Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Wii specs rumour

I am declaring today Superpost-Sunday. Here are some rumoured Wii specs, courtesy of MaxConsole.
The Wii Hardware

- Nintendo Wii’s ‘Broadway’ CPU operates at 729MHZ with a maximum bandwith of 1.9gbyte/sec.
- Nintendo Wii’s ‘HollyWood’ GPU is clocked at 243MHZ, the internal memory of it includes 3mb of embedded graphics memory and 24megabytes of high speed main memory.
- 64megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) as the external main memory. Just like the internal memory, it can be accessed from the CPU and GPU with a maximum bandwidth of 4gbytes/sec and can also store programs in the MEM2.
- The GPU of the Wii is identical to the GC’s but it is on average 1.5X faster.

Wii's Optical Disc Drive

- Opitcal Disc Drive (ODD) supports single and dual layer Wii disks, discs eject with software or button and the maximum read speed is the equivalent of DVDx6.
- Two main disc types supported the single sided 12cm single sided 4.7gb and the double sided 8.51 GB. Nintendo GC discs also supported. Some of the capacity of the discs are used by the system and games can not use full disc space.
- Inserting a disc will start the Wii console, even if it was already in an off state. Pressing the eject button will change the console to an on state to take out the disc also.
And there´s more where that came from.

Well, these are the umpteenth Wii specs we have seen. So these could be just as fake. However, as we are nearing the release of the console, the possibility of leaks is becoming much more acute. So I am actually inclined to give this one some proper attention. Make of it what you will.

Source: MaxConsole
Thanks to: Digimonmonters


Tadashi Oshima said...

Well, you should have seen it:

Biggiesized said...

I don't believe it for a second. First of all, the reported clock speeds are those of the development kits. Secondly, somehow the memory was downgraded from 88 MB to 64(+3) MB.

And the most telling sign that it's fake: DVD-ROM 6x!? Yes we know that Wii won't have the need for large textures, etc., but it is designed for speed and the last thing you won't is a slow read speed to access information off the ROM. Besides, the XBOX 360 has 12x. Why would Nintendo be unable to afford at least a 12x DVD-ROM?

Anonymous said...

Lol, TurboCube. They could have just made the Wiimote a peripheral and had the exact same development. Instead, they repackage the hardware to trick the fanboys. I love it. You've all been had.

Anonymous said...

This spec sheet can't be real. where is the 1T-SRAM Nintendo said would be used for system memory? That problem alone causes me to doubt this, along with the fact that we have all seen most of the "specs" elsewhere, months ago.

Jason said...

Seems well to low even for Wii

Anonymous said...

These sound similar to the specs that IGN posted back in may. The GPU is only 50% faster then the GameCubes? That’s lower then what I thought it would be. Its one thing not to go all out with multi-core systems such as 360 and PS3 but to have a console with only a fraction of the processing power could hurt Nintendo later in the game.

Anonymous said...

6x speed dvd vs priority panasonic/nintendo developed gamecentric highspeed disc BIG PHAT MISTAKE IN UR FAKE SPECS THERE HUMMMMMM and ddr is not as acessable as fast as 1t sram so the story of externalmemory being as fast if its ddr vs 1t then these reek of fake

Anonymous said...


910do said...

A treat :

game on said...

Thanks again for the quality reporting!

Anonymous said...

Nintendo to Deliver
Games Convention Keynote

Anonymous said...

go away. nobody likes you.

Anonymous said...

Five new titles for the Wii
on the german Games Convention.

Let´s hope, that´s not only
EA stuff.

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the contributions.

As far as GC is concerned, allow me to point out that the GC has no keynotes, as such. The press conferences are held at the respective company´s booths and so are not all in one place. They simply take place on the first day of show when there is no public attendance.

Just thought you´d like to know. Again, thanks everyone.

Blizz419 said...

1T-SRAM Has been confirmed which does infact prove this rumor false

Anonymous said...

...guys! I think I've some interesting clues of what graphis of Wii might look like.

I just need to read a little bit more to be more sertain before I bring it out.

Fal. f you read this. When can I send this info to you for a comment? And via IM or e-mail?



Falafelkid said...

Hi Silver. Mail to please. I´m itching to see what you found. ;)

Anonymous said...

...ok :) but I still have to put a more compelling arguments before I had those in large to you Fala ;)

So untill that happends (hope to day evening) I would like to post some quotes form leading figure in the Visual Effects industry...


“But interestingly, what do people actually want? I’ve noticed how pretty well every blockbuster movie has failed miserably this year. Besides Revenge of the Sith and Batman”

Pat Joseph – Managing Director, The Mill

“We’re all undercutting each other and competing aggressively, you still have to find a way to stay in business. You have to look for ways to deliver sophisticated quality [work], save money and be one step ahead of everybody else”.

Ed Ulbrich – SVP, Production EP, Digital Domain

“I think it’s all about the concept and the idea. I think what we do and what people like is that we really help the director to tell the story, and they rely on us to take care of all of the technical problems and help them to be free, in a sense, of the technique”.

Alex Frisch – MD/Lead Effects Artist, Method Studio

Quotes taken from a discussion about opportunities and the future of visual effects (The FX of Things to Come)
An interview made by Marcus Robinson for the Boards Magazine, August 2005

My comment:

In Pat’s quote, I think his question might as well be reflecting the graphic-only-camp of individuals who in large consider that their entirely game entertainment experience are based on pretty graphics.

In both Ed’s and Alex’s quote, I think that all the major player here but mostly Nintendo are/is concerning more about this problem and therefore have chosen to offer a solution more closely to the heart of creative developers.


Anonymous said...

ok. in waiting. I might as well give you some info of a new Wii title currently being developed by Reed Steel maker - UbiSoft (FRA)

please take a look at theese great visuals from the game - Les Rebelles de la Forêt™ (Rebellions from the Forest?)

It looks Hilarious !!! XD. It seems to be a interactable Ice Age movie..hehe

well enjoy!



Reprise's Blog said...

Hi! i think, wii will pull off great graphics, the edram should make a lot of filterings possible.

PS: Andreas, ich fahr auch zur Games Convention am Pressetag, muss man sich für die Konferenz von Nintendo irgendwo anmelden oder kann man da so einfach reinspazieren(ich meine die um 10 Uhr 'Wii prove our promise' ;-) )