Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blizzard developing for all next-gen consoles?

Blizzard Entertainment are looking for a senior producer, preferably with experience on all three next-gen consoles. Does that mean that Blizzard will be developing for Wii? Here´s the job offer:
Blizzard Entertainment has an opening for an experienced Senior Producer with a proven track record of producing high quality console games. (...)

Requirements (...)

* Recently shipped at least one AAA game in a producer role for one of these console platforms: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, or GameCube.

Plusses (...)

* Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii production experience.

Now, Blizzard´s flagship title is obviously the Massive Multiplayer game ´World of Warcraft´ and there is no reason why this game shouldn´t find its way onto all three next-gen consoles. Of course, the PC is the weapon of choice for this genre, with its reliance on keyboard input. But I am positive that they can adapt the game to fit the console platforms, even the Wii´s original controller.

Of course, if true, the game in question could be another one. It could be an entirely new game or it´s possible that ´StarCraft Ghost´ has now been revived as a next-gen project.

Either way, Blizzard has shown strong interest in console platforms over the last few years and it would only make sense if they planned to develop for all three next-gen consoles, including Wii.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Thanks to: Codename Revolution


Astrality said...

Sounds logical to me. The question is what kind of game that would turn out to be. Hopefully NOT World Of Warcraft, which is such a time consuming and seriously addictive game (addictive, not fun). I want to be able to Pause, Save and Load my games. the majority of World of Warcraft-players go around thinking about their constantly evolving world even when not playing. Bad bad ;P

Anonymous said...


VOL. 2______

Friday, March 17, 2006
++EXCLUSIVE++ Shiggy confirms Rev controller features for Zelda exclusively to me ++EXCLUSIVE++

In the comments section almost at the end !
I assume its just a matter of time til D-Bone himself confirms it to you!

And dont beat about the bush Falafelkid,irrespective of your "Why projection technology makes sense" theory,what bothered me most and what was the last straw was how you thoughed it out numerous times that a bigger secret exists and now you sit there and draw the curtain over it like nothing ever happened.
You should have at least apologized to your loyal reader base for getting their hopes up.Dont talk the talk if you cant walk the walk.Your big secret turned out to be non existant and far-fetched.You had some real good power.But you betrayed peoples trust ever since you kicked it out there and remember
Mr. journalist?Its called claptrap or straining after effect!
Your big secret had nothing to do with nothing and I'm here to set the
record straight KID,thats why I'm the IALS.I shed light on blotted occurences.

Anyway,its all water under the bridge now.
Its all good.

Falafelkid said...


First of all, you might want to read the post entitled Why 3D projection makes sense in question. It talks about possibilities, no more. The title is misleading, to some extent. It should have read ´Why 3D projection can make sense´, I guess. But read it, for crying out loud.

What was the last straw was how you thoughed it out numerous times that a bigger secret exists and now you sit there and draw the curtain over it like nothing ever happened.
You should have at least apologized to your loyal reader base for getting their hopes up.

I have never taken back my prediction that there is still a last secret and it´s supposed to be a big one. I was told by a reliable source from within Nintendo and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Please read what I write and stop this pathos-laden mumbo-jumbo about betrayal and shedding light and what not. You´re clearly trying to make up for lack of substance with your use of (mildly) fancy words. It´s getting on my nerves.

IALS said...

KID? I smell fanboy,and to tell you the truth- it smells
like ass.


Falafelkid said...


KID? I smell fanboy,and to tell you the truth- it smells
like ass.

Resorting to insults so soon? You´re simply no match, boy!

IALS said...

Kid you really need to grow up!
Everything has been said to death and
your blubbering doesnt change fact!
You know,I know who got his act together?
You should shift lanes my dula.
Its obvious,
The typical-irreformable-diehard-German-
Weisenheimer shines through you like glass I'm afraid.

Der klügere gibt nach.


Falafelkid said...


All I want is proper arguments. You´re not trying very hard to earn anyone´s respect here. Just stop with your stupid phrases already.

Falafelkid said...

Oh, and one more thing:

Der klügere gibt nach.

Man kann nur nachgeben, wenn man vorher etwas geleistet hat...

Anonymous said...

Nice to find news that hasnt been covered on the other sites. And your commentary is relevant and to the point.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your comments. This particular story originates from Codename Revolution, though, just for the record. But I hope to provide additional insight with my commentary, as well as post exclusive news as often as possible.

Shoxware Games said...

Hey Falafel... c'mon IALS is not on your level. Don't try to argue with him! He's just a dumbass!

Keep it going, Fal!

Falafelkid said...

Hi Shoxware. Thanks for your comments... I guess you´re right. I don´t want to lie on my deathbed sometime and count up all the hours I spent trying to argue with that guy *lol*

Anonymous said...


i, like many others i'm sure, like to go back and read the "why 3d projection makes sense" post from time to time - just to reminisce on the good ol'days of wild speculation. all of us are aware that your position was simply that nintendos "revolution" very well could be *portable*. you said it 10 times. we got the point. ials is being an ass hole.
on top of that, i'd also like to point out one other thing: my favorite part of that post.
the quotes.
i love to go back and read through the quotes by iwata, miyamoto, and fils-aime, because they fill me with wonder and make me very happy. 3d projection may not be a reality, but with quotes like these...
Miyamoto: "I think maybe if I could do anything, I would make it so you don´t have to sit in front of a TV and play. If you could have a machine that you just plugged in and played inside a virtual world that - would be just great."
Iwata: "We invented the current way a console is played - in front of a television and holding a controller - but maybe that image will change."
what the hell are we supposed to think?
i mean really - those quotes are so outlandish that it REALLY opens the door for wild speculation.
ials is trying to look like mr. tough guy, but instead looks like an immature child that is ignoring the facts.
you owe nobody an apology, and i still believe that there is another huge secret in the works, too, dude. maybe not 3d projection, but something else is coming; it just makes all too much sense.
stop arguing with ials - he's being a cock.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Goro Abe (Wario Ware) told Nintendo Australia at E3 (you need to be a member there) that there's still a big secret.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid said...
Oh, and one more thing:

Der klügere gibt nach.

Man kann nur nachgeben, wenn man vorher etwas geleistet hat...

You say it all the time...

Tetsuo Otomo said...

Hey, dont let these guys bother you, the system aint even out yet, so anything is still possible. People have become jaded to bloggers since the ON video. They think that everyone is a lier and they dont really have any inside info. I actually have talk to a few people that work in the industry, and they think the secret is still prettyu big. Why not projection? Why not anything else? All the people saying I CANT have that or even VR, is so closed minded, that they are naive to the possibilities. The system MIGHT evn look different when it comes out, we dont know, things ALWAYS change before the release. Leave it to Nintendo to suprise us all.


Tetsuo Otomo said...

One more thing, why dont you "anonymous sign up with your REAL name, then you might have some credibilty, instead of being faceless phantoms in the crowd.

babble said...

Hi Falalfel,

Like eneryone else is saying, stop giving any importance to IALS. Do just like the rest of us, don't read his posts, there's nothing good that ever coms out of it.

I haven't been posting in a long time on your blog. I had nothing to add until now.

So you still think that their's a secret left. Can it still be big, this late before launch?

Or is it going to be in the vein of a mic on the remote? ; )

zerorules44 said...

Reasons why there will be no VR:

1. Price - For under $250 they can't incorperate a VR function and still make money from day 1 like nintendo has stated.

2. "Non Gamers" - Nintendo has said that they want to expand the industry and have people that have never played games play the wii. How will new people play with the wii if they are scared and can't figure out VR.

3. Date - The Wii will be coming out this fall. It has been stated that the wii in being manufactured NOW. That would leave very little time for changes and added functions. If Nintendo were to release a new secret they would do it at a big event. Nintendo will not be at TGS this year and SpaceWorld is mainly in August. It is now July and there has been no announcement of a new SpaceWorld.

I am not saying that there cannot be little additions and changes. But I do not think that there is VR or a HUGE secret left.

Also Babble, Nintendo has said that a mic on the wiimote would be too expensive to put in.

Anonymous said...

I always ask..why can't Nintendo release VR as a separate add-on?

There goes the base cost arguement...

Something tells me however, Sony will beat Nintendo to the VR punch...


therealabdallah said...

I usually dont log in because it takes longer, and i still havnt bothered to get a working icon yet. I dont post here much anyway, basically just read the news and go to zogdog to discuss them. But Ive been pissed off at IALS for some time so I thought Id give some support to Andreas who uses his spare time to write us articles.

This was a pretty interesting read
According to the article, the Wii is already on the assembly lines, which makes it less likely there is more to it than we already know.
I still think there is more than has been said, but probably small stuff, like a mic.

Traveller said...

Why must these secrets be hardware related..I mean it could be something to do with the Wii's online functions/interface, maybe they'll have a blog type service for gamers..Maybe youll be able to host your own chat streams where the user can determine age restrictions etc. Changing the way the friend codes work...Uploading save files, replays, customised tournements. Virtual console dev tools..

Why dont we start thinking of other things besides from the physical hardware.

Morton-jn said...

I think people are looking for big secrets in the wrong places and not putting enough importance on WiiConnect24.

Think about what an online service like that could do not only for gamers but non-gamers as well. For us there would be DS demoes or Wii demoes when we wake up but for non-gamers it could become a lifestyle machine. Wouldn't it be cool if you could wake up turn on the Wii and have Wii NEWS or other types of virtual things where you could read news reports or even watch news reports. Maybe you could keep track of the share market during the day and get alerts about stocks or things during the day or sports results flashing up while you play something (customisable of course).

These are the sleeper secrets of the console that people seem to overlook...

Morton-jn said...

Goro Abe didn't say anything about a big secret, all he said was:

They will have to wait until the(y) play the final games on Wii for themselves to find out the best secrets.

Grandmaster B said...

Italy pissed me off twice in the world cup. I have been a German fan since pre 1994 WC in USA. I also am Australian and was left stunned.

Then 90 secs left against Germany I was left stunned too. I was so pissed off to get beaten twice. What shits me is the people here who were born here and dont give a F about Australia, only a team where they have never most likely visited. The people in Italy are much different from the italians living in Melbourne. Luca is a good example, he seems like a great guy.

Anyway back to gaming heh, as this is a gaming blog. IALS you continue to bore me and looks like everyone else now too. You waste your time as most people dont read your posts.

And yes I do agree with you tetsuo about anonymouse posters, they are gutless wonders who should register. I dont see much point even commenting if you have no identity.

Now I have forgotten what I was going to say.

dsss said...

Morton, you're wrong.

Q. Nintendo has kept a lot of amazing secrets before E3. How do they keep the lid on such amazing information?

A. Everyone at Nintendo loves the company and do not want to ruin the big surprise.

This is an official interview, that's why they don't go further into that topic.

IALS said...


Fact is,KID pushed his BS logic defying projection theory out there until jerk off .No way around it. There has never been a human being out there who believed in projection as much as KID did and who
lived it out as unbelievably excessive with numerous attempts like him.

I have been here from day one.I aint telling no jokes.KID was obsessed with the idea of projection,wanting it to become reality at any costs.
I've read all his comments and articles.KID was on the cusp of reality loss.Ask D-Bone.He was there too.Read his lines which I posted in the last section.They pretty much sum up how KID dealt with the situation.I agree with D-Bone 100%.
KID exaggerated with his theory to the fullest.That is fact.He should acknowledge it and stand by it but instead,he draws the curtain over it
cause his ego is too big to bite the bullet.

To all you readers out there who still count on KIDs infamous wannabe big secret.You are all playin'your selfs cause it aint gonna happen.KID is pulling a fast one you to promote his blog.See,he cant even tell who told him so even though he's not under NDA.I'm just trying to set the record straight.

To all you readers and fanboys out there who hate THE IALS
for kicking the truth and for critizising Nintendo within reason and substance including the SUPERFAN
who outet himself as a snake just straight up fuck you!My world dont revolve around you.
Even though he wont admit it,KID still knows only too well that THE IALS has been one of the few individuals who kept this place alive and vivid
he knows only too well that THE IALS
did it for the buzz and not the hype
cause always on point with every syllable.

THE IALS brought readers joy,reflectiveness and common sense
and always pushed a vital sometimes
controversial discussion.

KID only knows it too well!
Think about it !


IALS said...



More critical comments about PS3

Last comment by moe:

Moe Hat gesagt…

I always read your blog Falafelkid, but sometimes i wonder why you ''only'' posting bad news about the Ps3? I mean theres a plenty of good news about the Ps3, but i dont read those news at your blog, its like you have this motto .

''Are you searching after bad news about the ps3, visit falafelkids blog''!

IALS hat gesagt...

KID? I smell fanboy,and to tell you the truth- it smells
like ass.



Zaro said...

That's why his blob is call Definitive speculation.

I never beleive in projection, but i was a good read, a good speculation.

I don't understand why you make it so big, we don't care if he is right or not. When he talk about fact he is accurate and when he speculate, heu.., he speculate like anybody.


Have a good day all.

Nomadx469 said...

what good news about PS3?
console price $499-$599. wow good news here
games price $59-$100 wow more good news here.
Xbox360 grapix asgood as ps3 for less money man the news keeps coming

you know what, fuck-it. if ppl looking for good new about ps3 you should go to a ps3 blog

and to all projection speculation cry babies, suck it up. if you've been disapointed lok-up the word 'specuation' and you'll see that FACT is not part of it

D-Bone said...


( D-Bone smiles )

Its time to move on my friend. The Wii is coming out hopefully in three months. Yours, mine, and Falafelkid's views on projection are in the past and are not worth hashing up.


ials said...

Hi D-Bone,

You are right,
Guess it wasn't worth it.


Back to the future!!!

Its all good.


Anonymous said...

thanks ials.

i was such a fan of yours, too. too bad. you were one of the few people on these nintendo websites that didn't hate me. oh well... guess i blew it again.

sorry i upset you, but you're just being a dick; no way around it.

why don't you tell us how you really feel?

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

Could the "Big" secret be that Wii titles will be downloadable (spelling) only?

That means to some extent:

No shelf-warmer for retailers.
Upgradeable games every day via WiiConnect24.
Manufacturing cost will be minimal.
No hard/software hijacking on the road.


IALS said...

No more bashing and blubbering.
The past shall rest in peace.
I have to admit that I slided back when browsing through the archives the other day.
I don't know what got into me,maybe the sweltering heat as of late..

But nothing to speak of :)



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Page 4 of 6

Second shot!

Check it!

Anonymous said...

Oh no please no World of Warcraft for consoles please !!
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Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous,


from: PC Gamer with no life.

Anonymous said...

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Go and try to upgrade your char one more level !
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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I can only repeat my observation = PC gamer have no imagination !

Morton-jn said...

@ dsss

Where exactly does Mr. Abe say anything about another secret?

Q. Nintendo has kept a lot of amazing secrets before E3. How do they keep the lid on such amazing information?

A. Everyone at Nintendo loves the company and do not want to ruin the big surprise.

The question is about pre E3 and the answer is about E3. They never mention post E3.

He is Japanese and 'the big suprise' in this context would mean E3 as a whole. Now don't get me wrong there probably a few little suprises Nintendo haven't mentioned and I'm not disputing that but you have misinterpreted the question and answer.

Raphael said...

Check this image out. It´s a pic from sonys website!

Raphael said...


The answer to the riddle:
An Apple-video lies in the
Flashlayer behind the PS3.

dsss said...

The interview was done at/post E3, they talk about Wii games. But still, he says they don't want to ruin the big surprise.

Morton-jn said...

@ dsss

They do the interview at E3 but they are talking about E3. Look don't worry about it anymore we've already been given confirmation from other officials about further suprises I was just suprised that this very inconclusive statement was your evidence.

If there wasn't any other evidence I think you would have been sripped bare by a fair few people by now...

Alfonso said...

Falafel, I asked you this on your sage post commentaries, but you didnt answer...
How did you manage to register to nsider forums if you're living in germany?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am The Ials eyyyyy
Like the Fonzzz eyyyyy
Wow like a 12 year old THE IALS what a name ahahhaha man I am on othe blogs too and I cause trouble there to eyyyy I am so cool eyyy
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The Ials

Anonymous said...


rafa said...

Falafelkid, read this article
It says the wii's secret is an external accesory that improves wii's power and characteristics to compete with 360's
It's in spanish, hope you can traduce it, i havent got time.