Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wii to launch in October?

The freshest Wii launch rumour is October. Kotaku claims to have learned this from an inside source.
A large development team working on a still to be disclosed Wii title just got a big kick in the ass from Nintendo.

The source tells us that Alpha, Beta and Final times for the game just got vastly reduced and the common belief among the team is that the Wii will in fact be hitting this October.

This latest tidbit lands as Nintendo starts making the rounds in Europe and here in North America meeting with mass readership magazines to give them first-hand experience with the Wii and it's tiny wii-mote.

Here in the U.S., the company is meeting with folks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, all to give them a chance to play on the new console.

An October release of the Nintendo console would make all kinds of sense. If they can swing beating Sony out the doors, why would they wait?

Why would they wait? Because they want a convincing array of launch titles, as I don´t get tired of repeating. Kicking some developers´ butts won´t work in every case, I am afraid. However, October is the only reasonable alternative to November (which I´m still putting my money on), so it´s at least possible.

Source: Kotaku
Thanks to: Codename Revolution


Metaldave said...

I'm thinking October in Japan and very early November in the US. I just can't see the Wii in the states before November, if it happens I'm all for it of course.

Either way we will all be getting the Wii around that time if Nintendo still wants to pull off a worldwide launch in all teritories within a 3-4 week time.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for an October release.

Anonymous said...

Again, again and again...
Nothing but speculations ! I mean they told us that they will give us further informations in september but the whole press is freaking out...
You know why Nintendo is making the whole secrecy ? Because their machine is the weakest one, in technical aspect... They want to compensate their weakness with always giving little informations, so the people are always excited about the Wii. I must confess that it is not a bad strategy but it bores me... Im saving my money for the big machine coming in november but if nintendo would launch or give some good infos why i should buy a Wii, who knows maybe i would ! But until now, i find nintendos behaviour very strange and very self-confident, i mean they think by producing the DS for the Television(=Wii) the job is done, and the market belongs to them...But there are gamers like me, who want Next Gen, and not only the next leap of gaming !

Anonymous said...

The thing I wonder about even more is why people care when the exact date of the release will be. This is no more then a 30 day difference between the possible release dates so this will not affect sales. A consumer who wishes to buy a PS3 will not change his/her mind just because the Wii came out a few weeks earlier. I really don’t think there are too many people out there that are stuck deciding between PS3 or a Wii. Perhaps consumers may be considering a PS3 or an X-Box 360 because they will offer similar titles, game play and graphics.

I personally don’t see the need for flam wars between consoles this coming generation, these are two very different machines geared towards completely different audiences.

That’s just my opinion though, I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wii = V V 1 1

= 5 5 1 1

= 10 1 1

= Oct 11 ???

+Samurai Aran+

Anonymous said...

Oct 11 is W too

wednesday? hmm

Metaldave said...

Now that was a stretch, but funny. I doubt Oct. 11th will be the day.

Anonymous said...

Wow cool posting ! It could really be the 11 th of some month ! I mean not only nintendo has chosen the 11 th of a month...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Shoxware Games said...

Hey guys. Just thought, i let you know, that N-Space (developer behind GEIST) has opened up a new studio soley for Wii-Products. The other one will cover the DS!

Jon Agirre said...

Yesterday I talked to a GAME (the UK game shop franchise) seller and he told me that Wii will surely hit the european stores in October, according to GAME's internal press he even showed me. Looks like there's no official confirmation from Nintendo, but that date is derived from several Wii games release dates (already confirmed to GAME), all hitting the stores in October.



Anonymous said...

Wii = V V I I

= 5 5 1 1

= 11 1

= Nov 1??

Anonymous said...

nov 1 is a W (wed) too.

+samurai aran+