Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Revolution details emerge

First of all, apologies for posting this one two days late. I only had time to post one story Thursday night (and then was on a business trip until now) and thought it was better to write about parallax mapping. However, this story here is most interesting, too. CNN´s Chris Morris wrote this article after testing the same demo games that were presented to a hand-picked group of journalists after the infamous Tokyo Game Show keynote speech. It appears that both Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and NOA´s Reggie Fils-Aime were present at the demonstration. Here are the interesting quotes cited in the article:
"I was a developer for many years before my current role, but I've never been a very good gamer," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told me."I've never been able to control a first-person shooter, but as soon as I used the Revolution controller, I found it very easy to control the game. So, I think that's a genre that's particularly well suited for the controller."

Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, said he hopes to see another type of game really take off with the Revolution.

"I hope [massively multiplayer online games] are really explored on this system," he said. "That's a genre, from the home console standpoint, that really hasn't been explored very well." (...)

"Until now, within a single household, we've had family members who play video games and family members who don't play video games - and they've been very separate," said Iwata. "Gradually, the barriers between those two have gotten stronger. ... Today, if you don't understand the controller, you're not able to enjoy video games. ... We expect [the Revolution controller] to become the standard in video game controls."

Nintendo, which has already hinted it might offer the console at a lower price, has already promised to reveal all the details at a May press conference preceding the E3 trade show (the annual gathering of the video game industry).

That doesn't mean it will retreat behind a veil of silence until that point, however.

"It's fair to say that we have a number of things that we will begin unveiling all next year, leading up to E3," said Fils-Aime.
Summing this info up, Nintendo

* considers both the FPS and MMOG genre well-suited for the Revolution
* expects to set the new industry standard with the Revolution controller
* will announce more news concerning Revolution before May 9th

I also find it interesting to note that there are ´a number of things´ that will be unveiled. This will fuel rumours that there is more than one secret feature of the console still to be revealed.

Source: CNN
Thanks to: N-Next


Aaron said...

I'm sure there will be other opportunities, but I bet they announce something cool at The Game Developers Conference (before E3).

pn18 said...

oh man, i thought your next article is something like "Is a vacuum cleaner the last secret?"

ColdBlooder said...

the game developer conference is in march, so theres still some time left until then. but i´m sure that there will be announced something cool, since the GDC is known as the "pre-e3". we see some small previews of what will we see at e3. i hope and even expect some "smaller" facts about revolution to be announced in january and feburary!

pi said...

That maybe the last min that nintendo can reduce saleing of ps2. Some thing will keep hidden till revolution's start saleing. Hope nintendo can do it.

Niwre said...

Yeah guess so, and/or maybe a new Zelda trailer or something like that. They need to hype the game again by that time.

CosmonautX said...

I posted this at another blog, but I'll just C&P here:

Interesting feature, and a damn sight better than the last few Revolution pieces IGN has run.

BTW - I assume everyone here reads Kotaku? Did anyone see the Smash Bros Revolution ad they flagged up? You can see the permanent entry here along with a couple of comments.

Is anyone able to translate? If - as one comment suggests - the end of the contract is in July, and SSBR is still positioned as a launch title, then would that give a hint as to the launch date of the Revolution?

Also, at a comics board I post at there was a Revolution topic that attracted this pair of posts from another member:

“We have a revolution controller at work. We have it hooked up to a quick program and we have also written some code to use it on a pre-existing game. I can say i think it’s pretty damn cool. I found after about two minutes it felt like second nature to use. It’s pretty cool to be able to throw your hand towards the screen and see your character hit somebody.


…and a follow-up:

“Can’t really say who i work for at the mo as that might give away what we are working on. Frustrating as we wanna shout it from the rooftops.

Sorry….but trust me, this controller could be a darn good piece of kit.


The guy who posted that has been at the board for a while and has mentioned working for a developer long before any of this info on the Rev came up. He seems pretty much on the level, and I have no reason to disbelieve him when he says something like this. The link to the thread is below (scroll down to “CaptainKlep’s” post), and if someone wants to follow it up, there is a sendmail function on the site…

2000AD Online messageboard thread

Anonymous said...

Hi Falafelkid!

Here is one more thing I found when reading an article on ( The article refers to an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto which you can read here: It's from Dec 5, 2005 7:52 pm PT

Quote: "The [Revolution's] controller still has another secret," stated Miyamoto. "But it's something that we'll reveal next year."
So it seems that there is really more than one secret. I don't think that Nintendo would say "we've one more big secret" and then it's about the controller AGAIN, that would be somewhat stupid.
Well, I just wanted to show this to you, I hope you actually read the comments

Oh, and: nice blog! The best thing I've found about revolution so far.

ColdBlooder said...

to anonymous above.

that is an translation error. shigeru said that there is one other big secret, he didn´t say that the secret is something with the controller. well maybe it is something about the controller and myiamoto just didn´t want to say it. i can´t imagine what else you can put into this controller, so i think that the other big secret is not related to the controller!

Anonymous said...

next article?
fear the mighty XVIII

Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned anything about what looks like an infrared transmitter located on the top of the controller? Maybe things will be said about it (I'm not so certain it'll be used to control regular infrared devices, but who knows).

Feras H. said...

Hey everyone. I have a very random comment on the controller. I actually just got home from an international flight a few hours ago, and I was on an Airbus A-343 i think. I grabbed the little remote for the on-board entertainment system...and I realized it looks just like the revolution controller, the button placement of the 4 buttons on the bottom, and the d-pad placement. The size also seemed the same as the revo controller. The remote on the plane has a credit card maybe thats nintendo's secret? You can swipe your card, and that way purchase the older NES and SNES games. Just a random idea and comment, probably in the wrong place too, but just had to let it out to see what everyone thinks about it, thanks.
btw, great blog, keep up the good work falafelkid.

pn18 said...

i saw an patent from nintendo for such an application. indeed, it looks like the revo controller. i also saw the possibility of downlaoding GB/GBC games in the patent.

Morton-jn said...

They (Nintendo) still have a lot of things to tell us and show us.
- controller shells and add-ons
- games
- 3rd parties involved in Virtual Console and prices
- the final form of the console and controller (although I don't think they'll change it much.
- launch dates
- price
- accessories
- game prices
- the final name
- what Wi-Fi connection will entail on Nintendo's Next-gen console
- 3rd parties involved
- any other suprises up their sleeves
- and of course the Final Secret

therealabdallah said...

That could actually be it, the credit card thing, or you place it in the console.
I dont think its the "final secret" though, not much to cheer about - look you will be able to pay us more money with this, congratulations.

jordan said...

Mark my word, one of the revolution controller secrets is interchangeable faceplates, put your eyes up close to the screen on any of the controller screenshots from the side, especially ign's 3d animated version, angle it to the side, and look at that nice seam all the way around the controller along with the nice slant at the back end where the expansion port is. There is also a "glossy" look on the top areas that separates from the "rougher" bottom areas that are separated by the seam. this will be used for the SNES configuration of old school games, mark my word!!! and look at the pics, and post away!

nz guy said...

dude, faceplates...
thats why they make diff colours. Plus buy taking the cover off you would loose your warranty or just mess up the gyroscopics. Though I have had thought of personalised parts myself. there is still alot that could be done, im thinking cup holders

Anonymous said...

Here's an off-beat guess: the big A-button works also as an analogue stick. Push it forwards to move, left and right to strafe... For times when you need a little movement, but using the nunchuks would feel like an overkill.

Taylor said...

That's kind of what the D-Pad at the top is for. You know, because that's what it does.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if, when E3 rolls around they sawp the d-pad with an analog stick to facilitate 3-D gameplay.

Arsenis said...

isn't that the wholepoint of moving your arm??

CosmonautX said...

Well, yes. The remote is essentially one big analogue control (though it has full 3D movement, not just the 2D of the trad analogue stick) and adding an analogue stick to it would be both pointless and confusing.

If you need a second analogue controller, then you have the nunchuk attachment that offers a more traditional analogue stick.

Anonymous said...

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