Monday, July 17, 2006

Wii will launch in November, after all.

Here is exclusive news that Wii will launch in November, after all, thanks to SNES Link.

He is working for a big retail chain and drew my attention to the retail online resource CyberScholar, which claims to be:
A fun interactive product-education resource created just for you, the retail sales professional.
This resource site also has information on Nintendo products on a subsite called The Nintendo Link. Here, they have brief product presentations followed by a short test. These presentations come in the form of modules and module 57 (registration required) concerned itself with the Wii. Here are the two pages of that product presentation, as Shockwave files:

Training 1
Training 2

Page 2 clearly speaks about a November launch. The test that followed is unfortunately no longer available. However, SNES Link also included the following screenshot from it, making the point absolutely clear:

So there you go: It´s November, after all.

No need for lengthy comments. The source is totally reliable and I´ve always maintained the console would launch in November. It just makes sense.

Source: The Nintendo Link
Thanks to: SNES Link


Hex said...

Thanks for the info.
Its good to know we can all count on you.

Anonymous said...

boooooooo oktober ist besser, und september ist besser als october, aber august ist am besten

Anonymous said...


Grandmaster B said...

I really dont think that confirms anything. But late October and first half of November will be the launch either way. Before PS3 it will be.

Anonymous said...

This date shows that are going to suck with the Wii!!! They do release it in the same month like PS3, i mean how stupid you must be to do such a thing.

Here some good new:

Japanes People are interested in

PS3 - 66 %
Wii - 34 %
(Stand: 13.07.06 11:00 Uhr)


I only can say : Bye Bye Wii. The only chance to win would be to launch the console 3 months before the PS3 but not in the same month!
Like the name change this is one of the most stupid things in the gaming history. But i already have lost hope in nintendo since the 64 days, but now they are againg disappointing me.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying it wont launch in november, but I dont think that screenshot proves anything.

If it was a question on maybe I would believe it...until we here an anouncement from nintendo I stand by not having a clue when it will launch.

910do said...

I agree, launching Wii the same month as the PS3 is really dangerous and a suicide, even though the PS3 is a $600 it will sell, don't kid yourself, an October launch would be more smart and safer for Nintendo, because the majority of people will infortunately buy the PS3, and it will hurt Wii sales, it is a fact.

Anonymous said...

> I only can say : Bye Bye Wii. The
> only chance to win would be to
> launch the console 3 months before
> the PS3 but not in the same month!

Oh noeh, customers of single netstore that is known for being prefered by Playstation customers say that they are buying more PS3 than wii. Nintendo is surely d00m3d!!1!.

Famitsu: What console you are looking most for.

68.8 % Wii
21 % PS3
Xbox 360 7.2 %
DS 3.0 %

Otonami Fami: What console you are most interested.

Wii 73 %
PS3 17 %
Neither 10 %

Edge Magazine: What console you are most interested.

1. PlayStation3: 578 Votes
2. Nintendo Wii: 532 Votes
3. Xbox 360: 219 Votes

And what comes to launch dates... DS was launched week earlier than PSP. Surely that was horrible mistake as you can see from sales (sarcasm factor).

Anonymous said...

>> I agree, launching Wii the same
>> month as the PS3 is really
>> dangerous and a suicide, even
>> though the PS3 is a $600 it will
>> sell

Surprise! Did you know that there hasn't been single console (except for 3D0) that hasn't sold out in the launch? No matter what price has been? And that doesn't have anything do with determing that does console success in the long run?

Anonymous said...

"(except for 3D0)"

Haha. That's funny, cause I see many similarities between the 3do and the ps3...

SNES Link said...

You all need to calm down about this. I see absolutely nothing wrong with a November launch. it will be much easier for people to justify putting down < 250 dollars before and if they purchase a PS3.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to play games with extrem graphics, then go and buy a high end pc ! The PC delivers better graphics than any other next gen console. But if you want try something new than the Wii is the best option! In my opinion, the best choice is a PC and a Wii !
Long live Nintendo and the PC !!!

SNES Link said...

You can credit me if you want.

pi said...

I hope Wii launch befor ps3.

It will make something like Wii Q at E3. for try it.

Price at 1/3 of ps3 will make people buy Wii first. and change some people who going to buy ps3 to buy Wii + 10 games in ps3's price.


October launch is not smart at all. Lots of people will just got ps3 first and then sony make copycat of Wii games + it's visual and not let someone buy Wii.

Sure we don't know what nintendo planned or what nintendo going to do. maybe thay just can't make it in time

pi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zucas said...

Falafelkid- Well although you see it as full confirmation until I hear it from Nintendo myself I still remain skeptical. I'm still thinking an October release for Japan and either late October or early November for America. And then late November or Early December for Europe and the rest of the world.

Shoxware Games said...

Hi Falafelkid. Why the confidence? I guess, it's more reliable, when companies like BandaiNamco or THQ announce their Wii games for october than this...

Taino said...

late october or early november has always been what ninteno said

Anonymous said...

They have really got arrogant to release their console in the same month like the big boss. I mean they should not underestimate the whole situation. The price is not a significant aspect to win a console war. The history will repeat it self. Sometimes i ask myself, what kind of people are working for this companies, i mean they are harming themselves, with such dumb decisions. The Wii needs some killer apps in japan and a they need also to have a significant headstart. 6 months would be the best thing. The Wii had must be on the market since Spring 2006. Sooner or late the PS3 will take the lead, by releasing MGS4, FF13 or other killer apps. This kind of games are more asked than any zelda in japan ! IMO the perfect time has past to release the console...

Alfonso said...

Wii must be released in november, cause nintendo said it would (4th quarter, before thanksgiving...).
Ps3 is unable to beat wii's launch, maybe when it sells for $400, but not now:

-The japanese market is almost lost. Until MGS4 and that final fantasy, Q4 of 2007, wii will have sold at least more than gamecube in it's whole life. And in January 2007 Smash Bros Brawl will arrive to wii. And it's the most wanted game, according to

-Ps3 won0t be able to win in North America, because it is now full of xbox360's, and they won't buy a 360 and a ps3... But they can (and I think will) buy a 360 and wii. They complement each other.

-European market will be a draw. Numbers will be at about 40% ps3 40% wii and 20% 360.

That leaves Ps3 behind wii in the global market, and as nintendo is selling the wii for more than it's cost, they're earning money. But sony is selling ps3 for 300$ less than the manufacture cost, so they'll loose a lot...

Grandmaster B said...

Launch them on the same day, that would be more amusing and give the stores hell.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of speculating !!! Hell yeah , release the Wii !! So i can play !!! I want Zelda, i want Metroid, i want Dragon Quest !!! And all these games for launch, i mean this is great !!!

Raphael said...

New button?

Jon Agirre said...

They cannot repeat their first marketing mistake with the Gamecube: Releasing it near X-Box.

Anonymous said...

They are acting too risky to launch the console late. I mean, nintendo had always won the E3 shows, had always the most interests, but in the end the others did win! It is a big mistake to launch the Wii in the same month like the powerful PS3, because some people will look to the technical aspect, and therefore pick a PS3. And the high price is not an obstacle, because i can remember when the PSone or PStwo did cost more than 500 bucks or more. They have also lost their good reputation since the snes days, and i think they are now acting to self confident. I think that this experiment (wii) is the last one, because with this strategy we are going to play the next zelda on the PS4, like we are playing Sonic and Virtua Fighter on a PS console. The biggest mistake was that nintendo left the traditional console market. This kind of acts do not innovate the gaming market because its harming it, instead of getting next gen , we are getting a overclocked gamecube with a new peripheral. The first time, i heard the name revolution , i thouhgt nintendo is bringing now the most powerful machine on the market. But now i see why they changed the name, because it is absolutely not a revolution, than a new pad does not change the whole gaming market. Most of you now will argue with the fact, that graphics are not important, i mean we do hear it the whole time from you, but true gamers like graphics , and also good gameplay.
The decisions that they have made since the n64 are really not understandable, because why they are harming themselves. They even lost Square !!!! Rare !!!! They should change the whole staff and bring some aggressive people in the business.
My lasts word are, im not a sony or an other fanboy, no, i am a nintendo fan, every time when they are going to release a new console, i am hoping that they are going to be on the top of the gaming industry, but afterwards i get dissapointed. I hope that they are going to have success, but after regarding the last facts i doubt...

Raphael said...

>a new pad does not change
>the whole gaming market

You´re wrong, buddy. It does.

Raphael said...

Three hidden Wii website pages!

Grandmaster B said...

They sold Rare which was a good move, they didnt 'lose' them.

Sure there was hype around the E3 but you got to remember that was for press anyway. The real hype will begin when it releases. Dont woryy, they will do what they did at E3 100 folds when it releases.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Grandmaster (and hi Raphael). Good to have you back.

They sold Rare which was a good move, they didnt 'lose' them.

I agree totally. Looking at their Xbox360 titles, Rare really went downhill, I am sorry to say.

The real hype will begin when it releases. Dont woryy, they will do what they did at E3 100 folds when it releases.

Again, I think you are right. Just look at the huge marketing campaign that is currently accompanying the DS Lite and the Touch Generation titles.

Alfonso said...

if you are a nintendo fanboy, I don't know how come you believe it will be the same as gamecube...

the DS was a really stupid innovation, and see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct, everyone thought first the DS is going to suck, because the idea of the console was so weird ! But now , the success speaks for itself ! Yeah , i must also agree with the fact, that Rare games for the Xbox are not comparable to the Nintendo ones.

Now i have heard some other facts, i do not remeber which site it was, but it was claiming, that square enix is going to release Dragon Quest 9 for the Wii, when the wii is a success. Do you have any confirmation for this new ?

Anonymous said...

ok i have found the page :

If the wii will have success and they are going to release DD9 for the Wii, than i believe the old days of BIG N are back !!!!

Anonymous said...

As a note, news media here (Taiwan) have been reporting lately on the boost the semiconductor and silicon wafer fabrication industries have seen on the back of these new consoles, and as part of their current reports, they're saying the Wii is launching here in OCTOBER and the PS3 in NOVEMBER. So whether this means there will be a staggered release globally I don't know for sure. I can tell you with 100% certainty that here in Taiwan we get releases within a week - at least software-wise - of Japan consistently.

If this is right, I'm thinking a Japan release in the final week of October, with the previously predicted two-week period to cover release world-wide.

ian said...

Hi Falafelkid, this is a direct question for you.

What do you think of the recent comment by some Ubisoft bloke about the 4 player in Red Steel? I ask seeing as you had the insider knowledge to drop the redsteel boardgame before any mortal knew anything lol.

On topic: Launch the damn thing, i crave Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Virtual Console, its endless. How can a grown person be so hyped about a toy?

ian said...

.....and to answer anonymous above, do not be worried, Square are back with Nintendo my friend, how can anyone NOT be excited for FFIII on DS and as for Rare,i call a $550 million sale to MSFT a bargain. Diddy Kong Racing for the DS as well.

Finally would it not be awesome if the rumours that Dragon Quest 9 and an MMO mana game were Wii exclusive. If this turns out to be true then i think we can safely say Square love Nintendo again.(hopes)

Anonymous said...

why do people keep thinking when Nintendo leaves the hardware market that they will make games for other consoles?...that is wrong not gonna happen Nintendo said if they do somehow stop making hardware that they will stop making software(it was so long ago so you look it up :p}so if the big N out of the hardware you can say Good bye to all the Nintendo characters...

Anonymous said...

nintendo will never ever ever ever ever stop making hardware. you'll see armaggeddon first. think about it.

and falafelkid: i too would like to know what you think about the red steel developers tongue-in-cheek multiplayer comment, if you can share your opinion...

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

What kind of game will it be :

Dragon Quest Swords: The Mask Queen and the Tower of Mirror

RPG ? Action RPG ? or some monster collecting game ?

IMO it does not matter , why ?
SquareEnix is giving a launch game to the Wii, this is much important !

Anonymous said...

What kind of game will it be :

Dragon Quest Swords: The Mask Queen and the Tower of Mirror

RPG ? Action RPG ? or some monster collecting game ?

IMO it does not matter , why ?
SquareEnix is giving a launch game to the Wii, this is much important !

Raphael said...

I think, to sold Rare wasn´t
a good move.

OK, Rare hasn´t developed any
good game, since Nintendo sold
them. But also they were
continuous under observation
by Nintendo in the good old days.
And even if some guys were gone, Rare is a very talented team.
It´s kinda weird, that they only
develop AAA-titles with the help
of Nintendo. And, if you ask me,
even Star Fox Adventures is one
of them.

Also Goldeneye isn´t on the
virtual console now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you excited for the Wii?

Yes 77%
No 23%

If you port to the Wii, how hard is it to adapt your title to that system?

Hard 67%
Not so Bad 33%
Easy 0%

PS3 too expensive?

Yes 63%
No 37 %

How would you rate the PS3 dev kits at this point?

Good 20%
Bad 20%
Average 60%

Which system are you more excited to develop for?

360 37%
PS3 16%
Wii 32%
PC 5%
DS 5%
PSP 5%


I am really considering to buy a Xbox 360, because the Wii is already ordered : ) ! What do you think about the Xbox 360? Better than PS 3 ?

Alfonso said...

If you want it for good gaming, yes, surely better.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Ian and Tactics. I have been preparing a post that includes that weird Red Steel developer comment. Please stay tunes for that.

game on said...

Crap. I really wanted an October release.

Anonymous said...

Interesting !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This article shows clearly that the Wii is going to be the number one in the gaming industry !

Anonymous said...

I see both consoles selling out their initial stock of six million units. In a market this large it is unlikely that a $600 price tag will scare off buyers (yes some will not pay that much but they will buy a 360). This is nothing against Nintendo but they are after a completely different audience then their competition. It’s difficult to imagine that there would be someone out there that cannot decide between a PS3 or a Wii. With that said I do agree with other analysts when they stated that the Wii could win in the long run by being everyone’s second console.

Console price doesn’t scare me it’s the software price that I feel gives Nintendo their lead advantage.

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