished the GPU judging by the newly released system fact sheet!
Its strange after watching the conference Im starting to reminisce on the good but always unappreciated times I had with my N-Cube and games
like the first Metroid Prime,Mario Sun,Resident Evil 4 and even Mario Kart for example.However I probably shouldnt paint too black a picture on a fancy Press Conference taht bgave me a glimbse not worth mentioning. We all havent played Wii yet and who knows maybe all the speculation and patience with Nintendo will pay in the end when we finally get to try it out ourselves in six months.
Hence I am trying to take it easy.
I am still dissapointed as is evident from my earlier posts with how a couple of things have been handled so far but you know whos to say?
It seems like Nintendo is really trying to sneak out of all this arms
race and get back to the roots of simple Tetris like entertainment for everybody!
That suerly is hard to digest for
hardcore gamers who grew up in Zelda dungeons and GoldenEye combats but
its seemingly also needed to break down barriers on the other end.
If Red Steel is any indication of things to come then there is no need for alarm but I still dont get why Nintendo on the one hand emphasizes
how important change is but then on the other hand presents something like Metroid Prime 3 which to be honest is exactly the same thing not counting the control method
Last but not least I think Nintendo is seesawing with whats right and whats wrong or something like that..



ColdBlooder said...

high quality version:

megaupload link coming soon

pi said...

Wii connect 24 ... ??
Why 24 ?
Maybe !
... Just maybe.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone angry that Nintendo seems to be attempting to convince us that a Gamecube with new control is, sorry... "new" generation.

I mean, yes, the graphics won't be as good. I can accept that. But I don't think I should pay $250, or even $200, for a system that is essentially a gamecube with new control, especially since the gamecube is $99 (and soon to be $79).

I mean, come on, all the screenshots do not look any better than the addition, some even look a little worse (tony hawk anyone?).

All the marketing speak of Nintendo seems to me to be a rhetorical trick to convince us that we should buy into this system, that is ...yes, I'll say it again...a gamecube with the advanced 3D-Motion controller integrated extensively.

We all know that Nintendo intended to extend the cube's life using perphiperhals, and I think the Wii is a repackaging of the cube, allowing nintendo to save major bank IF they can convince us this is next generation.

I say shame on Nintendo - their cheap ways and marketing rhetoric won't fool the public for five years. Maybe 1 or 2, but eventually the Wii will die when the 360 and PS3 really hit their stride and the outdated tech of the Wii bites Nintendo in the ass.

Does anyone agree with this conclusion?

Fal, what's your opinion on the Wii's long-term staying power?

-Disappointed "Former" Nintendo Fanboy

ColdBlooder said...

megaupload link for HQ version (~16mb):

megaupload link for LOW quality version (~5mb):

have fun... and remeber... feel free to put it somewhere else when you want to...

and a very good report, falafelkid... good work :-)

Zaro said...

24 hours
always connect...

Anonymous said...

pi, what do you mean "why 24"?? do you see potential for a hidden meaning? when i see "WiiConnect 24" i see 24 hrs... it never shuts down.

ials: what are you talking about? read the hands-on impressions of mp3 and zelda, and all the other games utilizing Wii control. try it for yourself. you won't be skipping this generation my friend. you will be playing Wii.

-"superfan" tactics.

ian said...

Wii connect 24 as i understand it does mean(in standby mode) that Wii can accept content from game publishers etc and messages from friends even when not playing.

So, i have thought and thought about this...Wii= all of nintendos old consoles repackaged in a shiny nice new box with a cool control system. Let down, a little, but at least there looks like there is still some fun to be had with this offering from Nintendo. At least they have gone as far as true 16:9 display support.

Anonymous said...

definately check this out, guys:
sony = pwnt.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

OK ppl Let me just clarify one of the most thing that is coming around this blog.. Ive been watching this blog since several months ago, and what I seen is a high believe of success in nintendo next console "Wii". nintendo wii has met every single goal that the enterprise planned too for the fist step of the blue ocean strategy. first if u rembember a couple of months ago one of the ninentdo's director especified that Nintendo is not seeking for first place, its goal is to be a second place console world wide. and they wanted to be a "must have" console.
2nd Graphics! i know is a big deal for most of the ppl who when to E3 because the graphics that they saw were pretty much GC graphics.. to clarify that, the problem was that the Projector used on the nintendo conference didnt have high-def for gigantic resolution so everything showed at E3 was most likely seen blury.

by my part since i saw the whole show trough internet.. the graphics ARE INCREDIBLE never expected from console without HD. the character were really detailed. and the explotion had physics so it looked real, every game look nice and if u think that MArio looked great at the E3 just wait until you see it online is AWESOME.

in another way to those ppl who though that there was going to be a Holographic machine in the Wii, COMON stop thinking childish like, those ideas were created just like the nintendo ON idea. those who fall into it, just demonstrate the level of logic that they have. how the HECK are u gonna make a console with a Holographic machine, plus a new way of crontroling things for less than $200 (that including, the hard drive, and all the other devices included in the console.)
Another reason would be,then if it have a holographic machine dont you think that the development cost for the games will be kinda expensive, then how the heck the games are gonna cost $50 and less, when the HD done game are now $60.
even though that i sound in a way of defending nintendo Im not im just clarifing things. just like Nintendos mistake on this conferences was to estate everything that they will do at the beginning of the conference including!! the Price and Release date which they never said or even tried to approach to!. also some of the most interesting games like Smash Bro. didnt appear and they never mentioned, and at last nintendo should at least talk about its online plans for the Wii, and explain how their network will work, now that is the best time to get everybody into it. because when this is over theres no other big show happening until the release of the Wii. that is supposely to be in Fall??!?

Change is good in how u approach to it
Playing = Believing


SuperUser said...

Hey Falafelkid,
the guys over at seems to be pretty disappointed by Red Steel's graphics and gameplay. For me the graphics seemed really good, but I just can judge by what I saw on TV and Internet.
So, since you played it, what is your opinion on the game?

Maybe you can write some short, but detailed review...

Anonymous said...

falafelkid, i am wondering the same thing as superuser! help us out :)

-"superfan" tactics.

SuperUser said...

do you have some infos on "Disaster: Day of Crisis".
The scenes in the vid seemed to be prerendered, but I'm really interested in this game - there aren't much action-games released by Nintendo.

And is the Star Wars title you mentioned playable?

I wish you a nice time at E3!

Leon said...

yesterday i was a litte confused, today i've read hands on from ign and gamespot and man they say that's freakin' awesome playing with the wiimote. mario galaxy looks fantastic, sonic and red steel too.
ign says that madden it's really fun, and even the truck game from nintendo (excite truck i think)
lots of new ip and new games.. a new resident evil announced for wii, a konami soccer game.. it's only the beginning.

superuser said...

Oh, I forgot something:

I have seen a IGN-Weekly clip. But the title-headline was written: IGN-Wiikly. After that there was a imo impressing ingame-video of the next "Brothers in Arms". A guy was interviewed who said that the game will be for all nextgen-consoles, but the official website lacks info about a Wii-version of the game.
Is IGN hinting at a Wii-release of BIA or am I abolutely misguided?

true believer said...

I watched the entire Nintendo show online and it was a bit of a weird show. On the one hand it was very funnny and Reggie really rocked as did Mister Miyamoto with his "virtual" concert(I only hope that that concert was a sneak preview of a future Wii titel), on the other hand it really felt like something was missing. How fantasic the controller is, is it as revolutionary als the codename for the project sounded? And I did not see any game that would bring in new gamers like Nintendo promised. Games with a funny appearance like Mario will not bring in new gamers, but the same could be said of games filled with blood and gore. Neither of these gametypes would bring in new gamers. But a new type of games could have. What about interactive movies like other fora suggested?
Imagine roleplaying in an interactive thriller with a bunch of friends, trying to solve who the killer is before he "kills" the group in the game...could be a fun game for the winter. Or an interactive filmversion of a populair roman to attract more female gamers. You could even have fantasy games with movielike quality graphics. It could give an entire new dimension to the genre.Nintendo said it wanted to be all inclusive and make the Nintendo Wii just as inclusive as everydaydevices that everybody uses. A new controller could bring in a lot of new gamers, but it will not be able to establish that goal off mass appeal all by itself. A new system using augmented 3d or something like that with really well balanced games and additionally supported by a new type of controller could do just that.
Nintendo already had said that they will not reveill al their secrets at the E3. That could be the truth. Their fear that the competition would steal their ideas is not unfounded if we look at what Sony did. This could mean that Nintendo will try to hide some of it biggest secrets till the new system releases and the compition cannot simply copy the system anymore. That could be one of the reasons the new videocard is not released,just as the new IP's. It could even be the reason why Nintendo launches so late, so that Sony would not be able to copy the new system, because they are about to release their own system.
On the other hand, many Nintendo gamers on fora like these could suffer from severe cases of overhyping Nintendo's new system, just because the codename and all the pretetion that came with it gave an unfair sense of a real revolution in the making and the new controller could be all their is to the new system.

By the way, does it still makes sense to ask Fal questions about any lost secret. either he knows nothing so he will not be able to tell us anthing, or since he is a serious reporter he could be under NDA so that he will not be able to tell anything till the system launches.

Tortus said...

The Wait for TGS '06 begins...!!!!!

Yeah, Sony is a copycat, so, Nintendo will wait.

A Revolution is coming. The E3 '06 is not the end. It's only the begin!!


Anonymous said...

ugh... TGS? :( that's... so fucking far away...

we've waited so fucking long... god i hate sony even more than ever now :(

-"superfan" tactics.

YankeeHKM said...

There are no other secrets...suck it up. What you saw here today in the graphics department is pretty much what you'll see through out for the next 5 years or so. The controlling will get better and better tweaked. But don't go spreading now bullshit rumor that the megaton is still to hit. FTW!!...sometimes I feel like you people will actually have you games in you wii come novemember and still be like...."Nintendo is gonna still have a secret, and these games aren't reallllyy the final editions...they are still making graphical tweaks..." STFU already, if you want graphics get a 360 and if you control get a wii and if you want both, get em both. Just don't get a

Drew said...

Yeah I to lazy to read all the comments made by everyone, so what I'm about to say might have been said allready. But yeah I've read a lot into the Nintendo conference, way to much to be healthy. Matt Cassamassina from IGN said that the games do look a lot better than they appeared @ the press conference; the projector was not the best thus making the games look terrible. The videos look amazing, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, FFCC should be great. I'm excited to say the least.

However yeah, kinda puzzling what they focused on and didn't say. As many have said, you'd think Nintendo would have focused on showing Metroid or Mario (expecially Mario) a little bit more. If indeed there is a Star Wars game, also puzzling that they didn't even mention it. It doesn't bother me that Nintendo didn't say when it was going to be released (because I'd put down my life savings on its launched a week or 2 before thanksgiving) or what the price is.

Once I thought about all these questions and doubts I had, I came up with something quite simple. And it comes from what Nintendo has been saying all along; you have to feel the games for yourself to understand whats going on. They could show you, and they did, but instead of showing how to do moves... they showed the potential of the Wii. Even with the N64 era graphics of the tennis game, they still had a blast. You guys don't give Nintendo enough credit... honestly do you think they'd release a game w/ that low of graphics? No, and plus they'd turn it into Mario Tennis and those games are damn good so I don't see anything to worry about.

I take E3 as any easy win for Nintendo as should everyone else. Sony only has good graphics and added old gameboy era technology. Microsoft took Sony's thunder by getting GTA4 to be launched equally with the PS3 version and having Final Fantasy on the system. And I have to admitt, Halo 3's trailer is amazing and if you havn't seen it... go to and download it NOW. But with a 1st party lineup that Nintendo has plus the potential of the Wii and the online connect24 system... I'm pumped.


Anonymous said...

Smash Bros Brawl info! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering....In one of the Wii videos at around 3:36, the guy is simulating hitting a baseball and 2 girls are on the couch.

What the hell is that that orange cone thingy in the one girl's hands with wires attached?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Enough already Pitakid. It's a real shame to see how far this blog has sunk. But then again, since it's an extension of you, you didn't so much as reveal secrets about the revolution (wii) then you did about yourself. Somehow you thought you were above SecretGamer007, Osoko, KingOfAllGamers, etc. but they are your colleagues. You all spread speculation, rumors, and outright lies. The only difference between them and you is that you pretend to bring some legitimacy to the proceedings.
Really, how did you ever think 3D/projects/augmentation reality could ever be delivered by Nintendo? They have been stingy with facts, but when they did deliver them (affordable, fast, quiet) you ignored it and came up with your own. People on this blog were trying to help you out by providing facts why this was not feasible. But instead of saving face, you just dug in deeper.
And you spout off some PR facts to prove how "connected" you are. Just about anyone with a media pass got the same "exclusive" info that you did and they also had the balls to post photos of Smash Bros to boot.
And now you're bellaching about the Star Wars game. Oh, how could they not show it? My exclusive mole that posts on the gamespot forums from his dad's AOL account was wrong! You can join Osoko and bellyache everytime your source is wrong.


True Believer said...


you could be very right that their is no big secret left to show for Nintendo. I was just keeping the speculation alive.;) Don't worry I still will buy a Nintendo , my first console in years, because there finally is a system that gives something fresh instead of the same old idea of only marginally improved graphics and additional cpu power.

All I stated is that with a codename like revolution you hope for more, than just superieur controllers, no matter how cool these things are.

One would also expect a new approach in videogaming, e.g. promoting an entire new genre of gaming in order to reach that mass market appeal that Reggie and Iwata were talking about. Because the games of the past, no matter how cool they are, will never do that in my opinion.

And concerning that there would be no secrets left. Did Nintendo not state that they would reveill more information about their new system also after the E3? It could be just minor things that nobody has thought about, but that would add to the entire Wii experience.

Well we could be speculating all day, but Nintendo's show really rocked. I firmly believe that Nintendo's new approach has made a lot of convential gamers very enthousiastic.Considering the price of the Ps3 and the unique new approach of Nintendo makes me wonder if Nintendo could do an Apple on Sony. I sincerely do not hope to see Sony out of the business, but the disruption of the Nintendo Revolution could seriously impact their market. Microsoft also had a loss of 380 million dollar on it's entertainment division including the XBOx. A succesfull release of the Nintendo Revolution could mean that the XBOX360 divison will remain unprofitable for years to come. This is gonna be a very interesting console war the coming years.

P.S. to the anonymous with the harsh words regarding Falafelkid. Did you miss the header of the blog, definitive speculation?
Fal merely researched some of the possibilities regarding the capabilities that could have been included in the revolution. He never stated that all these things would be in the Nintendo Wii. He is not a fake expert claiming to have inside information that others not have like other bloggers. Please do not put Fal not on one line with fake bloggers like that.

Raph said...

WHERE IS THE REVOLUTION????? Is the sleep online feature IT??? THAT'S the 3rd "revolutionary" feature? What about all the insiders and you included, Falafel, that said that there was something even bigger than the remote around the corner? NOTHING. All this hype for skwat, I feel so lied to. WTF I waited 2 years to hear THAT? Pfff, so much time wasted.

And one other thing... When I see MP3: corruption, Im not saying: "WOW". Its just slightly more particles and light effects than GC. And Wii sports? please...

Anonymous said...

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