Saturday, August 06, 2005

Zelda Revolution screenshot

People on this Nintendo forum thread have come across this alleged Zelda screenshot on the Revolution. It originates from, who have had this to say about it:
This screenshot popped up out of nowhere, seems to have no source and above all, looks fake. Sorry guys, there is no Zelda Revolution material yet.

The screenshot certainly made me go ´wow´ - but it´s almost futile to discuss this one seriously without knowing where it came from. I´ll mail You go ahead ;)

EDIT It´s confirmed fake. Thanks to Neodozzprime for opinting this out to me and for finding the original. It´s 3D art by some artist called Dragos Jieanu. The piece is called Bridge to Avalon.


Anonymous said...

Falafelkid said...

Hi anonymous. Thanks for the link. this is really badly done, though, don´t you think? It must be fake. The comment refers to what Reggie said at the E3 press conference about Nintendo being a publisher as well as a hardware manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

i know - i found it on the gamespot forum - obviously its a fake

maybe if there is a visor - that comment would make a lot of sense

Googleplexer said...

This one is old. I saw it some time ago, almost right after E3. In fact, your friend Phalanx used a croped portion of it for the banner on Connect Revolution, the replacement site for his Revolution Rumor blog.

So, although it is totally fake, (I think it originated from Devient Art, but I'm not sure) it is a nice image.

Falafelkid said...

Hi googleplexer. Yeah, I just spioke to Phalanx and he showed me his new banner - much to my surprise. He said it was old, too. Have you found it on DeviantArt though? Do you have a link?

Kevin said...

This is old! Saw this on ZHQ2 a LONG time ago. It's just a fan mockup. Cool none the less. :)

Falafelkid said...

Oops, sorry it´s old! Didn´t see it before. Thanks for pointing it out, everyone.

Anonymous said...

That picture does make me say "Wow". I sure hope thats real.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure sometime back som1 from the nintendo forums linked the origonal pic, and it said it was cgi for some other game

R-UNIT said...

Could you post a detailed summary of the info you recieved from Sega? It sounds awfully interesting, even if it speculation. But hey, you're fafelkid, so I'll believe you. Could you please?

You mentioned this in the fake controller maker post.

Falafelkid said...

Hi R-Unit. Thanks for your comments. There´s nothing more to say, though, unfortunately. All I heard was an off-the-record comment someone I know at SEGA made about their European president being unusually enthusiastic about the controller (he´s apparently more of a reserved character). This news also proved to me the controller was final and dev kits had been sent out.

To everyone: Thanks for your comments. I would very much appreciate it if you could find a link to the original at DeviantArt (if that is where it originates), so we can lay this rumour to rest. Good comments, thanks again.

Nemetroid said...

If anyone will ever read this again... This fake was "created" (setting the logo onto the picture) in the channel at the Quakenet IRC network, in order to fool a person in there it was real. He thought so and posted it on a forum, gaining a massive number of replies. It then spread further through all and every speculation forum on the whole internet.

You can say that we find it rather funny that it spread so wide. It was never thought to. However, this is probably how most fakes are created.

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