Wednesday, August 31, 2005

2005 release after all?

First of all, I have never believed that Nintendo could get the Revolution out anytime before summer 2006. Mainly, because there won´t be a sufficient games portfolio until that time.

However, the good people at Game Asylum think so. Their most recent product page lists the Revolution with a $299 price tag and a Christmas 2005 release. They have had to back down on their release predictions in the past, though. Some months ago, they listed Rev games as available by March 2006. They´re probably just after having their site mentioned everywhere - and as far as this blog is concerned, they got what they wanted.


Anonymous said...

Better not mention them, they are attention whores. :P
Since Nintendo stated several times that it was a mistake to launch the cube with a lack of good games and that they would have needed a RE4 and so on at launch, I don't think they would do the same mistake again and rush the launch.. also if they launch this year, then the Rev has to be quite a bit weaker than the xbox360. If they launch next year, there is still a chance that it will have equal power.

MR.Nintendo said...

Thanks for the news.

I hope this time, the Revolution launch would be 1-2 weeks before PS3, with at least 10+ Revolution major titles. That could strike PS3's sale effectively.

Who knows, It is not totally impossible that Nintendo could not have their 1st party and key second party software line-ups ready before the Xmas...if Nintendo decided to reduce Xbox360's chances of taking over the US market.

Xbox360 might do well in the US but not Japan, Japanese tend to ignore MS when they have their own native players-Nintendo and Sony. Therefore Nintendo have different main rivals in the two places.

But after all, I cant see any reason that Nintendo will fail.

The Revolution will follow the success of GBAsp and the DS:

GBSsp=Sleek design= popularity,

DS=Innovative feature+Low development cost= More 3rd parties+exclusives

Nintendo Revolution will do the combination of the two, and more.

Anonymous said...

With a full back catalogue of over 400 games I don't think their launch is the first problem. Second I think (pure speculation) that they might release Zelda (for gamecube) around the same time as the revolution (or without too much of a time gap) so they can get some extra sales from those who want to play zelda but don't have a gamecube. Heck, I think that technically they could even adjust Zelda in such a way that it looks better on the revolution, giving it an extra sellingpoint.

MR.Nintendo said...

I agree, annoymous.

Remember that Iwata-san said that Zelda TP's graphics is not downplayed in any fashion in compare to the next-gen.

It will be interesting to see that Zelda for GC is actually doing almost equally well as those Xbox360 games, graphically.

Because of this, I believed the Rev would be out next year...on the timeframe of Zelda TP.

Of course, Xmas release of Rev will make Nintendo Fans super excited.

Lectoid said...

4 days with no post and this is the best you could come up with?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count the back catalogue as "games", unless you count it as the revolutionary part of the console. What the Rev needs are REV launch titles, not a back catalogue.. and Metroid, Smash Bros and a Mario are not enough, N64 and cube all over again.

sssd said...

except cube didn't have any of those games you mentiond at launch...

as for a 2005 release, as much as that would make me extremely happy, I don't really see it happening. Plus, I would be extremely surrpised if the Rev launched at $299. That doesn't sound very affordable to me.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the games in particular, but the amount of games.. please dont try to squabble when you exactly know what he was trying to say.

Anonymous said...

2005 launch won't happen because of TP. If it hadn't been delayed then there might have been a possibility, but if TP is released in April then I expect a summer/early fall launch for the Revolution.

Anonymous said...

If they do.. I hope they do things better than M$! M$'s and its s*** "backwards system". Its really obvious who did the best backwards system to theyr consoles. "we are re-defining the term backwards compapility". They did :D

And about games.. well as we all know most of people say that "GC has less games than PS2!" well true, but you really think that PS2 games are all that good? I mean some of them are "chess 2005" tyoe of games you play freeware on PC.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the Backlog being a suppliment for Revolution games. But if you have 3-4 STRONG Revolution games out at launch, and you have that Backlog of games then you have a strong launch.

Remember we aren't talking about weak arcade games, but we are talking about truly classic games that people may have missed playing.

The Super Nintendo library is filled with Nintendo's BEST games that truly helped Nintendo rise to its title of best game developer in the world.

Add to that some truly classic NES and Nintendo 64 games...some with possibly updated graphics and you have a stellar lineup.

sssd said...

I know for me personally if the REV launched with weak games (or just games I'm not interested in), I'd still be inclined to pick one up and just download some classic games.

Anonymous said...

I personally, am looking forward to the backwards compatiability most in the Revolution.

There are tons of games I owned that I will buy again to have and enjoy again. Gaming sucks in today's market compared to the great games of yester-year.

Soon I will own all the classics and I will play them day and night, and night and day.

Anonymous said...

For me it's only a nice gimmick. I don't think, that I will purchase many games via download. It just misses the feeling to really own the game. Also until the DS hit the market, gaming was death to me, I only bought so many games just to have them or talked about them on message boards. But the DS totaly revived my gaming senses, I hope Revolution games will go the same direction.

Anonymous said...

It says that it includes the Jap manual, which is interesting. Also, how do they know that it has a 110v power supply? Sounds like someone called Madam Cleo for their free psychic reading. "You're a libra, aren't ya darlin'?"

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of us have A SINGLE CLUE if any games are ready or not ready for the Rev. EVERYONE is secret so a launch in 2005 could be easily possible, we just don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be good business sense. No one would buy it because they know nothing about it. Only hardcore gamers who check for news about the Revolution would know, unless Nintendo launches a huge, aggressive marketing campaign (Like that's going to happen)

Anonymous said...

if only nintendo did do that, secretly make a lot of games for it then hit us with them all at once, advertising on every major television station!

lol hey! we can dream :)

Anonymous said...

saturn had a surprise launch too.

this is bullshit. i can believe spring 06 or summer 06. i think it'll prolly launch somewhere between april and august. but if software isn't ready nintendo might push it back to the holiday season.

either way, i think it's getting more and more likely they might actually launch before ps3. i think when iwata said rev may lag a bit behind, he was operating under the assumption that Sony was coming out in March... which is something i'll believe when i see it.

Darkenedjib said...

Nintendo before:
"We will launch with competition, not after. The PS2 had a headstart in sales due to its early release, and for that reason, the Rev will not launch after PS3"

Nintendo after:
"We will launch Revolution in 2006"

Although many people take this as a launch after PS3, Nintendo have never confirmed anything. I believe Rev will beat PS3 to the market, Nintendo are not making any bold claims for an obvious reason: If they claim to launch Rev before PS3, and Sony rush their console to the market, Ninty are screwed.

There have been some rumours for a March 2006 release (I'm not talking bout SG007 though). Remember the rumoured ads that were leaked a few months ago? The "think inside the box" ad had March 01 as a release date. Also, have some Revolution launch game titles for March the first, although they are listed as ETA.


Anonymous said...

so much in having faith in nintendo, I mean if you expect them to conker or even compete with the microsoft and sony they need to take them "head on" that might mean suprise launch and games that we don't even now that are in development yet, I personally belive they will deliver. wether they launch Dec.'05 or next year Idon't expect all the hype go into a bad system as a matter of fact I can't remember nintendo hypeing up any system like tis before

Anonymous said...

Twilight Princess is for Gamecube though, and they want to get as much money as they can out of it. If TP comes out in April, then they'll sell some Gamecubes to people who can't wait for the Rev, or just sell some to people with Gamecubes. TP can't combat the Revolution. Again, if it comes out in April then a summer/early fall release would be good for the Revolution. It really doesn't matter when it comes out in relation to the PS3, but after it there would be less of a power difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

Nintendo also stated in an investors meeting that they might be BEHIND the Competition's launch, but not to worry because it wouldn't be by much.

There was alot of speculation about this quote.

1)Was Nintendo commenting to investors that they will be late IF Sony launched 1Q of 2006? If So then we would see a spring/summer launch.

2)Was Nintendo talking about Christmas, and they know Sony will also be launching around Christmas, despite the hype they said about an earlier launch.

3)Investors were worried about Microsoft, and Nintendo for the first time referenced Microsoft as a competitor and Nintendo would be late to the market. Again this points to an earlier 2006 launch...but could potentially be an indictation of 2005...perhaps, if hell froze over.

Blizz419 said...

we will not see the revolution in stores until 2006, i dont care what anybody sais unless it comes from nintendo directly.

Darkenedjib said...

anonymous 1:
"conker or even compete with the microsoft and sony"

Do you not realise that nintendo is currently selling MORE than MS and Sony in gaming COMBINED? Nintendo does not equal Gamecube, they get most of their profits from the GBASP and DS. Ninty have also sold the most games, and made the most profit out of the three.

Anonymous 2:
"If TP comes out in April, then they'll sell some Gamecubes to people who can't wait for the Rev"

The Revolution has backwards compatibility remember? If TP for Gamecube is released after the revolution, and a Zelda fan who doesn't own a Gamecube wants to buy it, don't you think he'll choose to buy a Revolution instead of a Gamecube? Since Nintendo have announced another Zelda title for the Rev, any Zelda fan who wants TP but doesn't own a GC will purchase a Revolution.

Anonymous 3:
"Nintendo also stated in an investors meeting that they might be BEHIND the Competition's launch"

True, but notice the MIGHT, and they have not stated whether they were referring to MS or Sony. It is true that Nintendo have made a number of references to the 360, and hardly any to the PS3, though. I guess simply because, for this coming round of console wars, Microsoft seems to be the bigger threat.

Blizz419: I also doubt a 2005 release for the Revolution. Think about it. Nintendo only recently (few months ago) released the Dev kits to 3rd parrty publishers, and it was only a month or two ago that they showed 3rd parties the controller. So exactly how long does it take to develop a game? I'd say at least 1-2 of development, which means that if Nintendo do release the Rev in 2005 they will not be any 3rd party games with the launch. Also, I remember them claiming Zelda Revolution to be a launch title, and it is a stupid move to release another Zelda game before TP, as every Nintendo has been anticipating TP for months :).

Darkenedjib said...


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