Thursday, August 24, 2006

Games Convention Update #1

By now you will have learned that nothing significant was announced at Nintedo's press conference at the Games Convention in Leipzig (save the Mario football game for Wii). I apologize for the delay of this post, but my report was due tonight and I went to the grand opening of the show immediately afterwards, which featured a hundred-strong symphony orchestra playing video game theme tunes like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. I am sure you understand why I couldn't post earlier.

However, I can provide you with exclusive information from the show. The launch date and price will be announced very soon and definitely before the Tokyo Game Show. Start counting down, we're only a maximum of four weeks away and possibly much closer.


Shoxware Games said...

Yeah, makes sense... September 14th.
(Launchdate, Price)

You forgot BWii aka Battalion Wars 2.

Anonymous said...

For me it seemed like Wii Prove our Promise that 1st party games are coming to Wii! Duh.

Thanks for the info Fal!

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping it real Fal. A little dissapointed, but with Sony not showing much but demos and still not manufacturing any consoles I can sorta understand.


D-Bone said...


Does this link go along with your information about the Launch Date/Price information?

gamehunter101 said...

Nice info man

Anonymous said...

It is said everywhere that there will be an extra Nintendo meeting the 14th of september, is that what you are talking about? Matt from IGN apparently got an invitation from Nintendo for that.

Also, no price yet but it was said (check reuters for that one) that in Europe it will be less then 250 euro (up till now expectations where that it would be 299 euro)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the multiplayer mode in Elebits too... It looks cool!

Alfonso said...

Have you got that invitation too?
I mean the 14th sept.
Tell us, please

Anonymous said...

"I went to the grand opening of the show immediately afterwards, which featured a hundred-strong symphony orchestra playing video game theme tunes like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy"

That looked suprisingly awesome, I saw it on the news a while back.


Tom Schaffer said...

When it comes to the price, there was a hint given now. It will cost no more than 250€ in Germany and Nintendo plans to sell 4 mio. Wiis in 2006 (which means that they are going to release it significantly before PS3 I guess).

If anyone is interested, I also wrote this on my Wii-blog. :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was disapointed with the show, not becuase of release date but only showing 2 games. Also the new Mario Strikers doesn't seem to much different from the 1st.


Anonymous said...


-"superfan" tactics.

D-Bone said...


Its official. You need a hobby outside of the virtual world. You're letting this have too much control over yourself.


Anonymous said...

rtl2 news aired a second report about the games convention. but its really not that exciting (no wii or ps3 or xbox360... this one is moe about the people visiting gc), nut if your interested anyway: (sorry, again a .rar file)

Lord_Darcia said...

I cant beleive this bullsh*t.
Everytime a convention comes near, we get all excited that nintendo is gonna reveal something awesome, but everytime it turns out to be "meh". Have you seen the shots of need for speed carbon for wii? omg i almost puked on how horrid it looks. Revolution my a$$. Dont expect too much or you will always get dissapointed. Im just going to happy that wii is going to come out at an affordable price with decent games (mind you NOTHING MIND BLOWING except for zelda and a big maybe for mario galaxy)

Scyen said...

What a lame convention. Nada from Sony, nada from Msoft, nada from Ninty. The most important company was probably Konami, and their MGS4 video...well, sucked.

Anonymous said...

From an article on IGN about going hands-on with Tony Hawk Downhill Jam:

"As we enter the room, Downhill Jam is idling on a television placed dead center and an Activision producer holds the Wii controller in his hands, but the console itself is nowhere to be found. At the request of Nintendo, the development hardware must be kept from the ready eyes of journalists, perhaps because we alone know how to reverse-engineer the machine based on outside construction alone."

Just curious as to why this may be, Falafelkid. Thanks.

D-Bone said...


Did you read in that article that also Third Party Developers won't be receiving the 'Net' libraries till early 2007? That means we probably won't see 3rd party games online till mid 2007.

Tactics, you may now officially loose your mind.

Nintendo just always has to do something wrong.