Thursday, August 04, 2005

Games Convention, Leipzig

Now, I´m a bit surprised so many people are expecting Nintendo to reveal more details about the Revolution at Germany´s game fair, some even expect the controller to be shown. Mark my words: it won´t happen. I´ve been to the Games Convention twice already. It is Europe´s biggest event in this industry. But it would just alienate the core markets Nintendo needs to target: the US and Japan.

Another indicator of what Nintendo will focus on is their invitation, which I received today. The front (which I scanned) reads ´Follow the trail...´ and is covered with pawprints. The back reads:
... to Nintendo at the Games Convention 2005.

Prove your keen nose and get to know "Nintendogs" and other new products for the Nintendo DS. Look at promising Nintendo GameCube titles like "Mario Smash Football" or the next "Zelda" adventure and hold the Game Boy Micro in your hands.

The motto is "Expand the Definition of Gaming" and we invite you to the Nintendo Press Show on 17th of August 2005, 10:30 - 11:30, right next to the Nintendo booth.

I think you realise there will be no big revelation here. The motto relates to ´Nintendogs´ and that looks set to be the most important title, alongside Zelda. Naturally, I will be there. And I will post news of just what was announced as soon as possible.

EDIT As we have had to reschedule our newsroom rota because of the Youth World Day and the pope coming to Cologne (You heard me, Anonymous!), I actually won´t be there on Wednesday. I will be at the expo the two following days.


DlphnMod said...

When you say mario smash football, are you referring to mario strikers soccer, or have my dreams come true and nintendo is finally making an american football game.....

sssd said...

thanks for the update falafelkid, though I must admit it's a bit dissapointing. Not that I actually expected Nintendo to release any information, but I could still hope, right?

Either way, I look forward to your report, even if it involves far less Rev news than i'd hoped for.

oh, and dlphnmod, i'd imagine it is just the soccer game.

DlphnMod said...

Damn. its gonna take forever to get rev info

Viola said...

Here's the revolution!!!:

It may prove the theory of NINTENDOGAMERFORLIFE (I don't remember in each forum) and those blurry control mockups.

Fils-aime: "Look at the patents!"

PS: You need a program to see tif in you browser, if you want to see the images.

Viola said...

This one describes a adrenaline feature that may be part of the revolution. It's based on an analog button, but that pressure sensitive grip theory goes well with this patent, in my opinion.
It may become part of the revolution as well.

Let's see.

PS: I was kidding when I said "This is the revolution!!!" but I think those recentely reviewd patents (last review August 2, 2005) suport some theories that are around the net.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, the "Expand the Definition of Gaming" thing makes it sound like it's not just DS and Gamecube games, it sounds like if they meant something else, maybe something that goes beyond, c'mon Nintendo give us the Revolution, i don't care if it's in Germany as long as i don't have to wait some more months, wait... i don't think Nintendo is listening to me here, nevermind

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if they at least showed a trailer for a revolution game or something.

DlphnMod said...

The first patent was for Zelda 4 swords on GC. Think for the other one just takes me to the same one. Neither are the revolution. I can guarantee you.

Patents are not approved intil years after release of the product.

Falafelkid said...

I don´t expect a trailer. That would be world premiere - too big for GC. Also, "expand the definition of gaming" relates to Nintendogs. That´s hardly a game in the conventinoal sense. I´ve got the demo at home, so I´m sure that´s what is meant by that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but we've seen things like "Nintendogs" before in pc's, portables with online features, Tamagotchis, online pets, pet dogs, and many other stuff..

Falafelkid said...

Well, yeah. But "Nintendogs", just like its predecessors alá "Dogz" for PC, really DOES expand gaming. Look at the pawprints on the invite and you´ll see what Nintendo is focussing on.

Viola said...

Well dlphnmod,

The first patent really looks like Four Sword. But why nintendo included in this review a controller with a LCD. (and i'm not talking about the gameboys on the frontpage). If you look at all the drawing you can find it.

And the second one being for Four Swords is very unlikely. What a baseball game with an adrenaline control has to do with it.

But I really don't think they will be the revolution. I think nintendo will use several experiments they have been doing and patenting and mix them in something really new.


Viola said...

To be more specific, here's link to the controller image:

If you can't see tif in your computer install this:

The controller somehow makes me remember that blurry mockup. But who know?

dreamcloud said...

This news makes me sad o_o

Forz said...

Thanks for the heads up Viola, now i know why i wasn't seeing those images before, silly me! :P

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by they need to target important markets like USA and Japan, Europe will be the biggest games market in the world within 5 years so why shouldn't they show the controller in Germany?. You seem very sure of yourself that nothing will be shown but I wouldn't be so sure if I was you.

nNee said...

why does everything have to be revealed in usa or japan etc.

Nintendo is going for something diffrent this time, why not europe?

Btw, has nintendo said anything about having a spaceword?
A revealing at the spaceworld wouldnt suprise me since n64,n64dd and gamecube was revealed there.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this bullshit you Euros are going on about? "Why shouldn't Nintendo release info in Europe? We're gonna be a big market!" A big market for what? PC games maybe? Playstation? Nintendo barely sold shit in Europe, that's why they aren't going to reveal anything at a European convention.

For Christ's sake, the UK is one of the biggest pirate markets outside of China and Latin America.

I know I came off as harsh against you Europeans, but it's not really like that. I like you guys.. but understand the situation. Ninty's bread and butter is the US-Japan. No doubt they'll try and get you guys on board.. but they can't waste their ammo on you guys when you don't bring in the dollars.

sssd said...

actually, aren't analysts saying that China will be the largest market in the next few years? Nothing against Europe, but thath does make a lot more sense.

Anonymous said...

China should be the biggest market soon.. just on the fact that they have so many people and seem to be getting their shit together economy wise.. but China is a well-run and well-established pirate market.

We'll see if all that new Chinese disposable income goes towards actual products or the familiar pirate dealers.

Falafelkid said...

@Anonymous ("Nintendo barely sold shit in Europe"): Hi. You put things quite bluntly, but I entirely agree with you. I think most of you other guys fail to distinguish PC and console markets. Germany is one of the world´s biggest PC markets (second only to the US, I believe), but consoles just don´t sell very well here. Fair enough, the UK is Europe´s biggest console market and the Games Convention also wants to cater for the UK. But Europe as a whole is not very important when it comes to consoles.

Still, that´s only my own opinion. How can I be so sure, you ask? Well, because every PR person I have spoken to about this shares this view. ´They won´t reveal anything there´, say the likes of SEGA. ´It would alienate the core markets.´

And it would. I wouldn´t rule out that Nintendo reveals the controller in the US. Their flagship store in New York could prove just the right tool for that. Because the key ingredient Nintendo will make sure to have in place is international media coverage. If they do it in Japan, the important agencies (Reuters, APTN and CNN) will be there. Same with New York. Leipzig, Germany is just too out of place. Reuters would be there for sure. But they cannot be certain of the same coverage they could achieve elsewhere. This is also an important factor to consider - alongside alienating their core markets.

Fedboy said...

Or go to for more fake information JEEJ!

Fedboy said...

whoops wrong thread

Anonymous said...

Exactly Falafel Kid. Actually revealing it at that store would be fantastic. Everyone I've talked to who's been to their NY store says it's a really awesome place. Nintendo's best bet for making headway in Europe with their new system and getting them interested, is to make it cool in the US first and then make sure they can supply a decent amount of product in Europe. To be honest if they just get the system there in a timely fashion and don't rape those Euro wallets, they might do alright. I mean seriously, how much more are Sony and MS going to tack on to your console price? I don't know why you guys put up with it.

Falafelkid said...

I agree. The Nintendo World Store would be a great place for a launch. If you haven´t seen it yet go to and check it out. 10.000 square feet big, it should easily be big enough for a launch event with a few hundred journalists.

About the price of consoles these days: yup, you are right. I remember at X01 (European Xbox launch event) when the price tag of €479 went up on that screen, lots of journalists were hissing and gulping. Two months later, MS had to cut the price and reimburse early buyers. If you ask me, $499 is the most anyone would ever pay for a console. But my guess is that the PS3 will break that barrier and go for $549 or even $599.

Anonymous said...

Sony will learn a hard hard lesson if they price their console that high. People that spend that much on games are called PC gamers, and they're gonna have something better than PS3's card a year or two later.

If they try to sell a $500 console they are finished.

Falafelkid said...

According to that analyst, the PS3 will cost SCE $450 to manufacture per console, though. And Sony´s financial situation is anything but rosy, from what I have heard. So they really are in trouble, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Alienate the core market?

Please... EU is the 2nd largest market in the world, and is just head to head against the US consumer market of the vg industry.

Nintendo has been known to do uter poorly in that region, as Europeans have through the generations, counting since the NES have always preffered any other rival system.

It is Nintendo's job as a global company, and if hey have any backbone, not settling as a niche to grab ahold of this very large market.

I do not see how it would aliante the oher markets as EU is the 2nd largest market in the world, and the market where Nintendo is all but dead in.

Kraid said...

Didn't Nintendo actually say that they were showing some stuff about Revolution at this conference ?

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