Wednesday, August 03, 2005

To Nintendo Infinity and Beyond

You´re going to love this story, taken from this GameFAQs thread. The logo is cropped from this large image (585 KB), showing a scan of an A4 sheet of paper, entitled ´E3 2005 presentation´. Below the logo, there are the following keypoints:
* ElectroPlankton/Nintendogs
* DS Wireless Gaming
* Game Boy Micro
* Revolution Revealed
* Mario´s Magic Mirror

The best is the story about how this guy apparently got hold of this paper:
I found this paper while cleaning one of NoA offices (I work for a janitorial services company in Redmond WA) I thought it was a simple discarded E3 presentation sheet. (Me being the huge N fan I am I kept it, but didn't think anything else of it.)

Wow, this guy must be the coolest janitor in gaming history since Roger Wilco! Anyway, so he apparently kept this sheet and decided to post it now, because he came across this GameSpot thread:

To all interested in info concerning the Nintendo Revolution:

I Work for Nintendo of America and have some information you all my find very interesting concerning the "Revolution" and E3. What was presented to the public during Nintendo’s press conference was not what was originally intended to be shown. What you all saw was a rush job slapped together because of a panic due to a security breach. One week before the press conference the company had reason to believe that someone had stolen a copy of the "Revolution" presentation. (If it was by hacking r physically taken it I do not know.) Do to the risk that the video may have fallen into the hands of competitors Nintendo scraped all of their original plans for the conference. (And are reworking some of the aspects of the "Revolution" console and controllers just to be safe...thus the reason they are not done yet.) Originally, the presentation lineup included: the final version of the next gen console...complete with controllers, information and stats concerning the "Revolution" and a video clip of a new next generation Mario game. The next gen console’s actual name is Nintendo Infinity. (Assuming they don’t change that too.) You can in fact see part of the Infinity presentation in the notorious "Nintendo On" video clip. Both the scenes of the Mario 64 castles and of the next gen Mario game are from the original presentation. When questioned the maker of the "On" video he claimed to that he found the presentation on a P2P file sharing network, and he himself thought it to be fake, but decided to use part of it for his own project. The "Infinite Castles" scene as it was called was intended to represent the Nintendo Infinite’s ability to play virtually every Nintendo game ever made in addition to all the new games that would be releced. The Mario scenes (and screen shots found on some websites) are from a game called "Mario’s Magic Mirror". The game tells the story of how one day, Mario, Luigi, and Peach were walking in the castle. They turned a corner and suddenly found themselfs in an unfamiliar corridor. Upon inspection they found a mysterious magical mirror which Luigi is sucked into. Peach and Mario must rescue him by searching through the Mirror World with "Mirror Mario" and "Mirror Peach" to help and guide them. Mario has all his classic moves with the addition of the old ability to throw fireballs. Peach has similar moves as Mario but instead of throwing fireballs she has a makeup compact that she can use to shine light on enemies in the Mirror Wold. (The effect is much like if antimatter would come in contact with matter.) Also the four characters can even team up to do battle combos! In the game you can switch between the two worlds to change the mirror’s position in Mario’s world. This unlocks new areas and causes different can even change the size of Mario and Peaches’ mirror counterparts! If you re-watch the press conference you will noticed that the presentation seems very awkward and thrown together. As I said, to protect their new investment the company had to scrap everything. This is also why Nintendo had to label their new system with the hideous last minute "Revolution" logo, and naturally why the final console and controller were not displayed. I hope this helpd shed some light on some things.

Mr. H

Now, this whole thing is a complete and utter fake, of course. Pablo never said that any part of the ON clip was taken from a P2P network. And who should have put the presentation there in the first place, if not the janitor? Nintendo´s dinner lady?


Alex said...

I somehow think this could be true

Falafelkid said...

Hi Alex. It´s certainly a long shot, don´t you think? I mean a janitor stealing something and keeping it for three month until he reads a post mentioning something on that sheet so he goes around posting it? And the sheet accidentally shows the logo but no more detail than simple keywords? Tell me: Who needed this page and what for? It´s not a front page to further pages with more detail. Nor is it keywords for the actual presentation. There´s just too little on there to help anyone. So what was it for?

Anonymous said...

Notice the TM next to Nintendo Infinity?
Well, if it is real then Nintendo Infinity would be trademarked at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It isn't.

Falafelkid said...

Good point, anonymous. I didn´t think of that. I´m still checking the Japanese trademark office ( but there seems to be nothing there, either.

Alex said...

OK, I guess it's fake

Falafelkid said...

Good for you ;P

Fedboy said...

Yeah right and the new mario DS game is called mario canvas curse.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Fedboy. What´s your point?

Viola said...

I don't know how someone still can imply that the ON video or any part of it can be real.

The animation on the Next Mario is exactily the same on that Super Mario Universe fake by Pablo Belmonte. And he even showed production screens of the videos on his interview on 1up. And the quality of the Next Mario and Metroid games on this video is the worst part part of it.

And now come this janitor and says that exactily those parts came from Nintendo. Come'on, thats not a chance that nintendo could do some s#$tty work like that!

Falafelkid said...

Agreed, Viola. But there are still some mysteries surrounding the ON clip. Don´t forget that. I´m convinced it was made by Pablo, just as he told me. But I can´t be sure - and it seems to have been a hell of a job to have done in one week.

Viola said...

Well, he tried once to pass it like original. Why should we trust he made that all in one week.

If he had a harddrive crash how could he used the same animation data of a video he made several year ago. He had a backup?

If he makes regular backups, maybe he had a lot of work in those and lost only the most recent work on the crash.

The one week work was only to put that all together in after effects and edit a (very cool, don't get me wrong) video.

To finish, I can say that I loved the design of this work. It's the suposed real time content that made me don't believe it in the first time. Not the Mario 64 castles, wich were very belivable, but the next gens ones. If Pablo hadn't included those ones I would be giving it a second chance until now.

Pablo is a very promising amateur, and as he is so young he may have a bright future. Trust me, I work with animation, and the ON video is nice, but not professional enough to be even considered as Nintendo's work.

PS: If it all doesn't make much sense, excuse me for my english.

Falafelkid said...

No, don´t worry, Viola. Good points there. Maybe Pablo did not tell the truth about how he produced the clip. That doesn´t automatically mean it´s actually sanctioned by Nintendo and real. He could just be lying about some details.

Anonymous said...

What if Pablo is just a fan and didn't make the On clip. What if he has made all those CGI footage that you find on his site, but stumbled upon the ON clip. Then thought to himself i will make a few quick CGI renders of the clip, sketches and some CGI footage of previous Nintendo games. And then put them on his site and speak out to the world saying i made the ON clip just so he could get some attention, people go to great lengths to get their 15 mins of fame or in this case 2 months and a bit of fame.

sorry for my englsih

I am from Portugal

Falafelkid said...

I don´t think so. Have you checked´s feature on Pablo? It would have been very hard work to fake all that.

Anonymous said...

why should i trust pablo? there are soo many fakers around the web - so why trusting pablo? maing this video in a week is bullshit, you cant to such a video in a week - simple try to design and render the scenes in a week, you will be able to do that with a normal pc maybe with a render farm.

did he every shown some screen models? i havent seen them from him, so why trust him? i think you give pablo to much trust and seems not a serious site - why? as long as pablo will not show the screen model i dont trust him, because when he did the video he have this screens and he can publish them to show the world that he made the video until then everyone could say he did it.

the site doesnt load on my pc, so why should a serious site have such a bad provider?

this news sounds very interessting and plausibly to me and there are infos about a mario version that never have been revelead - so where is the problem?

@viola: this nintendoon video is not professional enough? please show me some videos that are "professional" for you. in my eyes the sony presentation was also not professional, so where is the problem?

Dave-o said...

It had me going for a bit, but the "Nintendo" part looks like a recoloured DS logo, and the bullet points at the bottom look slightly out of place, as if they've been edited in.
I do believe that Pablo faked the ON clip. It was very convincing, but even the creator himself said it was a fake. How anyone can say that the ON video is real in any way really defies me. He probably lied on some of the details, eg. it was probably 2 weeks to make the video, but it is certainly not Nintendo's new console. Pablo could not have simply "discovered" an abandoned next generation Nintendo video on a P2P network.

Googleplexer said...

Well, it humorus to say the least.

I think the story is fake. Too many things just didn't make sense. That said, I think that some of the background info could be true. Nintendo's E3 show did seem slightly rushed, compared to their 04 show.

Whether it's fake or not, I like the name and logo.

Viola said...

Hello anonymous,

The interview of Pablo on 1up shows a lot of screen models. If you can't see it don't talk before you know.

And every game demo, CGI or realtime on Sony's and Microsofts presentations are better than those of Pablo. You can get those all over the net to see for yourself. The design of the Mario game and the movements of the Mario Character are sooooo bad. And the Samus model and movements are really laughable.

But I've already said that the design of the presentation is good. You don't have to cry.

Fedboy said...

My point is that magic mirror was a kirby game. And it doesn't seem like a title fit a mario game at all.

aepex said...

Regarding the logo,
I don't think it's real at all. There's way too much negative (white) space around and within the logo, and the 2 opposing triangle shapes simply don't give any impression of what the console should look like, or even function like. In other words, much like how the GameCube logo was in fact a cube with the G and C cleverly embedded, I think that Nintendo would have a much better logo for their next console than a simple set of triangles.

Josh S said...

Font on "Infinity" is larger than the font on "Nintendo." Nice try, but fake...unless whoever came up with the logo got D's in art design.

Anonymous said...

you are all so cute, the website of dont work and you even dont give a direct link *lol*

who the hell should a person know where to read the article with pablo? how should a person read a article without any link and without able to visit the site because it doesnt load!

so why should i trust what do you say when you have no link nor a website that does work?

Anonymous said...

and are you all soo stupid?

did you never use opera? look at the image proberties *lol*

"Dateiänderung (Datum u. Zeit): 2005:08:03 09:18:20
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0"

Anonymous said...

Obviously its a fake, but the person that is calling people Stupid for not noticing its a Photoshop file.

Photoshop is a professional imaging tool. If it was actually a poster or future print ad, it still would have been created in photoshop.

Stop trying to be a smartass.

The Colonel said...

We should also consider that on the "original" document the logo came from, not only is the logo off-proportion as Josh S said, but the logo is a lot less saturated than the text, which is very dark and rich. It just makes it look like the writing is not on the paper at all.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Pablo Belmonte.

Cronos said...

Just to point out one thing... I don't think even Nintendo has the balls to call a console "Infinity." That's just a bad name, it implies that it's a perfect console. How do you follow that? Just think, 5 years down the road, what would the next console be called? Infinity+1? Nope...

Alex said...

If Infinity ist to highbrown(i dont remember the word right, i'm german), for you. What is Revolution and Project Reality?

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Wow, lots of comments. Just a few points, becaus I´m in a rush:

I said the logo is cropped from the larger image - by which I meant: I cropped it. With Photoshop. Maybe I should have been clearer on that, but I did say the apparent original is the large scan of an A4 sheet of paper. Sorry if there was any confusion.

The link to the 1.up feature (linked to on a previous post here) is

I think that you people have found enough evidence by now to show this is a complete and utter fake. Thanks to everyone for the good comments. Especially to Aepex - good insights into what a logo should look like.

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