Saturday, December 10, 2005

Is displacement mapping the last secret?

Browsing for more clues concerning the Revolution´s last secret, I came across the issue of displacement mapping, an improved version of bump mapping, if you will. This cropped up briefly in relation to the Nintendo Revolution some months ago, but I believe it has not been given enough attention. But before we go into that, let´s understand what this technique is about.

1. What is displacement mapping?

Wikipedia has this to say about displacement mapping:
Hardware displacement mapping can be interpreted as a kind of vertex-texture mapping, where the values of the texture map do not alter the pixel color, but change the position of the vertex instead. Unlike bump mapping and normal mapping, displacement mapping can in this way produce a genuine rough surface.
Let´s look at the diagram accompanying that article and allow me to repeat the above in my own words.Rather than altering the colour of the pixels, the displacement map alters their height, actually raising or lowering the mesh. The obvious advantage over bumb mapping is that it actually creates a rough surface. Bump mapping only creates the illusion of one. Whereas the effect of bump mapping depends on how you look at the rendered object (the effect will be lost in a profile view, i.e. from the side), this technique works irrespective of viewing angles.

The following image is an example of what this technique can do, courtesy of ZBrush.
Displacement mapping allows you to can create elaborately detailed objects with a low polygon count. Here´s a comparison between the various mapping techniques, taken from Johannes Hirche´s 2004 Ph.D. thesis Adaptive sampling and tessellation for displacement mapping hardware, which focusses on ´efficient rendering of such displacement maps, mainly targeted at graphics hardware architectures´.I am sure you can tell that it is a significant step up from the previous techniques. However, it comes at a price. While the poly count is significantly lower, there is some strain on the CPU. Johannes Hirche writes:
Rendering displacement mapped surfaces is a process that involves a significant number of geometric and arithmetic operations. When applied to a triangle mesh, it involves prior retessellation of the base domain surface and transformation of the vertices and normals. Even on fast CPUs, it is a time consuming operation, wasting bandwidth and processing power.
This is why displacement mapping has not been widely used in real-time graphics. However, new and refined techniques allow for displacement mapping to be implemented in real-time. Again, Johannes Hirche writes:
The main focus was to explore new techniques suitable for hardware implementation in order to reduce the bandwidth strain on the system bus by moving the tessellation process onto the graphics subsystem. (...) A possibility to overcome these problems is to tessellate the individual triangles sequentially and to adaptively add triangles where necessary, until a desired level of accuracy is
reached. (...) With only minor user interaction or conservatively predefined input parameters the sampling schemes produce adaptive tessellations with very low error measures.
The above covered the immediate advantages of displacement mapping and some current problems with it, as well as how they may be overcome. Let´s see why this is relevant to Nintendo and, perhaps, the Revolution.

2. Why could displacement mapping be Nintendo related?

Firstly, there is a Nintendo patent that has caused this topic to crop up in this community before. It is entitled Method and apparatus for efficient generation of texture coordinate displacements for implementing emboss-style bump mapping in a graphics rendering system.Its abstract is a bit of a mouthful, unfortunately. Read my highlights, though:
A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. Emboss style effects are created using fully pipelined hardware including two distinct dot-product computation units that perform a scaled model view matrix multiply without requiring the Normal input vector and which also compute dot-products between the Binormal and Tangent vectors and a light direction vector in parallel. The resulting texture coordinate displacements are provided to texture mapping hardware that performs a texture mapping operation providing texture combining in one pass. The disclosed pipelined arrangement efficiently provides interesting embossed style image effects such as raised and lowered patterns on surfaces.
This proves that Nintendo has not only been interested in this technique but is a patent holder. The section entitled ´cross-reference to related applications´ references 25 separate provisional patent applications that are thereby incorporated into the patent. Almost all of them date back to 2000. This would suggest that it is an important patent that has kept Nintendo busy but doesn´t date back too far to be cutting edge.

Secondly, relating back to making the process of displacement mapping more efficient and less of a strain on the CPU, one way of adaptive tessellation might actually be the last Nintendo patent I talked about in great detail, called Three-dimensional image generating apparatus, storage medium storing a three-dimensional image generating program, and three-dimensional image generating method. A number of readers pointed out that the patent had nothing to do with actually visualising graphics in 3D, but rather optimizing a 3D world to be viewed on a 2D display. Then, that patent made little sense to me. But in the context of trying to reduce the computational strain on the CPU involved in displacement mapping, this may make perfect sense.

Lastly, whether the Revolution´s graphics chip will turn out to be based on the R520 or R530, it will be Radeon technology. And its manufacturer ATI has the following advice for developers on their Designing for Radeon development support page:
Use multi-texturing effects for realistic low polygon primitives. For example, you can use emboss style bump mapping to achieve the illusion of a bumpy surface that would take a lot more polygons to approximate otherwise. Similarly, other intelligent use of texture maps can reduce the polygon count of your mesh designs.
This may not be unusual, since nVidia will undoubtedly have similar advice on their development support pages, but at least it shows that ATI is also very concerned with this technique. In fact, ATI supported this technology earlier than nVidia, it seems. While the Radeon 9500/9700 was capable of displacement mapping, the GeForce FX was only partly so. The Radeon 9700 Pro already supported adaptive tessellation. In fact, ATI has an exclusive technology called ´Truform 2.0´, which is a kind of tessellation.

Now, there have been numerous rumours about Nintendo having discovered some kind of secret development technique. This may not be secret per se, but it would make sense if Nintendo had discovered a way of implementing displacement mapping efficiently. They have a patent relating to this technology and they have a strong ally who has some expertise in this field.

It may explain why Nintendo have not yet talked about the graphics chip or shown any real game footage yet. It would also explain why the basic hardware features that have been suggested seem to be underpowered at face value, yet Nintendo maintains that their graphics will be on par. This may yet turn out to be the Revolution´s last secret.

Sources: Wikipedia, Adaptive sampling and tessellation for displacement mapping hardware by Johannes Hirche, Tweaktown, 3D Chips, HardOCP, 3D Test

Image sources: Wikipedia, ZBrush, Johannes Hirche

EDIT The patent was updated and changed patent numbers. I updated the link. The difference (as far as I can make out) is that claims 15 - 23 appear to have been cancelled. I don´t think they were before. The google cache for the patent does not exist. Does anyone have a complete copy of the original patent?


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Kraid said...

The armor image was first found on Osoko Tanaka's blog I think.

Stabby said...

doesn't displacement mapping consume an awful lot of memory? The Revolution only has 100MB...

Falafelkid said...

No, that´s where I saw it again now. But it first floated on various forums sometime in late summer. The only link I can find immediately is this one:

Falafelkid said...

Hi Stabby. Yes, that´s what I read too. Displacement mapping is taxing on CPU and RAM. But do we really know how much memory the Rev will have? I don´t think so.

Masterking said...

@ Falafelkid

Osoko Tanaka has used this picture twice. The first time was just when he began, I think. The second time was just a few days ago...

(But he could have got it from the forums, I really don't know 'cause I don't come to the forums from IGN, Gamespot, etc...)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Masterking. Sorry, I didn´t know. So it could have originated from his blog.

Raph said...

hum, I had read about it and it seemed like a credible feature of the revo. Nevertheless, don't you think Nintendo would not be holding back a secret that is graphics related when it has done a lot of effort in denoting the importance of graphics??? The last secret is about gameplay, Its not about graphics. Performant mapping technology is great but its certainly not worth booking the kodak theater, dont you think??? Im surprised you are even considering it as THE nintendo secret, falafelkid. What about all the talk about "a big one". Hey, this isnt it, it cant be. It is welcome, of course, but it cant be. Think of all the speculation around the controller before it came out.. Nobody knew squat about it. Well be even more surprised this time. Wait and see.

Kevin said...

This is a good find but I doubt Nintendo would hold this as a last secret. I mean I can't see Miyamoto walking on stage going we told you that there is one last secret well we are happy to announce that last secret is.... Displacement Mapping. Everyone would be like what? It may or may not be used but I doubt it's the secret they are keeping. The average consumer would not understand it. I personally think that the secret has something to do with a new way to view the game just as you said. How exactly would Nintendo accomplish this affordably is unknown.

Anyhow Falafelkid I wanted to give you an updated link to my blog. I wanted to email this to you but I couldn't find an email. I updated the ZogDog Revolution section and moved to a blog. So if you could update your link on the side of the page that would be great. Heres the site:

You can name it "The Revolution Lifestyle" as thats the name of my blog. Sorry for contacting you via the comments section it's just that I couldn't find any other way of getting a hold of you. Also you might notice that I have done a lot of work with the site. Hope you like.

Falafelkid said...

Hey Kevin. Thanks for the info. You´re cool posting this stuff in the comments. Why should I mind? if you want to mail me, just click on my profile. Anyway, I have got to ask: Where did you get that animated Mario rapper image from that you use as your forum logo? That is so cool. Please tell me where that originates from!!!

d said...

Does this have to do with cube mapping?

I assumed Nintendo was going high end on polygons (and true lighting) and low end on surface effects because of the lack of HD. The 360's surface detail is meaningless without HD.

Kevin said...

To tell the truth I don't even remember where I found it. I think someone made it on the GameSpot forums so I just adopted it as my avatar on the forums and blog. :) You can use it if you like.

Pekka said...

This is a really interesting theory, and one that makes it even juicier comes from a blog of someone supposedly developing for the Revolution.

From Developing for a Revolution:

"HD Support
Well since Nintendo confirmed it already, it's not really a surprise. Nintendo Revolution will not feature HD Support, and there fore we do not have development kits providing this feature. Does it matter? In my personal opinion it doesn't because what Nintendo will offer to compensate HD is even better than HD. The third revolutionary aspect, will be the feature which will provide you the replacement for HD as I've said before."

But you know how these "industry insider" blogs are, so you may want to keep that salt handy.

Stabby said...

the picture comes from this website:

And unless you don't believe IGN and its unknown developers, the Rev has 100MB.

toasty said...

I am pretty sure displacement mapping will not be the secret Nintendo is holding onto. First of all both the PS3 and 360 will be cable of the same damn thing. Why?! Because it is just a shader technique. It is not some secret technology only Nintendo can take advantage of. Not too mention Displacement Mapping is one of the key features in the Unreal Engine 3. Any game that is using the Unreal Engine 3 will most likely feature Displacement Mapping. If the Revolution can support the advanced shaders such as specular, normal and displacement mapping etc. it will definitely help out the graphics since it will add buttloads of detail to low poly models but so will everyone else. Having displacement mapping will not help Nintendo.

Falafelkid said...

Thanks Stabby. I updated the post with the picture´s source.

Hi Toasty. I guess you are right. Nintendo may have patented a specific solution to the problems posed by displacement mapping, but they obviously don´t own this technique. Their solution may be superior - but you are right. I cannot imagine Iwata appearing on the Kodak Theater´s stage and talking about a rendering technique. It may be part of the puzzle, however.

Pekka said...

I did a little research on the subject after what you said about the Unreal3 engine, toasty, just out of curiosity.

What the Unreal engine is actually doing is called parallax mapping. It gives the surface a sense of extra depth, but it doesn't really affect the base model at all.

Displacement mapping is different because it does alter the 3d model. Example. On the left, you have what Unreal engine does, and on the right is what real displacement mapping is about.

Although looking at the filed patent, it looks like it's describing parallax mapping and not the real thing.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Pekka. Thanks for the research. Good stuff. I must admit I´m not really up on that stuff, so I very much appreciate people providing complimentary info. Thanks!

Falafelkid said...

Oh, and if you people feel like supporting my blog, please feel free to spare me a number of AdSense clicks. I felt like testing the program out and hope it will be accepted. Thanks in advance - I´ll get the binbag for the dosh! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... so Falafelkid, do you think that the secret could be that the Revolution's chip could have been highly optimized for displacement mapping. I really do not know much about this kind of tech, but I remember reading before the launch of the gamecube that its processor was optimized for some special lighting effect, the same effect that makes the cool glow during Samus's charge shot. Maybe that is what Nintendo did, crammed a whole bunch of cool graphic effects onto the processor. Another thing that makes me think this is true, I remember an ATI or IBM representative saying that PS3 and XBOX 360's cpu and gpu were built to do various multi-media things but that Nintendo's was designed for strait up gaming. I believe this lends credance to the idea that chip has a bunch of cool effects built in.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Falafelkid I clicked those adds a few times :).

Kevin said...

Hey Falafelkid I created a huge post about the Nintendo ON (yes ON) giving all the reasons I could think about why it fake and all the reasons that I could think of about it being real. It's a rather large read but if your interested check it out on my blog. It's the one with the BIG ON pic. Can't miss it. ;) I just figured since you are interested in this kind of stuff that I would let you know about it. Hope you like.

nz guy said...

This would explain all the money nintendo spent on the video card.

why would the the last secret be gameolay related? that was the first secret so people would get sick of nintendo trying to change the way they play.
The rev needs somthing like this. flashy,unnessary and cool.

but I dont think it will be the big 1.

Morton-jn said...

I think if the secret is 3D it will use the clear glasses that have inverted lenses. Not like the crappy spy kids ones but these ones are clear so you can see full colour. If you've been to Aussie theme parks you'll know what I mean. I went to one in sea world and it is so real! I nearly fell off my seat when a snake came out of the screen and was eyeing me off! Or a small hoarde of Seahorses drifted right in front of me and I found myself trying to touch them! It was a sureal experience.

Morton-jn said...

I went to the website and it said that it used two projectors (I'm sure they could mimic that on a screen) and specially designed glasses to put the images together. It also said the computers used included PPUs so if that is of any help...

Anonymous said...

d, don't be such a fucking n00b. Cube mapping is just projecting a different image for X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z-. Usually from stitched photographs or rendered in 3D, and usually used for reflection mapping. Though I guess real-time kids use that shit for skyboxes and stuff like that.

Displacement mapping (not even close to a new technique in non-real-time) displaces a surface point along its normal based on an image map. To compare it to something else you've heard of and don't understand at all, it's like normal mapping but affects the surface position of geometry rather than the surface position used for calculating light.

And to stay on topic, I seriously doubt this is going to be anything important on Revolution. Revolution's graphics are going to suck when compared technically to 360 and PS3, get over it. But they're very likely to look better because they will be more consistent. Remember, it's a lot easier to look good on a handheld than on a console. It's the same deal here, a lot Easier to look good on Revolution.

Besides, Nintendo is going to win this generation. Revolution could very well launch for only 40$ more than a third-party 360 game is selling for right now. And when you look at it like that, the choice between innovative software and over-priced crap that we've seen before it's not hard to see why Nintendo is going to return to dominance. Just maybe not the same kind that they used to enjoy.

nz guy said...

sorry, how is it the same as looking good on a handheld?

nz guy said...

wouldnt it be alot harder to look good on the rev because thats the point of the controller after all, to make you believe that little bit more. so people would naturally expect more from somthing thats trying to emulate real life.
Thats why, I believe, nintendo wont let us down visualy.

Anonymous said...

the most recent nintendo minute at ign is... well... nothing new or interesting, but it would be a good read for those concerned about nintendo not going balls out releasing info on the rev.

one thing i thought was an interesting choice of words was:

So though competitive noise may be high right now, rest easy knowing that Revolution will soon have its day in the sun, and all eyes will shift toward it.

the revealing the revolution blog had stated a number of times that nintendo has been back and forth between shift and revolution as official names....i just thought it was an interesting choice of words. especially since some folks have recently been questioning the integrity of RTR.

Evilink said...

would this patent help Nintendo to pull this off?

I think it involves a "recirculating of texture coordinates" to keep calculations at a minnimum for the CPU. An advanced for of mapping like displacement could be handled with this tech couldn't it? You guys tell me, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to tech stuff!

evilink said...

I'll repost the url if it doesn't work:

Anonymous said...

I think most of you underestimate the price on revolution. I don't think it will be under 200$ (or 199). Even if the graphics card and the cpu isn't "the state of the art", the gyros technology could cost more than we know. After all, they have put down a lot of investment in R&D.

Niwre said...

So Falafel - you are dutch instead of german? (I presume, saw the link to

Anyway, I'm wondering if this technique is dev-friendly. Nintendo states it would be easier/cheaper to make a game on Revolution. Of course it doesn't have HD, so that saves a lot of money.

Secondly, I'm wondering if there really is some kind of graphical secret. If this was it, why wouldn't Sony/MS also use it? Or just PC developers? Maybe we are getting our hopes too high up. Maybe it just is not possible to do something like this.

And I guess this wouldn't be the big secret Miyamoto was talking about. I think thats in the controller. I'm hoping for a technique called 'reverse gyration'. I can only explain this via an example, as my English isn't good enough explaining it plain words :x

If you have a fishing game, you would FEEL the controller/pole struggling when pulling it up and in sword-fighting games you would feel the clash, I guess. This 'rumor' was posted on CVG (or something), just a few days before the controller would be revealed. The article was deleted just shortly after.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i dont think that displacement mapping is the thing. If it would be, ATI would have been allover of it allready, i mean, you really think that Nintendo would have found a way to implement it rather than ATI ?

Ok, it would be nice of course if that would be the case. But didnt miyamoto said that the last secret is in the controller ? That the controller has somesort of secret thingie that they havent told us yet.

-- Forge

nz guy said...

but how do you do that?

my guess,

You dont.

Urian said...

The key of all this things (and for me the most important) is that are FX and techniques that are impossible on an overclocked Flipper.

I am saying overclocked Flipper because IGN, Gaming-Age and other sites are saying this, and this patent is the fact that all them are the big liars of the story.

PD: Visit or weblog.

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry to say this, but this is bs. The Xbox 360 and PS3 can use this technique just as well. It's actually an integral part of how they generate graphics along with other mapping techniques like parallax mapping and normal mapping. These are all techniques which apply more detail and depth to textures in games with it costing relatively less resources compared to cranking up texture detail/resolution manually. Actually, Kameo: Elements of Power already uses Displacement Mapping in some scenes iirc.

Pekka said...

For what I can gather from these patents, they don't really bring anything new to the table, as many have already stated. What they're really describing is how these texture effects are handled more efficiently with less hardware. This seems to go along with Nintendo's strategy to optimize, not overpower.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Forge. I myself am uncertain if this tech could be the last secret. It may not be - since I know the last secret will be huge and you wouldn´t book the Kodak Theater otherwise.

Having said that, the Rev will most likely use displacement mapping along with some kind of adaptive tessellation to reduce the strain on the CPU. That´s just common sense: Their graphics chip will be ready for it - and, since 2000, they have been working on and now patented a specific hardware architecture dealing with this tech.

DonConsolero said...

in my opinion the Revo won't have any secret graphic-mapping-stuff
it will just have worse graphics.....I don't care

Anonymous said...

The remaining secret-what is it all about?I think it might not be too hard to guess.If it was related to the controller the only thing that comes to mind as a logical or plausible addition would be the rumour which made the rounds about it being somehow resistant to being tilted.If they got something else up their sleeves related to the controller then I really don't have a clue what it could be.Any ideas?And since they showed the functions of it,why would they hold back any information if the secret really was related to the controller?I read somewhere that the remaining secret could be the ability to hide behind real world objects,a rumour that derived from the TGS trailer where a person hides behind an armchair in a game which seemed to mirror a fps.This sounds a little fanciful to me and you ought to take it with a grain of salt.Irrespective,the recent article quotes a developer who seems to be partly initiated about Nintendo Revolution.He makes a very interesting comment about the GPU which leads me to believe that the remaining secret should have something to do with it."A bit of a black box" and "..nobody's seen the hardware yet" are the lines that really caught my attention and made me think about it.Does anybody commemorate Outcast for PC?It was released in 1999 and used a different rendering method called Volumetric Pixels or short voxels rather than polygons,allowing for a larger,busier world to be rendered without top hardware!The use of a different rendering technique would match the statements of the developer about the GPU,the general philosophy of Nintendo and the implausibility of the secret being related to the controller quite to the point if you ask me.

Anonymous said...


About the kodak theatre, i think i read somewhere that Nintendo have rented the kodak theatre for the past 3-4 years allready ?

That the kodak theatre isnt that big of a deal that people think it is.

-- Forge

Falafelkid said...

Hi Forge. Again, Nintendo have always rented the Grand Ballroom, which is in the same complex as the Kodak Theater (Hollywood & Highland) and belongs to the same company. This time, however, they have rented the actual Kodak Theater itself, which is where the Oscars ceremony is held. See the photo some posts ago. It´s significantly bigger, much more expensive and, naturally, much more representative.

Anonymous said...

I really dont think there is a "secret" programming tecnique. Programming is like math, its pure logic and there are hardly any shortcuts. U can solve a problem in different ways but there is still only one "right" answer.

in my oppinion next gen isent about graphics. I rather have the "opponents" in the game acting more realistic and such than having them beeing gorgeous and dumb.

What happend to the ppu rumor?

Anonymous said...

falafel,judging by you latest post it seems obvious that I inspire you to the fullest even if you ignore my thoughts!

- the last anonym

Anonymous said...

oh eh yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

arsenis said...

dude i've been reading this blog for a while, there, people like gemini who dont know when to quit...

he also said he was japanese and leaved in spain, so he must speak spanish...

vale, le voy hacer unas preguntas en espanol.

but i think anyone who tries to asking for more proof its wasting his time.

i like the way falafelkid gave him a chance to reedem himself.

thats what i call being proffetional, good job falafelkid.

Anonymous said...

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Falafelkid said...

@anonym: "Programming is like math, its pure logic" (...)

Well, yes. But you interpret it wrong. Here we are talking about algorithms and formulae combining with specific hardware architecture. There is no right way to do this, there are a million ways of doing this. And Nintendo might have found a very efficient solution.

@anonym (just below): Sorry, I don´t quite understand your point. Please rephrase. Thanks.

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pi said...

About cpu's used reduction. Nintendo have cube mapping already. Just up-grade it. remove it's limit. And that done.

Nintendo also have less price already. Also some thing hidden in gameplay. This will lead to something like NDS and PSP.

... Also sony will make it really expensive up to 500-700$ ...

So we just wait ... And befor ps3 come. We will know something more. (This is a must)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

GDC 2003 Displacement mapping note
explanation, discussion ( advantages, disavantages, current implemtation (PC&Consoles), specific tools etc)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You do know how taxing Displacements are? Not a good solution for such a light weight console.

Even if the geometry calculations are handled by the GPU, the GPU still has to render all those EXTRA triangles.

This most certainly is not the secret, although the REV will be able to do this... I don't see a lot of people using it often due to the overhead incurred.


Anonymous said...

Oh, well i guess there is someone posting with a very bad childhood. Didn't read all this shit (did anyone?) but i think we all should try to have a deep understanding because these are serious problems.

d said...

I looked into cube mapping yesterday and its use in reflections; if the technique were reversed so that you were inside the bubble, it would be like looking around in an imax eliminating tunnel vision. This would require vr goggles though.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of this actually is part of the Revolution plans, but the story is well-researched and edifying. Thanks a lot. I really enjoy learning about these techniques for 3d graphics, especially as a hobby animator.

Dan_Smith said...

The Displacement Mapping sounds great too me because if nintendo uses it they will be able to produce some nice graphics .

Anonymous said...

could this be how old games will look different

Taylor said...

This is kind of stupid, and it isn't likely, but it is actually fairly easy to create mid-air resistance using gyroscopes, although the technology is large and costly.

Yeah, I realize that looks a tad suggestive, but it's an apple-sized ball with a gyroscope inside that is started manually. You spin it faster and faster in your hand, and the faster you spin, the greater resistance there is. It gets VERY powerful at high speeds. I bought one a while ago, and discovered that if you let it go, it will go CRAZY. However, this technology is LARGE and HEAVY and EXPENSIVE, not to mention that battery power that powering the gyroscope would drain. So it's basically out of the question that they would have some sort of motion resistance, but just so you know, it is entirely possible on a consumer level. Just not at the cost level Nintendo is aiming for.

Anonymous said...

The patten reffered to a technique of showing the effect of Emboss. There have been quite a few research and solution to this "emboss" The geometric based displacement superseeds the limited and simplified functionality of emboss-ness. Also, displacement depends on texture information. the more shapes that you'd wish to displace the original shape to, the more texture you need, and the higher the detail you want the displaced geometry to be, the higher the texture detail you need. just for a reference. Our ZB artists usually use 4k x 4K zTextures... try fitting a few of those in Revolution's memory. Heck, guess how many can you fit in your PC's memory

Raphael said...

"Nintendo brought its Revolution console to New York this week, and MTV News made the shortlist to go hands-on with the system's unusual wireless controller."

Anonymous said...

Hallo Falafelkid,
Hollywood bzw. Displacement mapping scheint wohl also das letzte Geheimnis zu sein..
Ist denk ich mal auch am plausibelsten.Eine 3D Brille würden sie den Leuten nicht zumuten und der Controller scheint auch nichts mehr zu verbergen..
Das momentane Problem scheint wohl eher der Unmut deiner Leser darüber zu sein wie mann Displacement mapping überzeugend als (revolutionäres) Geheimnis verkauft bzw. wie mann es ankündigt.Um es vorweg zunehmen:ich bin mir relativ sicher dass der Grafik-chip Hollywood das letzte "Geheimnis" darstellt wobei ich davon ausgehe das displacement mapping nur einen geraumen teil der gesamten struktur einnimmt -und verwoben ist mit effiziens und optimierung in relevanten bereichen -die letztenendes das vollendete konzept vom Hoolywood-Chip als eine art letztes Geheimnis rechtfertigt.Ich will damit sagen dass ich mir nicht vorstellen kann dass Miyamoto im Kodak Theater auf die Bühne tritt um der Welt mitzuteilen dass es sich nur um displacement mapping handelt..stattdessen wird er wahrscheinlich die Gelegenheit nutzen um den Grafik Chip Hollywood,dessen Vorteile und features(Displacement.) und die dazugehörigen Spiele als ganzes zur schau stellen und an hand dessen vermutlich deutlich machen was es mit dem Geheimnis auf sich hat.Oder was meinst du?

Michael Bleigh said...

In the article, you are confusing displacement mapping with normal/bump mapping. They are two separate things. Normal/bump mapping are changing the surface appearance of an object to make it look as though the light hitting it is bouncing off a significantly more complex surface. While a useful/currently used tool in such games as Half-Life 2, it is not the same as a true displacement map. A displacement map can change the appearance of an object across more than just its surface, actually adding or removing volume based on data gained from the displacement map.

Bump mapping has been in games for a while, and it would be unusual for some advance to be very important in that area. Displacement mapping (true displacement mapping) has not seen a true implementation in gaming yet, and so that would be a much more interesting development.

Anonymous said...

source: Osoko Tanaka

Blizz419 said...

hey falafel this post of yours made it on

Blizz419 said...

Supposedly NIBRIS found a developer, what do you think falafel?

Blizz419 said...

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous: Yes, I absolutely agree with you. (I will always answer in Englaish here, because I want this to be an international resource. I hope you understand.) Displacement mapping on its own will not be the last secret. The Hollywood chip might be and this technique might be part of that whole package.

Concerning some kind of 3D projection: You need not dismiss this technology because of the fact that goggles might scare people off. Stereoscopic 3D projection (as well as Augmented Reality) can work just as well with a projection screen, commonly a sheet of glass, that the images generated by the two projectors are fed through. This way, everyone can see the image from any angle. As unlikely as this may seem to some, 3D projection need not be a complicated affair and need not scare anyone off. Rule it out for other reasons, but not necessarily for it being complicated (incidentally, the same is true about the possible implementation costs).

Blizz419 said...

LOL i shouldnt of even posted that, they couldnt even disclose the publisher name this is obviously crap.

Raphael said...

@ Falafelkid

I red that the 3D-technology, wich will be in some cinemas in the end of 2007, needs glasses for the audience and a `cleaner´.

Do you know, what kind of cleaner that could be? I mean, if Nintendo will use this type of technology, it`s important, if it needs an hardware add-on or not.

I hope it`ll be needed, because of...

Anonymous said...

Hi Falafelkid,
As nice as it sounds I think what you are forgetting is that that particular sheet of glass you are talking about would have to be in different sizes else it just wouldn't fit all televisions!I mean the idea is definitly good and it would partly justify why Nintendo isn't supporting HD but it's just hard to pull off physically I would say and how do you want to meet the demands of poeple who own small televisions in contrast to poeple who own big ones?You can not expect people are willing to leave a Media Markt for example with a glass plate to be able to enjoy their new console to the fullest can you?

Anonymous said...

excuse me.

Blizz419 said...

I found this comment on joystiq, he seems to understand this stuff though you never really know but interesting non the less

"36. Posted Dec 12, 2005, 3:51 AM ET by Tom
Ummm, I read the patent (I develop 3D modeling software which uses displacement mapping) and this looks like it's actually a patent for a method to increase the speed with which bump/normal mapping can be done in real time, not displacement mapping at all. They're displacing *texture* coordinates, not geometry. The people reporting this are misinformed. Though speed increases for normal/bump mapping will make for great looking graphics (displacement mapping by its nature increase the poly count and slows things down)

Falafelkid said...

Hi anonymous. You haven´t understood my point. The sheet of glass would substitute the television. You would need two projectors (generating one image for each eye) and a special sheet of glass that would disperse those two light sources. The 3D image would appear to hover above the sheet of glass. Don´t ask me exactly how it works. Please refer to the NASA sponsored project (involving a Japanese videogame company as investor) under

Falafelkid said...

Hi Blizz419. Tom could very well be right. I do not claim to fully understand the topic at hand. I am no developer. Of course, I read a whole number of sources before posting this. But I couldn´t tell whether the patent really deals with displacement mapping. It may not. However, the patent is entitled Hi Blizz419. Tom could very well be right. I do not claim to fully understand the topic at hand. I am no developer. Of course, I read a whole number of sources before posting this. But I couldn´t tell whether the patent really deals with displacement mapping. It may not. However, the patent is entitled "Method and apparatus for efficient generation of texture coordinate displacements for implementing emboss-style bump mapping in a graphics rendering system" and the patent text mentions ´displacing texture coordinates´ all the time. To me that seems to refer to displacement mapping rather than bump mapping. But, again, I am a layman when it comes to this.

Anonymous said...

Ey Falafelkid,
Sadly, the link doesn't seem to work but seriously wouldn't you put it past Nintendo to do something like that and where would those two projectors come from (are they integrated in Revolution?)?Also,remember the guy sitting in front of a blurred out television while using the controller to turn Revolution off at the end of the TGS trailer?I guess that puts the rumour to rest if you ask me it would be overkill for the people I'm afraid.

jack_the_rat said...

sorry wenn ich dich jetzt ma was auf deutsch frage, aber was würde dagegensprechen das Nintendo dieses System von 3D benutzt das Pro7 mit diesen 3D filmen da nutzt? Ohne brille sieht das bild ganz normal aus. und mit diesen billig brillen halt in 3D ... ich seh da kein großes problem ;)

Anonymous said...

[0002] The present invention relates to a three-dimensional image generating apparatus, a storage medium storing a three-dimensional image generating program, and a three-dimensional image generating method. More specifically, the present invention relates to a three-dimensional image generating apparatus, a storage medium storing a three-dimensional image generating program, and a three-dimensional image generating method by which a three-dimensional image is generated according to an operator's operation input.

OMG it seems like this is reffering to a 3D program which you can use to generate 3D images or even 3D games(?) yourself!
This could be the last secret:
Nintendo giving people the ability to an extent mind you to be creative!?

Anonymous said...

nintendo has made mention from the start that they want to bring new developers to the console, make development cheaper, and allow the gamer to use their creative mind.

they suggested that players might be able to take existing old games and swap other characters into them.

the next logical step would be to assume you could take the barebones of those old games and create your own levels / stories, and then host them on nintendo wifi. this would be plausible for 2d games, but i find it a little hard to believe they could allow a similar functionality with 3d games.

Anonymous said...

If this turns out to be true remember where you heard it first!

You hear me Falafelkid!

The infamous anonymous light shedder!

Johnny B said...

You've make an interesting connection, Falafelkid, between the 'emboss-style bump mapping' patent and the '3D image generating' patent. I think what we're seeing here is actual evidence that the Revolution will employ shader tricks and the like, thus Nintendo's stance that there will be no graphical difference between the Rev and its competition.

As to the Revolution's final secret, I can't help but wonder if any of these patents relate. With rumors of an innovation in the dispaly, and all these patents pertaining to graphical all of this building up to something, or are we just looking too hard? Perhaps its a little of both.

Anonymous said...

Displacement mapping still creates additional polygons. It's just easier for the modellers.

It won't be the new 'secret' for the console. Trust me.

Normal mapping on the other hand is more geared for games, and it is being used already. With normal mapping, you create the illusion of addional depth/bump by having the light source change depending on the map. i.e - deep crevice.

Anonymous said...

"you create the illusion of addional depth/bump by having the light source change depending on the map"

Is that not what displacement mapping does? On the zbrush forums (I think that's what they are called.. they made the armor model, its sourced in the post) it looked like the shadows changed on the displacement map depending on the light.

Falafelkid said...

@Anonymous ("allow the gamer to use their creative mind"): Wow, you just reminded me of an aspect that I had almost forgotten. Nintendo hinting at the fact that not only smaller development studios might be able to develop for the Rev, but ordinary gamers, too. Of course, there were no concrete hints but pretty persistent rumours for some time. Also Reggie kept on saying at the last pre-E3 briefing "Be prepared to let your right brain run wild."

Let´s think this through: If players really could mod games quite easily (the way you can produce actual shorts with The Movies) that would be a revolution. This theory would explain why the Rev might be underpowered in the hardware department - because self-made games would mean less software sales. Nintendo would need to make even more of a profit on the hardware sold.

However, it doesn´t explain why they haven´t shown any games yet. It doesn´t explain why Nintendo insists their graphics will still be on par with the competition.

Altogether, empowering people to make their own games is really cool. But it would only make sense if they were allowed to share them and that would drastically reduce the hardware/software tie ratio.

I say that we shouldn´t forget this aspect, but they will not allow people to easily make games or drastically modify existing ones. At the most, you could slightly customize elements, but they must stop short of allowing some form of modding, I think. A console hardware manufacturer would shoot himself in the foot with that kind of option.

Falafelkid said...

If this turns out to be true remember where you heard it first!

You hear me Falafelkid!

The infamous anonymous light shedder!

*lol* Mister Tanaka, I presume? What a pleasure. Do come in. And rest assured that I always follow a lead back to its source. Its real source, for sure.

Johnny B said...

This 'modding tool' theory has always interested me. Imagine the Revolution coming pre-loaded with Mario Paint, with the ability to import and export objects to and from games. Perhaps you could even model real world objects using a camera, similar to what is shown in this patent:,970,177.WKU.&OS=PN/6,970,177&RS=PN/6,970,177

It would also explain Nintendo's hinting at the importance of the internet and community.

Of course, I'm well aware that this would also give modders more artistic license with Nintendo's franchises and characters than Nintendo would ever allow. Still, I think that there might be a kernel of truth to this rumor.

Johnny B said...

Grrr...hate citing patents...



Guspaz said...

Forgive me if I'm wong, but both the XBOX 360 and PS3's GPUs are (or will be) SM 3.0 parts, right? Last I checked that meant they could both do displacement mapping.

Anonymous said...

"Is that not what displacement mapping does?"


It creates additional polygons based on a grayscale height map. Normal mapping however doesn't create any additional polys while still creating the illusion of a 'realtime' depth.

Let me make this clear: Displacement mapping is for MODELLILNG only. It pushes in the vertices of the model out based on the map it was given.

If you have a 1x1 grid polygon and apply a Displacement map to it, nothing will happen - this is because there are not enough vertices to create the desired mesh.

Anonymous said...

This will clear things up....(check article)

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 will take advantage of displacement mapping using the Unreal 3 Engine. If the Revolution is capable of displacement mapping then that is a good thing.

********Unreal Engine 3 provides Support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques including normal mapped, parameterized Phong lighting; custom artist controlled per material lighting models including anisotropic effects; VIRTUAL DISPLACEMENT MAPPING; light attenuation functions; pre-computed shadow masks; directional light maps; and pre-computed bump-granularity self-shadowing using spherical harmonic maps.*******

ChargedBJH said...

Let's not get overboard here. The technique may be an algorithm to improve virtual displacement mapping (like anon said above), but there's no way the patent is for rendering displacement maps in real-time. I doubt even the PS3 would be able do to that.

Also, while techniques will improve graphics I highly doubt any such improvement will put the Revolution on par with the Xbox360 or the PS3. But keep in mind that the Revolution is not going for HD, so it might not need as powerful hardware to generate some spectacular graphics.

What we need to discuss is HOW capable the Revolution will be, not if it's on par or more powerful than the Xbox360 and PS3. For example, will the Revolution be able to handle Unreal Engine 3? If it can, no one should have any complaints about the graphics.

Tim Sutton said...

A genuine pleasure to find such a lengthy and informed post. Thanks to Falafelkid and also to all the people who posted comments, I can't remember the last time I read an entire 100 post thread from end to end.

Well, apart from the song lyrics.

goku21 said...

I´ve read now so many times of all types of patent of BIGN in terms of graphics...
Man, there are patents about shader-pipelines that totally differ from Direct X Hardware, with more and other shaders to be used...
Pc-Cards are only made for to be compatible to MS-Directx-Specs (making more money of it).
Nintendo gots no need for that.
The patent is not about Displacementmapping. Its more like parallax mapping(even not the same)
It´s more than bumpmapping in a case of nice graphics, but it´s not even close to displacementmapping, but in terms of CPU-time it beats out displac...
But i´ve read other patents of Nintendo about what everybody claims to be cubemapping.
But the patent describes another invention where cubemapping displacementmapping and a technique
similar to what our Brain does in a 3D-cinema with glasses, are combined to render static world objects out of the 6 pictures and 6 z-sroring-pictures provided by the cubemap.

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it's really interesting to me that the description which has been quoted numerous times here from a patent (listed below) sounds very much like the holographic imaging system that another person linked to here:

the fact that "a japanese game company" gave 300,000 dollars towards this research YEARS ago seems very intriguing.

"The present invention relates to a three-dimensional image generating apparatus, a storage medium storing a three-dimensional image generating program, and a three-dimensional image generating method. More specifically, the present invention relates to a three-dimensional image generating apparatus, a storage medium storing a three-dimensional image generating program, and a three-dimensional image generating method by which a three-dimensional image is generated according to an operator's operation input."

the issue of HD *IS* irrelevant if you don't use a television at all... and just because simulated gameplay adds show a tv somewhere in them doesn't mean anything. so much better to keep the secret until the right time.

if not this year, maybe in a few more. 2 plastic or metal stand pieces, a sheet of glass/imaging panel corded to the main unit, a wireless controller... a holographic system out the door for 249.00?

don't under-estimate the big N just because something sounds crazy or too advanced. sometimes new technology is elegantly simple once the infrastructure exists for its implementation.

Anonymous said...

add".html" to the end of the link in the post above to get it to work.

Anonymous said...

more on this amazing technology:

Anonymous said...

i hate how the links get cut off in these posts. here it is, but you'll have to recombine it as one url for it to work.

Anonymous said...

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whats revolutionary about this?
well instead of the revolution just being a system,
its your friend

the more I think of it the more it all makes sence to me

I wouldent be at all suprised if it took the world by storm.just having a revolution that you could give a name to,talk to or play mario party or soul caliber with when ever you could make it(he or she) sound however you a macho guy,little kid sexy could teach it to act however you choose, it in turn could ask its own questions.and develope a personality that is difrent from any other revolutions.

I really thin thats what they have planned.

just remember.ya herd it here first :)


Anonymous said...

Nintendo has said that there are some things,big things that they havent told us yet about the revolution.things that they want to reviel at a later date. I think thats because its bigger than the controler in terms of revolutionary, and they dont want the compotition stealing it any time soon.

but what will it be

do you know what I honestly think its gonna be.(dont laugh)
I think that its going to be an A.I. system,that right Artificial Intelligence

and that there will be a Mike in the controller so you can talk to him or her, at all times,and hey,why stop there,if its always conected to the internet,it can always improve itself,in vocab and in game can teach anything you want,you could even teach it to sware(unless you have the parent control on).what if instead of just playing against the computer in videogames,you can play with your AI.and even talk with him while your doing it.

whats revolutionary about this?
well instead of the revolution just being a system,
its your friend

the more I think of it the more it all makes sence to me

I wouldent be at all suprised if it took the world by storm.just having a revolution that you could give a name to,talk to or play mario party or soul caliber with when ever you could make it(he or she) sound however you a macho guy,little kid sexy could teach it to act however you choose, it in turn could ask its own questions.and develope a personality that is difrent from any other revolutions.

I really thin thats what they have planned.

just remember.ya herd it here first :)


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Well, there is a game that seems to use displacement mapping on Wii, is called Zangeki no Reginleiv,

as for Wii Hollywood, I would say that is between an ATI Rv610 and a Rv630 due to the die size, the power consumption and the features like: Wii can do HDR+antialaising, something possible starting from the ATI R520 thanks to their new architecture design and new technology that employs floating point units, can use tools like Havok FX(check in gamasutra), which takes adventage of the gpu for gpgpu purpose like physics, but this is only possible starting from ATI R520, and finally, the ATI R600 series, in contrast to the R520, include thiongs like a command processor(in the Wii Hollywood would be the ARM9 or starlet) for improving the gpgpu tasks.

As for the Wii Hollywood, the secret technique talked in the displacement mapping patents is called vertex displacement mapping, which is done through the use of gpgpu software. Just look a little closer and you will find things like vertex texture fetch and command processor.

Wii games with HDR+AA
Monster Hunter 3
Silent Hill
Resident Evil Dark side chronicles

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Zangeki no Reginleiv
Resident Evil
Cursed Mountain
Monster Hunter 3

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