Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Is cube mapping the last secret?

My last post certainly kicked up some debates around the net. You will find that the story has been picked up on in a number of places, most notably Joystiq, MozLaPunk Boards, Revolution Lifestyle Boards and TVG.

Searching for more clues, I came across a number of forum entries on this topic dating back to the E3. Here is one example. The most intriguing Nintendo patent mentioned in those posts is the patent that brought ´cube mapping´ into view, here. It is entitled ´Video game play using panoramically-composited depth-mapped cube mapping´ and the abstract reads as follows:
Video game play rendered using a panoramic view of a cube map style rendering uses an associated depth map to supply three-dimensionality to the pre-rendered scene. The resulting panoramic rendering may be indistinguishable from rendering the original scene in real-time except that the background is of pre-rendered quality.
I have to admit that I have never read this patent before, at least not in great detail. Often they can be very hard to get your head round. But this one appears amazingly straightforward: pre-rendered images in real-time 3D. That is a contradiction in terms to me, but that is precisely the claim. Reading on, there are some even more dazzling comments in the background description:
We have discovered a unique way to solve this problem in the context of real-time interactive video game play. Just as Alice was able to travel into a 3D world behind her mirror in the story "Alice Through the Looking Glass", we have developed a video game play technique that allows rich pre-rendered images to create 3D worlds with depth.
There is no mistaking about that claim. And need I remind readers of the patent dealing with hidden objects and hiding objects I discussed in great length below? These two seem to fit together quite well, not to mention the apparent displacement mapping patent.

But how may this work? The more technical description is in the claims and is more of a mouthful:
A video game playing method comprising: loading a pre-determined environment-mapped image having multiple planar projected images and associated multiple depth map images; at least in part in response to real-time interactive user input, compositing at least one additional object into said mapped images, said compositing using said depth map to selectively render at least portions of said object into said mapped image to provide a composited mapped image; and panoramically rendering said composited mapped image using a desired viewing angle and frustum to provide interactive video game play.
As far as I can make out, the technique would be to composite a number of pre-rendered sequences in such a way that would make them appear to respond to a player´s real-time input.

In the Gamedev.net glossary, Cube Mapping is described as follows:
An alternative to sphere mapping used in environment mapping, cube mapping gets a 'screenshot' looking in 6 different directions and arranges them in a rolled out cube. When applied, the object appears to reflect the environment around it. A 'cheap' alternative to raytracing reflections, cube mapping is fast enough for realtime.
This seems to tie in with the quotes from the patent above and hints at how the apparent contradiction of pre-rendered graphics in real-time 3D may be overcome.

But why else might this be true? Firstly, naming the CPU and graphics chip ´Broadway´ and ´Hollywood´ respectively could be a clue. As has been pointed many times, Broadway is synonimous with live entertainment and Hollywood with pre-produced content. Naming their chips likewise suggests a fusion of the two.

Secondly, a lack in hardware power compared to the competitors has been reported from various reliable sources, yet Nintendo claims the graphics will be on par.

Thirdly - and this has not yet been mentioned in relation to this theory I believe - Nintendo has reportedly formed a division that is concerned with pre-rendered graphics. This was mentioned in conjunction with possibly forthcoming Zelda and Metroid movies. A year ago, Variety wrote:
Nintendo consultant and former prexy Hiroshi Yamauchi has put together a plan for the company to get into film production. He will soon present the proposal to the executive committee for consideration.

According to reports in the Japanese press, plan calls for Nintendo to create a pic based on one of its own franchises for theatrical release in 2006.
What if this new division was, in fact, related to games? I would think it unlike Nintendo to venture into a completely new field altogether, moreover such a competitive one. Of course, Nintendo has enticing franchises. But - presuming that we are talking about CGI, since the division was reported as an in-house studio - Pixar, Dreamworks Animation and Blue Sky (Fox) really have got the market divided up among them. There is hardly room for another competitor, I would assume.

So, do I think this is really it? Let me put it like this: The cube mapping theory is old. So is this bit of news about a Nintendo movie division. But combine them and you get one of the best theories as to what the Revolution´s secret might be.

Source: PCVS Forum, Gamedev.net
Thanks to: GCFan2k5


Anonymous said...

check this blog out
Read the 2nd comment in the newest post- it sounds exactly like what you're talking about... maybe this guy is for real (he really hasn't said anything we don't already know, so, it doesn't matter if you're hopes don't go up)

Anonymous said...

I belive you! Can you check this out please? Follow the yahoo info I'm telling you to put down.type this in on yahoo:nintendo and 3d visualization system. Look for Company News On Call. Read and respond.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, I'm begging you!

Anonymous said...

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d said...

This is exactly what I was talking about. Cube mapping could be used for the perspective (and not just for in game reflections) placing the camera inside a bubble ending tunnel vision. You could see people sneaking up on you, it works more like the human eye than a flat wide screen HD image.

As far as having games with prerendered backgrounds, I don't really know about it; there aren't any ways I can see better graphics with hardware that has one fourth the bandwidth of the competition.

I would imagine cube mapping would lend itself to depth perception, dual imaging, the motion capture remote, and a visor that the remote could plug into freeing gamers from the tv. It would be optional, like HD on 360, but if they really did do a virtual imax experience on Revolution it would compensate for the lack of resolution.

I believe the following is the latest quote from Miyamoto in its entirety.

“People’s idea that video games were American grade school kids with their face pressed up against the TV made us want to design the new controller. Boring things will become interesting. But, I can’t say any more.”

Previous quote from, the man:

"It's convenient to make games that are played on TVs. But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn't the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that."

He's definately talking about the controller in the latest quote, but he is saying that the inspiration for the controller's motion capture spawned from their disappointment with the stationary four cournered televsion.

I'm sure you remember the following:

"Akihiro Hino (producer at Level 5, ´True Fantasy Live Online´, ´Dragon Quest VIII´) believes that the Revolution will give birth to new types of games. He is personally interested in making an RPG where you hold a shield in one hand, a sword in the other and mount a head set on our head"

Also here are two quotes from n-sider.com

"We invented the current way a console is played - in front of a television and holding a controller - but maybe that image will change." - Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President
May 13, 2004

"The concept of a home system today is defined as hardware that you tether to a box (TV), and you are tethered to it via a controller; we think that's an old paradigm."
- Reginald Fils-Aime
January 01, 2005

Whatever they have planned there is one thing about the secret for sure, and that is that it will be optional, but it will be an effect that does not require dual development (for example, the dual development on 360, one version with standard resolution and one version with HD). It would also seem to be their rebutle to HD, something to do with display. On Revolution, if it had a visor, it wouldn't be required; you would still be able to aim in Metroid Prime for example with the remote in your hand (you just won't be able to look in one direction scanning while shooting the door in front of you). Also, more importantly to the penny penchers at Nintendo, they don't want to have to develop one version of the game that uses 3D and one version that doesn't; they want to create something that can be flipped on like a switch and have an affect on most any game including and downloaded games 2D or 3D. Resolution requires added development or patches, dual screens, as the DS has shown are not as big of a hastle.

Anonymous said...

they're going to sell like 100 million in 3 years

Morton-jn said...

They may not even need a visor. Say if they just wanted 3D there are special CLEAR glasses, not the red and green, that have inverted lenses that puts two images into one 3D experience. In FULL colour. There cheap and crappy glasses too but I'm sure Nintendo could make them more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd innovative feature of the Revolution is that you don't need a TV to play it, it's not a headset or a VR visor,The revolution is the first Hybrid portable/home console, the final design is a bit smaller than a DVD case and 1.5 times thicker, there is a 6.5 " screen in the side that never was shown and controls, the final design will look familiar ,the original Gameboy, you can take revolution outside and play Nes/Snes/N64/Gc games or play new Revolution software at home with the TV and the freestyle controller, and there is an add-on USB reader that can read all previous Nintendo home console cartridges on Revolution.
The conclusion is " you need a Revolution " .

Anonymous said...

I've been to a 3d movie in an iMax theatre. They use CLEAR glasses, and it looked amazing. Each lens must have been set to receive a certain polarization or something, but if that is the case than you need a device capable of emitting certain polarizations. TVs can't do that.

HereticPB said...

These patents also relate to ATI's newest video cards. The X1800 I belive.

Stabby said...

It's not gonna happen. Nintendo is aiming for small and cheap development cycles and it simply wouldn't be possible with pre rendered graphics. Just look how expensive those animated PIXAR movies were and how long they worked on them.

Stabby said...

now that I think about, if the Rev uses 3D glasses it could be possible: in-game for one eye and a reflection from a different perspective (done with cubemapping) for the other eye. I guess it would save a lot of horsepower.

Pekka said...

This technique reminds me of those panoramic interiors Nintendo used in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It won't replace true 3D though. Many games require a free-roaming camera -- you won't be seeing this in any first person shooters for example. But when the camera doesn't need to move around, like in some adventure games, this could lend to very pretty visuals indeed.

3D also has the benefit of dynamic lighting and shadows. I wonder how this technique would work at casting a shadow over a pre-rendered table? The patent does mention collision detection. Maybe there's some trick for lighting effects too.

Raph said...

pekka, the point is that it CAN replace true 3d, thats the POINT. But anyways, Im really skeptical because the secret is clearly about EXPANDING Gaming, nit just graphics, you have to think elsewhere, I think. As d pointed out, were likely to see sometyhing else, im not talking about nintendo ON (im still a minimum hopeful, Im just too tech saavy) but the ONLY well know for sure is to wait approx 150 days. damn.

Anonymous said...

September 3003 Nintendo Patent.
Can not relate to GCN or DS.


[0003] Modern home video games are more exciting and realistic than ever before. Relatively inexpensive 3D home video game platforms contain as much processing power as advanced computer graphics workstations of yesteryear. They can dynamically, interactively produce rich, realistic interesting displays of characters and other objects moving about in and interacting with a simulated three-dimensional world. From your living room on a home color television set, you can now fly virtual fighter planes and spacecraft through simulated battles, drive virtual race cars over simulated race tracks, ride virtual snowboards over simulated snow fields and ski slopes, race simulated jet skis over simulated water surfaces, and journey through exciting virtual worlds encountering all sorts of virtual characters and situations--just to name a few examples--all with highly realistic and exciting 3D images.

[0004] While home video game systems are now relatively powerful, even the most advanced home video game system lacks the processing resources that video game designers dream about. Home video game systems, after all, must be affordable yet have the extremely demanding task of producing high quality images dynamically and very rapidly (e.g., thirty or sixty frames per second). They must respond in real-time to user controls--reacting essentially instantaneously from the standpoint of the user. At the same time, video game developers and their audiences continually desire ever richer, more complex, more realistic images. More complicated and detailed images place exceedingly high demands on relatively inexpensive video game system processors and other internal circuitry. If the image is too complicated, the video game platform will not be able to render it in the time available. This can sometimes result in incomplete, only partially rendered images that may appear flawed and unrealistic and thus disappoint users.

[0005] One approach to help solve this problem involves pre-rendering complicated scenes in advance and then adapting or otherwise manipulating those scenes in real-time to provide interactive video game play. For example, it is possible for a video game designer at the time he or she creates a video game to use a very powerful computer to pre-calculate and pre-render background scenery and other images. Developing a new video game can sometimes take a year or more, so using a high-power computer graphics workstation or even a supercomputer for hours at a time to render individual complicated background images is feasible. Such interesting and complicated background images are then often essentially "pasted" onto 3D surfaces through use of texture mapping during real-time video game play. This technique can be used to provide rich and interesting background and other video game play elements without a corresponding substantial increase in real-time processing overhead.

[0006] While such pre-rendered texture maps have been used with substantial advantageous results in the past, they have some shortcomings in interactive video game play. For example, texture-mapping a pre-rendered image onto a 3D surface during interactive video game play can successfully create impressive visual complexity but may let down the user who wants his or her video game character or other moving object to interact with that complexity. The tremendous advantageous 3D video games have over 2D video games is the ability of moving objects to interact in three dimensions with other elements in the scene. Pre-rendered textures, in contrast, are essentially 2D images that are warped or wrapped onto 3D surfaces but still remain two-dimensional. One analogy that is apt for at least some applications is to think of a texture as being like a complex photograph pasted onto a billboard. From a distance, the photograph can look extremely realistic. However, if you walk up and touch the billboard you will immediately find out that the image is only two dimensional and cannot be interacted with in three dimensions.

[0007] We have discovered a unique way to solve this problem in the context of real-time interactive video game play. Just as Alice was able to travel into a 3D world behind her mirror in the story "Alice Through the Looking Glass", we have developed a video game play technique that allows rich pre-rendered images to create 3D worlds with depth.

[0008] In one embodiment, we use a known technique called cube mapping to pre-render images defining a 3D scene. Cube mapping is a form of environment mapping that has been used in the past to provide realistic reflection mapping independent of viewpoint. For example, one common usage of environment mapping is to add realistic reflections to a 3D-rendered scene. Imagine a mirror hanging on the wall. The mirror reflects the scene in the room. As the viewer moves about the room, his or her viewpoint changes so that different objects in the room become visible in the mirror. Cube mapping has been used in the past or provide these and other reflection effects.

[0009] We use cube mapping for a somewhat different purpose--to pre-render a three-dimensional scene or universe such as for example a landscape, the interior of a great cathedral, a castle, or any other desired realistic or fantastic scene. We then add depth to the pre-rendered scene by creating and supplying a depth buffer for each cube-mapped image. The depth buffer defines depths of different objects depicted in the cube map. Using the depth buffer in combination with the cube map allows moving objects to interact with the cube-mapped image in complex, three-dimensional ways. For example, depending upon the effect desired, moving objects can obstruct or be obstructed by some but not other elements depicted in the cube map and/or collide with such elements. The resulting depth information supplied to a panoramically-composited cube map provides a complex interactive visual scene with a degree of 3D realism and interactivity not previously available in conventional strictly 2D texture mapped games.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hallo Falafelkid,
Nein, ich bin nicht Herr Tanaka.
Ich bin einfach nur jemand der -genauso wie du -wissen möchte was läuft.Ich verbreite keine Märchen sondern verwende lediglich meinen gesunden N-enschen(: Verstand um das Geheimnis zu lüften.Von der Seite betrachtet könnte mann uns glatt als Schatzsucher oder digitale Abenteuerer bezeichnen oder was meinst du?nichtsdestotrotz will ich dir noch schnell mitteilen dass der letzte Post mit den Auszügen aus dem Patent von mir stammt und dass ich in beiden Sprachen poste.Grüsse aud München.

jack_the_rat said...

didn't miyamoto say that the last secret is part of the controller? ;) yes.. he did ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha jack du witzbold

Blizz419 said...

@ Jack_the_rat

Actually he did not, his actual statement just said there was another secret, all these websites turned it into saying its was about the controller, weather it was a mis translation i do not know, but he did not actually say it was about the controller, i believe IGN started this misconception by stating "he flat out said there was still another secret about the controller" when in fact he did not.

Blizz419 said...

hmm i wander what du witzbold means, if i keep visiting the blogg as often as i do, i may end up learning german lol

ColdBlooder said...

it means something like "jackass"

Blizz419 said...

lol ok thanks coldblooder

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is dew.

"They may not even need a visor. Say if they just wanted 3D there are special CLEAR glasses, not the red and green, that have inverted lenses that puts two images into one 3D experience. In FULL colour. There cheap and crappy glasses too but I'm sure Nintendo could make them more comfortable."

i remember in an issue of nintendo power i had when i was a kid, they included a pair of clear 3d glasses for that particular issue. i just dont know what issue it was. it was probably 15 years ago though.

Blizz419 said...

i remember that as well, i'm not sure if it was 15 years ago but it was a very long time ago, i forgot all about it till you mentioned it, o0h wait i remember it had something to do with promoting the virtual boy as i recall

d said...

"[0009] We use cube mapping for a somewhat different purpose--to pre-render a three-dimensional scene or universe such as for example a landscape, the interior of a great cathedral, a castle, or any other desired realistic or fantastic scene. We then add depth to the pre-rendered scene by creating and supplying a depth buffer for each cube-mapped image. The depth buffer defines depths of different objects depicted in the cube map. Using the depth buffer in combination with the cube map allows moving objects to interact with the cube-mapped image in complex, three-dimensional ways. For example, depending upon the effect desired, moving objects can obstruct or be obstructed by some but not other elements depicted in the cube map and/or collide with such elements. The resulting depth information supplied to a panoramically-composited cube map provides a complex interactive visual scene with a degree of 3D realism and interactivity not previously available in conventional strictly 2D texture mapped games."

Sounds like RE Rebirth, but instead of scrolling the character through a flat pre rendered picture, you move the character through a pre rendered image that is panoramic allowing the camera to move in full 3D. The room would not just be a flat image with an invisible wire frame inside, it would contain six images, and the CPU would make the transitions from one image to the next seemless giving the illusion of true prerendered 3D backgrounds. Great Scott!

It also means, if they used this technique, their water would look photorealistic one uping the competition's bump maps. As well they could cube map entire sky lines or simply lanscape or mountains in the backgrounds that are out of reach but instead of a flat image they create a distant image that can be viewed from multiple perspectives as if it were a hologram.

This is like augmented reality reveresed.

I'm still not sure how they can allow more interaction without having to render some parts of the room in real time; couldn't they just blend them into the background well. At first I thought they were talking about prerendering a single map for an entire room and pasting the prerendering onto a real time skeleton all at once like one big skin.

Maybe they could even use cube mapping to prerender characters.

Imagine Samus' canon prerendered in six dimensions at once.

Cube mapping could be applied to past games.

On displacement mapping; it could give old 2D games some shallow depth and low polygon N64 games' textures could use the technique as the hardware could be free enough to handle full on displacement mapping.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I still have that issue packed away somewhere. It was definitely about Virtual Boy : )

Anonymous said...

Hi, Why do you call yourself "falafelkid" ?

Anonymous said...

Because He is the chosen one.
He is the Nintendo prophet.see he is a secret agent who is in charge to unfold the secrets sourrounding your dreams he is like robin hood he steals the info. and gives it to the poor in other words he gives it to you.got it?

Pekka said...

From the patent: This technique in one exemplary illustration keeps the viewpoint static but allows the player to look around in any direction.

This technique only works for games and scenes where the camera is stationary. Few games could actually benefit from this because most games utilize a free-roaming camera, which requires that the scenes are rendered in real-time.

Everything that moves has to be rendered in 3D. That means the player and the objects that the player can interact with. You'll also have to create fire and water elements in real-time because they move and flicker all the time. I can't even guess how they're going to handle dynamic lighting. From the facts I can gather, there are more limits to this technique than there are advances.

It's basically still just a panoramic view but with depth added to it. Meaning that you could walk behind those poles and before them. Anything in that scene is possible, except moving the camera. If you need a new angle, you'll have to switch to another pre-rendered view, a'la Alone in the Dark and other games with camera-angles from hell.

Anonymous said...

Missster Pekka.No,unfotunately you are at fault if had read the patent carefully you would know that it clearly states that you(the object)reside inside a cube and that the camera is able to rotate and move with you in realtime enabled through the composition of the cube with its' six sides and the usual matrix mesh it is arranged in.They compass this effect by mixing the cubemapped images which reside on all six sides of the cube with depthbuffering thus giving it the ability to interact with the given depth interactively through a users input.This approach saves a lot of grunt for rendering objects like characters and lightning.Got it?

Arsenis said...

Falafelkid can i ask a favor if possible can you change the link to my blog.


thanx in advance.

iMoron said...

It is starting to sound like if they will bring you the "holodeck" from startreck...

... We will al know next year... this technical rant everybody has is getting err... to technical... interesting yes, but somewhat tiresome...

ederway am eguer to know the next tibit as much as enyone...

Anonymous said...

Well i think both of you are right in a way. I think Nintendo has improved this technique a bit to make it more versatile. Maybe it is possibel now to move in such an environment, at least in pre-defined paths (like an interactive movie). But i'm sure that this will only be a tweaked version of what we haven seen in Ocarina of Time, the Half-Life-link above and several samples on Apple's Quicktime sites. I really really doubt that this could be a possible alternative to polygon-graphics. In fact i consider it so unlikely, that i'm really wondering every day how this so-called "cube-mapping" could rise so high in this giant list of rumours surrounding Revolution.
Maybe it could be interesting for some games in some special cases, just like in OoT. But not in general. Three points why i think so:
1. Developing a special chip for this purpose would probably be far more expensive than using ATI's experience in polygon-graphics and taking the Radeon-design as a base.
2. The Software-Developers are not familiar with this kind of rendering and Revolution-development should be easy to attract new studios.
3. And remember that Nintendo has to assure that games are fairly easy to port. If they radically change the method of displaying and rendering then they can never achieve this goal.

Darth Link said...

I have one question regarding this article as well as the last one. Displacement and Cube mapping both refer to an innovating technique of development graphics that would allow the Revolution to display high end graphics and textures with low polygon count and low CPU demand. A new technique. Yet, Reggie said ports to Revolution would be easy. I wonder how would ports be easy when the graphic display technique is different? Both XBox 360 and PS3 use lots of polygons.

The way I understand it, developers who want to port a game to the Revolution would have to tone down the graphics it fits into the Revolution's less powerful capabilities, but displacement and cube mapping would serve as graphics enhacers so they'll be 'on par' as Nintendo keeps saying.

iMoron said...

... Now that I think more in to it there seems to me that many are stuck on 3D to much with this info.

It is true that such technic as the ones resetly talk about would be somewhat limitting in 3D movement... But what many of you fail to see is the great use it would be in 2D games... I mean... they would be able to scroll in any direction and even zoom in and out and it would look 3D if they want to, easilly... maybe thats even better than the previous 2D technics...

It could mybe make the old 2D games look new without having to reprogram the game... atleast the way I iterpret this cube/dispalcement mapping.

Also, what darklink mentioned made me think that maybe it could aso be that this cube/displacetment mapping migth be used to ease the development of the graphics on the Revolution and help reduce development cost... it could just be the development kits that use this technology to its fullest in other to create the game in a fine tune manner, making the Revolution outperform the competition with good gameplay since the developers will have time to invest in it...


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is the secret. The magnitude of this would be lost on the general public. Hey America our secret is 'cube mapping.' Nah that ain't it.

Also I believe some of these techniques are in current games where they have 2d backgrounds in 3d games.

The reason they say the games will look as good as the competition is because on standard tvs even with the low specs announced you aren't going to be able to tell alot of difference between the 360 and Rev. The fact is 360 games on sdtvs could be rendered by a much less powerful console than the $299 360 core model. And thus you can see the much cheaper Rev will be in the ballpark.

Arsenis said...

Hey falafelkid i had to use your question, the one to prove if blogs are fake or not, since mr inc. is a developer this answer should be piece of cake, he has a picof the controller in hand so, check his blog for any answers in that blog.

Arsenis said...

this is a pic of the 3rd revolutionary aspect...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Postet this on the revolutiodevelopment.blogspot.com blogg.Let's see if he is going to respond.

Dear Mr.Inc,

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I guess we all agree divulging such information would hardly interrupt your relationship with Nintendo in any kinds of ways one could think of,and since other companies like Capcom,EA,Ubisoft,THQ,SquareEnix,Sega,Konami etc. have already confirmed their committment to Revolution, this is another reason for the irrelevance of ruling it out.

I suggest Instead of posting an everybody-could-have-done-it picture of the Revolution controller,or beating about the bush by emphasizing that your blogg is meant to predominantly allegorize a platform to share ideas, you comprehend the doubt that your blogg aroused and simply calm you readers down by clarifying who you really are,or respectively what the name of the company is that you work for as a sound-designer.

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Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerly,Shawn Boyle

Stabby said...

Falafelkid: do you think there's a chance that the controller will have Force Feedback? Is it even possible in mid-air? Maybe that's their secret about the controller.

Anonymous said...

Check this out

Blizz419 said...

here is a responce fron revolution development and it is as expected

Mr rebus

Sorry if you wanted inc, but I’ll reply for now. If you’re lucky he may reply again at a later time.
–you are completely correct in what you say, so long as we do not release confidential information pertaining to the specifics of copyrighted, patented or trademarked material, we would not “interrupt our relationship with nintendo”-granted. What you fail to realise is that we would upset the company we’re working for- they don’t know we’re doing this, and having released only the potential name of the game were at no risk of breaching our none disclosure. Aside from this point Mr. Boyle this ‘beating about the bush’ as you put it, is precisely the creative purpose of this blog. Besides, are you so naïve to think that we want to calm our readers? That’s the last thing we want to do- afterall our aim is to gain attention and ignite imaginations., not quench their metaphorical inspiration by playing into the court of those who are interested only in garnering that bit more info about the revolution console. Is it that important to you? Thank you shawn., but ideas next time- please!

so can you say FAKE!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Mr. Incbus but it seems like you betrayed yourself you got hoisted by your own petard and much to my regret there doesn't seem to be any loophole left for you this time around.See how NO END SOON turns to ENDs SOONer than you think ?

best regards, S. Boyle

Stabby said...

I have confirmed the revolutiondevelopment blog fake a long time ago. It just doesn't sound like a real game and he makes a lot of dutch mistakes. A few examples:

"It's just a shame" (do Americans use the word just that often? because dutch people seem to)
"we can't expect all comments to be intelligent ones" (the last word is not really a mistake but typical for dutch people)
"install some faith in our readers"
"there's a big chance"
"you can see my hand holding" (isn't a person always holding something in english?)

He also writes were instead of we're, dont instead of don't and wouldnt instead of wouldn't. He doesn't even know when to use a '! A schooled Americain/Briton doesn't make that kind of mistakes.

His name (Rebus) sounds pretty dutch too.

Anonymous said...

Go on any forum ever made and you'll see the same mistakes. Im just going to forget that I ever saw that one blog mentioned in these comments.
I'm American and I write that way sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you see you think I and Mr.Rebus are the same person by the way. His style is completely different compared to mine, not to mention he's using words which I've never used before. Funny.

Thank you.

Mr. Incbus, really, you ain't got the slightest clue how I broke out in laughter when I first read that last paragraph of yours.
You are such a funny coeval it's a big shame if you never thought of starting a new life as a prankster.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Inc is totally fake. In that post he claims to work for audio:


Now when was the last time you heard somebody from audio is involved in the whole game developing creative process? I read a couple of audio and sound producers blog and articles. These guys don't have anything to do with how the game comes out or much less will come close to touchin the Revolution controller. All they're responsible is for sounds, fx, and music. Its not like Nobuo Uematsu of the Final Fantasy series or Koji Kondo of various Nintendo games play the game while during the development process LOL. Another thing that picture where he claims he is holding the controller is just horrible. You could tell its been cropped. This guy claims that he contacted Nintendo of Europe and they loved his blog. Its funny how he claim that NoE knows about his blog but his bosses doesn't. That guy is a joke.

smith said...

the so called "last secret" its an artifact that will remind of a webcam... as a matter fact it´ll provide webcam uses. The main purpose of this is to provide a digital representation of the player (two related patents mentioned in this blog, i´ll let you do the math). So? did you see that coming?

Anonymous said...

there are three secrets left to the nintendo revolution.

miyamoto has only mentioned the one pertaining to the controller.

the other two secrets have been rumored for quite some time, and are actually hinted at. people keep assuming 'broadway' was used to describe the CPU b/c of that 'live entertainment' line Iwata threw out there. that just sounds goods for press conferences. it's really called broadway in reference to it's massive cache. BROAD way. there's alot more room to work around with.

the other rumored secret has to do with specs released by IGN. they are simply put alpha kits. plain and simple. rev won't be as powerful as the other two (doesn't need to be at 480p) but it's incorrect that the final system will have only 104 MB of ram and double clocked flipper. i don't know what they even posted that tripe. $500 million for a double clocked flipper? even if they made it super small it wouldn't justify that price. if you don't know, the X1xxx series from ATi IS the product of 'hollywood' R&D. Nintendo got the right team from ATi to make their card. it will be a great card and awesomely low power and offer really good performance and clean visuals. it's not really about matching the 360 or PS3 in every area.. cause that just doesn't matter, at all. can't stress that enough. but the system also has to be powerful enough to still matter when MS and SONY copy the controller (and they will copy it WITHIN this generation, i guarentee it.. it is just that good for alot of existing genres and for navigating menus.)

the other secret.. about the controller that miyamoto kind of dances around. it has to do with the large A-button and the bottom B-button trigger. alot of people have speculate it's gonna be like the 'digital click' and they are kind of right. the b trigger does have the digital click. it has that nice, kick ass feel of the current Cube shoulder buttons (best ever as anyone who's used them knows). but the large A-button is a slightly different situation: imagine if one general "button-ish area" existed on a controller? giving it the appearence of a very simple interface.. but of course, if you pressed different parts of this 'button-ish' area different actions would happen. best example i could kind of give you is on a regular tv remote when you have the volume and channel buttons kind of surrounding a center button? do any of you out there understand what i'm saying? but it isn't really set up quite like that.. like it's not 4 other buttons around the A button.. the a button itself can be pressed differently. and it works because of of it's 'feel'. which again falls into a type of 'digital click' type category.

people shouldn't be upset when they hear the secret could be "digital click" like. all that means is the secret might not be "OMG REV HAS 10 GB of RAM!" but more like "this controller set up adds more function, simplifies the appearence, and presents those things in a way that is actually fun to press".

Taylor said...

That actually sounds plausible, given how large the A button is. It would work as one bigass button for simpler games, and could also entertain the myriad of functions we've developed for use in our complex modern games. Unfortunately, the real secret will probably be something incredibly underwhelming, and I'm sure that we will all hate it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I haven't read through all of the comments (way too much).

I really like this blog and have been reading it for awhile (not anything in the comments section though), but I just noticed something that has been bugging me.

In the RSS feed of this site (http://nintendo-revolution.blogspot.com/atom.xml) the second line says "I am actually SeriousGamer007, but noone knows."

from what i've heard nobody likes SeriousGamer007 correct?

so, once again, if this has been brought up before sorry, but I'm curious if this is some form of a joke or if nobody has noticed it before? and what does it mean for this blog?

Anonymous said...

Good question, anonymous; I've never noticed that before.

pi said...

About digital click ... I think it's not. if you need buttons. Just move to D-pad. and make it other work (Eg. change wepon in zedla). Then used 3d motion or add on do movement's work. ... also D-pad can used as 8 button ... it's too much already. - -"

Arsenis said...

which second line.

Anonymous said...

Look here, arsenis:

tim said...


I need to send you something, but I can't post it here, and I can't find your e-mail adres.

Please send your email adres to me.

Arsenis said...

call me blind but if you can copy and paste the the first and second your talking about.

Phabin said...

I never noticed that... weird...

@arsenis when I open that page in firefox the top part reads:
"Definitive Nintendo Revolution speculation
I am actually SeriousGamer007, but noone knows.

and for clarity, I took a ss and underlined it: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v724/phabin/SeriousFalafelkid007.jpg

Arsenis said...

that must be the problem i have a mac and i use safari.

thanx thought...

@Phabin, got to post the link again.

Arsenis said...

doesn't the net gets better and better...

nz guy said...

revealing the revolution blog is back again.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid bist du etwa SeriousGamer007?



Blizz419 said...

wow did it become silent in here, everybody patiently waiting for Falafel's response

Blizz419 said...

hmm i'm not convinced yet by that one thing that he's SG007, for one as i recall falafel was proven to be who he states he is correct?
Second we here at this blog have stirred up quite a bit of problems at a few fake bloggs and with some apparently angry people over at the developing revolution blogg that someone with some computer skills played this joke, or its even possible that it was done as a joke just waiting for someone to find it, i dunno anything is possible including falafel being SG007 but i highly doubt it, and i have found it quite disturbing how little posts have been made since this discovery has arisen, especially considering this was like the only blogg of note that didnt make any claims and just speculated.

Stabby said...

it was probably just some hacker who's trying to ruin Falafelkid's reputation.

Blizz419 said...

maybe the person who posted it? it would make sense that that person would be the one to try to bring it to our attention

Phabin said...

"@Phabin, got to post the link again."
my pic isn't working for you? let me try tinypic http://tinypic.com/inbg3q.jpg

And I agree with blizz419, I don't think Falafelkid is SG007, but the message just sitting there is troublesome.

*waits for a response*

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Just a quick word about the little tagline regarding SG007. That was my little joke. If any old school readers remember my blog before I pasted in the titel banner, there were various subheadlines, a standard in the blogger template. The last one read ´big shout out to Robotplague´. When I pasted the banner into the html, it covered that subheadline, while the text obviously remained in the html. Whenever I opened the blogger editor I still read the text and eventually felt that I was done shouting out to Robotplague, especially seeing how noone could easily read it. So - for the sake of humour - I put that line in there. I never thought that anyone who would find it would take it seriously. I just presumed the joke was obvious. Now I relised that it probably wasn´t. Sincere apologies to anyone who took it serious. It´s just the weird, warped and twisted German sense of humour... ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Falafelkid,
I would really like you to to put in your twopenn'orth about the last topics that we touched on in your absence.
Thanks in advance.
And by the way what are your feelings about the latest Gamesindustry.biz article on Nintendos stance?

Lass dich net stressen.

-The(unforgettable)-infamous-anonymous-light shedder.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Falafelkid,
I would really like you to put in your twopenn'orth about the last topics that we touched on in your absence.
Thanks in advance.
And by the way what are your feelings about the latest Gamesindustry.biz article on Nintendos stance?

Lass dich net stressen.

-The(unforgettable)-infamous-anonymous-light shedder.

Anonymous said...

C'mon you're SG007 admit it ! , just kidding, anywho regie just hinted about a MMORPG on the revo, looks like that guy over the revealing the Revo is telling the truth after all !!!!!

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