Saturday, December 10, 2005

Nintendo consoles fans

To cope with the onslaught of fan mails asking about Revolution´s graphical abilities, Nintendo has prepared a long rebuttal, seeking to console their fans. Here´s the text:
Our competitors would have you believe that the next generation of gaming will be solely defined by high definition graphics. High definition graphics look fantastic, but come at a price. To shine, high definition games must be played on high definition televisions, which aren't cheap. Games with high definition graphics are expensive to develop because they must be developed in both standard and high definition formats. Those development costs are passed on to you in the form of more expensive software. Finally, playing games with high definition graphics requires a system with loads of RAM and costly high-end graphics chips, both of which make it prohibitively expensive for most consumers.

Sharper graphics are certainly part of the next generation. We know that games for the Revolution will look brilliant whether played on a standard television or on a high definition television. However, is that all there is to next-generation gaming? We feel that sharper graphics should be combined with a new way to interface with the game itself. Our controller is a sharp departure from the current standard, to be sure, but it will provide a level of interactivity you can't get currently.

We believe in providing a single system that can play not only the previous generation's titles, but also games from a massive library built over 20 years of creating innovative and exciting games. We also believe in providing a complete wireless online experience right out of the box.

Nintendo has created a gaming system that is sleek and compact in size, powers up quickly with minimal load times, makes game development easy and fast, is easy to use, and is affordable for everyone. We are confident that gamers and non-gamers alike will support the truly next-generation experience only Nintendo can provide. Once you have a chance to play games on the Revolution, we think you'll agree!

Nintendo of America
I, for one, agree already and always have done. First of all, we should all wait until the cat is fully out of the bag and Nintendo´s last secret is revealed. To anyone who cannot wait and thinks HD will make a huge impact (on anything but the price of a system), I would urge you to play ´Kameo´ on Xbox360 for a while, then watch the game´s original Gamecube trailer. You will find that the Gamecube version actually looks surprisingly good compared with the finished game. The morphing effect is even far more sophisticated on the Cube. I cannot find a trailer source to link to at the moment. If I don´t find one, I´ll upload the trailer myself.

Source: IGN
Thanks to: Go Nintendo


Shiggy said...

hello falafelkid

what's your opinion about this: can it be the secret (about the controller?) mentionned by miyamoto san?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Shiggy. Thanks for the link. But what are they saying? They have noticed the discrepancy between some controller images rather late in my opinion. And I have not understood their theory (if they have one) on why that is. Do they claim that ´a´ and ´b´ suddenly become ´x´ and ´y´? If so, why? Sorry if I didn´t understand the article, but it seems to just examine the reflection mismatch concerning the button layout without pointing to a possible reason.

Shiggy said...

hi falafelkid,

remember the genesis/megadrive controller which initially had 3 buttons (a/b/c)? then street fighter 2 came with the new 6-button controller (a/b/c + x/y/z) and those with the original controller simulated x/y/z by pressing SELECT+a/b/c simultaneously.

what the article says is you get a/b but through tilting, the buttons become x/y and so, you get a 4-button snes controller with only 2 buttons.

Falafelkid said...

Oh, okay, Sorry for being slow ;) Well, I think that sounds quite complicated. Nintendo wants to keep it simple. So something like ´tilt to change one set of buttons into another´ sounds unlikely.

ColdBlooder said...

yeah that theory would be too complicated even tough its possible to do that! and there is one thing that makes me crazy... why do so many people complain about revolutions graphic ability? we just know that broadway may "only" be 2 to 2.5 as fast as gekko and that there are about nearly 128mb of ram. we no NOTHING about hollywood or have seen screenshots or something... yet everyone complains about it. that really drives me crazy...

Falafelkid said...

Hi coldblooder. You are so right. That is why I think IGN´s Matt has made such a fool of himself with that whole HD debate, organizing that petition and all. We don´t know what kind of console Revolution will be yet. We haven´t seen any games yet! I cannot stress this often enough. If there was not much more to the console than the controller, why did Nintendo not show games along with it? Why did they only show tech demos to the select few journalists that were able to test the controller? Even now, a long time after the TGS unveiling, MTV got to see only the same tech demos that were shown in Japan. Why? Because there is something big still in the pipeline that Nintendo is saving for last. They are even saying so themselves. And before we complain about quibbly little details that will seem completely ridiculous once that last secret is unveiled, I suggest people wait - and shut up, rather than complain. Citing the title to my blog entry from some months ago: There is no point in asking for ketchup before knowing what´s for dinner.

Shoxware Games said...

i think "" is hostet by SG007, so don't mention it...

and now folks... please PLEASE keep the graphics discussion out of falafelkid's blog! I'm getting sick and tired of it! the only thing you read at the moment is about polygons and RAM and whatsoever... c'mon!
y'all know soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Link to Gamecube Kameo trailers.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. Great! Thanks, I hadn´t even seen these ones. Have a look at ´Acid Blast´ and consider the water effect and draw distance on the boss plant and background. Also, the impact of that green slime looks pretty cool. Look at the trailer directly above and consider the morphing effect as well as the transparency of Kameo inside her alter ego. That´s pretty good stuff there. Not to mention the far superior use of colour in the GCN version. But that is nothing to do with hardware, of course. Just with bad taste (which is fast becoming a trademark of Rare these days. Look at the use of colour and the ridiculous reflections in PDZ making everything look like you´re in a Toys ´R Us - and everything´s wrapped in cellophane).

Anonymous said...

Woah, were there characters (transformations) in the GCN version that didn't get into the 360 version? I'm not going to lie, I actually think I like the GNX version better based off those videos... what the hell happened to Rare? Sure, the graphics aren't as good, but for GCN development that looks just like it should. I'm impressed more by the early stuff than the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Eh here's one of my guesses as to the new Rev secret or maybe just a Rev feature.

The new controller can be used with old games. Any old game.

This could be done in 2 ways.

Either Nintendo directly goes in and offers an alternative control using the new controller for each game.

And/or the Rev firmware allows mapping of the new controller functions to the old games. And allows sensitivity adjustments, etc.... This would allow gamers to play the old games however they want to and experiment with the controls. A simple graphical side by side screen showing new/old controls and the mapping would make this easy.

So if you want say you can play that old MarioKart or other racing game with the left/right tilt of the new controller you can.

Play DuckHunt by aiming the controller like a light gun.

Play light gun games with the new controller.

PLay sideways spaceship 2d scrollers by moving the control literally up or down to control your ship.

Flick up to control mario in super mario bros just like in the REv promo trailer.


I think this would be a neat bonus feature. Maybe not the 'secret' one, but imo it would breathe more new life into old games especially for those that already own them. Already have an old NES? Well you can't play those old games this way.

It also goes along with something I heard where you'll be able to switch the characters in games to whoever you want to play. Donkey Kong instead of Link anyone? You can do it.

Hell there also could be graphical upgrades involved in this. Again either something universal like substituting nicer looking mario and company 2d models for the older ones or going in game by game and redrawing parts. I don't really see this happening tho.

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