Monday, July 24, 2006

Nintendo to sell 6 million Wii consoles until April, after all

While Nintendo´s previous financial statement, issued at the end of May, only spoke about shipments, the company´s most recent release confirms that Nintendo expects to sell the entire batch, as well.

As detailed in the statement under the heading ´Consolidated Sales Units´, Nintendo expects to sell six million Wii consoles by the end of March 2007, along with 17 million software units (making for a tie ration of just under three games per consoles).

While it was to be expected that the initial shipment of consoles would be sold through (they usually do for consoles), this is Nintendo pretty much committing to this expectation. No huge news, perhaps, but a further show of confidence on behalf of Nintendo.

EDIT Again, check out GoNintendo for further analysis of DS Lite and other sales figures mentioned in the statement.

Source: Nintendo Co. Ltd. - Investor Relations

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