Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wii launch week revealed: November 10th - 16th

My good friend Game On has exclusively revealed the week in which the Wii will launch in the US. The console will go on sale between Friday, 10th and Thursday, 16th of November.

Evidently, you would like to know what kind of source this originates from. Here´s what he writes:
I got the call tonight gamers from my inside source. And I thought it was going to be just a normal tuesday night. Now I know that everyone has "sources" but I can assure you mine works for a major retail company and they have received information on the Wii release.
I have been able to verify this information sufficiently to vouch for the authenticity of the source. This really originates from an internal memo that was circulated within a major US retail company.

Of course, an internal memo that circulates now, more than three months before the alleged launch, could theoretically mention a tentative date, rather than one that was communicated to them from Nintendo (via head office, for sure).

But why communicate a tentative date to store managers? That would make no sense. No, I seriously believe this is the first real leak of the Wii´s launch schedule.

Also, this is totally in keeping with what Iwata told me at E3: that Nintendo doesn´t feel any need to rush their console to launch and that they will wait until they can offer Wii together with a great software portfolio right on day one.

EDIT Having posted this simultaneously on the NSider forums, user GRRLGAMER25 replied with the following pic:

She saved that frame from Ubi Soft´s Red Steel page. The date was later changed to ´Holiday 2006´ and the age rating to pending.

Source: Game On´s blog


Anonymous said...

Very interesting information, thanks for the links. :) I'm still holding out for when Nintendo makes the 'OFFICIAL' announcement.

My mouth is watering already.

Shoxware Games said...

AAARGH! I WANT THE Wii IN OCTOBER!!! But i don't care, i'm going to play it THIS month (GC!).

Falafelkid, i have a question... Iwata mentioned, that small dev's can create original content for the Virtual Console, but when i checked the Development-Site of NOA, they say, you MUST have a publisher for your title, so that you can order dev-kits. So how is that possible??!!

Metaldave said...

I call November 12th Falafelkid.


The DS and DSlite both launched on a Sunday.

The Nintendo Fusion tour ends on November 11th and thats a Saturday. If Nintendo wants to follow the same launch type as the DS, then they will choose Sunday for the Wii launch as well.

If not then, it has got to be the week of the 13th. A lot of games are shipped on Monday and arrive in stores on Tuesday.

Now it will be the race to "reserve" your reserve for it. I've gone to Gamestop many times recently and they still are not taking reserves for the Wii. It going to be a wild holiday to say the least.

i-ninja-u-dead said...

Hey Falafelkid, what is up with the Star Wars Wii game you promised before E3? Is it going to be revealed at LGC?

Anonymous said...

games stop told me they're probly only takeing pre-orders two weeks prior to launch on both Wii and PS3

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the "lightsaber game " just might've been that Heroes trailer (NOT star wars, but the trailer of the game by Grasshopper STudios that TheWiire leaked, and then pulled a while ago).

Think about it: Falafelkid was dumbfounded when the lightsabers didn't show up at E3. At the same time, Suda 51, who was working on Heroes, was dumbfounded when the decision was made not to reveal the game's footage at that event. Guess what? The Heroes footage features a character who uses a lightsaber-esque weapon.

~Carmine M. Red

Anonymous said...

I dont beliebe it, because PS 3 will be released Nov.17th. Why should they release onyl a week or some days earlier? This makes simply no sense in relation to marketing strategy. I hope nintendo will soon announce the official release date, and i hope they are releasing the Wii at least one month before the PS3.


julencin2000 said...

Good info. I noticed too the date on Ubisoft site yesterday, it's true. They have changed date and rating!!

RGB said...

Doesnt matter much CaptainN as most will be presold and all stock will be sold out immediately.

Back to that word count in relation to Nintendos blog letter, the 320th day is the 16th November. Releasing one day before PS3 would be pure brilliance IMO.

It takes some of the light off PS3. Everyone is hyped at the same time and knows people may decide to go with the cheaper option in the hype at the stores.

Although this is going to give store managers hell to control the crowds but really, thats their problem.

As far as I am concerned, what better way than to release your system one day before the PS3?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Grandmaster, i must confess that your words are really true. I mean, this would also take the rest hype of PS3 away! I think also that the Wii will drop like a bomb at launch !
You are right about the price, i think most people will see the big difference and decide themselves for the Wii.
One Question: Can i use my USB WiFi stick for the DS, also for my Wii ??


dsss said...

On November 12th Gears of War will launch. This is quite weird as Xbox 360 games normally don't launch on Sundays ;)

The European launch will be either on November 17th or 24th, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, the competitors are very aggressive against PS3 ! I like to see that ! I would never pay so much money for a PS3 ! Big N and M$ are ready to shoot back !


Anonymous said...

I already have enough money saved up for it and a couple of games, even thought I was expecting an October launch. Oh well, just an extra month, which translates into extra money and more games, can't wait for mid-November

babble said...


Ubisoft just annouced the 7 games that they have ready for the Wii's launch!

To many games, not enough time... Ahhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

why do i get the feeling that "captain n" = "running gag"?

Anonymous said...

sony = fucked.,,1835502,00.html

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

i was reading a brazilian forum (i am from brazil), and some guy was saying that Wii was gonna be on the "Arena Gamer Experience" here in São paulo/BR
dunno if its truth...
wish i could be there T_T

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All seven Ubisoft games have been revealed, including Far Cry

There could be more even more games to come.

Anonymous said...

"There could be more even more games to come."

Oops, I mean there could be even more games to come
Sorry for the typo

Anonymous said...

...the future in gaming lies in m.o.b.i.l.i.t.y -->wii-->DS-->Gmoile

all conected to the first "R300"


Shoxware Games said...

It's official - Nintendo will not hold a SpaceWorld this year. NoA confirmed it!

pn18 said...

launchdate: november 10th

babble said...

I still think an October release is what we'll get.

I think Nintendo wanted this to only be knowned just before the release. Since everyone was already talking about the October 2 date, they slipped false info about a November release, so that when they do release in October we'll still be surprised...

dsss said...

pn18 knows what he's talking about, so I believe him.

Falafelkid said...

Hi I-Ninja.

Hey Falafelkid, what is up with the Star Wars Wii game you promised before E3? Is it going to be revealed at LGC?

I don´t know. I only received exclusive and confidential information that this game was in development (that was in May). It was my own assumption that it would be shown (with everyone associating the Wiimote with Star Wars).

I have made my LucasArts appointments for GC but I have, in all honesty, not learned of anything regarding this title.

Hi Carmine.

I'm thinking that the "lightsaber game " just might've been that Heroes trailer (NOT star wars, but the trailer of the game by Grasshopper STudios that TheWiire leaked, and then pulled a while ago).

No, you´re wrong on this one. See above. It was my own assumption to expect it at Nintendo´s pre-E3 show.

Again, I know this: There is a Star Wars game in development for Wii that focusses on lightsaber action.

I have no idea when it will be shown or when it will be ready.

babble said...

Hum, did I miss something or are you guys talking about a different Star Wars game than the one confirmed by LucasArts at Comic-Con 2006 on July 21?

Here's the link to the IGN article:

And what they say:
During the Q&A session, a younger gamer took the microphone and asked if the company would be showing support for the newest motion-controlled Nintendo console. Sansweet's responded simply by stating the likeness between the Wii controller and a lightsaber, followed by a statement that LucasArts would be supporting every next generation system.

Anonymous said...

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