Sunday, December 18, 2005

Race against Reggie

As a subscriber to the Nintendo newsletters I just received the following mail:
Hi Nintendo fans,

My name is Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo's Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. I'd like to tell you about an exciting event taking place this Monday, December 19.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat me at Mario Kart DS? Prove it! Challenge me this Monday at 4:00pm Pacific Time at the Bellevue Square McDonald's in Bellevue, Washington. I'll be connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection at the McDonald's hotspot, so even if you don't live nearby I encourage you to connect at a McDonald's hotspot near you for a chance to compete against me on Monday afternoon.

If you live in the area, stop by the Bellevue Square McDonald's to meet me and get your hands on some great Nintendo giveaways. If you don't own a Nintendo DS, don't worry -- we'll have some on-hand for you to use. You'll also have a chance to win one of four Nintendo DS systems autographed by me or the Grammy nominated band Fall Out Boy.

Event Details

What: Race Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo's Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at the Bellevue Square McDonald's or at a McDonald's hotspot near you.

When: Monday, December 19, 4:00 -- 5:30pm Pacific Time

Where: Bellevue Square McDonald's, Bellevue WA

If you can't make it to Bellevue Square, you can still take part in the fun. Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection beginning at 4:00pm Pacific Time. I'll be racing in "Worldwide" mode, so be sure to select the same Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection mode for your chance to race me. Bring your A game, because I've been practicing.

See you there!

Reggie Fils-Aime
Perhaps an unusual post for this blog, since this is not strictly concerning the Revolution. But if make your way down there you could make Reggie tell you everything he knows...


pi said...

He wish to talk every thing out. But he is under NDA.

Please note this : If he really talk. Make sure you keep it secret.

nz guy said...

lets send someone down there with a gun to hold him up for info

Kraid said...

He'll kick his ass.

ColdBlooder said...

and take his name...

aepex said...

Hmmmm, I live rather close to there, but will be away doing something else at that time. Oh well.

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