Friday, August 05, 2005

Some comic relief

Slightly off-topic: If you have had enough of all the fake controller pics, why not create your own? Try this fantastic Nintendo Revolution controller mock-up creator, courtesy of Claudio Marinho. Good job, mate!


DDS42 said...

I can not say how I am but I'm french so excuse me for my english...
Anyway, just a clue: have you ever think about that you have maybe use something similar to this "thing" which is supposed to be new in video-game?
I'm talking about the revolutionary part of the controler, let me tell you that it will surpise you but you will probably say "OMG, why haven't think about it?"
I don't want to, and can not, tell you more but it's a way to control that is already implemented in computers and IP**...
So don't put your imagination in a place where it will leave you desapointed, it's simple, fresh and easy to use (I can just tell you that you will always see youd good old A, B, X, Y, L, and R buttons so think about what is re-invented...)

Falafelkid said...

Hi dds42. Why don´t you state what you think clearly? If you just want to keep us guessing what you meant to say, you probably had nothing to say in the first place.

So, please, tell us what you think you know and where you got this piece of information from. Merci!

Lectoid said...

Oh yea, well I know everything about the Nintendo Revolution, I even helped design the controller. I have already played games on it......but of course I can't tell you anything about it.

I don't care if you have or have not seen/played/smelled what the "revolutionary" aspect is of the Rev. If you can't say, then shutup. Much like this very post, it's a waste of space.

Oh, by the way, I was joking in that first paragraph.

dds42 said...

Dear Falafelkid,
I don't have to justify me and I will not cause it will be, 1, maybe easy to find who I am (the number of people involved is not that big) and, 2, people like me could pay the consequences for that!

I have gave enough to find what it is whithout give its name...
"'s a way to control that is already implemented in COMPUTERS and IP**...", hum, think about it?...

Let me just tell you it's perhaps not the way they will get, they study a lot of different things, but it's nearly sure it will be this one which will be implemented.

I do that cause I'm afraid that it will be a great desapointment when it will be revealed so don't imagine things that would be impossible.

Falafelkid said...

@dds42: Hi again and thanks for trying to clarify. What do you mean by IP**? And are you trying to say Nintendo has not decided about the final design of their controller?

dds42 said...

Lectoid, it will not be fun if I give you all the response... lol

Whatever, how do control your mouse on your notebook?

How do you control your IPOD? (was it that difficult to find...)

Isn't the DS inspired by PDA concept?
Isn't the IPOD the most user-friendly MP3 player? (and a best seller!)

Enough said.

Falafelkid said...

Okay, thanks for the clarification about the iPod. But again: Are you trying to say Nintendo has not decided about the final design of their controller?

grahf said...

Guess he is referring to pressure sensitive pads.

Okay, just FYI, since you can't reveal your source / who you really are, its just going to be chalked up under speculation. Its not out of the realm of possibility, but its still speculation.

dds42 said...

Dear Falafelkid,
Have you found what I'm talking about?

No, from what I know (not that much) Nintendo has not decided the final design of their controller yet.
They still make tests with people, trying different things, different designs, shapes, places to implement each buttons...
You know they try to make it as user-friendly as possible and they were still not sure to leave the + pad or the analog stick but for them "...the + pad is no more compatible with 3D and the analog stick is to much tiring..."

grahf, of course it's still speculation cause they don't get finale decision but it's one of the possibility they study, for real believe me.


Anonymous said...

And you think they would call something like this a revolution?!

dds42 said...

I'm not here to explain Nintendo business but I just want to report what I've seen: a protoype with a circular sensitive pad (like notebook one) and a, b, x and y buttons (sensitive too) with a snes-like disposition, L, R and start were like gamecube ones.

When there's this kind of big R&D, a lot of people work only on a small specific parts of the project so that way no one will know everything... Perhaps there will be more new functionnalities!
But keep in mind that they want it as easy and as simple as possible.

dds41 said...

Do not believe dds42

He is my alter ego trying to confuse you. He is the Shiek to my Zelda. Trust him at your own peril.

I am actually belgian not french, like Poirot, and excuse me for my englsih.


dds42 said...

haha lol ;^)

How old are you kid?

Fedboy said...

If you hadn't had enough of fake revo info, then go to lol a friend of mine showed this to me, another faker jaaj. come on why do people start this blogs to pretent they know all?

Fedboy said...

Or go to for fake info JEEJ!

dds41 said...

dds42 - only kidding

no offence intended

how old am i - how long is a piece of string?


Falafelkid said...

@dds42: Sorry, mate. You outed yourself a fake there, claiming the controller isn´t done. I have had word from SEGA weeks ago that is was all final and they had received it along with a dev kit. So, nice try, but go bother folks at someone else´s blog.

Anonymous said...

This is insane.

dds42 said...

Falafelkid, no the finale design isn't finish yet and still remains some customisation.

If Sega told you that they received it it's a lie or they had one of the prototypes.
All early dev kits come with a controller but it's not necessarily the finale design... Of course the magor part of it is done but believe me or not they're still making ergonomic test...

Hum, if you have news from SEGA, could you confirm or cancel the sensitive touch pad?

sssd said...

welcome to falafelkid's blog seriousgamer007, i mean dds42....


Takeshi_Kovacs said...

looks like somebody was trying to profit from the Nintendoon..

Saint said...

I'd have to say my mock-up sounds a lot like what dds42 described. Just with the touchpad being illuminated. Sounds good to me. :)

dds41 said...

As a detective, it is my job to uncover the truth

Hercule Poirot, I apologise for my english - I'm Belgian not French

there was a murder on the train and you falafelkid are a suspect

where were you at the time of the murder


let me tell you what i think happened

Bye, for now

dreamcloud said...

Hey falafelkid, nice job catching him as a fake ;)

Fedboy said...


Poirot pawns

hey belg als jij belg bent hoe weet jij dan zogenaamde revo info connecties met japan lol :P


dds41 said...


dds42 is my alter ego - he talks nonsense - do not believe him

i have no connections with japan or the revolution

i am just a detective, you are now the prime suspect

these are how the events folded on the night of the murder

.... murder on the orient express



bye for now

Takeshi_Kovacs said...

and again slightly off topic, but could something like this be utilised in gamin or would it give too many people a severe headache after a while...

i dunno, just rambling on a bit, and thought these pics looked kinda cool...

dreamcloud said...

@dds42 AND dds41:

Your both crazy :P

Anonymous said...


you siad you spoke to sega and they said the received dev kits and controlers, my queation is do you know if the have received alpha kits or supergamecubes, that some so calle dinsiders have suggested. also where they pleased with what the received.
though the idea of a mouse type touch pad will be sweet instead of the c-stick.

p.s did the get the kits before or after the sega president's interview iwth nintnedo power.


Falafelkid said...

@anonymous: To be honest, I´m not too knowledgable as far as dev kits are concerned - since I´m not a developer. So I really don´t know what kind of dev kits they got. But I thought the only ones out would be the kind of horrible ugly box that Sony sent out (;f=66;t=000548;p=1).
What I can tell you is that SEGA´s European president was very impressed with it - and he´s said to be a real poker face. So that´s good news.

@Saint: Wow, did YOU do that mock-up? Great work!

@Takeshi_Kovacs: Cool pics, thank you. Isn´t that a simple demonstration of stereoscopic technology? I mean a sort of fake demonstration for 2D screens?

@dds41: Yeah, sorry! You caught me, Hercule. It was me and Reverend Green in the lounge with the candlestick!

@dds41&fedboy: Leuk dat je hier bent. Ik sprek maar een betje. Dank je wel - tot ziens.

Fedboy said...

wow, dutch! alright!

hahaha dude you crack me up, btw ever played paper mario 2, they got this hole murder on the train item it's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Thunder Emperor said...


sinece sega seems excited, did the hint on the consoles power or does pwoer really have nothing to do with what the revolution will output/ also who else do you know has received rev dev kits? thanks man and keep up the good work.

Falafelkid said...

No, not with regard to the European president´s comments. However, I have some reason to believe that the next-gen Sonic clip really is running (pun intended) on a Rev dev kit. That would be pretty good news already.

R-UNIT said...

Could you post a detailed summary of the info you recieved from Sega? It sounds awfully interesting, even if it speculation. But hey, you're fafelkid, so I'll believe you. Could you please?

Falafelkid said...

Repeated from the comments on "Zelda Revolution screenshot":

Hi R-Unit. Thanks for your comments. There´s nothing more to say, though, unfortunately. All I heard was an off-the-record comment someone I know at SEGA made about their European president being unusually enthusiastic about the controller (he´s apparently more of a reserved character). This news also proved to me the controller was final and dev kits had been sent out.

DDS42 said...

Am I fake?...

dds42 said...

lawl buttsecks

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